America romance sex story 2girls 1 boy

America romance sex story 2girls 1 boy
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It all started the summer Kate turned 17. Her father had hired a new ranch hand for the farm. He was the most handsome man she had ever seen in her life. Dean was at least 6'5", really well built, with slightly long sunbleached blonde hair and eyes so blue the sky paled in comparrison.

Kate was quite beautiful, she was only 5' tall but what she lacked in stature she more than made up for othewise. She was muscular from working the farm since she could walk, but not in a boyish way. Her face was cute with a button nose and dark green eyes. Her breasts were a firm 34C, with a slim waist and larger bulb for an ass. She had freckles over her shoulders and face on her pale skin, and all the men on the ranch watched her with hard ons constantly.

She never paid attention to any of them or the boys at school.she couldnt stand them drooling on her and had never gone far enough with them to give them a chance to see her nicely shaved pussy. Until the day HE came into her life. It was Deans first month on the farm and they hadn't really seen eachother much let alone peak to one another. So it was with some surprise when she heard him say from behind her. "Kate??? Your father said I should come out to the barn and help you muck out the stables." "Oh.ok, you finished with the fence I take it?" "Yeah it was no big deal" They worked in silence for the next hour.

"It's getting to be about lunch time.Dean would you like to have lunch with me?" "That would be nice" Kate went back up to the house to get lunch for them, hoping her parents wouldn't notice how flushed she was.

She'd never been so attracted to a man before, and had never ever asked one to have lunch (or anything else for that matter) with her. She grabbed a basket from the kitchen and threw food into it. Then ran to the linen closet to grab a blanket for them to sit on. When she got back to the barn Dean was just finishing the last stall.

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He had taken off his shirt and his body was rippling muscles as he raked out the stall in long strokes. She felt her pulse race and felt a wetness begin to grow between her legs she never had felt before.


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got our lunch, and I grabbed a blanket to sit on" she stammered out "I thought we could eat up in the loft." "Okay sounds good to me, just let me clean up a little. I'm all sweaty." "I can see that" she thought to herself, her pulse quickening again. She watched as he went over to the hose and turn on the spikket.


She licked her lips as the water washed over his well tanned chest running down his body to soak is jeans. Dean could see Kate watching him out of the corner of his eye and purposely took his time. He would'nt normally wash up before eating lunch but he could see how excited she was getting when she walked in and he was raking out the stall. He thought she was cute and wanted to start something with her. They climbed up into the loft, and while Kate layed out the blanket and food Dean started taking off his jeans.

"What are you doing????" Kate asked. "They got so soaked when I washed off I can't sit down in them" "Oh ok" she turned half away while he slipped his jeans off completely. They sat down and started eating lunch.

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As the conversation flowed she realized that they had alot in common. He too was shy in school, he was now 24. They liked most of the same country stars and read alot of the same books. When they finished eating Dean slid over closer to her so that their thighs were just about touching. They continued talking, and Dean knew no more work would get done that day.


He had to have this girl, he wanted to be the first to penetrate that virgin mound. "Kate, just wanted you to know I've been watching you. I see how the other guys look at you, all they want to do is get in your pants and brag to eachother about it." "Yeah I's been that way since I was 14, that's when these showed" she pointed to her chest indicating her breasts.

"Dad has fired more men in the last 3 yrs than have worked here my whole life." "Do you think he would fire me if I kissed you" "N-n-o, cause you're not some old geezer, he actually told me he was hoping I'd find a nice boy like you." Dean reached over touching her cheek softly with the back of his hand allowing his fingers to open and cup her chin.

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Leaning toward eachother kissing, his tongue flitted out and licked her lips. As she parted them his tongue darted into her mouth. She had never been kissed like this and returned his kiss with passion. Soon he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer, his erection rubbing on her leg. She jumped back a little.

He blushed, "Sorry it's only cause you're so sexy, you're kisses are turning me on" "It's okay.can I see it?" she asked shyly. "Oh my god" thought as he pulled his underwear off and his cock sprang free. He could see the shock on her face at his 8 1/2" cock. "Can I touch it?" Kate asked "Mmm hmm" was all he could reply. She reached over tentatively wrapping her hand around him. "Kate you realize this is very unfair" "What do you mean?" "Well, you've seen me.and I would like to see you too." Her hands shaking a little she reach down and pulled her tank top over her head, Dean could see her already hardening nipples through her thin cotton bra.

She stood up and leaning on the railing pulled off her boots, the slowly unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans sliding them over her ample hips te reveal a white cotton thong. As she reached behind her to unhook her bra Dean stood up and walked over to her stopping her hands.

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Kissing her he reached her bra hooks and un did them himself, pulling her against him reaching down and cupping one ass cheek in his hand.

She moaned at this as he let his fingers slide between her legs from behind rubbing her pussy lips throught the barely there fabric. He slid his hands up her hips, allowing them to slide under the thin straps of her thong, and glised them off her body. It was his turn to gasp as he saw her clean shaven mound. He looked her over approvingly, then smiled at her.

"You're even more sexy than I dreamed, and I did dream sweet thing." They resumed kissing, and slowly sank onto the blanket over the hay. His hand found it's way to her breast, massaging it slowly. Then he let his lips take over.taking one nipple into his move sucking on it feeling it harden in his mouth. His hand led a delberate path down her body caressing to the sweet spot between her legs. At first she wouldnt allow him passage there. Then as her excitement built from the exploration of his lips on her tits, her legs parted a bit.

Just enough for him to get his fingers on her lips. He slowly let his fingers worked until her legs were spread wide open and so was her pussy lips. His fingers slid up and down concentrating on her clit lit she moaned, then sliding down he inserted one finger into her. She was so tight, he couldnt believe it. He started to slowly finger fuck her. She was writhing around moaning, and he knew whatever inhibitions she may have had were now gone. He kissed and licked his way down her body, never stopping his finger fucking, letting his thumb brush her clit with ever third thrust in.

He positined himself in front of her spreading her legs a little further apart before kneeling down and taking her clit into his mouth.

She gasped and he could feel her tense up a bit, but the probing of his tongue now going inside her pussy hole pushed her over the edge for her first climax.

He could taste her cum, it was sweet as honey. He continued to eat her out until she climaxed two more times. Then getting up, all the while she was thrusting her hips in the air from the absence of his mouth, he lowered himself over her. Pushing the head of his cock into her, just a little. He saw the shock in her eyes, "it's ok. I'll go slow.just a little at time." "But it's gonna hurt" "Just at first, but after it will feel me" He slowly pushed his throbbing member further into her just touching her hymen.

Letting her adjust, he started rubbing her clit to help her excitment build once again. Then pushed through her cherry. She cried out and he hushed her with a kiss. Once his penis was all the way inside her tightness he pulled out to just the head, then thrust in back slowly.

He did this until he felt her hip pushing back. He began pushing harder and faster. "Oh god Kate, you feel so good, so tight and wet." She moaned again and he could feel her start to shudder as her second cum of the day hit her.

"Dean.oh Dean.fuck me.make me cum again." He grabbed her legs pulling them up onto his shoulders and rammed into as hard as he could, pushing until her head hit the bail of hay behind her. "UURRRRRRGHH! I'm gonna cummmm, Kate" Dean yelled "Yes cum inside me" Kate moaned back, with that she could feel a warm eruption inside her pussy walls.

As they both caught their breath leaning back against the bail of hay holding eachother. Dean kissed Kates forehead, cheeks, nose and then lips. Holding her close to him, he said "I don't want you to think this was a one time thing. I intend full well to do right by you, I would hope that you would agree to be my girl" "Dean, I could never be anyone elses" "Oh and Dean, I have one question for you." "What's that?" "Do cowboys wear their boots in bed?" Laughing Dean replied "Only when they're alone" They kissed and cuddled for sometime.

Having Kate so close to him naked was causing Dean to become erect again. Kate seeing this did something Dean never would have expected. But thats a story for another time.depending on if you all want more.