Sexy Asian Teen Spreads Her Small Booty

Sexy Asian Teen Spreads Her Small Booty
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I saw you standing in line at the coffee shoppe. You with your strawberry blonde hair, green eyes, and a great smile. I asked if you if you were alone, and you replied yes. So I asked you to join me. You agreed and we sat down together in one of the small booths.

Besides the general pleasantries, we talked about a lot of things. You were telling me about you and your boyfriend whom just broke up with you and just before Christmas. You had already bought his Christmas present and were pissed at him for dumping you. I explained. that I was divorced and not doing much at all right now.

But, I was glad you agreed to sit with me. I hate having my coffee alone. We found a few things in common. It seemed that we were hitting it off pretty well.

Then you turned our conversation to sex. How you were not really satisfied. That you ex- had a small dick. You reached across the table, took my hand and placed a small kiss on the back. I just squeezed yours in return. Then you slide out of your side of the booth and in next to me. Planting a big wet kiss on my lips. Never one to be wanting to waste a kiss, I held on to you.

Quickly, you released your kiss. You blushed, starting to get up to leave. Embarrassed you seemed, I grabbed your arm to stop you. Asking you not to leave just yet. Let's talk some more, we did, into the night. Just sitting there, you were talking a mile a minute, nervous, I could tell.

Finely, I couldn't take it anymore to get you to be quite, so I kissed you. I blushed this time. Though I think the two older ladies at the table across the way from us, were paying way too much attention to us. I suggested that we go somewhere more private.

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Your place was closer so we left the coffee shoppe and went there. Once through the door to your place, I barely shut the door before you just turned around and grabbed me tightly. Laying a kiss on my lips, that took my breathe away.

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Dragging me to your bedroom you threw me down on the bed and started to take off my pants. Revealing my now erect cock, gasping in surprise, at my large size and how hairy I am. Moving up on the bed to better lay there for you I pulled you down to me, you still being fully clothed.

I'll take care of your clothes in a few, as I kiss your sweet lips. You have my cock in hand and smiling you bend over it. You below shoulder length hair cascading over your shoulders and my cock. You take a hand of your hair and rub my cock with it. Providing me with such a wonderful sensation I let out a moan. Tilting your head, slightly, I see a devilish smile on your face as our eyes meet . Then you, ran your tongue across your lips as your mouth plunged down on my cock.

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Pressing all the way to the base. You took it all without gagging. I was impressed. Frantically you continued faster and faster your head bobbed up and down on me. I had enough and grabbed a hand full of your hair and pulled you back up to me. I didn't want to cum without you having done so first. You stood up. I sat on the edge of the bed.

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Reaching over and undoing your jeans. Sliding them down to your ankles. Leaving you standing there in your panties. I lean over and smell the fragrance of your pussy.


Running my tongue across it, still pantie covered. You spread your legs a bit wider allowing me more access to your now moist pussy. You let out a sigh, pushing my head closer. I rub my bearded face against your inner thighs.

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Then sliding your panties down to your feet. There before my face, was your shaven pussy. Moisture wetting just to edge of your pussy's lip. Begging to be licked.

I lean my face into its tender moistness. Drinking in your juices as they flowed forth from the heaven spot within. Lifting one of your legs over my shoulder, to allow more access for my tongue to penetrate your pussy's outer lips to the inner wetness beyond.

After a few minutes your legs start to shudder a bit. You forced me back down onto the bed. By leaning forward. Your pussy now fully on top of my mouth and face. Your body shuddering, your pussy grinding more to meet my tongue as it flicks across your juicy lips. Your juices gush for in a burst, I gulp down the free flowing sweetness as your body shakes uncontrollably as your orgasm rises to it full heights.

Then it hits you, another wave, then another. Your body releasing a lot of pent up tension as your orgasms run wild through you.

You fall over my head still rubbing your pussy in my face. Slowly, you start to compose yourself. Sliding your hips down my hairy chest.


I stop your process, to take off your sweater which has yet to be removed. Your breasts, fall out, still encased within your bra. You start to reach behind to release them from captivity. I pull your hands down and reach up to do this myself. You place your arms across them as I undo the clasp. Reaching up to your shoulders I grab the straps, and slowly remove your bra and your arms covering them. Revealing two beautiful white mounds of flesh with the aureole and nipples pressing out, begging to be played with my tongue.

I pull your body back down around me. Licking and nibbling them both. Your hands running across my head and back as you sway your breasts into my waiting mouth. Reaching down you grab my cock and insert it into your wet and waiting pussy. You were warm and inviting.

A moan escaped from you as you smiled down at me. Your hips started to gyrate on top of me. I start to pump my hips up to meet your gyrations. Thrusting my cock deeper into your pussy. I take my hand making a V with it and insert it down where our two bodies meet. Placing my knuckle down low enough to forcing you to rub your clit on it. You go wild again, as an orgasm builds from your neither regions up across your body. I can feel your pussy, pulsating over my cock. The sensation of this makes me explode within your pussy.

Our juices both combining to your deepest pleasure. You collapse on top of me. Panting, and sweaty as your body is still convulsing with its latest series of orgasms.

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Your breasts, heaving with you taking deep breathes so you can get a grasp of what I was doing to your body. I roll you onto your back, and slide down your body kiss my way down to your pussy. As my cum drips out mixed with your pussy juices I lick both of the up. Gulping down the sweet and salty mixture. My tongue finds your clit and deftly, swirls around, it. It's already swollen and sensitive, so just a few licks brings you to another climax.

Your legs tighten around my head trapping me there until the you subside. Whimpering and moaning of ecstasy escape your mouth as you reach down to pull me up. You kiss me deeply. Your tongue searching my mouth tasting the mixture of your pussy juices and my cum. Squeezing our bodies tighter together. The warmth of our naked flesh warming each other. Unfortunately, I am almost late for work.

I have to get up and get dressed. Leaving you there, naked, sweaty and tired. I take a pen and write my phone number on the back of your hand. Call me, well see what happens then. Maybe next time my place?