Beach sex mature amateurs brian and angela outdoors and nudists

Beach sex mature amateurs brian and angela outdoors and nudists
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My descent continues. I will try to be thorough but please feel free to email me if you want me to know any more details than I've given below. I knew there were crack whores in the city. Every so often, the television would tell a story about them.

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I didn't know what their life was like until Mr. A hooked me up with one of them for the weekend.

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Her name was Keesha and she belonged to a pimp named Diamond Doug. It was a stupid name and he knew it, laughed about it.

A stupid-assed white man's name, he'd say, then laugh again. Mr. A delivered me himself, six o'clock Friday night. I shuddered as we drove into the neighborhood. Most of the businesses were abandoned. The ones that were open had thugs standing around outside, laughing with each other and drinking 40's from brown paper bags. They'd stare at us as we drove by, deadpan looks on their faces.

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There was garbage up and down the sidewalks and abandoned cars along the street. And hookers. Cartoonish hookers with hair piled high and skintight dresses, half of their asses exposed and nipples poking through thin tops. They glared at me as we drove past and I tried to sink lower into the front seat. The hotel we stopped at was more than a hundred years old, dark and dirty.

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Half of the windows were shattered, the other half boarded up. Mr. A spotted the pimp and pulled to the curb. I stepped out and he howled at me, "whoo-hoo, fine lookin' bitch".


He felt my tits and ass, then turned to Mr. A and nodded. He held out his hand and accepted several hundred dollar bills, smiled and swept them slowly underneath his nose. "The sweet smell of hard-earned cash." He turned to me and said, "let's go." By then, Mr.

A was back in the car and had already started pulling away. Diamond Doug walked me up four flights of stairs and down a dirty hallway. He knocked at a door with the number 43 on it. There was a low moan from inside and he opened the door. The room was completely empty except for an old black-and-white television set and a filthy twin-sized mattress.

The room stank and I gagged. I couldn't tell what - sweat, cum, old rotten food, something else. And a horrible overlay of strawberry scented air freshener. I leaned against the door, weak with nausea. Diamond Doug motioned and I turned my head. The door to the bathroom was open. A haggard and emaciated woman was sitting on the toilet, dress pulled up around her waist, head lolling forward, legs tightly together.

Doug called her name and she turned her head anxiously. "Did you bring me somethin', honey?" she muttered. She raised a claw-like hand with a small metal pipe and smiled at him, eyes desperate.

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"I'll be real nice to you if you did." Diamond Doug laughed and told her to get up off her ass and meet her new partner. She turned her head in a daze and spotted me. "Oh, no, fucking no, not again," she protested. "Not another fucking adventure seeking goddam white bitch cunt fucking fool piece of cock snatch!" She was standing now and walking toward me, weak and stumbling.

The rage and hate in her eyes was intense, I could feel it burning through me and it scared me. Diamond Doug grabbed her wrist and yanked the pipe away from her. "If you play nice, you get nice, got it?" he said firmly. She backed down. I looked at her again. Her dress was still up around her hips, the material flimsy and caked with dirt and crud. She had a pussy full of wiry black hair, it covered most of her lower belly and inched down her thighs.

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And it was matted in spots with something crusty. I felt sick looking at her. "What you starin' at, bitch?" she barked.

Diamond Doug laughed. "You guess, Keesha. You guess what the white bitch's starin' at. She's starin' at yo' snatch, ain't she?" I felt my face turning red. "I think the bitch's turned on, seein' a real woman with a real pussy." He turned to me. "Ain't you, bitch? Ain't you turned on seein' a real pussy?


Show her yo' pussy, bitch." I pulled the tight dress up around my waist and pulled down my panties, showed her my cleanly shaven cunt. She spat on the floor. "You look like a fuckin' chile with that no-hair thing." She spit again, this time it spattered across my shoe. I heard someone knock on the door and Keesha answered, "yeah?" A tall man and one of the whores from the street walked in.

I watched her, she was kissing him and her hand was down the front of his pants. Keesha shut the door behind them. The man looked at me and smiled. "This the one, Tanya?" The woman said "yeah, she the one." Without a word, he grabbed me and turned me around, pushed me down on my knees and slid my skirt up over my ass. I started to say something but looked at Diamond Doug and knew better. The man pulled down my panties and I heard him spit in his hand, rub his cock. Then, he rammed it hard up my ass and fucked me while the others watched.

When he came, he got up and wiped his cock on my skirt, leaving a string of cum dripping down my leg.

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He threw a ten to Keesha who smiled. "Two more of those and I got me a fix," she said as she waved the bill in my face. The rest of the weekend was a steady stream of men and women, all of them paying ten or twenty dollars to Keesha to use me any way they wanted to.

The men all fucked my ass. I found out from Keesha that when anyone asked one of the street whores for anal, she'd bring them upstairs to me, then split the cash with Keesha. Over thirty men fucked my ass in those two nights. By Sunday evening, they were complaining that my ass was too loose. Keesha lost two customers and screamed at me, slapping me around and swearing. But, the women were the worst. They would open their legs and push my mouth against their cunts. Their pussies were always foul tasting and strange to me, hairy and tart.

Most of them had me do them twice, spending the time in between licking their nastier hole just for fun. They enjoyed humiliating me, laughing about the white whore earning crack money for Keesha.

Keesha had the most fun of all with me, though. That first night, she had me spend a long time licking and sucking her pubes and pussy clean, me fighting back the urge to vomit from the smell and tastes of her cunt and ass. Then, after I'd earned her enough money to fill her crack pipe, she hit the street again, coming back between fucks to have me suck out and swallow the cum then lick her clean for her next trick.