Rubbing out a good load

Rubbing out a good load
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Previously . When I left that afternoon, Alexis was still there .knocked myself into her office .closed the door. "So .thank you for putting me in a really awkward position ." I said. "Sorry .you lost me ." she said. "Frank .lunch .you giving your blessing" I continued.

She truly looked baffled .I told her what happened .how he induced me into going to lunch with him .what happened in the cab .and that I am not interested in his affection. "So how did it feel .him rubbing you up I mean ." she asked .her devilish eyes flickering with excitement. "Not funny .this is serious .but if you have to know .still wet as hell down there ." pointing at my own crotch.

"Sneaky .bastard." she laughed. "So if you're not going to jump his bones .mind if I do?" she asked, her smile still running around her face. "You don't need my permission." I said. "Oh .but I do .remember .we are lovers" she said with soundless lips. "Do what you have to Alexis .just don't do it for the wrong reasons." I said, almost feeling sad. I turned back before stepping out the door .staring at her sitting behind her desk .her smile gone .and I left.

As I drove home .feeling like a slut again .hating Frank for coming onto me and cursing Alexis for playing me. Part 4 Chapter 15. Next morning I went straight to me desk, without even saying hello to her, walked right past her office.

This evening was the celebration party .I felt like giving it a complete miss .but that would inconsiderate of me. I phoned Mike and asked him if he would join me for the party .he agreed but could only make it for an hour or so. The party was well organized .lots of snack platters .open bar everybody enjoying themselves, celebrating our success .or should I say Alexis's success, her persuasion skills blended with her brilliant mind and skills.

Mike joined me .although he had to be home at 8:30PM for a telephone conference with a client. We were enjoying snacks .I saw Alexis coming our way from across the room.

"Mike .how wonderful of you to join us." greeting Mike with a warm embrace and a kiss on the lips. "Alexis .you look beautiful." Mike said with great admiration. "Hi Rachel ." taking my hand, hugging me .our eyes met for a brief moment. "So .Rachel told me you moved into your condo .settled in already?" Mike making conversation. "Still a few things to take care off .Rachel's been very helpful though." she said .looking at me, her eyes smiling. "We should have dinner some time again ." Mike said.

"Mike .Rachel suggested .when we were in the Bahamas .that I should book a session with you .you know ." she continued, looking me in the eyes .mine questioning hers. "Well .haven't done family or relationship therapy for quite some time now .but I can set you up with one of my associates .if you want." Mike suggested. "I would prefer one with you .if you don't mind." she insisted. "If you insist, I guess we can do a session .will give me a chance to brush up on my skills doing that side of psychology .phone my office and set up an appointment .I will ask them to find a spot for you." Mike said .handing her a business card.

"Honey .I will have to go .see you when you get home .Alexis .pleasure to see you again .make that appointment now OK ." Mike said, waving us off as he left. "He is such a gentleman ." she started .I interrupted her. "And he is my husband ." I shot at her.

"What is eating you Rachel .are you pissed at me for some reason." Alexis shooting back at me .staring at me in disbelief. "I just don't ." I started, paused when I saw Frank approaching. "Am I interrupting ." Frank apologized.

"I was just leaving ." I said, getting up .walking towards Dave and his partner. "Dave .sorry to interrupt .introducing myself to his date .I need to go .thank you so much for the party. I left .pausing at the door .looking back .Alexis still sitting .staring at her hands .Frank still with her. If she wants to fuck Frank .let her fuck him .and if she wants to fuck my Mike .let her fuck him too .obviously she can get anybody in bed with the snap of her perfect little fingers.

I was surprised by my own behavior when I left the hotel .deciding to go back to office, as Mike would know something was up if I get home only minutes after him. Down in the lobby, I took the observation deck elevator to the 107th floor of the South Tower. It took only a couple of minutes .got out on floor 107, the first floor of the indoor observation deck .took another elevator to the 110th floor outside observation deck.

It was already dark outside .the view spectacular, the city glowed like one giant light bulb .I always loved the view from the top .I could see the lights as far as 50 miles away .below the outline of the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges .a summer breeze wafting through the deck. The antenna on the North Tower seemed only a jump away.

I must have spent half hour just gazing into the the New York night sky .took the the elevator back down to the lobby. back up to our offices with a normal elevator .which seemed pointless .as our offices were fairly close to the top. I passed Alexis's office .noticed that the door was closed .I froze .my hearing zoned in at the door .the faint sounds of quick short breaths coming from her office .listened more carefully but could not be sure who it was.

I turned back and took the elevator down to the lobby again .tears filled my eyes .so she decided to fuck Frank after all .I thought to myself. I walked to the parking garage two blocks down when I saw Alexis's car entering the garage .but how can that be .she is in her office banging Frank or somebody .I started running towards the garage .getting to my car, Alexis's parked next to mine. She got out of her car ."I thought you might be here." she said. "What .did you just see a ghost?

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.listen we have to talk." she continued. "Wait .wait, wait .do you lock your office when you leave at night." I asked. She look confused. "No .why." she asked. "I was just in the office .I think there is someone in your office .getting banged by the sound of it ." I said. I told her what I did after I left the party.

"And you thought .I was banging Frank in there .right." She guessed.

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"Yes ." I admitted, feeling the blush rushing to my cheeks. "You should give yourself more credit, Rachel .he is really into you .not me." Alexis said. "And I am not interested." I said, knowing I was only fooling myself.

We decided to go check who was in her office .but when we got there the light was still on .but no one there .she looked at me suspiciously.

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"You're sure you heard something .maybe your ." she said .but got startled by a movement in the hallway .when we checked it was Bonny and a girlfriend. Bonny was the Research Analyst who made a pass at Alexis in her one on one meeting with her. "Oh .Rachel .Alexis .I just came for my wallet .see you tomorrow." she said. We burst out laughing when they were gone .they looked guilty as sin .even their make-up were smudged. "So .you wanna tell me what is bothering you ." she asked.

"It's not you .it's me .I just don't know if ." I started .she interrupted me. ".don't know if you can trust me .is that it? .do you honestly think that I would fool around with Mike .I know he is your husband .what was that all about?" she asked.

"If it make you feel any better .I won't book a session with him." she continued. "No .You really should .if there is one person that would be able to help you .then it's Mike .think about it, please .don't deny yourself that chance at my expense." I told her. "What I was going to say .I just don't know if I can ever have a normal relationship with Mike again .I am avoiding him .looking for excuses not to be with him .and it is not only because of you, what I feel for you .but the constant thoughts of a huge black cock up my hole .I cannot pass any African American without staring at their crotches." I told her.

I told her about Sunday .when I got home after I took Jahmal for a gallop, Charles was doing some yard work not wearing a shirt, his pearly sweat drenched body glimmering in the sun .he saw me staring at him, at his crotch .smiled as he unloaded Jahmal from the horse trailer. How I masturbated in the shower .thinking of his cock up my wet slimy pussy .how screwed up was that? "You have been exposed to experiences outside of your normality .Lesbianism and Interracial sex are really extreme ventures for someone who had a normal a relationship all her life." Alexis explained.

"I told you once that when you have experienced another woman, there is no turning back .for the mere fact that it is a sensation not comparable to sex with a man." she explained. I remembered having a conversation once with Mike .in the days when he still did family and relationship psychology .how society are more open to same sex relationships between two women, lesbianism .than between two gay men .it was as if it is more acceptable .the sexual act more clean if you would .which to me .now more than ever make sense .strangely what happened between me and Alexis seemed so pure to me.

"But your crave for a big black cock is just temporarily, once you had enough .it will get ordinary too .you will get use to it .it's like having an affair .at first it is a thrill .something new .but then it is all the same again." she continued.

"Best advice I can give you .phone Frank .he is still in town tonight .fuck his brains out .and when you get a chance with Charles .fuck him until your craving stops .you will eventually .get it out of your system." she said. I was completely shocked by this suggestion. "How can I do it .to you .feels like I am cheating on you too" I said. "I am a big girl .can handle anything .that is part of my problem .that is why I need to have a session with a psychologist .to let myself have feelings again .to open my heart again to someone." Alexis explained.

"So would you cover for me .with Mike I mean .I am going to phone Frank and see if he wants to have a drink .and Mike to say I am spending the night at your place .if he ask you about it." I asked.

"Anything for you ." she said.

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I phoned Frank and he agreed to meet me for a drink. Then I phoned Mike and told him that I am spending the night at Alexis. She got up as I was ready to leave .closed her office door .took me in her arms .kissed me long and passionately. "Before you leave .I have something for you .anytime day or night." she said, handing me a spare key to her condo. Chapter 16. I met Frank at a local bar down town, he was surprised by my request.

"I just needed to see you before you leave tomorrow .yesterday in the cab .you had me so horny .truth is .since that night on the beach I keep thinking about it .about you .how I still want you, need you." I blurted it out. "You wanna get out of here ." Frank asked. We went to his hotel in upper Manhattan .had a couple glasses of wine and went up to his room. Inside his room he took me in his arms .leaned down and kissed me .our tongues entangled, exploring.

Sucking each other .his left hand found my right breast .fondling it .his right hand lifting my skirt .rubbing my moist panties. He unbuttoned my blouse, unhooked my bra .removing them both .kissing me between my breast .start sucking both nipples .twisting his tongue around them .sucking .flicking them .he took my left breast sucking on it with a swallowing motion .it felt incredible .sucking working the nipple inside his mouth.

I placed my left leg on the edge of the bed .opening myself to him .his hand squashing .massaging my soaked slimy pussy through the cloth of my panties .finding the edge .pulling it aside .running four fingertips through my slit .rolling my clit with his thumb. He slipped two fingers inside .wiggling them .found my g-spot .my right leg bend .forcing me onto the ball of my foot .my body shivered .my back hunched .I was fondling my own tits .whimpering soft moans .

I helped dragging my panties and skirt to the floor .spreading my legs .his fingers still sliding through my slimy slit. I crouched .giving him all the room he needed .three fingers filled my gaping pussy .wiggling around .his hand slid inside .making a fist .he knelt on one knee .slowly sinking his fist deeper .working my tunnel .juices flowing freely .streaming down my inner thighs .dripping to the floor .his strokes became more frenetic .making my juices slushed passed the rim of my stretched inner lips around his forearm .he fisted me .with short strokes .I came again and again .me legs shivered .spasming .I fell onto the bed .rolling side to side .cumming again and again.

He unbuckled his pants, dropping them to the floor .I pulled him onto the bed .he still had his briefs on showing his big bulge pushing hard to break free .he removed his shirt .I stroked his bulge still in his briefs .using my tongue biting his cock through the cloth .it was rock hard.

I dragged his briefs to his knees .exposing his enormous penis .bigger than I remember it from the night on the beach. I took it in my hand .stroking my hand up and down his shaft, using the entire length .his circumcised penis thicker than my own forearm. The helm glistening from his own pre-cum .running my tongue along the side of his shaft .up around his head .licking sucking it clean .taking his head inside my mouth .twisting my hand while ramming his shaft .sucking the head .ramming my hand up and down.

He moaned as I took half his penis down my throat .massaging his shaft with my throat muscles .brushing my tongue around it .more inches feeling it deep down my throat .I took it all in .feeling my cheeks caving in .working, squeezing his shaft with my muscles. If there was one thing I was good at .then it is cock sucking .I released some inches .bobbing my head up and down his shaft. "Oh my .fuck .fuck .this feels amazing." he almost growled it out. I kept on sucking his cock for a couple of minutes He spread my legs .start licking my cut .running his tongue through my slit .making nibbling motions eating my soft inner flesh .darting is tongue in my hole .God it felt unbelievable, I immediately spasm as he kept sucking me.

I grabbed his head pulling him into me .he kept pressuring my hood, nibbling my clit .massaging it with his tongue .slurping my running juices .I grabbed my own knees bending them outwards .stretching my vagina wide open .watching him working my soft inner folds .with a licking, sucking motion .it looked amazing .felt awesome. He turned me own all four .spreading me legs open .sucking me from behind his nose pressing against my asshole .his tongue running through my slit .then he sank four fingers into my hole .wiggling them inside .working my sponge ridge .circling the rim of my asshole with his thumb .licking it with the tip of his tongue.

I felt his penis head .slipping in through my slit .rubbing it with the length of his shaft .then gliding it inside .my cunt swallowing his shaft as if it was made out of butter .rocking me gently .gripping my waist .ramming me back and forth up his shaft .stamping me deep inside. The sensation unreal .I whimpered as he filled me up .adding more sensation with a finger entering my asshole .slowly opening me up. It was different from the sensation when the two masseurs fucked me at the same time .one up my butt hole.

He worked me from both ends .then his penis head was in my asshole .rubbing my pussy with his hand .pushed more of his cock inside my asshole .rocking me gently. My asshole was filled with his enormous penis .feeling my asshole rim stretched to the limit around his shaft .it felt great .unlike any sensation I ever felt before .fucking me gently .slowly.

I felt my first squirt .my juices running freely .uncontrollably just seeping out of me .unable to stop it .I screamed as I came a second time .the sensation of his penis inside me stretched asshole was driving me nuts. We broke free .he laid on his back .me facing away from him .squatting over his cock .lowering myself taking his cock back into my gaping asshole .taking it in as far as I could .feeling him stretching me again .violating myself with his cock .I cupped my tits .jumping my ass up and down his shaft .rolling my hips round and round .I came again and again.

We broke once again .flipping me on my back .hooked his elbows into the back of my knees .pushing my upper legs into my upper body .opening me wide open .slipping his cock inside my cum drenched pussy .ramming me using his full length .a deep, deep fuck .every stroke all the way to the bottom .

back to my entrance .back into the depths of my cave .I screamed so loud .felt my explosion coming .I clung onto his body with both legs and arms .he rammed away, the slapping sound of our bodies echoed through the room .we kept at it for what felt like 10 minutes .just fucking like the end was near .then he exploded shooting his cum deep inside me .and just kept it there .draining himself inside me.

When he finally pulled away .thick white creamy .almost a handful of cum, just dripped out of me .this was an unbelievable fuck .the best fuck I had by far.

I felt incapacitated .totally numb. He just shook his head in disbelief. "Yeah woman .unbelievable .I will have to get you in one of my group fucks." he laughed. He told me sometimes they will have a swinger group orgy, just fucking the night away like a bunch of rabbits.

I stayed with him for another hour or so .took a shower. I decided to spend the night at Alexis place, rather than with him. We said goodbye .both knowing that this was not the end, there will be more of these sessions.

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When I unlocked the condo door she was already asleep. She had made me a bed on the sofa, probably knew I would show up in the middle of the night. I drifted of to la la land. Sometime during the night, I felt her soft lips kissing mine . "Come .you can sleep in my bed." she invited me .her breath warm against my neck.

Again I decided to lie. "Nothing happened .I couldn't do it" I said, feeling that I cheated on her and Mike. We spooned, Alexis holding me in her arms .falling asleep. She woke me up with a cup of steamy hot coffee. "I have to go back home to get dressed .did not really plan on this sleep over." I said. "I have to get ready .finish your coffee .she walked over to my side of the bed .I sat up, Alexis sat down next to me .we embraced .kissing more deeply than ever before. I drove home .when I home, Mike was already gone .thank God.

I took a shower .got dressed and left again. Chapter 17. The next couple of weeks we prepared for a multi million dollar lawsuit. After the arraignment and Grand Jury indictment a trial date was set. Myself and Alexis stayed up long hours .some days into the AM hours, researching, gathering information .rounding up witnesses.

I spent a couple of nights during this time at her place .sleeping in her bed .like a real couple .having her beside me .waking up with her beside me were the most wonderful moments I ever had. I realized without a doubt that I loved her more than life itself. The weather was hot, I took a day of just to get some rest. Most of the preparation work were done for the big case. I decided with the warm weather, to do a bit of sun tanning, beside the pool.

I got into my bikini .draping my body on a beach stretcher, reading a book, the scent of suncream lingered on my skin .basking myself in the early afternoon sun. I drifted away .day dreaming .when my cellphone rang .it was Alexis. "Hey you .I am not disturbing am I?"she asked. "You disturbing .never .guess what I'm doing .half naked." I teased her.

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"To what do I owe this pleasure ." I continued. "I just wondered what you were up to .I kinda miss you." she admitted. "Stop wondering .I am bathing myself with the summer sun .next to the pool .dreaming about you." I said. "And you .where are you now .you work much to hard .you know that right." I said.

Alexis will represent the plaintiff in the lawsuit, against a big construction company .this would be her first court case since she started at our company. Apparently this is what she was famous for, her forte, inside a court room. Her success in the Bahamas was a pure deal clincher, plus rapping up four smaller cases in between.

"Jokes aside .Rachel .the past weeks you have once again amazed me, with your absolute knowledge of these cases .I read the fact file we prepared again this morning and think we are ready .I would like to have you at the table with me and Dave on this one." she asked. This would be the first for me .I have been to court cases with Dave and Rob before, but always sitting in the pews.

"You serious .you want me to sit at the plaintiff table with you? I asked. "I need you there .close to me." she said with a tender voice.

"Then .I am there with you." I agreed. "Well .let me leave you to your sun bathing .don't stay in the sun too long OK." she warned me. I noticed Charles walking passed me a couple of times .pretending to be busy .undressing me with his eyes. I decided to tan for another half hour or so. Since my trip to the Bahamas and the night Frank fucked me on the beach and the night in his hotel .I am much more aware of Charles around the house. I was laying on my back against the head rest .my skin already warm .legs spread slightly.

I stared at him through my sun glasses .he was using an extension pool brush, scrubbing the pool walls .circling around moving closer to where I was laying down. He stared at me from underneath his brows .I sprawled my legs placing my feet on both side of the beach stretcher .feeling my pussy, gaping inside my bikini panties .moistness gathering in my slit .butterflying me legs side to side.

He noticed me staring .smiling .start rubbing his penis inside his pants .my jaw dropped .what the hell is he doing .he dropped his shorts to his knees .exposing his massive cock .as long as Frank's but thicker than any cock I have ever seen .it was rock hard .bulging veins showing on the entire length of it .pointing upwards like a rocket ready to launch. "Charles .what the hell are you doing .put that thing away .now .that is inappropriate." I yelled at him, rather wishing it was up my cunt instead.

"I saw you staring at it .for quite some time now." he said, stroking his shaft with his right hand .his foreskin pulled back .head glistening with pre-cum. He kept stroking it faster .his balls were dangling inside his scrotum .rocking back and forth. He kept wanking his shaft .using both hands .still standing his back arched .ramming his penis .God it looked amazing .my pussy throbbing, pulsating .I tried not to look but could not help watching. I got up .turned around and walked to the house.

I locked the door .moved to the patio window. He was still masturbating .twisting his hand round his shaft .up and down .twisting,twirling .with one hand on his shaft two thirds were still visible .he had a huge thick cock .ramming his cock faster .using full long strokes .harder .faster .his balls squeezing .contracting inside his scrotum .huge large testicles dangling .both hands now .ramming his shaft .legs parted .his back hunched .but kept pumping.

His legs trembled when he came .shooting strings of his creamy cum in all directions .splashing on the pool paving .milking the last semen out of himself. My pussy were soaking wet .throbbing .my body shivered .I was hungry for a black cock again .like a drug addict .wanting one so bad. He pulled his pants back on. I went back outside. "You know I will have to tell Mike about this .right." I said.

"I cannot loose my job .please I am sorry for this .I will do anything." he begged. "Charles .you work for us .you cannot do this." I said.

"Now .get back to work .before Mike gets home." I said. He left .I went back inside and took a shower .masturbating my pussy into a frenzy using my rubber dong. Josh and Lizzy were both gone for summer holiday .Lizzy on a tour to Disney land and Josh on a hiking trip to the Rockies. When Mike came home we had sundowners on the pool deck .sharing my news about sitting at the plaintiff table with Alexis and Dave.

After dinner I spent time manicuring myself, doing my nails, body lotioned myself, waving my hair. I went to bed earlier than normal once again, trying to avoid Mike affections .but most of all longing for Alexis.

Thursday morning I got up an hour earlier .spending more time with my make-up .re-waved my hair. I met Mike in the kitchen just before I left.

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"Wow .you look ravishing ." he commented. He took me in his arms .hugging me for a long time. "I miss you." he said.

"Love you ." I said .really questioning my own feelings more and more every day. The court time was only at 10 o'clock .so I went to the office first .Alexis was in her office .I knocked myself in .her jaw dropped when she saw me. "Dear Lord .who are you .you look beautiful .Rachel .wow." she said, with flickering fiery eyes. She looked even more stunning than the first time I saw her .she wore a black pencil skirt and jacket .with a light yellow silky blouse .her hair hanging loose wearing a black head band .her legs silky smooth .looking taller with the high heel shoes she's wearing .pretty as a painting.

"Just thought .sitting by your side .I had to do something," I said. "How modest .don't sell yourself short, love .look at you." she said.

Chapter 18. We were sitting facing the judge's bench, Alexis on the seat to the left of me .Dave let me sit in the middle between them .and the plaintiff our client to his right . The lawyer for the defendants was an attractive red head woman, wearing a black Drape neck sheath dress enveloping her long slender body .with a young co-council blond guy, I would guess mid twenties.

Everyone rose to their feet when the bailiff announced the honorable judge entering the courtroom from his chambers .a short bold looking man with thick lensed glasses .probably sixty something. "Be seated .Miss Bertinez .you may continue ." he said.

Alexis delivered her opening statement gracefully, captivating the juries attention with both her speech and beauty .the way she paced up and down before them .like a super model parading woman's wear on a fashion ramp .absolutely stunning. I glanced to the defense table .the red head woman eyes fixated on Alexis .almost drooling. God woman .I will kill you with my bare hands .don't even think about it .I thought to myself. When Alexis returned to her seat .she winked at me .smiling. The defense lawyer delivered her statement .myself taking notes .Then Alexis called three witnesses getting the facts of the lawsuit open and clearly across.

The defense cross examined. The judge called a recess until Monday morning at 9 o'clock. Alexis took me for lunch .we ate in silence for a while. "You were quite something out there today .so sure of yourself." I complemented her. "It makes it easier to be prepared .to have someone like you do the dirty hard work .we are really working well together." Alexis said, her beautiful blue eyes shimmering .holding mine captive .I could see the unspoken love in her gaze.

"Did you see 'Foxy' starring at you? .she practically undressed you with her eyes .I almost threw my notepad at her .bitch." I said. Alexis laughed out load. "You already named her .must say she looks like a red fox .doesn't she?" Alexis continued. Alexis told me .at the arraignment a couple of weeks ago .'Foxy' eyed her up and down and apparently roomer has it .she is a lesbian.

Back in the office I made transcripts of the days proceedings .delivering it to Alexis's office on my way out. "So .I guess I will see you tomorrow then." I said .wished I could hold her just for a moment. "Enjoy your evening .thank you again for today .it meant a lot to me having you there." Alexis said. I turned towards the door .when she stopped me. "Before you hear it from Mike .I have an appointment with him tomorrow." she said.

"Good .I know he will do good with you .just lay it all out." I said. At home I checked on the Jahmal and the other horses .Charles was nowhere to be seen.

After dinner Mike watched a movie .I was out on the porch reading a book. By the time we went to bed .Mike did not mention anything about Alexis's appointment. Friday morning I woke up .Mike already up .I showered got ready and was on my way out when Mike called me. "Alexis will be here later this morning .she asked if I could see her here at the house, she would feel more comfortable than at my offices." Mike said. Sometimes Mike will see clients here at his office at home, so I guess that would be fine.

"She told me about it yesterday." I said .wondering why she didn't mention it was at the house. When I got to the office .she was not in .probably not coming in until after her appointment. The morning dragged by .I was restless .worried .what if Alexis seduces Mike .she was just to irresistible .would she? It was mid afternoon and she was still not back .she probably took the day off.

When I got home that afternoon, Mike was not there .I phoned him earlier that afternoon .but his assistant said he had a clear schedule .only had one appointment that morning at the house. It was after 8 o'clock that evening when he came home .dressed casually. I was feeling really suspicious about this. Mike made us some beef burgers on the barbecue .I was drinking wine .more than usually .feeling as if I could just empty out the whole bottle .I felt jealous .not of Mike .but of Alexis .she was mine.


"So .how was your meeting with Alexis ." I asked, trying to sound as calm as possible. "Oh .she opened up a bit .but I would need more than just one session to figure this one out." Mike said matter-of-factly. He did not elaborate and I did not want to sound nosy and I knew he would not discuss the details .you know the doctor-patient confidentiality crap they always throw at everyone.

But I do know that Mike kept video tapes of all his sessions .he had three cameras installed .one taping from behind his chair .and two from the opposite corners of the room in front of him .all hooked up to the same VCR .he had a whole cabinet of video tapes of all the more recent sessions he had with patients .I just need to find Alexis's session.

Saturday morning .after sleep eluded me the whole night I was up .making coffee .Mike was out giving Charles his weekend chores. I was hoping he would have another golfing date or something .so that I could play scavenger hunt for the video tape. He did not have a golf date but he had to meet a patient at his practice in town, which gives me some time. When he left I went to his office .locked the door and searched his cabinet .all the tapes were marked with a name and a date .but could not find one for Alexis .I checked the VCR, but is was empty.

I searched his desk drawers and found several unmarked tapes in the bottom drawer .this was going to take some time going through all of them .I took the top one .insert it into the VCR .pressed the play button and .it was a session Mike had with on older woman .the date on the playback showed April 1997 .I presses the stop button .inserted the next one .same thing, a young blond, the date showed May 1998 .hit the stop button .inserted the third tape .date showed September 1998 .attractive brunette .stop button again.

Looking at the dates .logic told me to check the bottom one .inserted it .bingo .up comes Alexis's face. I was startled by her beauty even on a TV screen .unbelievable .she might as well be a movie star. The first part Mike asked her to relax and asked her about her childhood .if she had any memories that stood out from when she was little.she began telling .she had only vague memories of her first years in Argentina .but she remembered vividly the day the took the plane to the US .the airport .the plane .the big buildings when to rode in the car.

Her life in Boston .how she became aware of her beauty and the effect it had on other people .how boys would stare at her openly making filthy suggestive gestures at her .how girls would just ignore her feeling threatened by her .how she always have been alone .and really not part of the 'jocks' pool of girls .although she was popular amongst the football players, she just kept to herself.

She loved dancing .all those sexy Latin dances .won several competitions .became an instructor later .did ballet and played on the girls volley ball team .and she was a polo player.


Mike asked her about her love life .that someone special .she never had a steady boyfriend throughout her school career .it was only when she went to Harvard law-school that she became 'involved' with a guy who was a third year law student.

She never mentioned Rita, to Mike .her first lesbian experience she told me about. The timer on the tape showed an hour already passed .Mike said that he would like to another session with her .she can call his assistant .the taped flickered .video start playing again .same date as yesterday .but this was tape from the camera in the top right corner of the office .the same blond woman from one of the earlier tapes .Mike holding her in his arms .they kissed for a long time his hands fondling her breasts .it felt like someone shot me in the chest .my God this is not happening .I was flabbergasted by this .tears welling in my eyes.

I watched as his hand unbuttoning her blouse .exposing her braless tits .her DD's too big for petite body frame .he sucked on her right tit, the angle of the camera allow only a side view.


He was sitting on the right side of the desk, with her standing between his legs his left hand was between her legs .although I could not see it .he was massaging her pussy .kept kissing, sucking her tits .switching between them .she unbuttoned his shirt .running her fingers through his hairy chest .they kissed again .the suction clearly audible on the video sound. I wanted to stop .but kept watching .feeling cheated .but realizing I am nothing better than him .I did the same .cheating on him.

but it still hurt like shit .seeing it. She had him undressed .only his socks left .she knelt between his legs .licking his balls .her right hand stroking his penis up and down .he leant backwards on the desk .his eyes closed .soft moans escaping him .she ran her tongue up the length of his shaft .fondling his balls in her hands .she took his penis inside her mouth .gulping it down her throat.

Her legs were spread wide .rubbing her own pussy while bobbing her head up and down Mike's cock. She enjoyed this .making slurping sounds as she rammed his cock all the way inside her mouth with every stroke .he had her head in both hands .helping her, keeping the rhythm.

After a while he flipped her onto the desk spreading her legs wide open .she wore no panties .little bitch .no bra? .no panties? .I thought to myself. Mike knelt between her legs .sucking her slit .his tongue flicking her lips .nosing her clit.

He kept sucking her .eating her cunt's soft inner lips .rolling them inside his mouth .stretching them. He stood up .his penis rock hard .running his penis head through her slit .sunk it all the way inside her .slowly humping her .she clung onto him, legs wrapped around his waist. His rhythm became faster .ramming himself into her .he pushed her back on to desk .both on top of it now .pumping her deep and fast .kissing her with great passion .the tape stopped .it has reached the end. I was shocked by what I just discovered .but relieved that it was not Alexis.

I learned nothing new about Alexis from the tape, except for the 'lawyer' student she was involved with and that she played polo, which explained the race we had .when she and Jahmal kicked my butt. I re-stacked the tapes in the correct order and put them back inside the drawer. I lay myself on the my bed .thinking off how everything had just changed .a complete 180 degree turn in the wrong direction .how long had this been going on?

.right under my nose .I had never even thought about that possibility. I looked at the family pictures on my dressing table .one of Mike with the two kids .one of him holding me. Where did I miss the boat on this .you think everything in your life is perfect .I never thought there was anything wrong with my relationship with Mike .sexually it has been great .except for the past few weeks .since Alexis came into my life.

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We use to have great sex at least four, five times a month .more some times. What have become of our lives? I guess when life becomes predictable .like in Aesop's fable .of the ant and the grasshopper .the ant toiled all summer and was able to pick up its heels and enjoy life in the winter .most humans do not enjoy that luxury .instead we slave away in all seasons, year in and year out .on our way to work .day after day we pass the some people in the same places .until their faces become vaguely familiar .everyone committed to the same unvarying routines .days merging into one indistinguishable blur of eating, sleeping, and getting up.

We look for something invariable .something that will last forever .but seldom does. Everyone needs change in their lives, that is why we succumb to others attention .some just have stronger resistance than others. I have to find out how long Mike have been cheating on me.

But first I need to be with Alexis .I need to be in her arms .feel her soft silky skin. To be continued.