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Raquel gritando de dor no primeiro anal
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The raging fire which urged us on was scorching us; it would have burned us had we tried to restrain it. ~ Giacomo Casanova Chapter 20. Forgiveness, Jack and Grace make up After telling Alyssa to leave, so he can talk with her mother Jack kissed Grace with every ounce of passion he has, for what seems like an eternity.

He's still nude from the waist down, after being caught red handed; so to speak, having sex with his teenage stepdaughter by his wife; her mother of all people. If it weren't for Alyssa's quick thinking, and the way she ever so sweetly reminded them of the marriage vows they took two years ago; word for word, to be exact. They would've been breaking up, instead of making up right now. Now they seem to have forgotten any taboo indiscretions which have recently taken place.

Curious as to why Grace came back from visiting her sister in Orlando, Jack broke from the kiss. "Why did you come back so soon, from your sisters. I thought you were staying until Saturday?" Grace replied looking in his eyes. "Joanna was called away by the airline she works for&hellip.And then as I was driving home, Liz Morison, Kayla's mother called my cell phone informing me, she caught my daughter having lesbian sex with Kayla.

So after talking with Kayla's pissed off mother, I hurried home." Grace rolled her eyes. "Shit Jack, I used to like Liz Morison, but since she joined that southern Baptist church, she's became a raving bible thumping lunatic.

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Now the woman's dragging her daughter to that church, for what pastor Carlson calls heterosexual reorientation." Grace shook her head, and rolled her green eyes.

"Huh…She's insisting, I bring Alyssa in for counseling too." Jack smirked shaking his head. "You're not going to do that, are you?" Grace chuckled defiantly. "Hell no Jack, I would never force Alyssa to do something crazy like that&hellip.Shit we know my girls not gay, and I don't think Kayla is either. I tried telling Liz, our daughters were just experimenting.

Jack the bitch is insisting, that Alyssa is trying to turn her little girl into a lesbian." "But anyway," said Grace. "I came back home thinking I'd talk with Alyssa, and find out what really happened today," she paused. "But when I got home, I ended up getting the shock of my life, finding you with your cock shoved inside Alyssa." Shame washed over Jack's face "I'm so sorry&hellip.I should've never done such a horrible thing, please forgive…" Grace kissed his lips before he could finish.

"Say no more Jack, because I've already forgiven you," She looked into his eyes. "It was my fault you know. Do you remember a few mornings back, when I heard you talking in your sleep. I accused you of having a wet dream about Alyssa," she cracked a smile. "Well that same morning I told Alyssa, I thought you had a dream about her. And now that I think of what Alyssa said, when I caught you having sex with her. Which I think went something like "Mom, I thought you wanted me to do this.

I think she thought, I was hinting for her to seduce you. And Jack, now that I think of it&hellip.I guess I was." Jack wrinkled his brow. "Why the hell would you do that?" he said. Grace's eyes watered up. "Because I was unfaithful to you, with your own son of all people. Oh Jack, every since that night in that hotel room, with Brad and Alyssa. I've been struggling with the shame of what I did," She trembled. "You hate me for what I've done&hellip.I know you are." He smiled and wiped tears from her cheeks.

"No baby, I don't hate you. How could I ever hate you, you're the love of my life. It's just like what Alyssa said, two years ago we took wedding vows.

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The vow I remember saying is. "I take this women, to have and to hold to this day forward, for better, or for worse," "The key words in that vow are "For better, or for worse," he smiled thinking of Alyssa.

"Like I said before, Alyssa's a smart girl. I find it hard to believe, she's almost fifteen, she acts and thinks more like a twenty-five year old." His nude bodies pressing against hers, Grace feels his cock growing hard. Without speaking she slowly lowers to the floor. On her knees, she wraps her pouty full lips around his cock. Licking her tongue over his cock flesh, she feels wetness seeping through the crotch of her panties.

She's wearing a blue button front shirt, and snug fitting denim shorts. As she sucks her husbands cock, the crotch of her denim shorts becomes wet as well.

Tasting his salty pre-cum, her heartbeat quickens, her pussy quivers. And for Jack, her expert oral skills, cause his cock to become hard as steel once more. He doesn't speak, he stands watching his green eyed chestnut haired wife, kneeling on the floor before him; as if she's worshiping him. She's sliding her lips over his cock, shoving his member deep within her mouth without gagging. She brings her lips to the tip, then slides them back down his shaft. She plays with his nuts, and while doing this she pokes one fingertip up his anus.

"Oh…Baby." he moans. She's done this a few times before, she's milking his prostate. She knows he came inside Alyssa, just before she slugged him and sent him falling backwards off the bed. And she knows this will surely make him cum again, this time in her mouth. She wants to make him cum, she wants to swallow his seed. It's her strange, but satisfying way of apologizing for hitting the man she truly loves. Jack doesn't speak, feeling her finger shoved up his rectum he begins slowly fucking her mouth.

Fingering his hole with the middle finger of her left hand, she uses her right hand to fondle his testicles. His nuts were loose when she first began sucking him, now they're tight. She loves his big nuts since she first made love to him; three years ago, she's always been amazed at how large they are.

Now she gently caresses them while fingering his rectum. She looks up, their eyes meet. He smiles and moans. "I love you baby…Ahhh, you know how to please me." Hearing him exclaim his love for her, she begins jacking him off, bobbing her pretty head back and forth, using her soft lips to stroke his cock.

Feeling her tongue, lips and soft hand stroking his erection. And her finger stroking his prostate. He feels cum rushing from his groin, he grunts. His knees feel weak, it takes all of his strength to remain standing. Grace tastes his hot thick sperm flooding her mouth, she keeps sucking and jacking him off.

Doing this, she swallows every drop of her mans seed. All the while looking up at him, he looks down on her smiling. "Ok baby," he says. "Let me undress you, now it's my turn to please you." Barley giving her time to stand, he rips her blouse open. Little white buttons clatter over the bedroom floor. She screams softly, being startled by his sudden lustful outburst.

He pulls her ruined blouse from her body, then drops to his knees, yanking her blue denim shorts down, along with a pair of silky blue bikini panties. She protest with a giggle in her voice. "Jack…What's gotten into you." "You've gotten into me, that's what!!" he says, lifting her in his arms.

Laying her gently on their bed, he kisses her passionately. His kiss sends shock waves of pleasure through her body. Moving from her lips, he kisses his way down her neck, he hasn't shaved, his whiskers tickle her neck, she giggles.

He kisses his way down her chest, laying soft kisses over each breast. Shivers of pleasure rush over her body, when he sucks each of her long erect nipples. Her voice trembles. "Mmm, oh yes&hellip.I love the way you do that." He kisses his way down her tummy, teasingly licking and kissing around her bellybutton.

She giggles. "Jack&hellip.Stop that, it tickles." He kisses his way around her trimmed dark haired pubic bush. Stroking his fingers between her legs, finding her cunt, he strokes the wet lips of her vulva. Inhaling the scent of her sex arouses his manhood once more. But he's not ready to enter her yet, he wants to taste her cunt first.

His cock aches, this is the third time this evening it's became erect. He thinks to himself. These Dean woman, must have some kind of magical powers over us Wilson men. First it was sweet young Alyssa, who got me going. Now her mother, the love of my life, has me going again.

"Spread your legs wide for me baby." he says. Weakened by his teasing kisses, she slowly spreads for him.

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His brown eyes feast upon the pink folds of her sex, gently spreading her open he licks and sucks her clit. Running his tongue up and down her pussy lips, flicking his tongue over her clit from time to time.

Grace's juices flow down her crack like a Georgia flood. Grasping her fingers in his thick dark hair, she shoves his face tighter to her sex and begins humping his tongue, which is now buried deep within the folds of her sopping wet snatch. She cums, he drinks in every drop of her sweet nectar. Tasting that she's ready for the taking, he lays over her. She helps guide his cock to her opening. Her body trembles, feeling his thick member spreading her open.

Once all the way in, he makes love to her. It isn't lust this time, that's what it was with Alyssa; although he does love Alyssa. The love he feels for her mother, is much stronger then his love for her. When he's with Grace, he never calls it fucking, he calls it making love. He loves Grace, the word fuck seems to vulgar of a word to use when he's showing his ultimate love for her. Grace feels the same, she craves their moments of passionate love making. And now tonight, more than any time before, she needs this feeling.

She gasps feeling his thick shaft drive deep, then pull back, deep then back again. His cock strokes her deep within, a climax rolls over her body like a warm Gulf of Mexico wave. Her cunt tightens around his cock, her toes curl, her nipples tingle, her ears buzz.

He keeps thrusting inside her, and with ever thrust another orgasm washes over her body in waves of pure pleasure. He feels an orgasm forming deep down in his groin, he's fourty-two years old. It's been a while since he's came three times in one night.

Her cunt flexing around his aching member, causes him to release. An intense orgasm rolls over his body, he floods her inner sex with the last of his hot cum. Grace cums too, her body shivers with pleasure, she holds him tight with her arms and her legs.

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Jack's cock throbs against her vaginal walls, he lays over her completely exhausted. **************************************************************************************************************************** They lay together for a long time, Jack finally rolled away and lay beside Grace.

She rolled over gave him a kiss then broke the silence. "Jack," she said. "What babe," he asked seeing concern in her blue eyes. "Lets make a baby," she said caressing her soft hand over his chest. "I know I told you before we married, that I don't wanna bring another child into this crazy world we live in. But I've changed my mind, I'm not just saying this because of all our recent craziness.

Jack I've been thinking about this for a while now, our kids are growing up so darn fast." Jack smirked. "Yeah&hellip.Way too fast." he said, thinking of Brad and Alyssa's budding relationship. She kissed him to get his mind back on track. "Well what do you think Jack, would you like a little Jack junior wondering around our house?" He doesn't answer, he just looks at the ceiling in deep thought.

His serious appearance worries her. Suddenly a broad smile spreads over his lips. "Yes," he says."But I want more then one child, lets have a little Jack and a little Grace.

And while we're at it, we might as well make duplicates of Brad and Alyssa too. Because next thing we know, they'll be either married with children, or hopfully headed off to college," he chuckled. "I'd much rather, they do college before kids and marriage." Hearing his sweet request for her to bear more then one child, Grace's heartbeat quickens. Suddenly overcame with joy, tears roll down her cheeks. She threw her arms around him and kissed him deepley. She looked into his eyes, seeing he's happy too.

"We're going to be such a great family," she says. "Alyssa and Brad will be the best big sister and big brother, any kids can ever have…Oh Jack you've just made me so happy." "I love you," says Jack. "You're the best thing that ever happened to me." They kiss, the kiss causes recent dark events to fade, as if nothing ever happened.

Chapter 21. Alone. Alyssa's alone in her room, after talking with Brad on the phone because he's away on an overnight track and field event in Fort Myers. During their lovers chat, she told him she seduced his father. And that her mother, for some unknown reason came home catching her and Jack getting it on in their parents bedroom.

She's glad that Brad wasn't mad at her for what she did with his dad. Luckily he remembered giving her permision to sexually seduce his father two weeks ago, after her mother told them she heard Jack having a wet dream about her. But Brad was frightened when she told him, now his father knows about their threesome with her mother in that beachside hotel honeymoon suite.

He freaked out when she told him about the last, but she eased his mind telling him, she talked their parents into forgiving each other. After her phone conversation with Brad ended, she crept back downstairs to see how their parents were doing. Placing her ear to their door, she heard Jack making passionate love to her mother, and she heard her mother moaning enjoying whatever he was doing to her.

Happy they're making up, not breaking up she went back to her room to study for an up coming algebra test, hoping her favorite math subject will help her forget about Brad being gone, and that her parents are getting it on downstairs. She studied hard, but knowing the subject so well she was done in no time flat.

She closed her books, packed her homework in her backpack. Then found herself totally bored, totally lonely and completely horney. Memories of being caught by Kayla Morison's mother, with her tongue buried deep inside her blond haired blue eyed teenage friends cunt come back to haunt her. This predicament is why she came home and seduced her stepfather. A few hours ago, she came home with the shame of being caught having lesbian sex by her best friends mom, and also sexually unsatisfied.

Jack did satisfy her, but her satifactions wearing off. Hoping to find Kayla chatting on her face book page, or maybe some of her other friends. She turned her computer on and logged in, but once she logged on, neither Kayla nore anyone else was there. Now she's sitting at her computer desk wearing only a white cotton nightie, she dropped her panties on the floor hours ago.


Curious and never having done so, she decides to surf porn sites. Not knowing of specific site names, she Googles the word porn. Suddenly it seems as if thousands of sites pop up before her green eyes. Seeing one sight called xnxx videos and sex stories she clicks on that one. Her tired eyes are dazzled when an assortment of different adult movie clips appear, all surrounded by a pleasing blue background. She clicks on a movie clip titled, Eighteen year old blond gangbanged.

Just the title somehow made the lips of her pussy tingle as if little butterflys were fluttering nearby. The scene opens with a cute blond haired blue eyed teenage girl standing in the middle a room in front a king-size bed.

She's being kissed and fondled by four handsome young men, all of these men are in their teens and twenties. There are two well hung black men, and two almost equally hung white men. Alyssa becomes aroused seeing all these well hung studs, giving the blond porn star their undivided attention. When a muscular black man and a tattoo covered white man with thick dark hair reach between the girls legs, Alyssa begins fingering herself pretending she's the girl in the scene.

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Both men lift the porn star on the bed, laying her on her back. The black man begins eating the girls clean shaven cunt, the girl tilts her head back taking the other man's huge tool in her mouth. While the starlet sucks one man, she jacks the remaining two men off at the same time. Alyssa strokes her pussy speaking satirically trying not to giggle.

"Wow, I guess being ambidextrous does come in handy for a porn star." Watching the scene turn into a no holds barred gangbang, Alyssa leans back in her computer chair props her feet on her computer desk, spreads her legs and begins furiously masturbating herself.

The black man stops eating the starlet, then stuffs his enormous cock between the blonds legs. Her legs are being held up by two men on each side. Alyssa shoves two fingers deep inside her now sopping wet snatch, her voice trembles. "I wish I was her.

Those cocks are so huge and I'm so tiny, but I'd sure like to have one stuffed in me right now&hellip. And I wouldn't mind sucking one of those big things either&hellip.I bet they taste sooo good. Oh Brad…I wish you were here!" She's fingering herself with one set of fingers, her legs are spread wide.

Wanting to feel something bigger, she shoves two fingers from her free hand inside of her sopping wet pussy. "Oh my god&hellip.They're so big inside me this feeels sooo good." In the movie, one black porn stud lays on his back, the blond straddles his long thick erection, the camera zooms in. Alyssa leans in close to her computer screen, watching with complete youthful fascination as the the black studs cock split's the sexy blond starlets cunt lips wide open. Once the blond stuffs almost every inch of the black mans huge member inside her seemingly way too small pussy, a white porn stud kneels behind her.

Alyssa gasps. "What!…Oh my god, she's taking one in her coochie, and one in her ass. Wow, I cant believe this." She fingers herself faster, watching the white mans long thick veiny member disapear inch by long inch inside the young blonds anus.

Alyssa gasps. "She's smiling…Oh my god that looks painful, how the heck can she be smiling like that, stuffed full of bigs dicks like that!" Two of the remaining porn studs kneel next to the double penetrated starlet.

"Giggle. I will say this, she is very talented. Now she's sucking two guys, while getting her pussy fucked, and getting butt fucked at the same time. I wonder if she gets paid per cock, or per hour when she does this kind of scene?" Small orgasms rush over Alyssa's body, her toes curl, her eyelids flutter.

Curious to see what having something shoved in her anus feels like, she forces a fingertip inside her tight virgin sphincter, another orgasm rushes through her body. She rocks her pelvis back an forth fingering her pussy and anus. Leaning back in her computer chair she closes her eyes. The images of Brad, Jack and Danny Ellison appear in her day dream fantasy.

In her fantasy, she's fucking Brad, Danny's fucking her ass, and she's sucking Jack's cock. Her daydream seems so real, she taste Jack's cock flesh, she feels Brad's cock in her pussy, and Danny's cock in her ass.

Now the porn scene playing on her computer screen is forgotten. She keeps her feet propped up on the edge of her computer desk, leans back and continues daydreaming about fucking Brad, while his red haired friend Danny fucks her ass.

And, just as she did a few hours ago she sucks her stepfathers cock, imagining her lips sliding up and down his thick cockshaft. She's about to cum for a second time, but all to suddenly her daydream fantasy is ruined by the ringing of her own cell phone.

Startled and dazed, she pulls her fingers from both holes then finds her cellphone. She smiles seeing it's her friend Kayla's cell number.

She answers out of breath. "Hi Kayla&hellip.What's up girl." Kayla replies whispering. "I'm so pissed at my mom Alyssa, she's sending me to some sexuality reorientation program up north of here, in some town called Wildwood," she hears Kayla sniffle. "I told mom, I'm not gay, and you're not either but she won't listen&hellip.She says the devils trying to take my soul, and that this program up there ran by Mary Jones's father will save my soul from hell," sniffle.

"My god Alyssa, this is so fucking crazy." "You're right," says Alyssa. "This is crazy Kayla…What the hells wrong with your mom, she's totally over reacting to what she caught us doing. Your mom was always cool before this, now she's up an gone psycho on us. Kayla I'm coming over to your house tomorrow, I'll do my best to talk her out of this craziness. And shit Kayla, If anyone should be going to Wildwood, it should be Mary Jones and the good pastors daughter Kimberly.

Those two girls are the real lesbians." "What!" Kayla gasped. "What makes you think they're lezzy's?" "Because a few weeks ago, I caught those two skipping math class. They were hiding in one of the stalls in the girls bathroom. I opened up the door and found Mary Jones with her tongue buried so far up Kimberly's pussy, she could taste her ovaries. Mary tried bullying me into not telling, and I punched her in the nose.

Kimberly threatened to report me to the principal that day. Huh, I told her go ahead, but if you do you'll need to explain what Mary was doing and the bitch shut her mouth. I decided not to say anything, knowing her and Mary's fathers are both totally anti gay. Oh what the hell, I should tell on'em now." "It wouldn't do any good Alyssa.

Their parents wouldn't believe you," Kayla pouted. "Oh Alyssa, my moms so mad at you and I'm in so much trouble." "I'm sorry Kayla. This is all my fault, I should've never suggested doing what we did, with your mom in your house just because our guys are out of town." "No Alyssa it's not your fault, I wanted to do it," Kayla giggles softly. "As a mater of fact, I was really enjoying myself.

I like how your pussy taste." Alyssa strokes her wet cunt lips. "And I like your's too…Although I like sucking Brad's cock better. Shit I've never eatan another girls cunny besides yours, I really don't have anyone else to compare yours to." What Alyssa said caused Kayla to laugh, just a little too loud. It's late at night as the best friends giggle and chat, in the pirvacy of their own rooms. But their privacy is suddenly rudely interrupted, when Kayla's angry mother shoves her daughters door open.


"Kayla…Who in the name of Jesus are you talking to," says Liz Morrison in an angry tone. Kayla lies. "I'm talking to Danny mom." Liz snached her phone away and spoke into it. "Danny, this is Liz…I've grounded Kayla, and banned her from using her phone. Now go to bed young man, it's late and you need your rest." Alyssa's voice surprises her. "Mrs. Morrison. This is Alyssa Dean, not Danny. And being as you and I are on the phone, I'm going give you a piece of my mind." Hearing silence on Liz Morrison's end, Alyssa continues.

"Mrs. Morrison, Kayla's no lesbian and niether am I. She and I were just experimenting when you walked in on us, that's all. But anyway Liz, you're making a big mistake if you place Kayla in that farce of a reorientation program. You're going to ruin your relationship with her," she begged. "Please Mrs. Morrison, don't send your daughter to Wildwood." "Look here young lady. You don't tell me what I should do with my daughter. I talked with your mother earlier today, while she was on her way back from Orlando.

I told her, you seduced my daughter into having that nasty satanic lesbian sex. I told her, she should take you to see pastor Carlson, and his assistant pastor Jim Jones." Kayla spoke up defending Alyssa. "Mom, she didn't seduce me. We seduced each other." This of course angered Liz even more, she snarled in anger.

"Kayla you hush your mouth. That's satan talking, not you Now be quiet." Liz directed her attention back to Alyssa. "Your mother and I were friends at one time, back when we belonged to that satanic oversexed book club. Grace really loves those sick twisted erotic romance novels. Huh, now I know who corrupted you Alyssa, it was your mother." This made Alyssa angry, although some of what she said; might be true.

"My mother hasn't corrupted me Mrs. Morrison. But what she does do, is let me think for myself&hellip.As a mater of fact, both mom and my stepfather are allowing me and Brad to date each other. Yes Brad's no longer my stepbrother, he's my boyfriend." Her sudden confession almost topples Liz Morrison, luckily she didn't add. And I also shared Brad with mom once. And about five hours ago, I had great sex with my stepfather. But she kept that taboo tidbit of damming info to herself.

Liz gasped. "Oh my god, they're letting you date Brad Wilson. Alyssa! that's incest. He's your stepbrother for gods sake." Alyssa replied proudly. "Liz…I believe the key word in your last statement was; stepbrother." She probably should've stopped there, but she just couldn't. "And Brad and I, are having great safe sex together too." Liz gasped. "Oh my lord. That's it Alyssa, I'm cutting you off from ever having anything to do with my daughter.

Huh, Kayla is a virgin. She's dating Danny Ellison, and they're saving their virginity until they graduate and marry." Hearing the last of what Liz said, almost made Alyssa tell her. Kayla and Danny are no virgins, she knows a secrete. Danny took Kayla's virginity way before she lost hers to Brad. But the rest of what Liz said broke her heart. Kayla's her best friend, Kayla's almost one year older then she is. When Alyssa enrolled at her new school two years ago, it was Kayla who took her under her wing and helped her out by showing her around the unfamiliar new school.

Alyssa begged. "No&hellip.Please don't do that, Kayla's my best friend." Liz replied sarcastically. " You shouldn't have done that dicusting thing I caught you doing with her, I'm ending your friendship. Now goodbye Alyssa!!" Alyssa tossed her phone in anger across the room, it landed safely in a soft pile of dirty laundry near the far wall of her room. All during her conversations with Kayla and her mother, the porn movie she was watching kept playing. Now the gangbang scene is coming to an end, she watches the young blond haired blue eyed starlet kneel on the floor.

The unnamed starlet seems so happy sucking one long thick chocolate colored cock while jerking two men off; one being vanilla colored and the other; sort of a lite chocolate cream color.

There's a fourth man slowly jerking his long thick cock, waiting for her to suck him. The girl in the scene licks and sucks each stud, occasionally deep throating one of the long thick shafts. The camera zooms in on each of her young studs faces, showing they're all totally enjoying what she's doing and the way she's doing it. The scene changes, the girl tilts her head back and opens her mouth wide. Alyssa watches intently knowing each man will eventually shoot jets of thick white cum.

Suddenly each man cums, one stud cums in her open mouth, another man cums partially in her mouth, some of his drips down her chin. The other two men miss their mark, cumming on each of the cute blonds rosy cheeks. Alyssa fingers herself, trying to ease the pain of possibly loosing one of the best friends she's ever had, she cant cum.

Thoughts of loosing her friend makes it impossible. Chapter 22. Saturday. The next morning Alyssa woke up feeling depressed, her conversation with Liz Morrison echos through her tired mind. Hearing her parents are awake, making breakfast in the kitchen.

She walks in finding them making out like teenagers, her mothers nude under the short blue terrycloth robe she's wearing, and Jack's nude under his tan terrycloth robe. They don't notice she's standing in the kitchen doorway, but she sees everything. Jack has opened Grace's robe, he's fondling her pert full round breast, Grace is stroking his half erect cock. Seeing them showing affection for each other arouses her need for sex, but Brad's not here for her to cuddle with like they are.

Suddenly she's overcome with sadness and jealousy. "Hey you two, stop that," she says in a loud voice. Jack and Grace quickly pull away from each other.

Jack sees she's staring at his exposed cock, he closes his robe and turns away. Now he's suddenly overcome with shame, even though it was just yesterday evening when he had sex with his pretty teenage stepdughter. Grace closed her robe noticing sadness in her daughters eyes.

"Alyssa what's wrong baby," she hugs her. Her mothers warm body and the soft careing tone in her voice eases her sadness. Grace cradles her daughters face in her hands. "I see sadness in your eyes baby come on now, tell old mom what's troubling you." Her mothers slight Georgia accent is soothing to her ears. "Mom…I spoke to Kayla's mother last night. She told me, she won't let me be friends with Kayla anymore.

Oh mom, I messed everything up yesterday. It all started at Kayla's house, then I came back home and messed around with Jack." Grace placed her fingertips to Alyssa's lips, quelling her voice before she ruins a perfect morning. "Don't worry about what happened yesterday baby, I forgive you…And as for what Liz Morrison caught you doing with Kayla, don't worry I'm not angry about that either.

I know you girls were just goofing around with each other, because your guys are out of town." Alyssa hugged her. "Oh mom, I'm glad your not crazy like Mrs. Morrison is. I'm so lucky to have an understanding mother like you," Alyssa pulled sat down. "Kayla's mothers sending her up to some retreat in Wildwood, it's got something to do with sexuall reorintation.

Mom Kayla's mother thinks I'm some kind of demon, who's out to turn Kayla into some kind of evil lesbian or something&hellip.Mom I shouldn't say this, but I think Mrs. Morrison's a crazy bitch." Grace chuckled sitting down beside her at the dinner table. "You've got that right," she said. "Liz and me used to be good friends then one day, she up and flipped on me. I mean don't get me wrong, I believe in god too, but Liz has suddenly taken being born again to an extreme I just cant stand.

Yesterday, when I was driving home, she called me saying how I need to get you enrolled in this crazy anti gay sex treatment too. I told her there's no way in hell, I'd ever send you to something like that. And she's making a big mistake, if she sends Kayla to that anti gay shit too.

Huh, she told me, it's me who corrupted you. That pissed me off, I hung up on the crazy bitch&hellip.I cant believe she said that, if I weren't the lady that I am, I would've drove over to her place and kicked her ass yesterday…Come to think of it, I just might go kick that bitches ass today." She smiled at Alyssa.

"You know what baby, I was just like you when I was your age. It wasn't too long after I turned fifteen when I lost my virginity. Then after that, it was "Watch out world, here comes Grace Dean" Not too long after that, I spend the night at my best girl friends house, up in Brunswick Georgia.

That night me and Peggy sue Jenkins started messing around with each other, well one thing led to another, and we ended up getting it on like a couple of dykes in heat." Grace stopped what she was saying, relizing maybe she's telling a little too mutch about her wild past. Jack egged her on. "Well come on babe, why'd you stop.

You've never told me much about your childhood up in Georgia." Grace blushed. "And sugar, that's all I'm saying too." "Mom," said Alyssa.

"I never thought of you as the adventurous type," she looked at Jack and smiled. "But you know what Jack just recently, I've discovered my mothers all full of surprises." He laughed thinking of Alyssa's past and recent exploits.

"Yeah, and so are you little girl. It appears to me, both of you Dean women are full of surprises." He noticed mother and daughter smiling cleverly at each other. They both spoke in unison. "And that's what you Wilson men love about us, isn't it." Grace changed the subject. "Alyssa&hellip.What do you think about me having another baby. Would you like a little brother or sister to look up to you?" Alyssa gasped.

"Mom…Are you pregnant?" Grace laughed. "No but I want to be, so what do you think." A smile rolled over Alyssa's full lips. "I think it's a great idea mom," she hugged her mother.

"I wanna baby sister…But I bet Brad wants a little brother." Jack cut in. "What the hell, we'll have both. At least that's our plan anyway, right Grace?" "You bet your britches," says Grace. "Alyssa Jack and me are planning on bringing a lot more little Bradley's and Alyssa's into this world." Suddenly Alyssa feels better about things, seeing her mother and stepfather acting so happy talking of their plans for expanding the family.

Now although the situation with Kayla and her mother is still on her mind, she places that away. **************************************************************************************************************************** End of part 5. I'm not done yet, part 6 should be out soon. I didn't add it to part 5 because I felt it would've made the ending too long for internet reading.