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Alternative milf Ryder Skye in Stepmother Sex Sessions
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Prophetic Dreams Chapter 2 Anthony ran through the dimly lit forest in pursuit of the small black wolf barely any bigger than a pup.

It raced ahead of him leaping fallen trees and dodging shrubs at top speed. He ran after it mimicking the furry beast's movements and the forest blurred by. He was running so fast unable see his surroundings and completely focused on his target.

Suddenly he burst from the tree line he hadn't seen coming into and open space between the forest and a tall cliff face that towered menacingly above him. He sensed danger now but he was compelled to follow the wolf as it streaked toward the stone wall.

He didn't notice the cave until the wolf that had been running parallel to the cliff turned and vanished into the opening. He paused unsure for a moment then shrugged and followed the beast inside. The cave was only thirty feet deep and a fire near the deepest part sent flickering shadows dancing across the stone alcove.

Anthony saw a shape on the other side of the fire hidden by some trick of the light in a pitch black shadow. "Hello," he asked questioningly. The figure looked up and although he couldn't make out the figures features he could clearly see the eyes.

Eyes so pale a blue they were just a few shades lighter than white met his and he felt the despair in those eyes. He realized that the danger he had felt upon entering the cave was not directed at him but towards the paled eyed figure and the wolf that sat beside it.

His desire to protect flared at the anguish he saw and he unconsciously took a step forward toward the shadow. Suddenly the wolf that he had followed to this place was in front of him crouched to leap and growling a warning.

Anthony swiftly backed away from the feral looking canine and help up his hands defensively. The animal watched him through gold and bronze colored eyes; the iris of each eye was both gold and bronze. It was as if someone had taken two circles and drawn a ragged and spiked line separating the center then filled each half with a different color.

"Easy," he said backing away some more. The wolf growl deep and with a snarl leaped at Anthony sinking its sharp glistening teeth into Anthony's raised arm.

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"No," a hoarse voice called from the shadow and a small pale hand covered in scars came into the fire light reaching out to stop any violence. Anthony stood on a platform that ran for miles and miles and he reveled in a sense of accomplishment. The lighting was dim and even his inhuman eyes had trouble piercing the gloom. Then he looked up to check the sun and saw hundreds of feet above him was the ocean. Sharks and fish swam across the sky with even a whale and dolphins. "Now you two, be good for your mother," Anthony said down to the two red haired children in his lap.

He was sitting in an indistinct room on a couch. They looked up at him and grinned and their eyes glowed like fire. Anthony jerked awake he couldn't remember the dreams he had dreamed the night before. He could only remember that there had been more than one dream and the image of two sets of flame filled eyes looking up at him remained in his mind. He was alone in his bed and it was almost noon.

He rose and took a shower; shaking the fading memory of his dreams from his mind he turned his mind to Eliza's work in the basement.

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Suddenly an idea popped into his head so he hurriedly threw on a pair of sweat pants and headed for the basement to talk to Eliza. He found her in her private lab head buried in her teleporter and so focused she didn't notice his approach. Her ass in the air swaying as she worked immediately caught his attention and he walked closer silently. When he was an arm's length away he reached out and firmly grabbed her ass and began to massage. She squealed in surprise and jerked up hitting her head on the teleporter.

"You. you.," she sputter when she turned to face him. He grinned and instead of waiting for her insult he leaned in and quickly pressed his mouth to hers. "I had a question and wanted to talk to you but then I came in and was met by a sight so tempting I couldn't resist," he explained after pulling back. She shot him and angry glare but he could tell from the light dancing in her eyes that she wasn't really angry. "What is your question," she asked grumpily rubbing her head where she'd hit the metal.

"It's the door that leads to this lab and to the old goblin tunnels and their new compound.

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Those are all a form of teleportation and dimensional shifting. If you can already do that then why are you working on this for teleporting? Also medicines for the healing and aging a vampire and any weapon we could just pull them right out of the air why the research," he asked.

"Try to will a laser gun into existence," she said. He thought for a moment then shrugged and tried to create a laser gun. He focused on how it would look and what it would do and as soon as he flexed his will to summon it he felt a massive pull on his consciousness. With a pop a laser gun like from a movie popped into existence in his hand but his fingers were sluggish and the gun dropped to the ground.

Anthony staggered and Eliza was there with a hand holding him steady. "Why," he asked blurrily from a confused haze. Eliza raised her free hand to his face and as soon as her soft palm touched his cheek he felt warmth flood him.

The warmth washed through him chasing back the exhaustion and he was able to stand on his own and focus again. "It is understanding what it is that you're doing that is the key. Sar-Rah doesn't understand consciously how teleportation works and Kylie doesn't understand healing consciously but subconsciously they know how every little thing to do with their aspects work it is part of what they are and so they can do things you can't.

For example if you were to heal someone who has a broken bone, because you have a decent understanding of human physiology and breaks to bones, you could do it relatively easily but Kylie could do it better with less pull on her power. Now if someone who has never broken a bone and doesn't know about the human body at all tried they would probably end up in a stupor, like just a moment ago, for several hours.

Also there is another reason to figure out how to do this aside from expanding my understanding of the world farther," Eliza explained and turned back to tinker with the teleporter while she spoke.

"What is that," Anthony asked. "Humans have a tendency to kill anything they don't understand or that they think might pose some kind of danger to them even if there is no threat. If I can figure out how to do everything that we can do in a mundane and magicless way then they will have less reason to fear or envy us," she said. Anthony nodded his understanding and stood watching her work for a while. Finally he stepped forward and resting a hand on her back he told her he was going she grunted in response focused and some wires and he left.

As he walked into the basement from the lab his cellphone rang and he pulled it out of his pocket and flipped it open. Jenny's number flashed on the screen and he hit a button and lifted the phone to his ear. "Yes," he asked. "Anthony, I just got a call from someone claiming to be a Fairy Queen calling to say she would be here for the meeting and wanted to know if we would be taking care of accommodations or would she need to arrange her own," Jenny said.

"Damn that was fast," he answered and Jenny snorted in agreement. "What is the closest decent hotel to Eternal Night," he asked as he entered the kitchen and walked straight into Megan as she was exiting. His let out a curse as he grabbed her to keep her from falling and grabbed the door frame awkwardly with the hand holding his cellphone. Megan giggled at his exclamation and he raised an eyebrow and looked down at her and growled playfully at her. She pressed tighter to him and tilted her head back and kissed his chin.

He clutched her arm and pulled her with him back into the kitchen and sat in a chair, he then pulled her into his lap before raising the phone to his ear again. "Anthony. Anthony are you there?" "I'm hear Jenny sorry about that had a little accident here," he said and Megan kissed his neck and jawline as he talked. She began to knead the muscles of his shoulders and he barely suppressed a moan as her strong fingers began to rub the tension from his muscles.

He hadn't even realized how tense he was until she began her massage. "The closest decent hotel in a block over," she said. "Okay, can you call over there and book the entire hotel for the week of the meeting," he asked. When Jenny didn't say anything in response he realized he was probably pushing to much work on to her. "Never mind Jenny don't worry about it I'll book it myself. I shouldn't be giving you so much work to do, I am sorry," he said before she could speak.

"It's not that. It's that I am uncomfortable having so many powerful creatures near our coven. Having the meeting here is a good idea but I don't like that either. We are not a big coven we have less than fifty vampires and most are not fighters or warriors of any kind. If an outside coven of stronger or more numerous vampires come here and sees how few we are they may decide to try to conquer us," she said in explanation.

"Don't worry I will not allow anything to happen to our coven. Liz and I will be erecting a ward of non-violence around the whole city before the representatives arrive. The only exception to the spell will be the police so no one will be able to hurt anyone else in anyway." "Alright, then I'll call back the Fairy Queen and tell her we will be taking care of accommodations.

Is there anything else I need to do," she asked. "Ask her if there is any food she will need or want or other special requests she has.

If she does call Sar-Rah and tell her the dietary requirements she will handle the food. If it's some other request that you can fill easily then do so. However if you can't, ask Sar-Rah, and she will figure out who need to do it or she'll ask me. I'll have Risa come over to discuss security with you.

She will be adding some security to the club and she will begin training and of the vamps that are willing to learn as guards. "Alright I talk to you later," Jenny said wrapping up the conversation.

"Bye," Anthony said and put his phone back into his pocket. He wondered what everyone was doing, it being the weekend there was no school so he wondered where Liz was. As if in answer to his thought he heard the front door slam and Liz's laughter along with other female voices.

He walked up the stairs and walked out of the basement doors in time to overhear part of the conversation. "Sorry again, that we couldn't come to your wedding," Cassie said to Liz. They were standing in the front hall with Sasha and Nina behind them and all of them were carrying shopping bags.

"Don't worry about it I know it was short notice and that you all had other plans that you couldn't break," Liz said soothingly. Then Liz noticed his presence over Cassie's shoulder and the others turned to look at what had caught her attention. He was suddenly aware that he was only wearing a pair of sweatpants as they stared predatorily at him. "Ladies," he said in greeting. "Hi," Cassie said weakly and Sasha and Nina just continued to stare at his naked chest.

Liz walked over and kissed him before turning to look at her friends. She motioned them forward and with blushes they hurriedly followed her to her room. As soon as the door closed he could hear the murmur of their voices through the door. He headed into the kitchen to make himself a sandwich and found Sar-Rah standing at the stove stirring a pot of what looked like stew. "Morning my love," he said as he stepped up behind her and wrapping his arms around her chest squeezed her to him and kissed the back of her neck.

She leaned her head back and nuzzled his neck biting him lightly then placing a kiss over the skin she had bitten then she returned to stirring. "Jenny called said a Fairy Queen was calling to find out where they would be staying for the summit.

I told her to rent a hotel and that if any of the guests had special food requirements to call you. Is that okay?" "That's fine," she said smiling at him over her shoulder. And grinding her butt against his groin causing him to begin to swell. "Enough of that near the food," Risa said playfully as she walked into the kitchen with Kylie who was almost never far from her twin's side.

Anthony greeted them both with a kiss as well. "I told Jenny I would send you over to look at security and to start training any willing vamps as guards. If you don't have a problem with that you can take the car over whenever you want," he said to Risa.

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"Okay I'll go now," she replied. Kylie began to move with her through the door but they paused when Sar-Rah spoke. "Hold on a sec," she said and turned the burner on the stove down to simmer. "This can sit for the rest of the day and I'll go with you to discuss the food. I'll grab Mina and Megan and we'll all go and see about planning for the summit," Sar-Rah said and hurried out of the room. Minutes later she came back followed by Mina and Megan and the wolf, who had taken to following Megan, at Anthony's command, around as a sort of bodyguard.

They all headed out the door and hopped in the car, even the wolf, and drove off. Anthony sat on the living room couch enjoying the peace and quiet for a change. After about twenty minutes he flipped on the T.V. and began flipping through channels. "Anthony," Liz said from right behind the couch starling him. "Yes," he asked. She walked around the couch and settled into his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Sasha and Nina are jealous of Cassie and Cassie has some news for you," she said her voice serious. He got her meaning of what Sasha and Nina wanted immediately. He grinned at her and stood lifting her from his lap to his arms with no hesitation. She gasped at the sudden movement as he headed for her room and she clung tighter to his neck.

"What is the new," he asked as he walked. "I don't know. She said she would only tell us if you were in the room too," Liz said. He open the door with one hand easily supporting her weight with one hand on her ass and paused to take in the three nervous girls sitting on the edge of the bed. He could understand Sasha and Nina's nervousness since they had never had sex with him before even he was nervous the first time he slept with someone new.

But Cassie appeared to be the most nervous of the three of them and he had already slept with her so he figured her news would probably not be good news. He gently set Liz down onto her own two feet and took in the girls and waited for someone else to begin. No one said anything so with a sigh he spoke. "Well since no one us seems to have thought this far ahead Cassie what is your news after the rest begins I doubt anyone will be in the right mindset to pay attention," Anthony asked.

Cassie's face paled and she looked sick for a moment but she took deep breathes and visibly calmed herself. She looked up and met his eyes directly then spoke a sentence that rocked his entire existence. "I'm pregnant," she continued to speak but the word pregnant echoed in his head until it was a buzz blocking out all other sound. He stood completely frozen in shock until his muddled brain realized she was still talking. "Sorry could you start over again I missed everything you had said after pregnant," he asked dazed.

"I'm pregnant and I am not the only one," she said starting over again. At her words Anthony's head jerked around to stare intently at Liz. She noticed and threw her hands up in a defensive motion. "Not me," she said shaking her head enthusiastically. "Not Liz, my mother is also pregnant," Cassie said. Anthony closed his eyes and tried to calm his racing heart. He felt nothing emotionally yet as the shock deadened his feelings to let him come to grips with this unexpected news.

His mind raced along with his heart as thoughts hit him and he remembered one of his dreams from the previous night.

What effect would the power, which was in his body when the child was conceived, do to his child? Would it be Djinn, human, or a combination of both? The silence in the room caught his attention and he opened his eyes to see tears silently running down Cassie's face. "What's wrong," he asked. "I'm sorry this is all my fault. Mom and I both agree that you don't have to take any responsibility for the children or even see them if you don't want to," she said haltingly through her tears.

Anthony didn't even pause for thought he moved to the bed so fast he blurred and the three girls on the bed gasped as he was suddenly in front of them. He reached out and gripping Cassie's red hair tightly he pulled her head back and locked his mouth to hers. She fought him for a second then began to frantically pull at his shirt as he plundered her mouth. He pulled back from her and pushed her so she toppled backward onto the bed.

At the same time he jerked his shirt off his head straddled her hips and pinned each of her hands to the bed with his own. "I will take responsibility for my child both of them do you understand," he said down at her through gritted teeth as he loomed above her. His anger was clear in his voice and she held still not struggling against his confining grip.

"I have a secret as well but it may make you hate me or fear me," he said. She opened her mouth to deny even the possibility but he cut her off before she could even begin.

"Quiet. I was planning to tell the three of you first to gauge your reactions to the truth but not this soon. Your news speeds up the timeline for my plans slightly and some I have other concerns.

But you can make your choice once you see what I am," Anthony said half to her and half to himself thinking about possible courses of action if she rejected him. "What you are," Cassie asked echoing his words in question. "Anthony I don't know if now is a good idea," Liz said nervously. "Do you know what a Djinn is," he asked looking down at her cute face and red hair spread like a fan across the bed ignoring Liz's comment.

"How about genies," he asked when she shook her head in a negative. "Yes, I know what a genie is, who doesn't? What is this about?" Anthony said nothing he just continued to look down into her eyes and then he released the power that always fought to flow through him and only his own restraint allowed him to pass for human. "Please don't freak out," he said as his body temperature rose at a steady pace. His bones began to glow the shifting color of lava and his eyes shifted to burning fiery orbs while his hair darkened to a light consuming black.

The three girls watched the changes in fascination but on Nina's plain face was horror in equal amounts. "Monster," Nina shouted jumping to her feet and backing quickly away from him. He flinched under her proclamation like a blow.

Nina's eyes nervously darted around the room but Cassie and Sasha remained on the bed watching Anthony slowly fade back to normal. "Demon," Nina said tightly gripping the cross she wore on the silver chain around her neck. Again Anthony flinched at her word and he loosened his grip on Cassie's wrist to allow her to escape if she wanted.

His chest clenched when she pulled one her hands free of his loose fist but he worry dissipated when she pressed her soft palm to his cheek.

She tilted his head, which he had let drop at Nina's insults, up so she could meet his gaze. "What are you," she asked but her voice was filled with amazement and not disgust. Sasha said nothing but sat on the bed next to them with a blank face and watched. Nina was slowly edging around the room along the wall toward the door keeping as far from Anthony as she could. When he saw her movements out of the corner of his eyes and turned his head to look she shrank away from his gaze in fear.


Only Cassie and Nina were in a position to see the pain that flooded his eyes. Nina was too fearful to notice the pain she was causing but Cassie reached up with her freed hand and again pulled his face around to look at her. "Get Nina out of here," Cassie said to Liz still holding Anthony's gaze with hers.

She watched as he composed himself and the emotion seeped out of his eyes until he stared down at her, blank faced, trying to hide the hurt. "You can't stay here! Cassie we need to get out. Sasha come on," Nina said frantically. "I am not going anywhere," Cassie said running her hand through Anthony's hair and still holding his gaze.

It was like her beautiful green eyes had hypnotized him and she smiled at him. "Sasha," Nina asked again her voice shrill. "I'm staying," Sasha said with a small quaver in her voice. She was afraid also and hearing the fear made Anthony's shoulders hunch.

Sasha, unlike Nina, saw his reaction and reached out and ran her hand down his back to comfort him. He closed his eyes at the sensation of their hands running through his hair and over his skin and tried to block out Nina's frantic fear filled voice begging them to leave with her. "Nina, that is enough. You need to leave now," Liz said and Nina jerked back away from Liz's hand as she reached for her.

"Don't touch me! Your one of those things too, aren't you," she screeched. "No, regrettably, I am not," Liz said startling Nina with her answer. "I'm going to the news and the police. I'll call the National Guard or the FBI or CIA and they'll come and deal with you all," she said babbling as she once more started inching for the door. Anthony stiffened at her threat and he slowly turned his head to meet her gaze.

She froze in terror when his eyes met hers, even though his face showed no emotion at all. "Go ahead and call them all. You have no proof and everyone knows genies don't exist. The only thing that will happen will everyone will begin to think you are crazy," he said and motioned at the door. The door swung open leaving her route of escape free.

She looked at the open door with wide eyes then back at him before darting out of the room. Liz followed after her and closed the door behind her. Cassie once again turned his head back to face her. "If you don't focus I am going to bite you," she threatened jokingly. He smiled wanly at her and leaned his head down to let his lips gently brush hers.

He began to rise up off of her but her legs wrapped tightly around his hips and her arms circled his neck.

"We haven't even started yet, where do you think you're going," she demanded. He regarded her for a moment then let his weight settle more on top of her she ground her hips upward as he began to grow hard, having lost his previous erection due to Nina's reaction.

She groaned as she ground her hips up toward his and then grunted when Sasha's weight joined Anthony's when she crawled onto his back.

"Me first, you've already had him once," she said her tight body pressed against his back causing Anthony to swell even faster. Cassie nodded and unwrapped herself from around Anthony.

Sasha rolled off him onto her back next to Cassie and Anthony moved over to kneel above her. Kneeling between her legs, which she parted for him causing her skirt to bunch up around her hips.


He stared down at her white lacy panties and then brought his gaze up to meet her eyes. She smiled at him then reached down and lifting her hips into the air and curling her legs toward her chest she pulled off her underwear and flung them across the room to hit the door.

"Take off your shirt," Anthony said his voice hoarse with arousal. She hesitated and looked suddenly nervous but her hands went slowly to the buttons on the front of her shirt. Once she had them all undone she opened the shirt but did not take it off. She reached for the front of her bra and undid the clasp there, letting the bra fall open displaying her large perfect breasts to the room.

Anthony was at once transfixed by the perfect pale globes and their swaying motion with Sasha's every breath. After staring for almost a minute his mind started working again though not as well with the distraction of her nakedness under him.

"I said shirt off," he commanded but she shook her head. He cocked his head to the side and studied her almost resigned expression and didn't understand her reactions. It wasn't shyness; she had exposed every intimated place to him with no problem at all.

"What is wrong," he asked softly. Tears filled her eyes as he knelt over her and looked down at her with concern. She sat up and scooted back at the same time so he was now in front of her and turned her back to him. He thought she was changing her mind about everything until she began to shrugging out of her shirt. Once it was past her shoulders she let the shirt drop back and slide off in one quick easy motion.

Anthony gaped in surprised horror at her back. There were slashes across her back from her waist to just below her shoulders, some were old healed scars, some were fresh scars, but what set his teeth to grinding and his eyes to glowing were the three new barely healed slices that looked like they would begin bleed with a deep breath.

Anthony realized that Sasha had her face in her hands and her shoulders were shaking as she silently sobbed. He reached forward and pulled her back until she was tight against him. He was careful of her wounds and he began to gently kiss her shoulders and neck. "Tell me, please," he pleaded into her ear.

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She shivered as he breathed on her neck then her shoulders tensed and she began to speak. "Up until I was nine I was happy. My parents were loving and I was pretty and a good daughter.

When I was nine at my birthday party one of the boys that had been invited kissed me. My father saw and when everyone was gone that night he took me to his room where my mother was sitting on the bed," she said in a voice devoid of everything. She was telling the story as if she had memorized it from a book and not lived it. Anthony quivered with rage as she went on and his blazing eyes lit the room like a forge fire.

"My father told me I was bad and need to be punished for being such a whore. He said good girls don't kiss boys until they were married. My mother nodded along with him as he spoke and when he made me take my shirt off she went to their closet and got a whip.

It is only about four feet long but there is a tiny bead of metal on the tip. That was the first time I was punished with the whip, I got five stripes that night. Now my back is a ruin who would want to touch me now," she said her voice breaking and filling with despair on her last sentence. "I want to touch you," Anthony said his voice rumbled with barely suppressed power. He pushed her gently forward only moving her upper body.

When she was bent forward enough he dipped his head and began to run his tongue over her scarred flesh being very careful to avoid her still open wounds and not cause her any pain. She shivered as he lapped at her ridged skin.

He had her turn so she was sitting in his lap facing him and while she was not on him he undid his zipper and pushed his pants on boxers off. Once she was positioned how he wanted he lay back and grinned up bat her. He folded his arms behind his head and just looked at her. "What," she asked shyly finally embarrassed and blushed. "I was just admiring the view. Because you are injured right now this is how we will do this.

Once you are all healed up then we can try some other positions, I don't want to chance hurting you," he said. She nodded and feeling his cock standing up and lightly touching her butt she slid back. She wedged him firmly in between her cheeks and lifted slightly. Her pussy dragged across his abs leaving a wet streak and she blushed a deep red when he ran his finger through the trail of wetness and brought his hand back to his face. He sniffed audibly causing her blush to darken even farther then she whimpered softly when he stuck his fingers in his mouth.

She was quivering with arousal when he repeated the process but instead brought them to her face. She tried to take his fingers into her mouth but he pulled his hand back. "Smell," he commanded and returned his fingers back to in front of her face. She told a long sniff and the muscles in the pit of her stomach quivered and clenched with lust at the smell Anthony pushed his fingers into her parted lips and she furiously sucked on them. She rose to her knees lifting herself from his body and grabbed his erection.

She positioned the head of him at her entrance and lowered herself until only the head was in. She let go and leaned forward so she could brace her palms on his chest and began to slowly lower her body onto his. He gritted his teeth against the pleasure that flooded his body as his cock forced its way deep into her body.

She didn't pause or even flinch as he ripped through her hymen or as he stretched her insides to fit him. She froze when he was all the way inside her and he ran his fingers through the soft patch of blonde curls just above where their bodies were merged. She squealed and jerked up when he ran a finger over her clit, the feel of him being pulled from her and the pleasure the friction caused made her legs go weak and she dropped back on him with a small squeak of pleasure and she came.

Her muscles rippled and Anthony who was chuckling at her reaction choked and moaned in pleasure as her body clenched around him. He pulled her down enough for him to reach her chest and he bit one of her erect nipples lightly. "Oh god," she screamed and she tightened like a vice clamping down on Anthony not allowing him to move.

He bit slightly hard and rolled so she was under him careful of her wounds still. He paused to make sure she was in pain but she began to convulse as she came again her body loosened slightly after a minute but still he could feel the involuntary movements telling him that she hadn't completely calmed yet. He pulled from her until only the tip was inside and looked down into her eyes and smiled lovingly at her. "Please not yet I don't think I can again," she said gripping his arms. "Sure you can," he said and mercilessly thrust into her.

Her body bowed as he continued to thrust into her. She opened her mouth in a silent scream as he thrust again and again and she writhed beneath him. When he came he continued to pound into her and she climaxed moments after he did. When he pulled out she shivered but remained limp on the bed.

He watched as his cum began to leak out of her and then he turned his attention to Cassie who was sitting naked on the bed next to them her hand between her thighs unmoving as she too watched his cum leak from inside her friend. When he turned to her the movement brought her attention to him. "Will you clean me," he asked and motioned to his cock now only about half erect and covered in his and Sasha's juices. Her face flamed at the question but she crawled to him and took him into her mouth.

She went down as far as she could, sucking and licking to clean him. Then she pulled off and licked around the few inches she could not get to before. When she had him completely clean but showed no sign of stopping her licking he reached down and grabbed a fist full of her hair.

She moaned at the slight tug as he lifted her face and pulled her over to Sasha. When her face was over her friends he pushed her face closer. "Kiss her so she can taste herself and I mixed together," he ordered. Cassie didn't know she had such a submissive streak but his orders were turning her on and she obeyed with only a brief second of hesitation.

She kissed Sasha passionately plunging her tongue into her friend's mouth.


Sasha was still weak but tried to return the kiss but Cassie jerked back when Anthony's hand made a loud crack as he brought his palm down on her naked ass. There was a slight sting but a large wave of lust rushed through her when she looked over her shoulder at him. He knee walked back until he was almost at the edge of the bed.

He reached forward and grabbed Cassie's hips dragging her backwards. He then grabbed her hair again and pulled, pulling her all the way up until she was kneeling in front of him her back to his front. "You hesitated in following my order, I will have to punish you for that," he said purposely using that word choice. Sasha's body jerked at his choice of words and she turned her large eyes to him. "You, little Sasha, have a masochistic streak and I am going to make you mine.

Your parents are scum I will never hurt you in a way you don't like. You also hesitated when I told you take off your shirt you will be punished also," he said down to her. Her breathing sped as he smiled down at her and she said nothing. "Your punishment will be pleasure," he said to Sasha. "Yours shall be cleanup duty," he said and using his grip in her hair like a handle pushed her face down into Sasha's pussy. Cassie immediately began to lick her friend knowing exactly what he wanted.

He leaned down put his mouth near Cassie's ear and positioning his, now fully erect, cock to thrust. "You are to keep licking her. Your pleasure depends entirely on hers I don't care if she begs you for mercy if you stop giving her pleasure then I stop giving you pleasure.

Do you understand," he asked. She nodded as vigorously as she could without stopping her tongue and he plunged all the way into her with a single thrust. She screamed into Sasha's pussy but took up her licking again before Anthony could stop to reprimand her for stopping.

He continued to thrust into her as long as she continued licking. He lost count after cumming inside her three times how many times she and Sasha had climaxed.

He was having to use power now to stay erect and his eyes blazed as he continued to pound her. He was gritting his teeth fighting off his own climax when Sasha screamed in release again, followed almost instantly by Cassie and her clenching quivering inner muscles caused Anthony to lose control of his own climax and explode inside her again.

At the feel of him forcing more cum into her already full depths Cassie passed out and could no longer continue her licking and with a sigh of exhaustion Anthony pulled out of her. "Come here," Sasha said with a hoarse voice from all her screaming. He obeyed tiredly crawling on hands and knees over to her barely able to keep his eyes open. When he was near her she pulled at him to get him to lie on top of her. "If I lay down now I'll fall asleep and my weight is too much for you to easily move," he explained blurrily.

"It isn't too much. I like the feel of your body pressing me into the mattress. It makes me feel safe and loved," she explained. He smiled at her and, carefully, lay down on top of her. He positioned his semi-hard cock and slid into her and she cried out and shuddered at his intrusion. Her head was nestled into his shoulder and she let her legs relax and straighten the new position of her legs straight along the outside of his causing her to feel tighter.

He wrapped his arms under her head and neck supporting both his head and hers on them and drifted off into sleep and she swiftly joined him.