Chica se masturba en el parque

Chica se masturba en el parque
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This happened with me while I was posted in London on an assignment. A bit about myself, I Salman was in my late 20's during that time and am quite decent to look at. Maybe not star material but have a face & figure that will get a second glance from girls. I was staying in a shared apartment.


It has 3 bedrooms, one occupied by me, another by a girl from India and the third was vacant. The girl was Jessica (Jess) and she was working as a PR executive in Central London. To tell you a bit more about her, she was the most hot looking girl I had even seen in my life. Large, brown eyes, very fair, a well endowed body with curves at the right places. She had the most perfect pair of breast which along with her buxom bottom made her irresistible to any one, male or female. She was always dressed immaculately and had a sensuous voice to go with the divine figure of hers.

I used to masturbate thinking about her almost every day but did not have courage to take the next step and tell her about how I feel. As we shared a common toilet, I would always use it after her, to smell her soiled thongs, the smell of her pussy along with sweat and her piss used to drive me crazy and I would masturbate multiple times sometime.

She always bought the best undergarments and her brawhich was 38DD was designer and quite expensive. Due to the nature of her work, she used to come home quite late and I would share my dinner with her. Most of the time she would refuse but the day she had it with me we would discuss about work only but it was the best time of my day. Unfortunately she had a boyfriend named Andy, who was her colleague and I knew she used to have sex with him. Sharing a common bedroom wall I often heard them having phone sex where she used to say his name, moan and pleasure herself.

One day I was not feeling that well and I came home early. I saw Andy's car parked outside and thinking both of them would be inside I opened the lock softly and made my way inside. While going up to my room I saw that Jessicas' door was not properly closed, maybe she did not expect that I would be back early.

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Then I saw the most amazing site, she was on top of him and was riding like an experienced pro. I could see her shapely thighs holding Andy as a prisoner while she took control and went up and down in a frenzy. Her boobs like big melons, free from the bondage swayed from side to side. She arched her body backwards taking full of Andy's manhood and started moaning loudly.

I could feel my penis ready to bust out and I had trouble keeping it inside my trouser. After some time, Andy lifted his body and both of them in a tight hug while still fucking the brains out of each other, locked their lips. Jess was on his lap while he was on the bed with his hands on her breast, squeezing the life out of them.

Then from the corner of her eyes Jess saw me and I froze, but instead of surprise she just smiled as if she enjoyed me watching her being fucked. She closed her eyes and went about kissing Andy. Suddenly she arched her body backwards and had quite a few involuntary movements, she had come.

Andy then lifted Jess from the bed, pinned her to the wall and started pounding her like a bull.

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After 10 min or so he jerked his cum into her pussy. While he came, Jess again looked at me and smile. I ran to my room and must have masturbated some 3 4 times that night. Next morning we had a coffee and no one spoke about the evening before. I though I had lost my chance and cursed myself. May be destiny had other plans. After a fortnight or so when I came home, I saw Jess sitting in front of telly with a glass of vodka, she had a tissue with which she was wiping her eyes. I was not sure what happened and just sat beside her.

She kept quiet for some time and then said that she is through with Andy.

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How she found that she was also seeing another girl and broke off with him. She has almost finished the bottle and was quite tipsy. She offered me a glass and even though I don't drink I accepted. She was wearing only a tank top and really skimpy shorts and was driving me nuts.

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Out of nothing she said, she noticed that I was watching when she was having sex with Andy the other day and asked did I like what I say.

I froze for a moment as I did not know what to say, but finally said yes I liked it. She looked at me straight for about a minute or so and then said would he I like to make love to her. I almost choked on my drink as it was like my wildest dreams were about to come true. How could I say no and almost instantaneously said yes.Like a women possessed she pulled my collar and started kissing me. She applied a lot of pressure on my lips and stuck her tongue inside my mouth while holding my head steady with her hands.

I tasted her saliva inside me and the softness of her tongue itself drove me crazy. I sucked it like my life depended on it. I increased the intensity of my kiss and he left a soft moan, she was liking it and was getting hotter. She tilted her head back while keeping her eyes closed and I moved to her neck.

The soft spot on her neck smelled of her perfume which even excited me further. I kissed her behind the eyes and all over the neck.

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She went back on the sofa and was almost lying on her back. Sensing my moment I started feeling her breast, she arched her body a bit and was liking my touch.

I slid my hands inside her top and touched her in flesh, it was the softest boobs that I had felt in my life. With one swift moment I lifted her top over her boobs and let them free. The site was mesmerizing, the most perfect fair 38DD melons with large dark brown nipples. The nipples were pointing to the heaven and huge in size, it covered the top of her boobs like a perfect fit.

I squeezed her melons like a baker kneads bread, it must have been painful for her but she kept on moaning and enjoying my touch. She placed her hands behind my head and guided my mouth to her nipples. I started sucking them with as much force as I could and within moments it became erect and huge. I must have been doing this for 5 min moving from one tits to another and my sucking had made them huge and fulsome.

Now I was hungry for her and could not be stopped and made my next move. I kissed her perfectly flat stomach and licked her navel, she was enjoying this and the movement of her body suggested that she wanted more.

I felt Jess lifting her bum, which meant that she wanted to be free of the stuff that was covering her modesty. I removed her short and could not believe my eyes. She was wearing her red thong. It was the skimpiest one that I had ever seen with just enough to cover her pussy and a simple string that went all around her sexy waist and through her asshole.

She always kept her pussy shaved and well cleaned. She opened her legs to give me a better view of her inner thighs and her pussy. I smelled her vagina and it gave me a big kick. I started kissing her milky inner thighs and with each kiss I could feel her muscles relaxing and legs opening a bit further. Taking courage I started moving closer to her sweet spot and started kissing almost next to her fabulous vagina.

I slid my finger inside her thong and touched her vagina and it was a feeling that just cannot describe. I moved the cloth covering her pussy to the side and smelled deeply the horny aroma.

I admired the pussy for some time and then starting from the bottom with an upward moment licked it all the way up to the top. Jess shivered like she was naked in a room full of ice, she was liking it and I was not about to give up now. I licked her like a hungry dog, each lick stronger that the last, penetrating deeper and deeper insider her pussy. Whenever my tongue touched her pussy she used to let a soft moan out.

After a while she said can I do the same to her asshole and I did not even answer. With my strong arms I lifted her and turned her around. The red thong just vanished inside her big crack, the bums were huge but shapely. There was a big birth mark on one of them and it made the view even more appealing.

I was so hot that instead of opening her thong I ripped it apart. She was not expecting this and was surprised and excited as she look at me with approval that she loved this gesture from me. I kissed her bum especially on her birth mark and went straight for her anus. The smell was even more intoxicating than her pussy, and my tongue started with the outer walls of her hole. With each stroke of my tongue she squeezed her bum and it drove me crazy. I finally pushed my tongue inside her anus and she moved her bum closer to my face.

Jess turned back and said, 'take me from behind'. This was more that enough for me, I positioned my 8 inch lund and readied to ride the bitch. Jess lifted her bum upwards while positioning herself on fours (palms and knees). I spread her bum and got a wide view of her magnificent gaand and hole.

Slowly I started entering her from behind. Jess had not expected my lund to be so huge and was feeling a bit pain while I was entering, at one point she tried to avoid anal penetration but I was not to be stopped. I grabbed her waiststeadied her and with one simultaneous push, bring her bum towards me while I pushed my lund forward entered her completely.

She let out a painful cry ' O God, my anus will bust open' and tried to push forward. I held her firmly at her waist, and started fucking her. Once she got used to my lund, the resistance was less and she started enjoying it. She looked back at my eyes and smiled while I was pounding her like maniac. My hands cupped her breast and my lund ensured that I touched the deepest area of her anus.

She lifted her lead and I pulled her back by her hairs, riding her like a horse. I slapped her bum with my right hand, pulling her hair with left (like reins of horse) while fucking her.

After about 15 min I felt her body shaking and I knew she had come. I increased the intensity of my fucking and with one final push, unloaded all my cum in her hole. I was so hot that it must've squirted and sprayed the deepest corner of her ass hole. I pulled my lund out and then realized that both of us were drenched in sweat.

Jess turned around started licking the cum from my penis. She licked it dry and then looked at me while she was sucking my cock. I realized what the bitch was up to, she wanted more and was getting me aroused again. Her mouth did wonders and I never thought that I could get a hard on so soon. She was sucking like a pro creating a vacuum around my penis that aided quick arousal. When it was hard she said ' why leave the pussy wanting, fuck me'.

I lifted her waist and guided my tool to her already moist pussy. It was heaven for me and I never thought that I could fuck such a goddess.

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My lund stretched her vaginal walls and entered her completely. She took me completely and locked her legs around my waist. Now I was her prisoner she would not let me free till she was satisfied. I started fucking her slowly at first and then with quick motion, she kept pressing my back with her legs so that my lund could go deeper in her pussy. I fucked her for about 5 min and she released her grip and got up. She pushed me down on the floor spread my legs and guided my lund in her pussy with she on top of me.

I guess this was the position that gave her control over sex session and she loved to control things. She moved like a women in a trance with movements that touched her deep and everywhere wherever she wanted. My cock was at its maximum erection and was loving what this movement was doing to me.

I opened my eyes and say the most lovely view. My goddess riding me and her boobs going all around.

As she was about to come she lifted me while still being on top of me and kissed me. At the same time she dug her nails deep into my back and arched back, she had come again. I pushed her down and began my final thrust, coming maybe 2 min after she had come.

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We hugged each other and relished the moments after such lovely sex session. Our bodies were soaked in sweat and the mat below was completely wet. She kissed me and thanked me for making love to her.


I said that I am the one who is thankful and wanted this since the day I moved in and say her. She said that she knew this and from now on we would be lovers. We got up and took a warm bath together and I slept with her in her bed, naked with our bodies pressed against each other.

We were like teenagers who have found new fuck mates and made love twice again that night. This was how my dream of fucking my sex goddess came true.