GOOD Quick BackShots SAFE SEX)

GOOD Quick BackShots SAFE SEX)
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Jan's a pretty little girl I met at Adelaide university, we were in the same drama group, fell in love & married soon after graduation, life changed dramatically for us during our honey moon & the years since have been sexually exciting for us as we have all ways partied together with a no holds barred approach to sex with others.

We have made good friends with many people and share their company as often as possible. Cindy is one such friend and is a highly successful fashion designer working from home in the Adelaide Hills but spending a lot of time in the Sydney fashion scene, Thursday night ,Cindy is on the phone crying in Jan's ear about her weekend photo shoot for her summer collection.

Cindy has booked a 20 metre cruiser to take the two models, photographer & his makeup artist/assistant to a secluded beach the captain recommended. The model that was booked to display the dress selection had just called to inform Cindy that she had fallen ill & was unavailable for the photo session on Saturday morning. I heard Jan trying to calm her down, saying things like it will be ok, everything will work out, can't you book another model, well what size are the outfits, no I don't think Jim would be too pleased, no why can't you reschedule the shoot, yes I am a size eight you know that, no I am not that pretty, I have no experience, yes I will have to talk to Jim, ticket will be at the Qantas club, right, all right all right, I will do it, yes I will see you at the gate, now stop crying it will be ok, yes I love you to Cindy, good night.

Jan put down the phone, turned and with a concerned look on her face, walked over to where I was sitting; she sat on my lap and started to explain. Cindy was in Sydney for her photo shoot & she needs my help, she's book a plane ticket; I don't want to go she said but Cindy is frantic.

I gave her a small kiss and told her that her concern for her friends was what I loved about her, kind & considerate to others, I immediately started to kiss my wife deep and passionately.

I'm going to miss you on the weekend I said, not that I had anything planned, just miss you sweat heart, Jan returned the kiss even more passionate as she explored my mouth with her tongue. My right hand around her shoulder dropped to her breast as my left hand rested on her leg, we endured a romantic tongue duel as we continued to make out, and my left hand busied itself inching its way across her G string to cup her pussy.

Jan began rubbing my chest, gently brushing across my right nipple until it stood stiff & bold pressing against my T shirt as the kiss continued Jan slipped her hand up underneath my T rubbing her finger nails sharply across the nipple, this being the signal I needed to slip my hand under her G and as my fingers brushed across her pussy a slight murmur was heard.

Gently & ever so slowly I inserted my middle index finger to her well lubricated slit gently in & out; Jan began to tweak my nipple between her thumb & finger, our tongues still duelling and swapping mouths as I squeezed her breast with my right hand and inserting two then three fingers to her pussy. Jan was on fire, my cock was straining to get out of my pants but I did not want to stop fingering her until she had her first orgasm of the night, I'll swear she almost ripped my nipple off as her orgasm struck, I left my hand at her pussy whilst her orgasm subsided & unsnapped her bra with my right hand, after a few minutes I eased Jan down to a lying position on the sofa and removed her g string, I pushed her skirt up on to her tummy and as I lowered myself between her legs I unfastened my jeans pulling my boxers down and stepping out, Oh such relief as my cock sprung out to attention.

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I positioned myself so that Jan could reach my cock if she wished to do so as I started my tongue assault on her juicy pussy, my tongue slid down from the top of her landing strip to just before her bung hole and returned, the next time down I inserted just the tip of my tongue into her slit, after about half a dozen stokes my tongue was sliding in as far as I could stretch it and I had started to rim her beautiful bung hole, my god I love this woman and to make her cum is such a pleasure.

Jan reached out and grabbed hold of my cock and gently began to stroke it I Manoeuvred myself so as to bring my cock to her mouth I could feel her warm breath as she gently opened her mouth to receive me sliding my cock to the rear of her throat I began to gently stroke it backwards & forwards until it hit the back of her throat, I gently continued to eat out her pussy and as she relaxed I pushed my cock down into her throat, Jan is an expert at Deep Throat & was no exception on this occasion, her breathing relaxed and controlled as my cock slid in and out of her moist throat, this made it very hard to concentrate on her pussy.

My tongue probing the depths of her pussy, juices running down my chin between the folds of her labia continuing to excite both of us as her orgasm over took her, I removed my cock from her mouth, turning around on the sofa I mounted her in the missionary position and gently eased into her pussy and ever so slowly began moving in & out of her moist vagina.

We made passionate love for an hour before I called it quits for the evening reminding Jan that she had a plane to catch and needed to pack her weekend bag. Friday mid- morning Jim dropped me at the Airport for my flight to Sydney to meet Cindy, I kissed him good bye & walked into the terminal and went to the Qantas lounge reception, the cute guy behind the counter checked my ID and handed over the pre booked ticket suggesting that I had an hours wait and that I should enjoy the hospitality of the club whilst I waited for my flight.

Inside the Qantas lounge I found the bar and ordered a glass of Champagne before taking a seat whilst I waited for the Sydney flight, I had downed three glasses before the plane departed and another one on the plane. Feeling very relaxed upon arrival in Sydney I made my way to the front of the building & found Cindy sitting in her car to collect me, after placing my overnight bag in her boot I climbed in the front and was greeted by a lingering kiss on the lips by Cindy, so relieved I had come to her rescue.

Cindy announced we were going to lunch at Darling Harbour, but first she had to call in at her seamstress and get me to try on the clothes I would be wearing for tomorrows photo shoot as they could be altered that afternoon if necessary.

We pulled into a little old warehouse which had been converted into garaging, office/workspace & living quarters on the top floor, whilst we waited for the seamstress to arrive we took my overnight bag upstairs, Cindy opened a bottle of champagne & we sat drinking & chatting whilst we waited.

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By the time April arrived we had finished the whole bottle, on top of what I had drunk at the airport, I was quite relaxed. April arrived & we went downstairs to greet her in the work space, introduction over & I was handed a dark blue evening dress, with only us three girls present I stripped out of my clothes & redressed in the evening dress which was a full length gown with a deep V both front & back with a slit up the outside to just above the knee.

April walked up to me & started checking out the fit of the dress, running her hand over my rear end up to my waist, she commented to Cindy that the fit was great but loose around my boobs (apparently the previous model had bigger breasts than mine) with pins in tow April began to push & pull at the dress around my boobs commenting to hold still whilst she put a few pins in the dress, April helped me get out of the dress by sticking her hand down the front & cupped my left boob saying she would rather get a pin stuck in her hand than in my tit, sliding the dress down on the left side first & then repeating the procedure on the right side.

Cindy then took the dress & hung it up whilst April handed a little cotton summer frock which fell just a knee height & had little strings at the top to hold the dress up, once again the dress was loose around my boobs & yes once again Aprils hand went inside the dress to protect my tits whilst she stuck the pins in place, however this time she gave my nipples a gentle little twist which saw them harden straight up.

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With the dress being handed to Cindy I was standing in front of the two girls with my nipples at full extension & I must admit my G string was getting wet. Next came a pair of really short shorts, these were also cotton & clung to my cheeks & rode up into my pussy lips giving off a really good Camel toe effect, the red check shirt barely covered my boobs & was tied at the bottom to hold it in place, April walked up to me and reached around to rub her hands all over my rear end suggesting to Cindy that they were a perfect fit, hugging the cheeks of my arse & riding up in front to show off a nice Camel toe all the time talking but never taking her hands off my bodyCindy called to April to stop molesting the model & let her put the top on, (yes boss called April, but she is so cute), Cindy passed me the shirt & suggested I needed to remove my bra, I was just tying the two ends of the shirt in place when April approached hands outstretched reaching for my nipples suggesting we need to see hard nipples in this shirt tomorrow.

By now my juices were flowing & Cindy knew the effect the Alcohol and April's constant touching was having on me, April declared that this little number would need no alteration & I could take them off.

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However as I bent over to slide the shorts down April scooted down on the floor in front of me and latched her mouth to my right breast, sucking on my nipple until it was as hard as a grease nipple. Not to be out done, Cindy joined in the action by taking hold of Aprils nickers and yanking them down to gain access to her pussy. As Cindy slithered her tongue up and down the folds of Aprils snatch April nipped at my nipples first on one & then the other, my boobs where tingling & my nipples were rock hard at this point with my pussy on fire, my juices escaping and running down my legs.

April continued kissing and nipping on my body as she made her way downstairs to arrive at my shaved pussy, her tongue sliding over my clit sending waves of excitement through my whole body & as her tongue slithered into the slit of my pussy I orgasmed and my juicy cunt was an open invitation to April who wasted no time sucking and licking my fluids up as her own orgasm erupted from Cindy's slurping tongue.

We never made it to lunch, spending all afternoon pleasuring ourselves until early evening when Cindy called a halt to lovemaking suggesting Pizza and sleep as we all had an early start in the morning, this is becoming a habit I thought.

Saturday morning I rang Jim first thing & we talked for a while before I showered & prepared myself for the days modelling, by the time I came downstairs April & Cindy had the van packed with the clothes & makeup & we headed off to Rushcutters bay where we met Samantha who was to model the swimwear, Captain Nick, his crewman John, the photographer Chad and his assistant Mark.

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After pleasantries, we all boarded the Lady Jane a magnificent 20metre motor launch & Captain Nick & John got us underway, John then asked April to assist with laying out a light breakfast of fruit & Yogurt to enjoy whilst Captain Nick piloted the cruiser to his special secluded beach for the photo shoot suggesting to Cindy that we would have privacy as the beach can only be reached by boat.

Cindy then opened a bottle of champagne to toast to a successful day, suggesting a glass or two would settle everyone's nerves. Three glasses & 45 minutes later we approached a beautiful white beach surrounded by high cliff face, Captain Nick anchored off the beach and Mark & John loaded the tender full of camera equipment and headed for shore where Mark proceeded to unpack the equipment whilst John brought the tender back to the Lady Jane for the next trip with April, Cindy & the clothes Interestingly Chad was mooching around the ship with one of his camera's photographing everything & person, I overheard him suggest Nick that the Lady Jane would also make for a great back drop for some of the swimwear photography Cindy needed at the end of the day & would it be ok to use the ship during sunset, I thought shit this will be a long day if we're expected to still be here at sunset.

Finally the tender came back & John ferried Chad, Samantha & I to the beach leaving Captain Nick to look after the Lady Jane. Upon arrival I noticed Mark had set up a tent for the girls to relax in out of the sun between photo sessions & April would use it to touch up our makeup and help us in & out of the clothes.

First up I was asked to put on the Blue evening dress with my push up bra, Chad asked me to go to the water's edge, where he started to take photos of me looking out to sea, then turning to look over my shoulder, turning further to look straight at the cliff face all the time the camera was snapping away, I was then asked to lose the bra & Chad proceeded all over again, by now it was ten thirty the sun was warming up & it was Samantha's turn to model, I returned to the tent & April handed me a nice cold champagne whilst she helped me get out of the dress, I sat down in just my G string before April handed me the short shorts & red check shirt required for the next session.

Mean time Samantha was being photographed up on the edge of the rocks wearing the little cotton frock, as it turned out she was the same size8 as me & no sooner had I put the shorts on and Mark came walking into the tent catching me semi-nude, staring intently at my boobs whilst suggesting I hurry up as Chad was waiting. I immediately put the shirt on, scoffed the glass of wine down and storming out of the tent saying we mustn't keep the almighty photographer waiting.

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Mark laughed, commented on the nice view & followed me across the sand towards Chad & Samantha. Sam could see I was not a happy traveller and she came over to me to help me & gave me a little red pill suggesting helping calm me down.

Chad asked for Sam & I to hold hands whilst standing on top of a large rock, snapping away for at least twenty minutes, for the last duel photo he climb up the rocks to gain an Advantage point to shoot a photo looking down at us & when he asked us to turn and look up at him, the sun caught in my eye, I became unsteady on my feet and fell to the sand dragging Sam behind me. Sam landed on top of me her head pounding into my tits, lifting her head she burst out laughing, looked down into my eyes & proceeded to kiss me full on the lips, it must have been the effect of the blue pill as I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her into me for a lingering kiss whereby I pushed my tongue into her mouth in search of hers for a little dual before Chad yelled at us to get back to work.

Sam's session was completed & she strolled back to April for a change of clothes whilst Chad proceeded with the individual photos of my clothes.

We broke for lunch and John ferried us back to the boat where Captain Nick had laid out a spread of chicken salad & ham salad, champagne for the girls & beers for the boys, I noticed April & Sam headed on inside the boat cabin and shortly returned with a glazed look in their eyes, they were all over each other & giggling profusely, Chad announced that he wanted to get some sunset photos at the end of the day so there was no need to hurry back to the beach for the swimwear shoot we would head back in a couple of hours or so before announcing 2.30 as push off time to John.

With this news April & Sam went back inside the cabin, Cindy was busy talking to John & I was left chatting to Captain Nick & Mark whilst Chad was wandering the ship with his camera, Mark proceed to tell Nick how he found me topless in the tent when he came to get me for the last shoot, & he thought I had amazing breasts, it must have been the blue pill and champagne, before I knew what I was saying, I had told Nick not to worry he might get to see for himself before the day was over.

Mark rose out of his seat saying on that note I'll leave you two too get better acquainted & disappeared inside the cabin. It was on the way home when Mark proceeded to tell us what happened when he went inside the cabin, he came across April & Sam snorting some coke and suggested to Mark he join them, Mark was already sporting a hard on from remembering the sight of my tit's so he said to the girls Ill join you but you have to snort the coke off my cock as he was already getting undressed, Mark laid down on the coffee table, Sam sprinkled a little coke on his lower abdomen as April moved in taking a long sniff whilst moving her head down until she was at the base of his cock.

April lifted up & lowered her mouth over Marks cock proceeding to give him a fantastic head job, before being challenged for a piece of the action by Samantha, unbeknown by the girls Chad had been laying down on the upper deck filming the action through the port hole. When he was satisfied, Chad came strolling back to where Captain Nick & I had been chatting, suggesting we needed to get back to the beach for the start of the swim wear photo session & as we had stayed later than expected for lunch I might need to help Samantha out and model some of the swimwear.

Chad asked April to put me in the one piece swimwear starting with the most modest one first, & as Sam was feeling no pain after the coke she had been snorting she should start in the tiny pink g string, we would have to start at the water's edge as Sam was full of giggles and playing in the waves would disguise the true reason for the giggles.

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We progressed through a whole range of swimwear and by late afternoon we were both wearing modest bikinis & Chad had us standing in the water in various poses holding hands like two little school girls, until he asked us to pose for a kiss standing wast high in the water, looking intently into each other's eyes, one hand behind each other's head & one hand draped in the water as if grabbing hold of the others arse.

During this shoot Sam slipped her tongue into my mouth & grabbed a hold of my pussy, it felt nice, but I wasn't sure how much any of the others could tell what was happening.

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Chad finished up on the beach and we headed back to the boat for the last photo session before the sun set, Sam, April & I went first to have a quick shower, reapply make up, Sam was to wear the red one piece & I was given a modest red bikini.

Chad was panicking as the light would soon fade, Sam & I stood at the bow of the boat whilst Chad moved about with the camera, he then took some one on one shots of Sam before dismissing her to wardrobe to jump into a yellow string bikini whilst my one on one shots were taken, then I too was sent for a change of clothing, April had a fresh glass of champagne waiting for me which I graciously accepted, she then said I might like to take another red pill before I see the final swimsuit of the day.

I thought the last one had calmed my nerves pretty well so why not, but this pill was darker in colour & I would later realise that it was a much stronger & more potent pill that left me extremely relaxed & incredibly horny.


When I returned to the deck, Chad was yelling to Samantha to hurry her arse & get changed, we started at the bow again and with a slight breeze I stood there feeling almost naked in the flimsiest G string that barely covered my nipples & with a tiny patch that just fitted over my pussy lips with a string that fitted well into the crack of my arse, the pill was doing its job, I was relaxed and moved about the boat without a care in the world, Chad then asked Captain Nick to stand with me at the steering wheel, he had his Captains hat on & when I looked down his muscle body I saw him standing there in a white G string that barely contained what had to be a very impressive cock, we were photographed each separately behind the wheel then with Nick leaning over my shoulder as if helping me steer the boat, I felt his cock nestling between my arse cheeks during this photo so I gently pushed back into him letting him know I was interested in his package, when Sam arrived back on scene she was similarly dressed in a shimmering gold g string & the three of us posed for some last shots as the sun when down, Chad said that's a wrap, take us home Captain.

The boat was prepared to get underway by John & Nick, Mark started to pack away the photography equipment as Cindy started handing out Champagne & beer to the boys, Nick & John offcourse had a cola saying they would drink with us when we docked. Grabbing my wine I was about to go downstairs to change out of the bikini when Nick suggested I help him steer the boat home, I couldn't resist another feel of his cock so I followed him to the wheel house & as we re-enacted the photo of him standing behind me I ground my arse into his cock until it stiffened, whereby I reached one hand behind me and grabbed a hold, stroking it through the fine material until pre-cum started to moisten the front of his G string.

I had to have a taste so I let go of the wheel & lowered myself down the front of him until my face was level with his cock, I grabbed a hold of the thin straps either side of his hips and gently rolled the G string down his legs allowing his enormous cock to flop half masked in front of my face. I quickly grabbed a hold and stuck it in my mouth slobbering all over it as I gently began stroking it in & out of my mouth, as it started to stiffen to full length I noticed movement out the side of my eye and there was Chad filming yet again, so I thought I had better put on a good show for him taking Nicks cock all the way down my throat until I bottomed out on his nine incher.

Slowly retracting & licking around and under the head of that magnificent cock was making me extremely wet & I needed my pussy cleaned of the excess juice begging to run down my legs, I called to Chad for assistance and as he put his camera down on the floor he slipped in between my legs pulling the tiny G to the side before placing his mouth over my cunt & inserting his tongue, I was in heaven, a big cock down my throat & a delightful tongue up my cunt, I was coming like a freight train in no time at all & Chad managed to catch it all on his camera.

This was all too much for Nick; he splattered the biggest load of cum down my throat. Chad satisfied for the moment picked up his camera and said please join us in the lounge when we dock. I stood up in front of Nick again as he snuggled up to me saying we would be home in a few minutes we kissed passionately until he had to concentrated whilst docking.


John tied us off at the dock, Chad turned the engine off & we joined the others on the rear deck whilst the party was in full swing, dam if that little dark red pill wasn't working over time, I was feeling extremely horny & strangely comfortable with all todays crew, John came over with fresh drinks for Nick & I and started to dance with us before someone said that Chad, John, April and Cindy were overdressed, this is a beach party get your swimwear on.

April said OK but I choose the clothes; we need to keep some of these items as they are the only samples. Ten minutes later Chad & John arrived back on deck wearing similar swimsuits to Nicks tiny G & April & Cindy wore shimmering silver micro G's, the music was cranked up, Cindy came around with more red pills for the girls & this time she handed a blue pill to all the boys I was later to realise that the boy pills were in fact Viagra.

Everyone was up dancing, drinking and were either rubbing up against someone or were in fact being rubbed up. I found myself in between John & Nick with Nicks cock wedged between my arse cheeks again; I was facing John swaying to the music when he reached in taking hold behind my head lowering his lips to mine for a very long & passionate kiss, with Nicks cock expanding up the crack of my arse I slipped my tongue into Johns mouth for a full on tongue duel, fuck I was as horny as hell & I wanted both of these boys to fuck the shit out of me & I didn't care who was watching, I turned to Nick & slipped my tongue down his throat as I felt John grab my boobs and gently started to massage them, I broke the kiss & leaned into Nicks ear & whispered go lube that magnificent cock of yours & hurry back.

As Nick raced to the galley for some cooking oil, I lowered myself in front of John pulling his swimmers off on the way down, I grabbed his cock & lowered my open mouth over the head whilst reaching down to pull my own G down around my legs letting my left hand rest on my clit. Sucking the pre-cum from John I rose again & whispered in his ear that I wanted him to pick me up and lower me onto his cock, as john entered my extremely wet cunt I whispered in his ear to go very slow & wait for Nick to join us, he looked quizzically at me & before I said anything Nick was behind me whispering in my ear if I was ready, you better believe it I saidI could feel Nicks hand reach down to my arse & then I felt it, his cock began sliding ever so gently up my back chute, when Nick was fully in me he said to John hey buddy aren't we the lucky ones tonight start slow until we get in sink my cock can go all night, we started swaying to the music & before long the three of us had our motion rocking like true team work, I was enjoying the sensation that only two cocks at one time can give a girl, I looked over at Cindy, she was licking Aprils cunt whilst Mark was riding her from behind, Chad was jumping around all over the place camera in hand, by the time the sun came up I had fucked all the boys & eaten all the girls out at least once.

At 8am Nick came out and said folks I got a booking at 10 o'clock, I got to get the boat ready, please go home, we have had a great time & if you want to get together again I would be most welcome Cindy has my number, Nick then came over to me & said I especially want to see you again Jan, I think I am going to Adelaide later in the year, could I look you up.

I said yes, but I will only play at home with my husband partying with us. Cindy & April dropped me off at the airport & after a lengthy good bye I boarded the flight to Adelaide & my darling husband Jim.