Home made sex young teen gay usa and married jocks masturbating

Home made sex young teen gay usa and married jocks masturbating
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I noticed an attractive coworker watching me. It got me excited and had to take deep breaths to keep from panting. This confused me since I am married.

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I had not learned to explore my sexuallity. My coworker got increasingly more aggressive, brushing aganist my nipples as she passed by, bent down in front of me to expose her breasts etc.


There were days I was so shaky and aroused that I needed to go home. Finally, I talked to my husband and told him about my encounters. He got excited and told me it was ok for me to please her.

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The next day at the office, I called her into my private office in the back. She closed the thick oak door behind her; and saundering in unbuttoning her shirt as she neared. She asked if I wanted a taste as she pushed her large breasts into my face.


This was my first time to have any type of sexual experience with another woman and there is something about sucking another woman's breasts. I licked and sucked her nipples until we were both panting with need. I took a moment out to call my husband and he could tell what was going on by my breathing. Susie and I were caressing each other, when she went down on me and started eating my pussy.


We were so intent with what we were doing, we did not hear my husband come in. He was rock hard and starting to strip. I was sweaty and panting hard.

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My heart was pounding so hard, I thought it woould bust as Susie's tongue sent me over the edge and my pussy twitched as I came. Once I stopped writhing and shaking, I collapsed on the floor gasping for breath. I needed a breather.

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Bruce took over and picked up Susie's panting body and was sucking and kissing her. By now Bruce was ready.

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He pushed her body against the wall, helped her wrap her legs around him, and entered her drippy pussy. She was riding him into a frenzy. They both were bucking and writhing wildly, and came in a sweaty heap. I had recovered my breath and energy by now. I started rubbing and sucking Bruce's cock. Soon he was hard again and placed his erect member between my huge breasts.

He was thrusting back and forthwhile Susie was squeezing my breaats together for a tigher fit. Bruce and Susie were kissing hard and their tongues dancing. Bruce's fingers were inserted into Susie pussy as her hands started rubbing my nipples. I was highly aroused and sucking in breath like a sprinter.

Beads of sweat were on Bruces forehead as his shot his wad all over my breasts.

Susie was wheezing for breath as Bruce's fingers brought her to orgasm We were merged in a moaning, panting, quivering burst of rapturous sexual throbbing. It was a good thing that we were in the back office with a thick door. No one could hear all the heavy breathing going on.

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