Hairy Latin slut and ass get intruded

Hairy Latin slut and ass get intruded
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Maryland, USA Saturday It was well past 3pm before I got the call from Jamie. She had spent the day around the house, cleaning her room and helping the Nanny with other household things.

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She thought of Dano while she dusted the shelfs and books around the computer. She had not regretted a moment of the time she had with him yesterday. This man made her "wet" just being around him. She had read all his stories on, so she knew what he was capable of. She couldn't wait to get her first 'massage' from him today. Her cunt quivered in anticipation of his experienced tongue, his long fingers and thick cock in her once again.

He had popped her cherry with his finger, made her climax four times—and without his thick cock in her. Shit! She could hardly wait. Jamie finished up and asked her Nanny if she might leave early for practice at the soccer field. The game itself would keep her out till 9pm. She told her Nanny not to wait up.

She'd use her own key to come home by 10pm. She already had several girlfriends from school 'covering her ass' in case her parents called looking for her. Jamie's coach thought she was with her parents. Her Nanny hugged her,telling her how good she was and thanked her for helping out. If she only knew! Soon as she was down the street from her house, she stopped long enough to call .

"Hi- Dano. I just left the house and will see you in ten minutes. We have the rest of the day together. I don't have to be home till 10pm." I was already primed for the day, having a late breakfast and walking the area around the motel.

I found the weight room and worked out about 45 minutes. I was just undressing for a shower when Jamie called. By the time I was done and blow drying my hair,she knocked at my door. I answered, in my sports briefs and wife-beater tee.

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"Don't you ever dress?" she smiled as she entered, patting my bun with her hand. "Well, I couldif you plan on us being out in public." I replied. Jamie was already pulling me down onto the bed. "You don't mind if I rape you do you Dano?" "It's hard to rape a willing subject, but I want to give you a massage first." I didn't even try to prevent her hands from sliding my shorts to the floor. I kicked them away as she pulled the tee over me, leaving me stark naked on the bed, wearing only a smile.

A wicked smile and her dark,sexy eyes were an instant turn-on for me. My erection came up between us as she sat on my legs,pulling her own top over her head. Her ripe breasts threatened to burst free of the sports bra she wore. As she stood to remove her shorts, my sudden erection surprised her. "Wow- That looks a lot bigger than it was yesterday." " You had the element of surprise on me then, I am dry and ready for you today." As soon as her shorts and thong were off, she slid onto my massage table, tummy down.

I turned on my cassette player. It had music that was subliminal in nature, arranged to relax both mind and body. I lit my oil burner that had Egyptian Musk Oil in it. I refrained from using the Hot Stones on her,wanting to save that till later.

I adjusted the cradle for her head while she toyed with my balls and cock. I slowly moved back from her hands—not wanting to give the wrong impression. I removed her bra, admiring her puffy nipples. "We'll get to that a little later, Jamie. Right now I want you to relax and listen to the music." I placed her hands palms up at her sides and draped her body with a large beach towel. Oiling my hands, I began at her feet. Her cute little toes were painted and one even sported a toe ring.

I worked the oil into her heels, soles and finally her toes,pausing to suck on the cutest ones. I then worked her calves, the well toned muscles responding well. When I reached her thighs, I could detect a slight tremor in them. This young lady was really enjoying this.

I bent the knee to check her range of motion, and found I could touch her butt cheek with her heel. Same on the other knee, a very rare thing for the first massage. As I worked the back of her upper thighs, they began to spread.

I arranged the towel to cover her buttocks but leave both thighs exposed. With each move I made on her, the thighs spread slightly more. Only fine wisps of her black curls spread evenly over the folds of her cute pussy. I moved to her head,much to her disappointment and began to massage her scalp and temple areas. Jamie was humming the tune on the player, and as I moved the towel to work her shoulders, she turned her head to my side of the table.

Her hand came from her side to grab my half hard cock and place it in her warm mouth.

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The suction she applied was incredible, and I froze,letting her have her way with me. She was taking long slurps, holding my cock at the base and concentrating on the first several inches. My cock was like stone as she tongued the wide tip,searching for the pre-cum she was so fond of. My hands still worked her spine, which was in fine shape.

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I moved to her buttocks, re-oiling and covering as much area as I could. I would not last long like this. At last she came off it long enough to take in some fresh air. I coaxed her fingers to let go and moved to help her to her back. Again I draped her body with the towel. She would not let it remain, saying she was warm enough,and wanted nothing in my way. I ran my oiled hands lightly over her tummy,taking her breath.

I moved my open palms in slow circles while she calmed down. I let one hand go between the firm breasts,while the other found and cupped her pubic mound.

I massaged one breast then the other, teasing her nipples to full hardness. I let my fingers play just inside her wet hot tunnel,making her smile.

Feeding on a nipple, my fingers explored her again finding she wasn't sore at all. We hadn't really had sex yet, just never got past the foreplay. I licked and kissed my way to her cute navel, a ticklish place when probed by a wet tongue. My fingers had her very wet, a spot already on the sheet. I applied a spermicide, to fight off the chances of pregnancy.

I refused to cover with another condom. Takes all the 'feel' out.This type was strawberry flavored and edible. Moving to the foot of the table, I pulled Jamie down a foot or so to have a better angle. Pushing her thighs up and slightly out, I filled my face with her sweet scent.

I licked her slowly- taking one side at a time, her smell made my cock like stone. She ground her crotch into my mouth, screaming for me to "Please let her cum!" I sucked her clitoris while writing my ABC's on it. When my two middle fingers hooked her G-spot Jamie came so hard I lost my hold inside her.

I stepped to the edge of the table and slapped my thick cock on her pubic bone. Her knees came up and my cock slid just inside her labia. She was so wet I slid inside the tight entrance with relative ease,despite the fact Jamie kept trying to squeeze it out.

I crossed her legs Indian style on my chest. This is one of the best positions for sex in my opinion. It opened her up for exploring or porn caliber sex. My cock was slowly filling her like she could never experience again.Her first time.As I finally bottomed out, I looked to see a couple of inches that wouldn't fit.Jamie was hanging in there,trying to stroke back a few times as we found our 'style'. She seemed to like it in deep,only withdrawing a couple of inches, then back in.

I wanted to pull back till just the head was in, then go back home. We decided on a dozen of each until one of us gives up. I was on the second dozen when Jamie screamed- "I-Im about to cumm again, but I'm not giving up,you know." I nodded and sped up, letting her wring one out to take the edge off.

It amazed me how quickly she could climax once the urge hit her. Her body shook as if shocked a few seconds. I paced myself till the fourth dozen. Jamie had three orgasms by then. I felt my balls climbing into that place they go when men cum really hard. The wide head spread more as I pulsed two or three strong streams deep into her womb. Jamie was yelling- "Yeah-I can feel it! So hot!" She came again with me. I lay forward with my head between her heaving breasts.

Jamie hugged me, then pulled my face up for a kiss. I could feel her muscles pulling,sucking at my cock. I pulled back a few inches and pushed again. "Oh God,Dano please fuck me more!" Even though my cock was numb at the moment, I stood, picking Jamie up with me.

She remained impaled on my cock as I walked. I even stopped and opened us a bottled water. We shared a few sips and lay on the huge bed. I rolled to my back, pulling the tight teen onto my chest. My cock had popped free and was trying to nap.

She took another sip of water and spun around on me into the classic 69 position. Her sweet lips slipped over the head and down the shaft as her hand stroked the lower part. My lips and tongue were all inside her inner thighs, way up near her dripping pussy.

I would suck a moment on a tender spotthen move to the next place, keeping the suction strong and rolling my long tongue. Jamie's attempts to deep throat me were impressive, but she fell short by a few inches.

She hunched her hips into a spot that allowed me to rim her cute anus. As I probed the entrance with the tip of my tongue,she backed up on it to trap half my tongue inside her nether region. Her whole body shook as she gagged off my cock, screaming for me to eat her out, anally.

I am still shocked at most people's lack of knowledge of this area. Most all the nerve endings responsible for orgasm are centered in and around the inside of the anus. I bottomed my thick tongue out inside her ass as she rolled her cheeks and held them open with her hands,to get maximum pleasure from it. Two spurts of clear liquid came from her vagina as she squealed---"I -I'm c-cummminggg!!" Jamie's asshole spasmed around my tongue, giving her the first anal orgasm of her life.

She fell limp on me.

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Her hand was still around my stiff cock, squeezing gently. I stroked my long tongue several more times while she shook, then pulled it out to attack her clit and labia. I spun her back around for some serious penetration. Jamie held my cock at just the right angle and began to slide down onto the thick shaft.

With all the cum she had in her, she bottomed out quickly, taking her breath. "God-- I can feel it up behind my navel." she said. My hips started to cut slow circles as hers lifted halfway off my cock and impaled herself again and again.

Her eyes were closed, head thrown back as if she were riding a horse. Holding her palms open on my hairy chest for balanceher speed increased to a blur, quickly bringing us to a simultaneous gut wrenching orgasm, making both of us see the flashes of light on the backside of the eyelids.

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Those are the kind of orgasms that scare you.Just when you think it couldn't get any better, it does. Jamie's screams were muffled into my chest as she fell forward, her tight, wet vagina milking thick jets of juice from my spasming cock.

We both curled into each others arms as our orgasms wound down.


We slept that way till she had to leave that night at 9:30pm. She slipped out the door, saying she would see me by 4pm tomorrow. She was expected to go to church with her Nanny.