An sudden Dick flash to neighbor girl

An sudden Dick flash to neighbor girl
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I've been home a couple of days now and it was now the weekend. Riley has been texting me a bit but we've yet to have a repeat performance. She did tell me that she's on the pill now and that my sister doesn't know that we fucked.


Melanie doesn't know either but the two of them have their suspicions. Ive also been chatting to Logan, my old high school best mate, who happens to be back in town from college as well.

We've planned to meet up tonight at a local dinner for a catch up. It was about mid afternoon at the moment and I was at home in front of the TV when my mom came through the door.

"Jac?!" She shouted in, "you home?" "Yeah mom" I shouted back. "Come give me a hand please?" "Ok" I replied, getting up and sticking on my trainers and heading outside. My mom gets a half day on a Friday and must have taken the opportunity to go shopping.

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"Thanks sweetie, just need a hand with all these bags" she smiled. "Happy to help mom" I said as I grabbed as many bags as I could and took them inside. "Where do you want them?" "Could you be a darling and put them in my room" she pleaded with a hint of a puppy dog look.

I couldn't complain, my mom has done so much for us and his was an easy ask from her. I ran upstairs with her bags and dumped them on her bed. I couldn't help myself and had a quick peek inside.

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"Holy shit" I whispered. There was quite a bit of sexy looking lingerie in some of the bags and some nice heels. I heard mom coming up the stairs so I took my sign to leave. "Thanks sweetie" she said as we exchanged a hug outside her room. She gave me a quick peck on the cheek again and broke the hug, heading off into her room. I walked away and headed into my room.


I waited about ten minutes and decided that curiosity was getting the better of me and wanted to see if I could catch my mom trying them on. I crept out of my room and snuck to my mom's. Her door was slightly open and I could peer in. I had just enough of a view to see and what a sight I saw. My mom was indeed trying on her new underwear and fuck me she looked hot in it.

I can't believe I was standing her perving on my own mom but I couldn't tare myself away. She was trying on a matching pair of black lace bra and panties.

Her boobs looked even better in them, snuggled and ready to burst.


She then reached into the bag and pulled out a garter belt and stockings. She put the garter belt on and then sat down to pull up the stockings, then attaching them to the garter. My mom then stood up and checked herself in the mirror. My dick was rock hard now and pressing against my pants. I had to pull it out to ease the pain.

My mom was posing infront of the mirror and slowly touching herself up and down her body, giving off soft moans. Her hands recalled up her body and squeezed her chest together, a louder moan filled the room.

I started to slowly work my cock at the sight of my mom touching herself. One of her hands made it's way down to her crotch and slowly began to rub herself. More moans filled the room as her head fell back enjoying her own touch. I worked my cock quicker as I imagined being in there with her. Just as it was starting to feel good though, "Mooooom!!

I'm home" my sisters voice came from downstairs as she shut the door. My mom snapped back to reality and called back "ok sweetie, just in my bedroom." "Dammit" I muttered as I stuffed my cock back into my pants and made a hasty retreat back to my room.

I stayed in my room until I needed to get ready to go meet Logan. I grabbed a shower, got dressed and headed downstairs. Kaylee was the only one about, she was watching tv in the lounge. "Hey sis, where's mom?" I asked. "She's upstairs getting ready to go out" she replied without looking at me. "Where is she going like" "I dunno" she heatably replied "got some date she said" A date, I thought to myself.

Images of how she dressed earlier and the thought of an other man potentially getting to see that. A bit of jealously and rage built up inside me. I had no reason to be but I was protective of her. "Well i'm off out as well" I told her grabbing my jacket.

"Where are you going like?" This time she turned round to look at me. "I'm going to meet Logan for a bit, is that ok?" I sarcastically asked. "Who's gonna sort dinner for me then?" "You're old enough and ugly enough to sort it yourself" I teased her. "Leave me some money then?" She pleaded "No chance" I laughed as I headed for the door. "You're a dick!" She huffed turning back towards the TV. "Bye mom, love you" I shouted up. I faint reply of "love you too" was heard.

"Love you sis" I smugly said as I walked out. She didn't reply. I jumped in my car and drove off towards town and where I was meeting Logan. About 10 minutes into the drive I got a text from Kaylee saying "love you too!" I knew she would give in. We've been quite tight since our dad left and even though we treat each other like shit at times, we still really love each other. I pulled up into the car park of the dinner and headed in.

I spotted Logan up the back in on of the booths and he saw me coming, standing up. "Holyee shit mate" he smiled with surprise. "You said you had lost weight but didn't realise that much" he laughed. "Looks like you found some of it" I joked back. Logan was still pretty much the exact same as he was last year but was now carrying a bit of extra weight around his belly.

We shook hands and shared a manly half hug before sitting down. "How you doing man?" I asked as we grabbed menus. "Doing really good. College is going good, in good form to pass my exams, even managed to get myself a girlfriend!" His smile grew at the last part. I couldn't help but laugh "what's his name then?" "Fuck you" he laughed "HER name is Nicole and she's amazing. Funny, caring, sexy as hell I may add, same age as us as well." He really did seem proud.

"I'm happy for you man, seems like you're doing really great!" "I really am but what about you! Last time I saw you, you could barely fit in this booth." "College!" I simply said "I turned my life around there. Started a new so to speak." "It going well then?" He asked. "Really well, like you I feel confident about my exams.

No girlfriend but I have now popped my cherry." "Whey hey" he laughed and I couldn't help but laugh with him. We made our food order and just chatted away. Caught up on old times and having a laugh and joke like we used to do. Must have spent a good hour and a half eating and laughing. Finally we got the bill and split it between us. "Was really good seeing you man!" He said as we walked outside.

"You too mate, will need to meet this girlfriend of yours" I joked. "See if she meets the standards?" "I'm sure she will" I laughed with him, as we walked towards the cars. "Who the hell is that?" Logan asked me as we stopped in our tracks. "Umm??" I was confused and looked over to my car. There leaning against the bonnet was Riley. "Oh eh, that's one of my sisters friends. No idea what the hell she wants." "She probably wants a 'ride' home" he nudged me.

"A lift home most likely" we laughed. We said our goodbyes and I headed over to my car. "Hi Jacob" Riley said in a fake sexy voice. "Hi Riley, what do you want?" I asked opening my car. "I just passing by and saw your car and was hoping for a lift home, pretty please?" She leaned back further on the bonnet and pushing her chest out.

She had an open hoodie on and a low cut top so her chest was on full show. "Make it worth your while!" "Yeah ok sure" I said as I opened my door and climbed in. She quickly skipped round and jumped into the passengers seat. "I was hoping you'd maybe take me a small drive first, find a quiet spot!" She gave me a wink.

"Fine, where too?" "How about the school?" "It's way across the other side of town!" "Exactly" she grinned. I sighed and drove off. At first our small talk was exactly that and didn't carry much substance.

We eventually pulled up in the car park of my old high school and I made sure I stopped in a more secluded part. Switching the engine off I turned to her. She bit her lip before speaking "I want to see it again. I didn't reply, I just unbuttoned my jeans, lifting my hips up and pulling them down exposing my cock.

"Not get a good enough look last time" I teased her. Her eyes fell to my cock and her eyes widened. Her mouth fell open but no words came out. "It's just so big" She reached her hand out and grabbed my cock in her hands. My cock twitched at her touch but her hand held firm. "How big is it?" She asked. "I think about nine inches hard" I proudly said.

"Oh wow, most of the boys I've been with are five, six at most. This is so thick." She said as she started to stroke my cock, working the full shaft with her hand. "Can you get it nice and hard for me again?" "Keep doing what you're doing and it will be hard in no time." I groaned as she picked up her pace a little. My cock was growing in her hand and she added the other hand to work the full length.

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"Hold on" she said. As she sat up in her seat, throwing off her jacket and sitting back on the seat on her knees so she could lean across me better.

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She got straight back to work stroking my cock with both her hands and with new vigour. Her hands worked faster as she spat some salvia down onto the tip of my cock and worked it in. I groaned loudly as my cock was at full strength now. "God, sure that's only nine" she said in awe as her hands felt the full size of my throbbing cock. "I think so" I grumbled as I enjoyed the feeling of her touch.

"Think you can take me deeper than last time" I teased her. "I have been practising?" She grinned and licked her lips as she leaned closer to me. My cock twitched again as I felt her warm breath on the head of my cock. She softly kissed around the tip. Slowly licking up the small drops of pre cum that had oozed out. "Mmmm tasty" she moaned as she then took me into her mouth. She was quickly showing a lot more effort than last time as she made quick work of sucking me in and out of her mouth.

She could take the first few inches with ease and was really working it with her lips and tongue. "Fuck that's good" I groaned as I put my hand on her head and helped clear her hair out of the way. She continued up her efforts and slowly got more of my cock into her mouth. She was nearing the same length as before and her gag kicked in and she splurged all over my cock and pulled off.

"Fucckkk"'I groaned louder. She grinned and went back down for more. Working the first few inches with her mouth and working the base with her hand in a twisting motion. She knew what she was doing. Riley's head continued to bob up and down. Each time trying to get more of me inside her mouth. Every time she reached the three quarter mark she would gag and have to pull off. My cock and lap was covered in her salvia and she had dribbles of salvia down her chin which she wiped away with her hand and worked it onto my cock.

"How am I doing?" She panted. "Mmmmm pretty damn good" I moaned leaning my head against the head rest. "Better than Last time?" She grinned. "Now that would be telling" I winked at her. Her grin turned angry as she went back and sucked my cock with more vigour. "Oh fuck" I gasped as Riley really upped her effort and took my cock deep into her mouth. As soon as her gagged kicked in, she let go and worked the head and jerked the base even faster than before.

I could feel my balls tighten and my shaft hardening as I was about to cum. "Fuck Riley, i'm gonna cum" I warned her. She nodded and moaned around my cock as she kept working me in her mouth. "Fuccckkk here it comes!!!" I groaned loudly as my hips bucked up and I exploded into her mouth. The first shout caught her by surprise and she coughed a little but she moaned loudly and took the rest like a pro. My hips continued to buck up and fuck her mouth as my orgasm surpassed.

I let out a long low groan as a settled back into the seat. Riley continued to work my cock, making sure to get every last drop of cum. My limping cock slowly falling from her mouth. With a pop she let go and it flopped onto my thigh. "Mmmmm fuck, so tasty" she moaned as she licked her lips and sucked up the drops of cum from her hands. "Didn't expect that" I confessed, gathering my breath.

"I love swallowing cum" she grinned as she sat back into her seat. "Just felt too good in my pussy last time to pull out" "Yeah" I panted. We sat for several moments, gathering ourselves before she spoke "you can take me home now" she smiled.

"Got what you came for?" I teased.

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"Not totally" she winked "but next time!" "Look forward to it" I grinned. She reached across and grabbed my now limp cock "oh yes, can't wait to have this back inside me!" She leaned across and kissed me on the lips.

Her tongue forced its way into my mouth and I was hesitant to kiss back with the salty taste of cum in her mouth but the passion gave way and I kissed her back. We kissed passionately for several minutes before we broke the kiss. "Let's get you home gorgeous" I smiled as I pulled my pants back up. We set off and the whole drive to her house she kept teasing me by rubbing my crotch and moaning whilst she sucked her finger.

By the time we got to hers my cock was starting to grow and I was ready to go again but the cock tease said her goodbyes. We kissed again and she got out.

As she closed the door, I put the window down and shouted out to her, "Riley?!" She stopped and turned back to the car "What have you been practising on?" "I'll show you soon" she said as she walked up to her house, a big grin on her face. I just chuckled to myself and drove off home. The house was in darkness when I got home. The front door was locked so I figured either no one was in or everyone was in bed. I grabbed a bottle of water from the refrigerator and headed up to my room.

There was no light on in Kaylees room but I listened closely and heard the faint noises of her sleeping. I went to check my moms room but there was no sign of her so I figured she was still out. I got undressed and headed trough to the bathroom. I did my business and gave my member a quick clean before heading back to bed. I lay in bed and checked my phone, I had a text from Kaylee and one from Riley. Kaylee's was simply that she was off to bed and that she loved me.

Riley's took me a little by surprise. It was a picture message. It was a picture of a shaved wet pussy with a dildo inside her and the text said "I had fun tonight but I need you back in here x" "Holy fuck" is said to myself with as a large grin grew across my face. This was going to be fun. I put my phone away and dozed off. I don't know how long I was out but I was awoken when I heard the front door close and the sounds of a clumsy person coming up the stairs. I smiled to myself as I guessed that was my mom home.

She sounded on her own as well which pleased me a little. I didn't take anymore notice and dozed back off. I was reawoken when I sensed my bedroom door opening and someone coming into my room. I sat up in my bed and narrowed my eyes trying to see who it was in the dark "hello?" I called out. "Sshhh Hi Jacob, it's me Audrey" my mom whispered loudly back as she made her way over to my bed.

"Mom? What the hell you doing" "Just wanted to see my baby boy" she hiccuped "I've missed him." "I've missed you too mom, but your drunk. Let me get you to bed." "I'm not drunk!!" She slurred, "I perfectly fine" as she collapsed at the side of my bed.

I turned the bed side light on "mom are you ok!" "Nooo turn off the sun, turn it off" she said flaying her arms. "Ok ok" I turned the light off. "Let me help you up"'I said as I gently eased her up onto my bed. "Thank you sweetie, you always look after mommy." She fell forward and hugged me. "I love you so much" "I love you too mom" I held her against me. "I had a date tonight" she spoke, "with a man" "I know, how did it go?" I asked. "It was ok, he was a nice man, treated me well." She nuzzled into my next.

"But he wasn't my Jacob" "Mom." I tried to speak "He wasn't my handsome strong boy." She went on "all night I was thinking about you.

Your strong arms holding me like they are now. Your loving eyes looking at me. You want me don't you?" She caught me off guard "I…" She interrupted me again "it's ok baby" she moved closer to me "I know you where watching me earlier whilst I got changed. I heard you." I didn't say anything, how did she know. "Did you like what you saw? Did I turn you on baby?" Her hands searched for my crotch and she kissed my neck.

God her kisses felt good. "Do you want me? You can have me?" Oh my god what was happening. I had a decision to make. God yeah I did actually want to fuck her but she was drunk. If I refuse her it might ruin my chance. Her hand was stroking my crotch and she was kissing towards my lips. "Let me take you to bed mom" I eased her off me. "Then you'll fuck me?" She asked innocently.

This was new.

I took her by the hand and led her through to her bedroom. I turned on her bed side light and could see what she was wearing now.

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She had the same black bra and panties I saw from earlier but was simply covered by a night gown. "Like what you see baby?" She cooed as she dropped her night gown to the floor. God her body was amazing, my dick was growing in my boxers.

I held out my hand and took her to bed. As I helped her into bed she pulled me down with her and kissed me on the lips. I resisted at first but I caved in and kissed her back. Our tongues clashed together in a dance of love. It was hot and passionate.

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My mom was moaning into my mouth as our lips were locked together. I pulled away, I couldn't do it. She's drunk. She whined in furstration "where you going?" She cried. "I just need to get something mom, you just lie there and i'll be right back." "Mmm better hurry baby, mommas horny" Fuck this was hard but i'm doing the right thing. I turned off the light and left her room. I waited for a few minutes and listened. Sure enough she'd passed out and was asleep. I went back to my bed with a raging hard on and a fucked up mind.

"Have I done the right thing?" I asked myself. I debated with myself until I fell asleep.