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Latino rsquo_s fucking hard and rough bareback
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Jane Jetson, Astro and the Paper-Lad BY Docker5000 Jane Jetson was taking a long hot relaxing shower; George and the rest of her family were still asleep.

She quietly slipped out of her shower and dried herself on a large towel. She then slipped on a white short white dressing gown, and walked into the kitchen. Rosie the robotic maid was busily preparing their breakfasts. Jane said "good morning" to Rosie. Rosie turned to look at Jane then said. "Good morning Mrs.

Jetson." Jane then asked Rosie "if she needed any help preparing the breakfast." Rosie quickly informed Jane "that everything was nearly ready." Jane just smiled at Rosie then left the kitchen. She remembered before getting Rosie that she had to do all the cooking and cleaning herself. Now everything was done by Rosie.

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And Jane was forced to admit, that Rosie was a great cook and a very good housekeeper. The apartment had never been cleaner. Jane walked to the large front window and looked outside. The day looked bright and warm. Jane then walked back into the kitchen and poured herself a fresh cup of hot coffee.

She then went out onto the balcony to enjoy her coffee and the morning sun. She lived on the top floor of Skypad luxury apartment complex in Orbit City on Earth.

Jane and her husband George had paid for the apartment with the insurance money from her father's death. He had been killed in a freak accident, so the insurance payout was huge. Jane's mother had given her the money to make sure that she and her children always had a roof over their heads.

As her husband George was always getting fired from his job.


The apartment was in her name only. Jane sat at the breakfast table on her balcony watching the traffic fly past. She crossed and uncrossed her legs as she watched the space cars go whizzing past her. Her dressing gown had opened a little bit displaying more cleavage then she wanted anyone to see. Just then the paper-lad on his rocket cycle came over to her balcony. He was intending to throw her newspaper onto her balcony. Jane then got up and walked to the edge of the balcony.

Her dressing gown now slipped open as she walked to the edge of the balcony exposing both her big breasts to the lad on his rocket cycle. The boy just stopped in mid throw and stared at her big titties. Jane quickly looked down and realized that her dressing gown was now open. She quickly pulled it to, and fastened the belt tighter. Jane and the lad exchanged a few shy smiles at each other.

He then tossed her newspaper to her and sped off on his rocket cycle. Jane smiled to herself as she watched the boy speed away from her. She then turned around and sat back down at the breakfast table and continued to drink her coffee. A few minutes later Rosie came onto the balcony carrying some fresh croissants and a pot of hot coffee. Rosie quickly put the croissants and coffee down on to the table, she then returned to the kitchen.

George Jetson was finally awoken by the buzzing of his alarm clock. He looked at the clock it was 7am and time to get up. He tiredly stumbled into the shower; the warm water soon had him feeling better. Once George had finished with his shower he quickly got dressed into his business suit. He then went to look for Jane. He found her drinking coffee on the balcony. George quickly sat down at the breakfast table and poured himself a large cup of hot coffee. Jane smiled lovingly at her husband and handed him the morning newspaper.

Jane and George enjoyed a quiet few moments before Elroy and Judy joined them on the balcony and started to devour the croissants. This was a typical morning in the Jetson family household. Once everyone had finished their breakfasts, Jane reminded her husband that he had to drop the kids off at school.

As her car was in the garage getting a full service. George pulled a funny face at his wife. Jane just smiled at him. George hated taking the kids to school; it meant he got caught in all the morning traffic.

George looked at his expensive wrist watch then said to Judy and Elroy. "Both of you go get your things we leave in 5 minutes sharp." Both Judy and Elroy just smiled at their mother. Jane just winked at them. They both then rushed off to their own bedrooms to gather up their school bags. George once again looked at his wrist watch; he then passionately kissed Jane on her full red lips then went to wait for the kids at the apartment front door.

A couple of minutes later both Judy and Elroy joined their father at the front door. They all called out "goodbye." To Jane and were gone. Jane remained sitting at the balcony table drinking her coffee and watching everybody going rushing past. A few minutes later she saw her husband's space car lift off and heading into the busy morning traffic. She continued to drink her coffee and watch her husband's space car disappear into the morning traffic.

Jane finally finished her own breakfast; she then left the balcony and went into her bedroom. Rosie the robotic maid came out of the kitchen and on to the balcony and retrieved the dirty breakfast plates and cups and took them into the kitchen.

Within a few minutes every think was clean and back in its own place. Once Jane was inside her own bedroom she quickly stripped off her small dressing gown. Jane had decided that it was time, that she started doing her morning exercises once more.

She had noticed that she had put on a few pounds. Luckily for her the extra couple of pounds, just made her curvy body look sexier.

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She started to look through her draws for her leotard. Jane looked through every one of her draws but she still could not find it. She then remembered that she ripped it the last time she wore it. Jane was determined that she was going to do some exercises this morning. She considered going to buy a new leotard but she knew that she would end up going shopping and not do any exercises at all.

She continued to look through her draws, she found an old white bra and a pair of old white panties. She quickly put these on and looked at herself in her full length mirror.

She now remembered why she did not wear these any more. They were so old that the material had worn making both of them nearly transparent. Her nipples and her shaved pussy could easily be seen through the material of the bra and panties.

Jane walked back into the living room. And stood in front of the large TV video screen. She told the apartment computer to find her favourite exercise channel. Soon the large TV was displaying be exercised channel. Jane now started to match the movements of the woman on the TV screen. Her big boobs would bounce up and down as she stretched and bent over to the exercises on the TV screen.

Her body was now covered with sweat. Astro had been watching his mistress all the time as she went through her exercise routine. Jane continued to exercise for just over 1 hour; she finally collapsed onto the large leather sofa panting heavily. Her body was covered in sweat. Her bra and panties were now soaked with her own sweat and were now completely transparent. Jane laid half collapsed on the large leather sofa her legs were wide open.

The material of her small panties had ridden up, and the thin material of her panties were now in-between her pussy lips. Astro who had been watching his mistress exercised with keen interest now trotted over to her and put his head in-between her wide open legs and started to sniff at her sweaty crotch.

Jane did not know that Astro was between her sweaty thighs until she felt his long tongue on her sweat soaked panties. He was running his tongue up and down her pussy slit. She tried to close her thighs but it was impossible with Astro between her legs. Jane tried to push his head from between her thighs.

She was now screaming at him to stop.


Astro continued to lick at Jane's groin the taste of her sweat and the liquid that had started to run out of her pussy was delicious to him. Jane finally stopped trying to push Astro away from her pussy. His tongue was now licking up and down her cunt lips and flicking at her clit. Jane could feel her juices starting to flow from her now very aroused pussy. Astro could tell that Jane's behaviour had suddenly changed. Her breathing was coming hard and fast, and she had also spread her legs wide open.

Astro was now trying to push his tongue into Jane's pussy. Jane was now moaning softly as Astro continued to lick at her cunt. Jane could feel Astro trying to get his tongue into her pussy. She grabbed her small thin panties and quickly ripped them from her pussy. Jane cried out loud with pleasure when she felt Astros tongue on her bare pussy. Jane wanted Astros tongue inside her pussy she reached down and pulled open her pussy lips. Astro quickly took advantage of her open pussy and soon had his tongue deep in her now wet cunt.

He greedily started to lap at her pussy juice that was now pouring out of her wet cunt. Jane kept bouncing her pussy up onto his tongue, so that he would continue to flick her clit as he continued to lap up her pussy juices. Jane was so aroused that she was fondling her own breasts through the thin material of her bra.

Dennis Anderson was the paper-lad that Jane had accidentally flashed her big knockers at. He had just finished his morning paper round and was running late as usual. Dennis had just turned 18 and attended the same school as Jane's daughter Judy.

In fact Dennis had a crush on the 16 year old Judy who was in the high school cheer leading squad. Dennis had been so impressed by Judy's mother's big tits that he had decided to go past her apartment on his way to school. Jane was now thrusting her pussy up onto Astros tongue, as he continued to lap at her cunt. She was now on the verge of a powerful orgasm, she was screaming at Astro to lick her faster. The Dog couldn't understand Jane, but he did understand that the faster he licked her more of this delicious juice he got.

So he was now licking her very fast. Jane was thrusting about on the sofa as Astro continued to expertly eat out her pussy. Jane suddenly grabbed Astros head and kept his tongue on her clit as she had the most wonderful orgasm she nearly screamed the house down.

Rosie came rushing out of the kitchen and asked her mistress if everything was OK. Jane just laid on the sofa all covered in sweat she could not answer Rosie for a few seconds. She finally smiled at Rosie and said everything was OK. Rosie then returned to the kitchen. Jane wrapped her arms around Astros head and gave him a big hug; she then started to kiss him on his head.

Jane was telling him that he was a. "Very good boy." Jane then noticed that Astro had a massive hard on. She looked strangely at his big red prick.

Jane figured that it must be at least 11 inches long and nearly 3 inches thick. With a funny looking big knot at the end of his prick. Astros prick was sort of tapered at the end; Jane could see a couple of small drops of pre-cum dripping from his prick. Jane quickly led Astro to the big fur rug in front of the main apartment window. She quickly took off her bra now she was completely naked.

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Jane wanted Astro to drip his pre-cum onto her big ripe tits. Jane now positioned herself directly under Astros belly she then grabbed hold of his big prick.

Astro winched and wined a little bit as Jane took hold of his prick. Jane was now directly under his belly. She held both of her big breasts together and would laugh and giggled to herself every time a drop of Astros pre-cum landed on them. She would then rub his cum into her big tits.

Jane now started to wonder what his pre-cum and of course his spunk would taste like. And without her consciously knowing about it her face got closer to his prick. Jane now very slowly let her tongue out of her mouth. Her tongue was only about 1 inch from Astro's prick. Jane held her tongue under Astros prick but did not touch it, just then a single drop of pre-cum landed on it.

Jane quickly brought her tongue back into her mouth. Jane swirled her tongue around her mouth savouring the strange taste of Astro's per-cum. Jane then smiled to herself the taste was strange but not bad.

Infact she quite enjoyed the strange flavour and texture of his pre-cum. Jane had an over powering urge to taste Astro's prick.

She finally gave in to her desires; she very gently put her tongue on to his big prick. She felt his prick twitch under her touch. His prick on her tongue felt odd but it also felt and tasted good. Jane now took more of his prick into her mouth until she had him completely down her throat. Jane was a virgin when she married her husband and George's prick had been the only one that she had ever sucked on.

Astro remained perfectly still his mind trying to realise what was happening to him. The feel of his mistress's mouth on his prick felt absolutely wonderful. Jane was now slowly pulling her mouth off Astros big prick much to his disappointment. She would then flick her tongue across his funny tapered cockhead, and then plunged his prick back down her throat.

Astro was now whimpering quite loudly as his mistress continued to suck his prick. Jane was now really sucking on Astros prick she had also three fingers buried in her cunt. And was fingering herself as she sucked off her pet dog. Jane absolutely loved the taste of Astros prick and quickly realized this would not be the last time she sucked on this delicious tasting dog prick. Dennis was flying his rocket cycle back towards Jane Jetson's apartment complex. He was hoping to catch a quick glimpse of her big tits again.

As Dennis approached her large front living room window he had to quickly slam on his brakes. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Judy's beautiful Mother Jane was completely naked.

Laying under her big pet dog and sucking on his prick while using her fingers to fuck her own pussy. Dennis had watched loads of porn films butt had never seen anything so erotic in his entire young life. He quickly pulled his cell phone out of his coat pocket and started to film everything he was seeing. Jane was greedily sucking on Astros delicious tasting prick. But she suddenly wanted him inside her aching cunt. Jane reluctantly pulled her mouth from his hot prick teasing his cockhead a few times with her tongue by swelling it around and over his sensitive cockhead.

She then quickly gave both his big balls a quick kiss and lick. Astros prick was shooting out more pre-cum all the time. Astro whimpered and barked at Jane when she stopped sucking on his prick he really liked the feel of her hot mouth on his Dick. Jane took hold of Astros head and kissed him on his lips forcing her tongue into his mouth. Astro responded by licking Jane's face with his own big tongue.

Jane opened her mouth so his tongue could play with her own. Jane and Astro continued to French kiss each other for a few minutes.

Jane was getting so hot that she needed to be fucked hard and fast, and she needed it now. Jane quickly took a cushion off the sofa and put it on the floor in front of her. She then got into the doggie position with her nice shapely bottom up in the air, and her arms crossed resting on the soft cushion in front of her.

Astro was walking around her whimpering he was confused, he would stop and lick at her pussy then walk around her again. Jane was getting a little frustrated she wondered why Astro didn't jump up and fuck the shit out of her.

Jane was talking softly to Astro asking him to mount her. She was also shaking her bottom from side to side. She could feel her own pussy juice running out of her very wet cunt and landing on the expensive thick fur rug. She had never wanted to be fucked so badly in her entire life. She was now begging Astro to fuck her. She was promising him anything he wanted as long as he would give her the fuck of her life.

Astro continued to walk around her, Jane was now furiously fingering her own pussy. It was now leaking pussy juice that dripped onto her expensive fur rug and the smell of her wet cunt filled the apartment. Finally Astro walked behind her and started once more to lick at her wet cunt. Jane moaned when she felt is tongue going deep into her wet pussy. Once again she begged him to fuck her. Dennis who had been watching everything through the large living room window and recording it on his cell phone.

Looked at his fuel gauge on his rocket cycle he was getting quite low on fuel but he did not want to miss anything. He quietly manoeuvred he's rocket cycle and landed it on the balcony, knocking the breakfast table and chairs over. However both Jane and Astro were too busy to hear him.

Jane had left the balcony door open Dennis now quietly sneaked into the living room, and got himself in a good position so he could watch and continue to film everything that happened Astro suddenly stopped licking at Jane's pussy much to her disappointment. He then suddenly mounted her. Jane had to brace herself as Astro was a very large dog.

Astro then quickly started to thrust his groin up against Jane's bottom. She could feel his big prick stabbing at her pert little bottom. Astro was trying furiously to find the mark but kept missing it.

Jane was getting frustrated she finally grabbed his big prick and guided it into her warm wet pussy. Astro instantly started to thrust furiously driving his prick deep into Jane's wet cunt. Jane gasped in pleasure Astro did not have much of a technique, but the speed and force of his thrusts was getting her wet and Jane loved it.

Astro now had his front paws wrapped around Jane's body and he was furiously fucking her with his big doggie prick. Dennis, who was watching everything from his hiding place, couldn't resist the urge any longer. He quickly undid his shorts and pulled out his own prick and started to Jack off as he watched this woman getting fucked by the dog.

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Dennis loved watching her big breasts bounce up and down as Astro thrust into her wet cunt. Jane was making so much noise that Rosie came out of the kitchen to investigate. Rosie just stood watching Astro making love to Jane; she really didn't understand what was going on. Jane so Rosie stood watching her. Rosie was fitted with a built in video camera. Jane told Rosie to start filming what was happening, she decided she wanted a permanent reminder of this wonderful fuck.

Rosie instantly started to film what was happening. Jane was telling her to make sure that she got some good close up shots of Astros prick going in and out of her wet cunt.

Dennis continued to pound on his own prick, he had to bite his own lip to stop himself from moaning out and being discovered. Jane's body now glistened with her own sweat. Astro continued to furiously fuck her. Rosie continued to film everything that was happening.

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Jane had already had a couple of small orgasms. Now Astro made one almighty thrust and got his knot into Jane's cunt. This caused Jane to have a very powerful orgasm indeed. Astro now started to cum deep inside Jane's well fucked pussy. Every time Astro shot some spunk into her cunt Jane had another small orgasm. This continued for a few minutes Jane couldn't take anymore she thought her cunt was going to explode.

Finally Astro stopped spunking into her wet cunt. Jane could feel his spunk leaking out of her pussy and running down her leg. Astro now jumped off Jane's back much to her relief. However her relief soon turned to pain as Astro tried to pull his prick from her cunt. Astro continued to pull his prick from Jane's pussy.

Jane's body was racked with sheer pain, but she also continued to orgasm as well. Rosie not being told to stop continued to film everything that happened. Dennis had also cum all over himself, but he also continued to film everything on his cell phone.

Jane was now facing one way and Astro was facing the other. He still had his prick stuck in her wet cunt and continued to pull it out of her pussy causing Jane both pain and pleasure at the same time. Astro was now really pulling at his prick and he whimpered every time he tried to get it out of her cunt.

Jane was in both agony and ecstasy at the same time. However she realized that Astro had started to panic. Jane quickly told Rosie to grab Astro by his collar and stop him from pulling out of her. Jane started to talk softly to Astro finally she managed to get him to calm down and stand still.

Astro and Jane stayed like this for the next 15 minutes all the time Jane continued to talk softly to Astro. She could feel his prick start to go down in sighed her pussy. Finally he pulled his prick from her pussy with a loud popping sound. Astros dog spunk came rushing out of her cunt. Jane didn't want to waste any of the dog spunk that was pouring out of her pussy. She quickly looked around the room. Standing on the small coffee table was a crystal bowl.

Jane told Rosie to quickly hand her the bowl. Rosie did as she had been instructed and pass the bowl to Jane. Jane quickly emptied the contents of the bowl which where expensive Belgian luxury chocolates that George had bought her as a gift. She then placed the large bowl under her pussy to catch all of Astros dog spunk. Astro was now trotting back to his basket. Jane could see that his prick was still covered with his delicious dog spunk.

Jane now positioned herself in a squatting stance with the bowl still under her pussy catching the spunk that was still dripping from her well fucked cunt. She then called Astro back over to her. Astro came over to Jane wagging his tail in a friendly manner his big prick bobbing under his belly as he trotted towards her. Once Astro was up to her Jane once again took his prick in her hands. She lovingly rubbed her hands up and down his prick.

She then lowered herself a little bit more on to the now half full bowl and bobbed her head under Astros belly and took his prick back into her hot mouth. Astro again began to whimper as Jane ran her tongue lovingly up and down his prick. Jane continued to suck and lick at his big prick and hairy balls until she was certain that she had licked up every last drop of his delicious dog spunk. Finally Jane let Astros prick out of her hot mouth. Astro then turned and gave her face a hot sloppy kiss with his big red tongue.

He then went back to his basket got in it and went to sleep. Jane looked at her pet dog and said to herself. "Men they are all the same they blow their load, then go to sleep." She then started to laugh to herself.

Jane now stood up and picked up the bowl full of Astros dog spunk. Jane put her tongue into the bowl lapping up a large blob of the now thick dog spunk. She played with it in her mouth for a few moments then swallowed it with a smile. Rosie was still filming all the action. As was Dennis from his hiding place. Jane then turned and carried the bowl into the kitchen followed by Rosie.

Once Jane and Rosie were out of sight and in the kitchen Dennis realized that he had better get going before he was discovered. He quietly got back onto the balcony. Dennis quickly climbed back aboard his rocket cycle and disappeared into the morning sky. Rosie thinking that she heard something coming from the balcony went to investigate. She found the table and chairs all over the balcony.

She quickly rearranges the furniture and then went back to continuing filming Jane in the kitchen. When Rosie had got back into the kitchen Jane was just putting the bowl of Astros dog spunk into the refrigerator.

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When Jane turned and so Rosie looking at her. Jane smiled at Rosie then said. "Are you still filming me?" Rosie informed Jane that "she was still filming everything." Jane smiled again at Rosie and told "her that she could stop." Rosie's video camera was built into her left eye so it was hard to tell if she had stopped or not. Jane then walked back into the living room retrieved her dressing gown and put it on. Rosie followed Jane into the living room. Rosie then asked Jane "if she wished her to start cleaning up the room?" Jane looked around the room; the expensive fur rug was stained with dog's spunk.

The room also smelled of sex and sweat.

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Jane told Rosie first to transfer the full recording she had made to Jane's personal computer in her bedroom. Jane quickly told Rosie the access code so she could send the film to her computer. Rosie now informed Jane that the film had been successfully sent to her personal computer in her bedroom. Jane smiled at Rosie then told her to delete the recording from her internal memory.

Rosie had deleted the recording then told Jane that the recording had been completely deleted.


Jane then informed Rosie that she was not to mention this to anyone. She told her that it was a priority command. Rosie informed Jane that she understood the priority command and would not mention it to anyone. Jane then smiled at Rosie and asked her to start cleaning up the living room while she went and got a hot long shower. The End.