Charlotte stokely whitney wright fake doctor

Charlotte stokely whitney wright fake doctor
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Lucky dog Ch3: Car Job Girl Angela was a vet and one of the best in her field. She worked long hours. Lucky, one of her dogs, had been given a human set of nuts. He might have been given the spirit of a man's horniness in the process. Angela was at work today and Lucky knew how to get out. Angela had missed a period and hadn't been giving him what she might have. Lucky's balls felt heavy and he wanted to find himself a nice beautiful girl to relieve himself in.

This brings us to Tammy. Tammy was a thin teenager. She had perky A cup breasts and straight blond hair that came down to her shoulders. Her legs were long and thin and she had a nice curve in her hips.

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Tammy was a flirt. She didn't sleep with boys, but she had let them put their hands on her a number of times. She knew that the boys were trying to crack her with their nuts, but she loved the attention. She had actually made a game of it. She pushed the boys as far as she thought that she could go and then left them.

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She knew she was never going to get raped because her father was a cop, and if they did she would turn them in. Eventually she knew she was going to mess up and get fucked, but that just made it more exciting. Today she was just getting off of class. Her boyfriend of the moment was driving. He was a tall and muscular guy from the soccer team. He had great legs and an ass that could crack a walnut. He was in shorts, tall socks, shoes, and a jersey. "You want the top down?" He had a nice car, and that helped also.

He was a good driver.

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His hands were at two and ten. His attention was on the road. He was driving under the speed limit. It was time to play. "No," she responded, "today I'd rather have it up." She leaned over and placed her hand on his cock through his shorts. This was what she considered a safe encounter. He was restrained by his attention to the road and couldn't escalate anything on his own.

She on the other hand was free to do just about whatever she wanted. Tammy's hands made their way inside his pants. Her thumb rubbed the side of his cock below the head and her pointer curled around the other side. Her hands were cool but not cold and her skin was soft and smooth.

Her hands stroked up and down and her thumb and finger gently pinched. His cock was a respectable six incher.

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Tammy preferred this length and thickness. It was about average for the guys she went after and a bit large among the serious athletes. Some girls lusted after the nine inch monsters, but those were the real sluts who had already stretched themselves out on everything smaller.

One of Tammy's friends was the sort who had given sex a lot of serious thought. She had done a half dozen guys, but all of them were six inchers. She said that by picking six as the magic number she could be happy with more guys and wouldn't stretch herself out.

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Anything smaller and it couldn't do all of the tricks that sex demanded. Anything larger and the head wouldn't bump against her G spot.


Her boyfriend's cock was hard, hot, and throbbing. It was time to turn up the tension. She unbuckled her seat belt and leaned over. The steering wheel was against the back of her head and her breath was hot and heavy against his stimulated member.


Tammy wanted to stimulate him to the point where he was going nuts but not enough that he would actually get off. She was rather better at blow jobs than hand jobs. Not that she was a slacker at either, but she wanted to hold him at the edge and that was more easy with her lips than with her hands alone.

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First she would need to see how close he was. She had pushed him rather far with her hands. While stroking up and down with one hand and stroking his balls with the other she teased the rim of his cock head with the tip of her tongue. Tammy noted that he had big heavy balls.

You can tell when a boy is going to cum in many ways. His balls contract at the last moment. The shaft throbs intensely in time with the heart beat.

Many guys will begin thrusting in time with your strokes. When he cums he will do it on your down stroke and his up stroke. .

. usually. This one didn't. The car swerved to the side and its driver groaned. The first blast hit her by surprise in the back of her throat. Cum splattered all over Tammy's face and on her shirt.

He came while pulling his cock back and that just made the mess worse. His balls had only contracted after the first shot and by then it was too late. Damn it all! She had done it wrong.

She would need to practice on this boy a lot over the next few weeks.

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He was going to be a long project. He might even last the month. That meant that she would have to be satisfying now. Her warm wet mouth closed on his shaft and she began gently but firmly sucking. She would have to totally drain his balls. She sucked and swallowed the next few loads. Each one less than the last, but they went on for longer than Tammy would have liked.

The car pulled to a stop just as his cock did. He had driven her straight home like a gentleman.


At least her father wouldn't be home for a while. She could get cleaned up. Looking over at her soccer boy's pants Tammy was horrified. Not only was his cock getting hard again, but his shorts were perfectly clean.

He hadn't gotten a single drop of cum on himself. The clever little cock had splattered all of the sperm all over her face, in her mouth and down her throat instead. She had the grace not to kiss him good bye. She just got out of the car and raced inside before her neighbors could see her cum covered face.

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As she got to the door Mister Soccer offered her his gym towel. Now he offered. She held out her hand and he tossed the towel. He would come by later to pick it up. If she cleaned off with this towel she wouldn't have to explain to her mother why she had covered a towel in cum.