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Porno mature rusia
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You come back to the room for a third time.

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You stand and just look at me, still spread eagle, naked, looking so sexy. You start to undress silently, placing your jacket on the back of the chair, removing your shirt and trousers, placing them on the chair. As you approach the bed, you tingle with excitement, ready to play again. You lean forward, careful not to put any weight on the bed, altering me to your presence, and gently place your hand on my leg, just above my knee.

'Huh!!! Mmmmmmmm hello again……&hellip.' I sigh. My skin feels so soft and warm under your hand. You smile as you stroke up and down my leg slowly, feeling the smoothness of my skin.


Your hand glides slowly before coming to rest on my leather ankle restraint. Your fingers play with the buckle for several seconds, teasing, before finally undoing the strap. You slowly run the back of your finger nail down my ankle and across my foot, I pull away instinctively, moaning and giggling a little.


I feel the feather light touch of your hand slide up my leg, past my knee, up my thigh and brushes lightly over my pussy. You watch my leg quiver and I playfully bend my knee, closing my legs together. You smile and slide your hand softly and gently down my other leg, again teasing the buckle before unfastening my other ankle strap.

You sit back and watch my legs writhe against each other slowly, sexily, so deliciously. You run your fingers up across my hips and over my flat toned stomach, watching my muscles flinch slightly under your touch. I feel your hand mover upwards, and you tease me by running you fingers under my breast, slowly moving back and forth from one side to the other.

I feel your tender touch move up over my nipple, taking your time to run your finger tips round my breast, drawing circles around my nipples.

After several seconds of watching my nipples grow hard, you glide your fingers up towards my shoulder. Running your nail lightly up the inside of my arm, from my shoulder… to my elbow… my wrist… all the time, watching my face, moving my head from side to side, biting my lip, moving slowly as you trace your finger over my soft skin.

You tease me for what seems like an eternity, before untying my restraints.

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I feel my wrists fall loose from the bedposts. I move my hands slowly up to my blindfold, preparing to remove it and finally get a glimpse of my naughty playmate. You close your hands over mine, preventing me… 'Leave it on…' you whisper.

I smile and tenderly press my lips against yours. My hands glide slowly round your waist and up your back, pulling you closer into my kiss. My tongue slowly exploring your mouth as we passionately French kiss, our bodies press against each other. Being blindfolded, I'm unable to see you, so I use my hands to explore your body. Gliding my hands round your sides and slide up your back. I stroke slowly and tenderly, while all the time, completely lost in the taste of your kisses. I lean up on my elbow, gently pushing you back against the bed.

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I can feel the soft touch of your hand stroking up my back, I smile feeling your warm breathe against my lips. I moan softly on each breath as I continue to kiss your hot lips, and I press closer against you, just melting into your warmth. I alter my body position and move my kisses to your cheek and then to your ear. I listen to your soft moans as my warm breath hits your soft skin.

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As I blow gently against your ear, I feel your body shiver and you feel tingles down your spine. As I start to run my hand down your hot toned body, I can feel every ripple of every muscle, your neck… your chest… you abdomen… moving round to your hips and sliding down your thighs. Using soft leather light touches, I slowly slide my finger tips up the inside of your thigh.

You can feel my fingers brush over your balls and I draw circles round them and over them, before sliding slowly up your length. I feel stiff, solid, hardness under my finger tips. And as my fingers reach the head I feel sticky fluid from the tip and I can't help but moan softly and bite my lip with excitement.

As I rub the precum into your taut helmet with my thumb, I listen to your breathing getting heavier as I start to wank your stiff rod. I want to loose myself in fulfilling my passion with my unseen playmate. I can't resist you any longer… I lift my leg over your stomach, I feel your hands glide down my back and finally rest on my ass.

I move my hips and I feel the tip of your cock between my ass cheeks. I slowly press down into your lap, feeling your dick parting my pussy lips and sliding inside me.

I slowly lift my hips, sliding you in and out, fucking you with lustful passion, feeling your dick penetrate my hot, wet pussy, again and again. My pussy grips yours shaft, holding you deep inside me. Rocking my hips back and forth and listening to you moan, breathing heavier, my pussy throbbing and pulsating on your cock.

You can feel your dick twitching and your balls tighten… Oh God!.

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Yes!!. I collapse forward and lie next to you in the bed.

I feel your arms surround me, holding me close. You moan softly gaining composure in your breathing, you sound contented and satisfied and you gently kiss my forehead. 'I have a present for you…' you whisper. 'A present?? What is it?? Can I take my blindfold off and see??' 'Wait here… don't move…' I feel you get up from the bed.

Still blindfolded, I wait patiently with anticipation. A few seconds later I feel you take my hand and place my present in my hands. You watch intently as my hands roam over the object, using my finger tips to explore it, biting my lip with excited puzzlement.

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My hands feel the hard stiff shaft, then feel the smaller shaped area of the ears. Making out the outline of the shape… My finger fall over the buttons, causing the object to pulsate, vibrate and throb. You watch a wicked smile develop on my face at the realisation of exactly what I'm holding… 'Mmmm, my favourite toy, a battery powered bunny…' I giggle. You stand watching, as I move the rabbit down towards my pussy, sliding it between my legs. I open my legs, and you watch as I tease my pussy, allowing it to gently vibrate against my already soaked clit.


I slide it gently in and out of my hot, sticky wet pussy, moaning harder and my breathing getting heavy once more. I slowly fuck myself, you watch with delight as I sexily wriggly and writhe around the bed, enjoying pleasuring myself.

Bringing myself off, to orgasm. Feeling my pussy tingle and throb against the shaft. My fingers play with the buttons and adjust the speed and intensity of the vibrations, I can feel my whole body tensing up with pleasure as I slide it in and out, using the clitoral stimulator to send wonderful tremors through into my body.

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I feel my body trembling and shaking as my orgasm completely takes over my whole body, screaming in passion… as I feel my body explode and cum… After I compose myself, I listen… 'Are you still there?' I ask, silence is my reply. I slowly move my hand to my blindfold expecting you to stop me, but you don't. I remove my blindfold and let my eyes get accustomed to the light again, I slowly look round and see that you've gone… 'I guess I'll not get to find out who my playmate is after all…' The day after, you join the rest of your colleagues for breakfast.

Your waitress comes to the table 'Good morning gentlemen, what can I get you for breakfast?' I ask. Your boss replies '6 full breakfasts, my dear, with tea and toast. Our boy here has been up half the night working up an appetite…' You fall silent and look longingly at your waitress, realising that you recognise me but I don't recognise you as my naughty playmate… 'Good morning Bunny…' you whisper 'did your batteries last long after I left this morning??.' you watch me blush a little and smile sweetly and look down at the table, at the comprehension of who you are.

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I say nothing as I walk to the kitchen, leaving you with your boss and your work mates asking about your conquests over night… *The End.