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Gostosa na webcam instagram dela masturbando siririca
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The time is after school on Friday. Linda, 15 years old, and Bobby, 16 years old, are sitting in the kitchen looking for an afterschool snack. "Linda, you look like you are down in the dumps. What is wrong?" "It's the girls at school. They are really bugging me." "Keep talking." "They are always talking about sex and how great it is. They are also talking about how dumb girls are that are still virgins.

They are driving me crazy." "Do they know you are a virgin?" "No and I can't tell them. They are my friends and they would really put me down if they knew." Bobby looked at her and said, "I know how you feel. The guys around me are doing the same thing too.

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It would really cost me if they knew I was a virgin. I don't know what do to about it." They sat in silence for a few minutes, eating and drinking, then Linda said, "What if we had sex just once and real quick?

Then they couldn't put us down as virgins." Bobby look embarrassed thinking about getting in bed with his sister and hesitated with his answer. Linda said, "We could do it without really looking at each other.

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We wouldn't have to take all our clothes off." "Let's see what we can do. Your bedroom or mine?" Linda headed up the stairs with Bobby following to her bedroom. She moved to the bed, reached under her dress and slipped her panties down her legs. She laid on her on her bed and waited for Bobby. She was completely covered with her clothes and she faced away from Bobby. With her looking away, Bobby slipped his pants to his knees and climbed between her legs.

Linda reached down and took Bobby's cock and helped him into her waiting hole. Bobby shoved into her and with 3 shoves, emptied his load into her. "Wow that was great" he said as he pulled out of her and quickly pulled up his pants and left her there on the bed.

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Linda just lay there, not knowing what to do. The girls had talked about how much fun sex was and this was nothing like that. If this was sex, it was the last time she would have it. Several hours later Aunt Jen dropped by. Aunt Jen was only 21 and Linda could talk to her about anything.

She was really cool. Quietly in the living room, Linda told Jen what had happened and how she really never wanted to have sex again. Jen was a little surprised but not too much. She understood the problem and had a solution. "Tomorrow you and Bobby are coming to my house. We'll say it is for yard work and Bobby won't mind since I'll offer him a little money to work." The next morning, Saturday, Bobby and Linda showed up.

Bobby was ready to work and Linda new something different was going to happen but she didn't know what. Before leaving the kitchen to go out and work Jen said, "Bobby, I know that you and Linda had sex yesterday." The color drained out of Bobby as he just stood there. "Linda said you thought the sex was great but it didn't do anything for her. I can tell you that sex can be far greater than anything you ever thought it could be.


Should I keep talking?" "Um, yeah" "What about you Linda? Would you be interested in finding out how great sex can really be, not just the wham, bam, thank you mam you had yesterday?" "OK." Linda smiled and said, "I believe in hands-on training. Interested?" They both nodded slowly, not knowing where Aunt Jen was going with this. "Good. Linda, you go to my bathroom and take a shower.

Wash and dry your hair. When you are finished, we'll meet in my bedroom. I only want you to have a towel on. Bobby, you go to the downstairs shower and do the same.

I want you both clean when we get started. Move." They hesitated a little and moved to the showers. While they were in there, Jen went in and took their clothes, leaving only the large bath towels.

It didn't take long for Bobby to get to Jen's bedroom. His hair was short and was easily dried. They heard Linda and the hair dryer for a few minutes.

Then she entered the bedroom. Jen could see they were both shy about letting anyone see them there in just towels. However, Bobby was stealing quick glances at Linda but she kept looking at the floor. "You have both said you want sex to be better than yesterday, right?" They nodded their heads in agreement. "Well, the first thing you have to get over is your embarrassment of letting someone see your body.

Let's start by handing me your towels." They looked shocked as they handed their towels to Jen. They turned red and their hands moved to cover their private parts. Jen just stood there for a minute while she still had on all of her clothes. Jen moved them so they were facing each other about six feet apart then had them put their hands behind them. They could avoid looking at each other but they couldn't avoid being seen in all their glory.

Jen moved behind Bobby and reached around him to rub his chest and nipples. "Linda, you need to be watching and enjoying how Bobby's body looks. Later you'll see how it feels for yourself." Then Jen moved her hands slowly down across his stomach and began to play with his hair just above his very hard member.

Eventually she took his cock in her hand and slowly stroked it. It didn't take but a minute and there was pre-cum oozing from him. Linda spread it back onto his rock hard cock and kept slowly stroking him. "Linda, come a little closer and cup your hands in front of Bobby's cock. He is about to shoot his cum and I want it to land in your hands." Jen was right and about 3 more strokes was all it took for Bobby to let go. His seed splashed into her hands with gush after gush. Finally he was finished.

"Is that all? Is that all there is to sex?" Bobby asked. Linda was looking rather disappointed too. "Don't worry. Today is going to take several hours and you are both going to cum many times.

Linda, I want you to taste his cum. Lift your hands to your mouth and stick your tongue into it. What do you think of it" Linda did as told but had no idea what to think.

Tentatively she touched his seed with her tongue and didn't taste anything. "Take more" Jen said and Linda did. She got enough this time and she smiled then continued to lick her hands clean. Bobby was dumbfounded! His sister was licking his cum from his hands. Jen had let go of Bobby and moved behind Linda. She ran her hands tenderly over Linda's shoulders and down her arms.

Bobby was watching everything that Jen was doing. He didn't miss anything. Jen's hands moved under Linda's arms and cupped her B-cup breasts. They were firm yet soft to the touch and her nipples were very hard.

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Jen continued southward and found the little bit of hair above Linda's mound. "Bobby, what can you tell me about this area of Linda's body?" "It is a hole so she can fuck and so she can pee." "You are partially correct." Jen's fingers gently spread Linda's lips exposing her clitoris.

"This little part of her body can give her lots of pleasure if you treat it right." Jen began rubbing it gently in circles then back and forth. It didn't take but a couple of minutes and Linda was getting weak in her knees. When Jen knew Linda was about to have her first orgasm, she stopped. "What are you stopping for?" Linda pleaded. I don't want your first orgasm to come from your aunt. It should be from a boy who wants to bring you some real pleasure. Bobby, are you that boy? Do you want to help her experience great pleasure?

"Yea, what can I do?" he asked eagerly. "Linda, lay down on the bed and spread you legs. Bobby, sit here next to her and rub her pussy." With Linda on the bed, Bobby began and immediately needed help from Jen sitting on the other side of Linda. She expertly guided his hand. "Now, slide a finger into her wet hole. That is right. As she gets used to things in there, you can insert more and more fingers. How many is up to her." Bobby slid in a second finger and continued to slowly slide in and out of Linda.

She had her eyes closed and was moving in sync with Bobby's hand. "Now take your thumb and gently rub her clit. You can rub up and down or sideways but I like it better with you do one then the other or even in circles." Jen leaned back and watched the two.

Linda said, "You gotta stop. I'm going to pee if you don't." With that Bobby started to pull his hand away and Jen stopped him.

"Linda, you aren't going to pee though it could feel kind of like that at first. Just let him continue and enjoy the ride. Bobby, when she starts to cum, do not stop rubbing her." Bobby continued and then Linda began to moan and really thrash around his hand.

Something new was moving in her then she finally felt her first orgasm explode through her body. She could feel the tingle from her hair to her toes but especially in her middle. When Linda had finished Bobby asked, "Are you sure she didn't pee?

There's lots of water down here and my hand is soaked." "You can pull your hand out now and smell it. It doesn't smell like pee. Now since Linda licked your cum off her hand, it is your turn to lick her cum off your hand." Bobby was just like Linda, tentative during that first taste then enjoying the taste as he licked his hand clean.

"This has been great fun so what's next?" Linda asked. "If you are ready for another orgasm Linda, we can continue on." Linda just smiled and so did Bobby. "Bobby, move up the bed and sit beside Linda's head. Now both of you turn on your sides. Linda, rub Bobby's cock with your hand and play with his balls.

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Bobby, you need to be playing with Linda's pussy again." Jen again guided their hands as needed. "Linda, you can now lick Bobby's cock.

Start at his balls and slide up to the head. Push your tongue into his pee hole. Slide the head of his cock into your mouth then slowly slide all of it in." As Jen was slowly, step-by-step telling her what to do, Linda was following her directions.

"Bobby, you are enjoying her sucking your cock and now you get to lick her pussy. Let's start with your licking the outside of her pussy. Good, now push your tongue into her hole. Slide it in as far as you can then move up to her clit. Remember how you rubbed it? Now you can lick it the same way. You two play for a while and when your partner starts to cum, do not move your mouths away.

Swallow all of it." Jen again sat back and watched as the two teens, having sex for the first time, enjoyed licking and sucking on each others' genitals. Bobby's cock was sliding into and out of Linda's mouth while Bobby kept alternating between fucking her with his tongue and licking her clit.

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Linda was first to start to feel the effects of the licking. She started to moan and had to lay back, no longer sucking on Bobby's cock but thoroughly enjoying the second orgasm that Bobby was bring her to. As Bobby continued rubbing and sucking her pussy, Linda thrashed about with the wonderful sensations of her second orgasm.

The electric shocks ran through her body and then she couldn't move. When Bobby was finished licking all of her juices, he looked at Linda little disappointed. "I really liked sucking on your pussy but I was looking forward to shooting my load into your mouth." Linda smiled. "Don't worry. I just couldn't control myself well enough and I wanted you to enjoy yourself when you came.

Now, roll onto your back and let me take care of you." Linda leaned over and began licking and sucking on his balls while her hand slowly stroked his rock-hard cock. He couldn't remember when it had ever been this hard and he had already cum once this morning.

Linda was completely focused on the task at hand and loved every second of it. She continued to suck him until he began moaning. As he felt more and more pressure, he pulled her head down on him harder. She continued sucking and then it happened. He exploded his seed into her mouth and down her throat.

One, two, three, and four shots of his hot, thick, cum and she wanted all of it. She continued sucking on him when there was nothing left and he finally told her to stop. They laid there beside each other for minutes, not saying a word but enjoying the aftermath of what they had learned and practiced today. Finally Jen interrupted. "Linda, are you on the pill?" "No. I didn't think I'd ever have sex so why should I bother. Now I wish I was." "I thought as much and brought along a little protection.

Bobby, here is a rubber for you to put on. You must be careful so Linda doesn't get pregnant. Since Linda just finished her period a couple of days ago, your little experiment yesterday shouldn't be a problem." Bobby slid the rubber onto his hardening cock and waited for Jen.

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"Now that you have both cum a couple of times, you should be able to last a while. Bobby, do not cum before she does. Don't just slam it in but take your time. You are going to cum again.

You must let Linda cum at least once and maybe several times. "Time to get started. Do it like you did yesterday but only lots better." Jen said as she moved to the chair in the opposite corner of the room. Bobby moved between Jen's legs and had no problem at all sliding his cock into her waiting, wet love tunnel. He began sliding in and out and then leaned his head down and kissed and sucked her nipples. They rolled to their sides and he began rubbing her breasts and tweaking her nipples which she really enjoy.

It was several minutes later that he suddenly pulled out. Linda was shocked and asked, "What's wrong? Why did you stop?" "Are you ready to be finished?

I'm not so I had to pull out before I came." Linda understood and asked, "Are you ready to get that rock back inside me?" as she pulled him into her. As Bobby continued sliding in and out of her, he reached down and began to stroke her clit. The combination was just too much for her and she was moaning again. She pounded her pelvis against his, eagerly meeting his every thrust. As she felt the tremors shooting through her, he slammed home and held it as he shot is load into her.

One, two, and three streams rushing from his balls. They had cum together, the first of many times to come.


They didn't move for minutes then Linda said, "I want your cum." She pushed him back and removed the rubber from his soft cock.

As she pulled it down, she cleaned him as best she could then she began licking his cock. She sucked it until it was clean.

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She took the rubber and turning it inside out, she cleaned all of his cum from it. "I really love the taste of your cum. I can't wait until I can get more." "What do you two think about sex now that you've had some pretty good sex?" "Wow!" Linda said. "It is like a caterpillar that crawls along the ground then becomes a butterfly flying way up into the sky. It is so much different and unimaginably better." Bobby nodded his head, agreeing with Linda.

"You two are going to have to be careful if you are going to have sex. You cannot, under any circumstances, let you parents know about this. If you do it will be the last sex you have until you are married." Linda smiled at Bobby and said, "We have about 3 hours from the time school gets out until Dad and Mom get home. That should be enough, shouldn't it?" "What if we come to Aunt Jen's house sometimes when we want to play longer?" Bobby asked.

"You can use my house anytime you want. Now, about that work I need you to do, why don't you get started and maybe you can play again later today?" Linda and Bobby began to get dressed and Jen headed from the room. It had been a great morning and the afternoon promised to be even better. To be continued&hellip.

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