Amateur swinger outdoor Adrian Maya is a jummy lump of caboose with

Amateur swinger outdoor Adrian Maya is a jummy lump of caboose with
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My wife and I were cuddling after having been married for less than an hour enjoying a couple of wine coolers and smoking a bowl of our fav relaxer. She looked up at me with a devious twinkle in her eye and said "I want to do something very special for our wedding night".

Loving that look on her face and having an idea what she wanted I asked "What might that be?" She giggled and said "let's have a threesome". As much as she loved them she was always a little shy saying it. "I am always up for that".

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I mean honestly, who isn't? We have a couple of peeps that we invite to our bed but most are straight and since we are both bi and love bi threesomes. (There is a difference between Bi and straight threesomes) She suggested we invite my best friend, he is straight (mostly) but doesn't mind if I touch him or even suck on him.

None of the other guys we are currently sharing are bi and she loves to see me touch and suck another man almost as much as I enjoy it. We do enjoy sharing females and have two bi girls that we can invite over but we both wanted a second male in our bed tonight. I called him up and he congratulated me on my marriage and wished us the best.

He then asked me why I was on the phone instead of in the bed. I said I was in bed and asked him if he would like to come over and join me and my wife. He said hell yeah, he would be right over. My wife answered the door wearing only her little silk robe and brought him back to our room, I could see from her smeared lipstick and the lipstick she left on his lips they had obviously kissed. My cock was already semi hard and now got very hard, and lying only under a sheet they could see it as well.

She giggled again and dropped the robe then climber under the sheet with me. He smiled and started to undress. I kissed my wife and she grabbed my cock and stroked it with a firm grip slowly just the way I like, she then kissed my nipple on her way down to lick the head of my cock in that teasing way she likes and drives me crazy.

By the time she started sucking on it my friend had climbed into bed with us on the other side of my wife and was rubbing her ass (he is such an ass man). I lit another bowl and passed it to him so he could catch up a little, after we passed the bowl around my wife went back to sucking my cock and licking my balls (I keep my balls shaved and she loves the feel almost as much as I do).

My friend said he was surprised to get a call on our wedding night and I told him we wanted to do something special. He was rubbing her ass and the outside of her labia (she keeps her whole pubic area shaved) knowing this drives her crazy.

She was so fired up though she climbed on top of me in the supine position and started to slowly grind herself against my pubic bone. I was enjoying this immensely and the sight of her breasts gently swaying with her movements was very erotic, she has the most incredible B size breasts I have ever seen. My friend scooted over next to me and started to rub and fondle her breasts as she rode me, she loves that.

I noticed he was nice and hard and I reached down and stroked his cock which was getting all of us very hot.

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She shortly started to hump up and down on me with increasing urgency and had to lean forward to do this, I started kissing her and my friend leaned forward a little and she started to kiss him as well. We took turns kissing her as she rode me and she came pretty quickly and climbed off me and then straddled him and went back and forth between grinding on him and then humping until her next orgasm.

When she came she got off and laid down and then I climbed between her thighs and proceeded to lick her in the soft slow and gentle way she loves. She was going wild and then after her next orgasm my friend got on his knees and fed his cock to her as I licked her to another orgasm. She was going wild by this point and told me to fuck her.

I laid on her in the missionary position and slid my cock in all the way in one slow steady thrust and then held it there as I kissed her.

This also drives her crazy. I then started to slowly slid my cock in and out of her as she reached out and stroked my friends cock who was still on his knees near her head. After a few moments of this she pulled his cock into her mouth as I fucked her slowly.

He knows I am bi and he reached out his hand and put it on the back of my head and pulled my head into his cock.

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I licked the side of his cock as she sucked on the head and after a few minutes he pulled his cock out of her mouth and put into mine. She was licking the side of his cock and then moved down to lick his balls as I sucked his cock. He also shaves his balls. She came again, watching me suck another man's cock always gets her so hot. I was fucking her faster and faster as we were all getting more excited. He pulled out and said he wanted to watch for a moment as she and I fucked.

We were going at it pretty good for awhile and she had two more orgasms and then I came hard. I pulled out of her and flopped on my back and before she could calm down my friend mounted her and proceeded to shove his cock in fast and hard (he loves that and after an orgasm so does my wife).

He was fucking her hard and fast and she was having an orgasm every couple of minutes by this point (she has orgasms fast and often when she is very excited). As I watched them I realized I wanted to see his cock sliding in and out of her, I love this. I am not sure if it's from years of watching porn or just the fact that I am watching another man's cock enjoying my wife's pussy, either way I love it. So I moved around behind them got between their legs I pushed his legs farther apart so I could get a better view and he knows what a pervert I am and spread his legs as far apart as he could and kept fucking my wife the whole time.

It was the most amazing sight watching his cock spread her pussy lips as he plunged in and out of her pussy and to hear her moan as he took his pleasures with her body. My wife loves to have her ass played with and I could see how her crack was coated with her juices and my cum.

I reached out my hand and started to push my finger into her ass and she screamed with another orgasm, I usually work it in slowly but since she was orgasming anyway I just pushed it in all the way in one stroke.

She had a nice long orgasm between his cock pounding her pussy hard and my finger in her ass, my friend came shortly after that and pulled out to come on her lips and pubic mound (he loves cum shots and admits it from watching porn).

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He then laid down next to her I kept my finger in her ass and then proceeded to lick her pussy lips to clean all of his cum off of her which drove her to another orgasm. I kept licking her pussy and down to her ass and cleaned his cum, her cum, and my cum off her and licked as much out of her as I could.

She then pointed out that I had missed some and was looking at his cock. I laid across her legs and licked his cock clean then I took his cock in my mouth and sucked him to another erection.

I then laid down on my back and my wife climbed on top of me in a 69 as we were pleasuring each other my friend then got behind her and pushed his cock into her pussy as I was licking her clit. This is her favorite position and she was cuming pretty regularly as he fucked her and I licked her clit. His balls were sliding across my face and every so often I would lick the shaft of his cock as it slid in and out of her.

After one of her orgasms he pulled his cock out of her and fed it to me. I sucked his cock as best as I could as he drove it in and out at a good pace and every so often would shove it all the in and down my throat.


I was so turned on that I came harder than I had all night and my wife swallowed it and kept sucking keeping me erect. After a few moments of this he put it back into her pussy and then was fucking her fast and hard. When he was ready to cum he pulled out of her again and put it in my mouth and came down my throat, I kept sucking and he stayed hard as well.


We switched positions with my friend on his back and my wife riding his cock and me behind her, I reached down and pulled his cock out of her and shoved my cock all the way into her in one stroke and got my cock wet with her juices and then I reached down and put his cock back into her and then I put my cock at her asshole and slowly pushed it in.

We took a few moments to get a good rhythm going but once we did we were all panting and moaning, she came a couple of more times and said it was starting to hurt her ass so I pulled out of her ass and slowly slid my cock into her pussy with my best friends cock.

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It was so tight we had to move very slow and gently or one of our cocks would pop out, I told them to hold still while I slowly slid my cock in and out of her pussy and he held his cock still in her pussy. It was amazing to feel my cock sliding along another mans cock while squeezed inside my wife's pussy.

Apparently they felt it also cause she seemed to have one long orgasm and my friend was moaning loudly and then came inside her, it was unbelievable to feel his cock pulsing as I slid mine along it. I came shortly thereafter and he said it was wild to feel my cock pulsing along his as I orgasmed.

After that we all laid down and cuddled and basked in one incredible afterglow until we fell asleep.