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Bubble butt men twinks movies horrible manager mitch vaughn wasn tube porn
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An Interesting nigh Part 2: It had been about a week since I had sucked off Derrick and I couldn't get it off my mind. Every time I saw him he would smile at me and in front of people we acted as if nothing happened. Just like normal. It was kind of nice, no awkwardness at all. The only things that were different was that I knew what his dick looked like and what it tasted like. He also knew what my ass tasted and smelled like. Oh also cant forget I know what his cum tastes like.

But other than that nothing was different. Although one day when we and a group of friends were hanging out and talking he looked at me and all I could imagine was looking up at him with his big dick in my mouth and him saying " keep sucking you little slut, im gonna shoot my fucking cum in your mouth". I quickly snapped out of it and back to reality. Just thinking about his cock made my pussy wet. I went to the bathroom and pulled down my jeans. I began to rub my pussy thinking of his cock going in and out of my mouth.

I loved his throbbing cock just the thought me making his cock hard my me rub my wet pussy faster. I began to finger myself moaning a little because I wanted to feel his cock in my pussy so bad. I needed his dick. I whispered to myself "oh Derrick fuck my pussy" and I began to finger myself faster and finally a let out a little moan as I came.

I pulled up my thong and my jeans and washed my hands and continued on with my day. A couple of weeks passed and it almost didn't seem like what happened was even real anymore. Sarah still thought I flirted to much with Derrick but little did she actually know…I had his cock in my mouth. It made me laugh a little.

But anyways it was Saturday and I was about to get dropped off by my house so that I could change my clothes. Derrick was at my house this weekend because he had his daughters with him.

So I walked in and there was his daughters sitting on the floor watching a movie. "Hey girls" I said to them and they both said hi back. They were so caught up in there movie which I don't know if I mentioned before Derricks girls are very you like 6 and 8 years old. Derrick is 32. But anyways I asked them "where is your dad" and they said "he is in your room because he said that he was gonna take a nap in there just in case we wanted to use the guest bedroom" "he said you wouldn't mind if he slept in there." I thought to myself that is really weird so I figured I would go check it out.

As I walked up to the door of my bedroom I heard a little grunting and so moaning.

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I listened carefully to see if I could hear something. "Oh yes Alaina your pussy smells so good". At that moment I had to know what he was doing so I opened the door. Derrick looked shocked when I opened the door as he stood there in the middle of my room with his pants around his ankles and his dick in his hand. In his other and he had a pair of my worn panties and he was sniffing them as he was stroking his cock.


"oh my gosh Derrick" I started laughing. "sorry to interrupt you" I said. I closed the door behind me. He said " sorry Lay I just couldn't get the thought of us fooling around out of my mind, and I couldn't just rub one out to a thought, I had to use something". "Well I said how does it smell?" I asked and he said "your pussy smells amazing, I have smelled five pairs of your worn panties".

I said "well how bout you smell a fresh pair". I then slip my pants of and then I slid my thong off. When I did he started to stroke his cock again saying " Oh Alaina your pussy looks amazing". "Thanks, I just shaved it this morning". His eyes were glued to my pussy as I handed him the pair of panties that I was wearing today. He grabbed them still looking at my pussy and stroking his cock he gave a started to sniff them. "mmmm" he moaned "they smell amazing" he said stroking his hard thick cock faster.

I then said "let give you something to look at". I walked over to my bed and sat on it and propped my legs up and began to rub and finger my wet slit. He said " hell yeah Alaina rub that tight wet pussy for me". Then he said " you like watching me stroke this big cock don't you.you want to see this cock cum don't you".

I said back to him " yeah Derrick I want to see your cock cum keep stroking it…I want you to nut on me." He kept sniffing my panties and stroking his dick. I kept rubbing my wet slit and then he moaned " oh god im about to cum" and he walked closer to my bed and his cock was now right over top of my belly.

I said " keep jerking your cock Derrick I want you to cum on my belly, cover my tummy with your hot cum".


I lifted up my shirt and uncovered my belly for him to shoot his nut on me. He began stroking his cock faster and faster and I prepared to feel his hot load on my tummy. Then he grabbed my thigh and he groaned "oh im cumming Lay im cumming!!!" he kept stroking his cock as it began to spurt his hot load all over my belly. It felt so warm and sticky I kept shooting all of my tummy as he kept groaning his loads were so huge I don't know how he had that much cum in his balls.

After his dick was done shooting cum I leaned forward and took his dick in my hand and put his cum dripping cock in my mouth to clean the remaining cum off his cock. I bobbed a couple a times on his dick and said "that was fun" and then Derrick asked " can I take a picture of this?

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I need something to rub one out to when im not staying at your house." I said "sure" and he took a picture of my cum covered tummy and then took a picture of my pussy. After that he left my room and said "I cant wait till next time." I then said "me either" and smiled at him. I then cleaned myself off and changed my clothes.

A month passed by and nothing went on between me and Derrick not even a hint of anything. It was like none of this ever happened. Even when he would stay the night with his daughters we wouldn't fool around. I started to think something was wrong with me. Sarah ended up moving out of the house. That was at least something good that happened in that month. She was accusing me and Derrick of sleeping together.which was not true at all.

Well it was sort of true since we fooled around those two times but we never had sex. Well one day when it wasn't a weekend that Derrick didn't have his kids one of my roommates asked Derrick if he could pick me up from work and take me home. So Derrick picked me up from work and we were driving back to my house. When I asked " hey Derrick did I do something wrong I mean ever since our last time we fooled around we haven't done anything since." " I mean we talk and act normal with each other but it makes me feel like you don't enjoy or want me like that".


Then he said " no no don't think that Lay, I just didn't want to get caught or get in trouble since I do work for the place that is helping you to get well". " I haven't stopped thinking about the last time we fooled around, in fact I rubbed one out last night looking at the picture of your pussy and the picture of your cum covered belly". The thought of him jerking off to me made me so hot also realizing that we were alone and had a little time on our hands made me ask a question.

"why don't we fool around right now?" I asked seductively. He looked at me and said "like right now? What do you have in mind?" he chuckled.

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" how bout a little road head? I just wanna suck you off Derrick its been a while and I just think it would be fun". He started thinking about it and he said "okay but what if I don't nut before we get home which is very likely to happen".

Then I said " then we will just pull over into the park near my house". He said" okay sounds good to me" Then he pulled his dick out of his shorts, it was limp and looked so good. "ugh its been to long" I said as I kissed him.

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Then I grabbed his dick and started stroking it slowly. He said " I missed this so much".

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Then I smiled at him and started to go down, I slid his cock into my mouth and began to just suck the head of his penis. He moaned and said "fuck Alaina" and he put his hand on my head. I laughed because I always loved when I made a guy cuss when I was either fucking or sucking him. Then went down his dick slowly putting more of it into my mouth. He moved his hand to my ass and began groping my ass as I suck his throbbing cock.

I kept sucking him bobbing up and down. Putting his hard cock in and out of my wet mouth. He kept on driving and rubbing my ass. "Keep sucking that dick you little slut, does your mom know your such a little slut." "ugh Alaina you filthy little slut I know you love this dick, I know it makes your pussy so wet thinking about it" he said.

I just kept moaning and saying "mhm" because I didn't want to take his dick out of my mouth. I loved his dirty talk so much. " Ah fuck you little slut you suck my dick so good, why don't you suck on my balls a little Lay." I took his dick out of my mouth and began to stroke his dick as I put his balls in my mouth and began to suck on them.

"ahh fuck yeah Alaina Stroke that cock as you suck on my balls ahh fuck you little dirty slut". Then he said "Were almost home and I aint about to nut yet im gonna pull over in the park." So he pulled over and parked the car in the park in the back of the parking lot. He leaned his seat back and I continued to suck him off. Then he said" hold on I wanna try something different." "Okay" I said, "come around to my side of the car." So I got out and walked around and he got out of the car and said "pull your shorts down and pull your thong down".

So I pulled my shorts and thong down and he said bend over and put your hands on the seat." The car door was open and I leaned forward put my hands on his seat and I was sort of bent over in front of him.

"mmm" he moaned rubbing his cock and he kneeled down and spread my butt cheeks and said "look at that ass hole mmm" and then I felt something wet tickle my ass hole and the insides of my butt cheeks. I looked behind me and realized he was licking my ass hole and it felt so good. I began to sort of push my butt more into his face as he licked my tight little ass hole. " your ass tastes amazing Lay" he said to me as he kept going I couldn't help but to start rubbing my pussy.

I began to rub and finger my wet slit as Derrick continued to lick my ass hole. I could feel myself on the brink of orgasm. I said "oh Derrick keep going eat my little ass hole out im cumming" I rubbed my tight pussy so hard and my legs started to shake.

I moaned so loud and Derrick started to laugh. "Alaina I swear I love your ass so much." Then he spread my ass cheeks again and he spit on my little tight ass hole. Then he took his dick and put it between my butt cheeks but not into my ass hole he just rested his cock in between my cheeks like a hot dog in a bun.

Began to thrust his dick in between my butt cheeks as if he was having sex with them. His throbbing cock was rubbing against my little ass hole and his balls were slapping against my pussy making a smack noise every time he thrusted. Even though he wasn't penetrating me I still enjoyed this a lot.

He said "you like me fucking your little butt cheeks Alaina do you like it baby?" and I replied "yes baby keep fucking my butt cheeks I want you to cum on my cute little ass".

He grabbed on to my hips tighter and began to thrust his cock hard and faster in between my butt cheeks. I said "keep going Derrick fuck my little butt cheeks." He moaned and said "im about to bust, im about to shoot my nut all over your little ass." At that moment he pulled his dick out of my butt cheeks and told me to push my butt cheeks together so I did and he moaned and I felt his hot cum shoot all over my butt cheeks.

He said " that was amazing do you mind if I take a picture before you clean yourself up?' I told him I didn't mind and he took a picture of my cum covered butt. After that I wipe off my ass and pulled my thong and shorts back up and we headed home.

My butt still had cum residue on it and felt super sticky&hellip.which was amazing. What a good day.