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Porno hd dusche
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Gloria and Stan lay in bed, naked. As he gently massaged her firm, full tits and she stroked his rock hard eight-inch dick. They talked about her doctor's appointment from two days earlier. The doctor had confirmed that Gloria was pregnant.

They were very happy. They had been married for about four months and had fucked at least twice a day, every day and had not used protection, in hopes of having a baby. Stan loved how easy it was to give Gloria a huge orgasm. She came hard and loud and often "Stan, let me suck your wonderful baby maker till I make you come tonight. I don't need your seed in my cunt now. I'm already having your baby, sweetheart." Stan replied, "Nothing could make me happier.

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You haven't done it since before we were married." They often gave each other oral sex but because they wanted to start a family, from the time of the wedding, Stan had always planted his sperm as deep in his wife's cunt as he could. Gloria slid down the bed and slipped her lips over Stan's manhood.stretching over its thickness.

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About ten minutes later Stan moaned and arched his back as he shot string after string of cum into his wife's sucking mouth. Gloria never stopped till there wasn't a drop left and she had swallowed all that he had given her.

She kept sucking him deep into her mouth till Stan went limp, and then she moved up and gave him a big kiss. "That was wonderful babe. You can do that any time you want." They cuddled and kissed for several minutes. Stan was 26, 5'11" and weighed 174 pounds. He was well muscled and worked on his tan. He had a good one as he worked outdoors in a construction job. Gloria was 22, 5'5" and slim with firm c-cup tits that had large nipples that pointed straight forward.

She was fair skinned with light brown hair that she kept shoulder length. They met when Stan was working on a job where Gloria worked. He asked her out and they dated for about three months before Stan proposed and another month before they were married. On their third date, Gloria gave Stan a blowjob to completion, swallowing every drop of his cum and not stopping till she got a second helping.

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On the fourth date, Stan got his staff buried between her legs. Every time they fucked before the wedding, Stan used a rubber but she always finished him off in her mouth or drank his cum from the rubber.

Gloria told Stan on the second date that she had lost her virginity in her mid teens and that she had been with quite a few guys after that. She told him that her first time was when her older brother and one of his friends had raped her. Stan didn't care as he had been with quite a few girls himself and the sluttier the girl the better he liked it. "Stan?" Gloria quietly asked. " Hon, I have a big big favor to ask. I have been wanting to do something for years but have never dared.

Now that I am pregnant I don't have to worry about getting that way, it is the perfect time. I've always wanted to get fucked by a black guy but did not want to take any chance of having a black baby. Will you let me try it, once?" Stan thought for a minute. "If you really want to, it's OK with me." After a short pause Stan added, "as long as I can watch and film it so we can watch it again later." Gloria gave him the biggest kiss of the night.

Stan asked, "How are we going to go about setting this up?" "I'll go on line and find the right guy and I'll tell you all about it", Gloria replied. They cuddled and drifted off to sleep in each others arms.

Then next day, right after Stan had kissed her goodbye and left for work, Gloria was on the computer looking for the right black man to fuck her. That night Gloria showed Stan the pictures and dirty e-mails that she had exchanged with four guys that day. They were all anxious to fuck the shit out of a pretty, young white girl. Gloria kept looking and exchanging dirty e-mails with black guys for about a week when she finally told Stan that she had found the one.

Actually it was two. Darrin and Dave were brothers.


They were 24 and 26. They were both well built and very dark skinned. They were both hung about the same as Stan and they were anxious to bang her and did not mind that Stan wanted to record his wife getting screwed by these two black studs. Everything was set up for the next Friday night.

They all met at the local steak house so Gloria could be sure that she had made the right decision before getting to where she couldn't back out. Gloria was dressed in a thin white blouse that was almost see thru, a short red skirt and two inch red heels.

Dinner went well. They talked and Darrin and Dave enjoyed looking at her, and she at them. After dinner and a couple drinks, Gloria spoke up. "Are the two of you ready to go to our place for some fun?" Of course the answer was, "Fuck yes." The door had barely shut behind them when Darrin was behind Gloria. His large hands were around her, tightly squeezing Gloria's firm tits. Stan had not even gotten to the camera before Darrin had her top off over her head.

Darrin and Dave were delighted to see that Gloria was not wearing a bra.

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They had been pretty sure that she wasn't. Stan started recording as Darrin pinched Gloria's nipples, causing them to harden and her to moan. Dave stepped in front of her, unbuckled his slacks and dropped them to the floor. His semi erect man meat stood out and started growing. "That sweet little white cunt of yours is going to get the best fucking of its life tonight." He put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her to her knees in front of him.

Darrin released his grip on her tits as she went down. Gloria did not resist. As her knees met the floor, her tits bounced and her hand gripped Dave's cock.

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A second later her mouth was around the head and her hand was pumping the shaft as she sucked hard on her new toy. She looked into his eyes and gave his cock head a teasing little bite. That only made it grow harder. Stan adjusted his position to bet the best shot of his wife with a black cock in her mouth for the first time. Darrin was quickly stripping and when he was fully naked, he turned Gloria's head and she happily accepted his already steel hard shaft into her mouth. Gloria shifted form cock to cock several times and then said.

"Let's go to my bed." Gloria stood and pulled her skirt off, showing her smoothly shaved white pussy.


She took one black cock in each hand and let the way to her bed. Stan followed along filming all the action. You could already see her cum starting to drip down the inside of her thighs. Gloria put Dave on the king sized bed, on his back with his legs bent to the floor at the knees and climbed over him on her hands and knees. She lowered her pussy to his lips and he wormed his tongue between her cunt lips and started licking her clit. Gloria gasped and rubbed herself against his face.

Stan filmed. Next Darrin stepped in front of her at the foot of the bed and placed his ebony rod to her lips. Gloria opened her mouth.

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When she did, Darrin put his hands behind her head. He pulled her to him and pushed himself forward and shoved his thick eight inches into her throat in one motion. Gloria had never tried to deepthroat. She gagged a little but it was not like she thought it would be.

She found her nose buried in his pubic hair, pressing against his body. Then she started to worry about breathing, but Darrin pulled out so just far enough for her to take a breath. "Breath slut. Here it comes again." Gloria took a gasping breath just as Darrin's cock found its way back down her throat. He started face fucking her just like as if he were fucking her cunt. Gloria's throat adjusted and she no longer felt like she was going to gag.

In the mean time, Dave had crawled out from under her and got on his knees behind her. One shove and his manhood was buried in her soaking wet pussy. He held her hips and fucked her, hard and deep in rhythm with his brother.

Dave looked at Stan. "This is one hot fucking bitch Bro." Stan gave him a thumbs up. "You can't get her pregnant so don't worry about filling her as full as you can with your cum." "We weren't bout to worry about that any way." Gloria was drooling out of her mouth and also out of her cunt as the two black brothers pounded her at both ends.

Stan marveled at the contrast as the two dark black men sandwiched his pale white wife and fucked her with abandoned. Gloria was having a string of orgasms, each seeming harder than the last when Darrin was the first to come.

He held his cock head just slightly between her lips and unloaded. Darrin came long and hard, filling Gloria's mouth with much more than it could hold.

She swallowed but some still ran down her chin and dripped onto the bed. Dave pulled hard on her hips and spewed his first load into her cunt, sending her over the edge again. As she screamed in pleasure, Darrin shoved himself back into her throat. This time he held himself there till Gloria almost passed out. She started to panic and pushed on Darrin's hips to get his cock out of her throat. Both men pulled out and Gloria collapsed on the bed. The fucking and sucking had continued for well over an hour both men had had multiple turns at both her cunt and her mouth.

Gloria had come more times that she had even done in her life. The bed was soaked with cum but Gloria hardly noticed as she lay in it. Stan had recorded it all. He had gotten so turned on watching that he had to rub himself and had actually come in his pants. He was soaking wet all the way down to his knees. "Stan, I want the guys to spend the night. Would you please sleep in the guest room?" Stan agreed. In the middle of the night Gloria got fucked three more times.

Those never got recorded. The next morning, Stan came to the kitchen only to find Gloria, Darrin and Dave already there and all naked. Gloria was up on the edge of the kitchen table with her legs spread wide and Dave's cock was buried balls deep in her well abused cunt. Darrin stood on a chair so he could get his cock where she could suck it. Stan hurried to get the camera so he could record this new action.

Shortly after Stan got back and started filming, Darrin pulled out and blew a load all over Gloria's face. It went in her hair and in her eyes and all over her face. It seemed like there must have been a cup of cum on her. It dripped down her chin and onto her tits. Gloria lay back on the table. Dave pulled out and brought his cock to her face, stroked it a few last times and added his cum to his brother's.

Gloria lay there with her mouth open and caught part of it but more covered her and ran off. Gloria rolled over and licked up what had puddled onto the table. "OK time for breakfast. Who wants pancakes?" We all sat and ate, after which our guests got dressed for the first time from when they first entered the house.


They kissed Gloria goodbye and got one last good feel of her naked body. The guys made it clear that they would enjoy being invited back any time.

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After they left Stan asked, "Well was that everything you thought it would be?" Gloria replied, "That was mind blowing and I'm totally wiped out but Darling, will you do me one favor?" "What's that?" "Please take me to bed and fuck me with my very favorite cock." Gloria took Stan's hand and led him to their bedroom. 611