Is this the hardest handjob cock in the world

Is this the hardest handjob cock in the world
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I get to school late so I head straight to my locker to get my books. All because of yesterday's unusual turnabouts, I had dreamt of the different ways principal Ego had fucked me and how extremely horny he made me, thinking of his sexy body doing all those wicked things, shining with sweat and muscles clenching as he fucked me with all his might.

But it was so much hotter because it was with a mixture of Louis and I during our wild passionate times, so I was fried in my bloody sleep. I woke up more than horny as hell and I had to get myself off, or else I would be a walking sensitive sex bomb for the whole school day if anyone happens to rub any part of my sexually overheated body.

Even now I'm still flustered and hot, in need of a good fuck or something to make me feel good and sated all over. I bend down to pick my purse that had fallen when someone stops in front of me and just stands there. I straighten up and see it is Louis, smiling at me.

I feel my cheeks burn, he hasn't approached me alone in public, since our rendezvous started. Staring into his eyes, I finally found it in me to talk "Hey." "I couldn't help but stop to tell you how gorgeous you look today." He says in a seductive tone.

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"Thank you." I smile and reply automatically, I feel uncomfortable being with him in public, not only because of Sandy but also now because of principal Ego. "Next locker break, I want to give you something." "Alright, whatever." I say dismissively, wanting him to end our very public encounter.

He hugs me a little too tight and longer than he should.

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I could feel his wet tongue against my neck, sliding around my skin. I shudder and scan the hallway, people aren't focused on us, to my relief but I wonder why he is displaying so much public affection today. I like the attention but it is wrong and leaving me conflicted.

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He bites down and starts sucking on my neck causing me to moan in pleasure. His hand trail down to my butt, giving it a light secretive squeeze.

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He pulls away "See you later." is all he says before he leaves. What the hell just fucking happened? Louis held my butt and kissed my neck in public and I didn't even try to stop him.

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My body has grown hotter than before and now I can feel my pussy flooding I left the hallway for my class. Louis stares at me throughout English class, we always have it together. The bell rings and I run straight to my locker, hoping to escape from Louis because I know what he wants. "Let's go." He orders me, appearing from nowhere and I against my better judgement, blaming it on my horny state decide to go with him. We walk through the hallways into the long corner, to a bathroom that no one uses.

He slams the door open and we walk in. The minute he closes the door and locks it, he has me up against the nearest wall, his lips ravishing mine, while I run my hand through his hair.

His hands trail down to my shorts, unbuttoning it and it fell lifelessly to the floor. He paves his hand over my shirt to cup my breasts, squeezing them before finally removing the shirt and tossing it aside.

He undresses quickly and tosses aside my clothes. I moan has he starts sucking on my neck making a path down to my breasts. Am I really doing this? I'm going to fuck Louis after what principal Ego had said? He unclasps my bra, pulls it off my body and dives in to lick my nipple biting and sucking it like his life depends on it.

I moan, the sound echoing on the tiled walls. He goes further down till he his face to face with my pussy. He starts to lick through the thin material that is my panties.

He is such a tease. "Please," I moan. "Take it off." He smirks at me and slides down my panties, crashing his tongue into my wet shaved pussy.


He makes circles around it, with his tongue and slid his tongue inside, penetrating me from there. I moan has he bites my clit softly, before sucking onto it. I run my hand through his hair has he continues to suck on my vagina. He pulls my legs up onto his shoulders and continues to lick and eat me out.

I moan and put my hands against the wall, letting him do his job. I moan "Faster" He obeys my order and starts to lick faster, dipping his tongue all the way in. Adding his fingers inside, first putting one finger before adding another one. Thrusting in fast and hard, I let out a long moan and he smirks at me. He comes to a stop once I cum letting out a scream. He licks up my juices and stands up, giving me a kiss and putting his fingers in my mouth so I can taste myself.

I put his dick in my mouth, sucking on it quickly. I do various deep throats, making him moan in pleasure and grab my head, giving more pressure to his dick. I am starting to choke. I start to bite his dick softly, his hand goes to my breast and gives it a really hard squeeze. I smile and stand up. He smirks at me and pulls me up, soon ramming his dick inside my pussy, not wasting anytime thrusting in and out of me. I moan both in pain and pleasure. His dick huge, but I can't compare it to principal Ego's.

He starts to sweat and it turns me on even more. His thrusting becomes a bit harder. "Please," I moan. I keep moaning with each thrust. He holds onto my thighs hard in order for me not to fall. I wrap my arms around his neck has I bounce on his dick. "Keep. Keep going," I breathe out. He grabs one of my breasts and bites it hard, immediately starts to suck on it, to soothe me. He gives my butt a squeeze and moans out my name. "I'm so close." I moan.

"Hold it, I am too." "I.I." I trail off no words come out. I am getting too much pleasure at the moment. "I know, say my name baby!" "Louis!" I screamed.

"Louder!" "Louis!" I tilt my head back once we reach our climax. Cum flies everywhere. He smirks has put me down. "I'm pretty sure someone heard us." I blush at his statement, but it quickly makes reality knock me harshly on the head.

"Fuck Louis, what is your problem?" I ask, annoyed at him and a little bit scared, now that my sexual haze had cleared a whole lot. He looked at me confused "Huh?" is all he says "I-I what's wrong with you? What about Sandy and somebody could have heard or seen us, how could we have been so reckless, how could I have been?" Louis just looks at me smiling "It's alright nobody would have anyway, you have gone louder than this before." I just had sex with Louis, I am officially screwed if principal Ego finds out.

I seriously need to end it with Louis right now before things get out of hand. "Louis. we can't do this anymore." I say solemnly "The fuck we can't!" he says, angrily looking at me now. He looks hurt and scared. "Louis I just can't, okay. Stick to your girlfriend and let her be my best friend, we are hurting a lot of people by doing this and it's not safe doing this on school grounds." He gets on his knees and says to me "No you can't, I need you.

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I-I-I will end it with Sandy, just don't end us." His words break my heart and I start to cry and hug Louis no matter what he says I can't continue with him, my future is just way too important and I could never go out with a sour ex of my best friend, which it would turn out to be if Louis broke up with Sandy. "Louis no, stay with Sandy. I'm done, we can only be friends without benefits, please." He nods his head sadly, before kissing me and standing up, picks up his discarded clothing and puts them back on, without looking at me he left the room.

I cry some more before I finally get up, wear my clothes and straighten myself up.

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I step put of the bathroom only to be stopped. "Well, who do we have here?" I gasp when I look up to see Principal Ego looking at me, his face is unreadable and I bet I look deathly pale, does he know? I pray not. He walks past me towards the bathroom and open the door, enters and beckons for me to follow him inside, is he going to have his way with me here? Where Louis just finished doing me, and if he does, he will so know I just got recently fucked.

'You fucking slut. This place smells like sex, who the fuck did you have sex with Ann-Alyssia?' He hadn't known, but fuck, the room does smell like fucking sex and I definitely am in trouble now, I can't tell him it was Louis, neither can I tell him it was another dude, I am fucking stuck with saying the truth or being silent.

"I give you five seconds to answer me, or so be it, I will strip you naked and send over a group of boys to take a thorough look at your slut of a body." I can't suffer ill fate like that, I sink to my knees and look at the floor and reply him.