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Amreca girl xnxx defloration porn movies
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"Ariel, I have some buddies coming over to hang out for a while," Jordan said to his stepmom. Ariel looked at her 18 year old stepson sternly, "don't you think you should ask?" Jordan chuckled, "I just did, and told you they were coming over." "That's not asking, that's telling," the 32 year old woman replied.

"Yeah, well they'll be here in about 15 minutes," Jordan replied with a grin. "Well thanks for the heads up, and I will be talking to your dad about this," Ariel replied in disgust. Jordan laughed, "go ahead, you're not my mom, and my dad is just your sugar daddy, and he'll side with me. Besides my dad won't be home until much later on tonight, if not til tomorrow morning." Ariel grew angry, "he is not my sugar daddy, I love your dad, and he loves me." "Pfft, yeah whatever," Jordan said.

Ariel knew her husband, Steve would side with Jordan, because it happened every time, and it disgusted her. She also knew she didn't marry Steve just for his money, she had fallen deeply in love with the much older man, and no matter what her stepson said, she knew the truth about that. "Well all I ask is that you guys keep the noise down, I'm going to take a nap before I have to go to work tonight," Ariel responded in dismay, when the doorbell rang.

"Damn, I guess they were closer than I thought," Jordan chuckled, heading for the door. Ariel rolled her eyes at her stepson, watching him head for the door. She watched the door open and in walked Dustin and Eric, both boys she had met before.

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"Oh hi Mrs. Pratt," Dustin said entering the house, checking out the woman up and down. "Hi Dustin," Ariel responded with a smile. One thing about Jordan's friends, was that they showed her more respect than Jordan ever did. "Hi Mrs. Pratt," Eric said excitedly. "Hi Eric," Ariel said.

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"Now I told Jordan already, but I'm asking you guys to keep it down so I can take a nap." "Yes ma'am," Dustin and Eric responded in unison, before following Jordan up the stairs and towards his room. "Dude, your stepmom is so fucking hot, have you seen her naked yet?" Dustin asked, following Jordan into the room. Jordan shook his head, "naw man, she's a fucking bitch, I wouldn't want to see her naked." "Oh come on man, she seems alright," Eric said, "tell me you haven't thought about wanting to see her tight bod naked." "Fuck no man, she's supposed to be my mom, and I would never want to see her naked," Jordan responded in disgust.

Dustin laughed, "she's your stepmom dude, not your real mom, there's nothing wrong with seeing her naked.

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Besides I'm still trying to figure out how your dad scored such a looker, like her." "She's a gold digger dumbass, she only married my dad for his money," Jordan responded. "You guys didn't come over to talk about the bitch downstairs, so let's just stop talking about her," he said in anger.

"Oh you know your dad taps that every chance he gets," Eric said with a laugh. "Enough guys, that's just disgusting to even think about," Jordan said, turning on the TV and PlayStation. Dustin and Eric picked up their controllers and sat down on Jordan's bed, both of them thinking about the older woman downstairs. Both of them have dreamed about seeing Ariel naked, and fucking her stupid since she had married Steve three years ago, and now that they were 18 and just graduated from high school, their infatuation had grown progressively.

Ariel headed up the stairs, and down the hall, opposite of Jordan's room, ready to take a nap before she had to go to work. She entered her and Steve's bedroom, forgetting to close the door tightly. She shed her pants, and climbed on to the bed, laying down and closing her eyes, hoping she could fall asleep quickly.

Ariel laid there, wondering why her stepson has never liked her, which she found herself doing often. She never tried to discipline him, leaving that up to Steve, but it seemed that no matter what she did, Jordan just hated her.

She slowly drifted off to sleep, not really wanting it to bother her, because she knew Jordan would be out of the house in the fall. Jordan loaded up Call of Duty, and started a map for the three of them to play against each other. They randomly killed each on the game, talking smack at each other, until Dustin ended winning. "Ha ha, got you fuckers," Dustin announced with a laugh.

"Time out guys, bathroom break," Eric said, setting his controller down, heading out the door. He proceeded down the hall, towards the bathroom, directly across from Ariel's bedroom. He entered to do his business, closing the door behind him. "You know dude, I still don't see how your stepmom is a gold digger, I mean she's fucking hot, if I was your dad's age, I would definitely want to tap that any chance I got," Dustin said, looking at Jordan.

"For God's sake, what is your infatuation with that bitch?" Jordan asked in disgust, regretting inviting them over now. "No infatuation, I'm just a horny guy, that sees a hot older woman, that I want to fuck," Dustin answered.

Jordan chuckled, "good luck with that, she's a bitch, and always will be." Eric finished going to the bathroom, flushing the toilet, and exited.

When he entered the hallway he noticed the bedroom door across the way cracked open. He quietly crept up to it, slowly pushing it open even more, trying to peer in without being seen. He froze in place as the door opened, seeing Ariel laying on the bed, on top of the covers, in a slight fetal position.

His eyes went directly towards her firm ass, covered slightly by red bikini panties, his cock immediately began to tingle and rise. Eric stared at the older woman for a bit, realizing this was the closest yet he had come to seeing his infatuation naked.

He slowly pushed the door open a little more, becoming braver. "Mrs. Pratt," he whispered, hoping she didn't respond, rubbing his hardening cock through his jeans. "Jesus what the fuck is taking Eric so long," Dustin grumbled. "He probably had to shit," Jordan laughed. Dustin thought about yelling out for Eric, but then remembered what Ariel had said.

"I'm gonna go find out what's taking him so long," he said, getting up, exiting the room. When Dustin entered the hallway, he quickly saw Eric peering into a room, while rubbing his crotch. 'What the fuck,' he thought to himself, making his way towards Eric. Eric heard someone approaching, and quickly glanced at Dustin walking towards him. "Fuck she's so fucking hot," he whispered at Dustin.

Dustin immediately knew who he was about, walking up next to Eric, peering into the bedroom. "Holy shit," he whispered. "Tell me about it man, this may be our chance to get what we want man," Eric whispered. "No dude, she'll wake up," Dustin responded, his cock quickly growing in his shorts. "Then she'll wake up with my dick inside of her," Eric whispered excitedly.

"Yeah and she can get you for rape dude," Dustin whispered. "Go get Jordan, he's got to see this," Eric whispered in excitement. Dustin chuckled softly, "you actually think he would want to see his stepmom like this. You know he hates her." "Yeah, but I bet he wants to see what I'm about to do to her," Eric whispered, quietly entering the room. "Fuck Eric, get the fuck back here," Dustin whispered as loud as he dared.

Eric crept up next to the bed, directly in front of Ariel, looking back at Dustin with a shit-eating grin. He focused back on the older woman, admiring her. He slowly reached down and cupped her covered left tit, squeezing it lightly, feeling her bra through her shirt. 'Oh shit,' Dustin thought to himself, backing away from the doorway, quickly making his way back to Jordan's room. Eric marveled at the how firm Ariel's tit felt, continuing to fondle it.

He realized her bra may be playing a part in making it feel firm, but at this point he didn't really care. He jumped a little, and quickly pulled his hand away, when she began to stir a little. He froze in place, hoping she didn't wake up and catch him standing there. He watched the older woman roll onto her back, draping an arm across her stomach, and spread her legs slightly.

Eric's cock throbbed against his jeans when he focused his eyes on her covered pussy, noticing a slight camel toe pushing against her panties. "Oh my fucking God," he whispered to himself. "Dude, Eric is fucking up big time, come quick," Dustin announced when he entered Jordan's room.

"What the hell, where have you guys been?" Jordan asked in surprise. "Come on, and you'll find out, Eric has gone crazy," Dustin said, leading Jordan out of the room. They crept down the hall, towards Jordan's parents room, both halting in the doorway, and focusing on the scene in front of them. "What the hell are you doing?" Jordan whispered loudly. Eric grinned at them slyly, his middle finger sliding up and down Ariel's covered slit. "Getting ready to get what I want from your stepmom man," he whispered, unzipping his jeans, pulling his cock through his boxers and zipper of his jeans.

Dustin and Jordan could not believe what they were witnessing in front of them, neither one of them wanting to move. "Dude, no, you can't do that," Dustin whispered in anger.

"She feels so hot, I just want a dip inside," Eric responded, slowly stroking his 8" cock with one hand, while still rubbing his finger against Ariel's covered slit. Ariel felt a finger running over her pussy, feeling herself getting excited.

She cracked her eyes open, wondering what was going on. She immediately saw Dustin and Jordan standing in the doorway, realizing immediately it wasn't Steve. 'Oh my God,' she thought to herself, thinking about opening her eyes fully and looking at the boys. But her eyes drifted towards the direction she assumed the hand was coming from, and was greeted by the sight of Eric's erection.

Her pussy began to itch while she focused on the uncircumcised cock being stroked by it owner. 'Holy shit, he's much bigger than Steve,' she thought to herself.

She was trying to get a grasp on what was going on here, hearing the boys whispering at each other, but not really able to make it out. Her pussy began to take over her thought process, as Eric pushed his finger harder into her slit, her legs beginning to involuntarily tremble in excitement.

'I can't let this happen, this boy is going to rape me, I thought he respected me, and it'd be cheating on Steve,' Ariel said to herself, her pussy beginning to leak now. Ariel was taken aghast when all of a sudden, Eric climbed on to the bed, kneeling between her legs. She thought about yelling at the boy, but held back, finding herself curious about what he was going to try with her. Dustin and Jordan knew they had to get Eric off the bed immediately, but still refused to advance into the room.

They both knew if they didn't do something soon, it was going to be to late. "Get off the fucking bed Eric, you can't do that," Dustin whispered. Eric looked back his friend's quickly, then back at the sleeping woman sprawled out on the bed in front of him. He slowly reached down, and slid Ariel's panties aside as best as he could, exposing her glistening slit to him. Ariel almost gasped aloud, feeling the cool air rush over her overheated pussy.

She knew she should she end this, and should've a long time ago, but it was becoming to late now, watching Eric move over her, his cock pushing against her slit. "Here goes nothing," Eric whispered, holding his cock in his hand, guiding it towards her opening. He pushed forward, looking down as her lips opened, and the head of his cock slip past them.

"Holy shit," Dustin gasped, watching Eric's cock slowly sink into Ariel's pussy. "What the fuck are you doing?" Jordan asked aloud, not caring if it woke up his stepmom. Ariel let a moan escape her, feeling her pussy fill up with Eric's cock. She continued to lay motionless, feeling Eric's jeans brush her pussy lips, enjoying the feeling of his cock buried inside of her. "Man her pussy is so hot and wet guys, and it feels like it's sucking on my dick, fuck," Eric whispered, looking back at his friends, holding his cock buried inside of Ariel.

Dustin and Jordan finally entered the room, knowing that this had gone way to far, and needed to get Eric out of there before Ariel woke up, and they all got in trouble, and maybe possibly arrested. "Get the hell off of her man, get your dick out of her before she wakes up," Dustin whispered angrily. "No way man, her pussy feels way to good," Eric acknowledged, slowly beginning to withdraw his cock, before sinking it back into Ariel.

Ariel knew she wasn't going to be able to fake sleep much longer, as the younger man began to fuck her. She knew it was to late to stop him now, with his cock buried inside of her, and enjoying the feeling of it fucking her, so she decided to enjoy herself.


She started lifting her hips up, to meet his thrusts, feeling her pussy getting even wetter "She fucking likes it guys, she's fucking me back in her sleep," Eric gasped, picking up the pace. Jordan watched his stepmom's hips moving in time with Eric's thrusts, not believing this was actually happening.

His cock throbbed against his shorts, having a mind of its own, enjoying the scene in front of him. He looked up at Ariel's face, noticing a smile, and her eyes open slightly, realizing she was actually awake. "Eric she's awake," he announced in shock. Ariel fully opened her eyes when Jordan made the announcement, knowing he had figured it out.

She looked up at Eric with lust, while he froze in place, as if wondering what her reaction was going to be. "Don't stop, keep going," she urged him on. Eric just stared at her in complete shock, her statement not really registering with him. He thought for sure she would be mad and yell at him to get off of her. When Eric didn't move yet, Ariel put her hands on his ass, pulling him into her. "I said keep fucking me," she moaned. Eric immediately took the hint, and started moving in and out of her again.

He started grunting each time he slammed into her pubic bone, enjoying himself. Dustin was beside himself, the woman he had dreamed about several times, was getting fucked by his best friend, and she was enjoying it. He decided he couldn't let Eric have all of the fun with her, and wanted to try pushing his luck as well with her.

He quickly pushed his shorts and underwear down, kicking them aside. He moved closer to the bed, holding his cock at the base, guiding it towards Ariel. Ariel focused on Eric fucking her, her moans growing louder, an orgasm already growing inside of her. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a cock coming towards her. She looked directly at it, noticing it wasn't quite as long as Eric's, but appeared to be thicker.

She looked up at Dustin with a smile, lust taking over her completely now, opening her mouth wide so Dustin could guide it in. Ariel wrapped her lips around Dustin's shaft, sucking hard on his cock.

She moaned into his cock, moving her head forward and back on it. "Oh my fucking God does she suck a dick real good," Dustin groaned, putting his hands on his hips, moving his hips in time with her head. Eric felt Ariel's pussy getting even tighter around his invading member, causing him to become more forceful with his thrusts. He felt his orgasm growing inside of him already, his balls growing tighter against his body for their release. "Oh fuck, I'm going to cum already," he growled.

Ariel pulled her mouth off of Dustin's cock, looking up at Eric, "you better make me cum first, and don't you dare cum inside of me." She took Dustin's cock back in mouth, sucking on it hard. Jordan still couldn't believe what was happening here, never thinking of her being such a slut. But here she was with his two buddies cocks at each end of her, and she was enjoying it. He started rubbing his crotch, thinking about getting involved in this as well.

Eric moved his hand between him and Ariel, seeking out her clit. When he found the engorged nub, he rapidly started rubbing it with his fingers, feeling her legs bounce and tremble beside him. Ariel quickly pulled away from Dustin's cock again, when Eric found her sensitive clit, focussing on her impending orgasm. "Yes, make me cum, fuck yes," she cried out, squirming on the bed.

Eric felt Ariel's pussy squeeze his cock even tighter, making it hard to hold back from exploding inside of her. He looked down at the woman, slowing his pace, hoping he could hold out from cumming.

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"Cum all over my dick, fuck yes," he growled. Jordan watched his stepmom tremble on the bed, underneath Eric, his own cock growing harder in his shorts.

He quickly shucked his shorts and boxers down, taking his cock into his hand, stroking it, while watching the scene in front of him. "Oh fuck, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, fuck yes," Ariel cried out, arching her back high off the bed. Eric started moving in her spasming pussy again, knowing he should pull out before he came himself.

He watched her in the throes of her orgasm, continuously rubbing her clit. He felt his cock grow even harder, and knew he was at the point of no return. He groaned loudly, forcefully driving into Ariel, not even thinking about pulling out now, unloading his viral seed into her. Ariel continued to cum when she felt Eric's cock start twitching inside of her, her pussy being filled up by his hot cum. "Pull out, don't cum inside of me, pull out," she yelled through her own orgasm.

It was to late for Eric though, he unloaded the entire contents of his balls deep inside the woman, and collapsed on top of her, breathing heavily, his cock still throbbing inside of her as it began to soften. "Fuck that was so good," he groaned breathlessly. Jordan and Dustin were both speechless at what they had just witnessed.

Both of their cock's were now profusely leaking precum, wanting their own turn at Ariel now. "You better hope I don't get pregnant," Ariel said, still catching her own breath, feeling a wetness running down her ass now. Eric slowly pushed himself up, and withdrew, his now flaccid, cock, looking down at her slightly agape, swollen slit, seeing his cum leaking out of her already. "I hope not either, looks like I really filled you up," Eric said softly. "It's my turn at that pussy now," Dustin proclaimed, not batting an eye, pushing Eric aside and climbing on to the bed.

He looked down at Ariel's leaking pussy, at this point, not even caring he was getting sloppy seconds with her. He quickly guided his cock towards her entrance, pushing it in, feeling the warmth and wetness of Eric's cum inside of her.

Ariel started to protest, but sucked in her breath, when Dustin's thicker cock entered her, stretching her freshly fucked pussy even more. She knew this was getting out of hand, but she also knew the other boys would want their turn now, since she didn't stop Eric.

Dustin started pounding Ariel's pussy hard, grunting loudly. "You like taking our dicks huh?" He asked. Ariel could only nod, focusing on the fat dick opening her up. She had never felt so full before in her life, but she was actually enjoying it.

"God your dick is stretching me open," she groaned, looking into his lustful eyes. Dustin didn't pay her any attention, pounding in and out of her hard and fast. Even with Eric's cum already inside of her, he was still getting plenty of friction inside her to build up his own orgasm. Jordan watched Dustin's thick cock move in and out of his stepmom's pussy, noticing the white, frothy film of Eric's cum coating it.

He crawled up onto the bed, next to Ariel's head, waving his cock in front of her. Ariel saw her stepson's cock wave in front her. She focused her eyes on it, studying it. She immediately realized it was bigger than his dad's, but wasn't quite as thick as Dustin's. She opened her mouth for him, and he immediately shoved it in, down to her throat.

She started gagging right away, spit flying out, landing on Jordan's abdomen. She used her hand to push him back slightly, trying to catch her breath as best as she could, with his throbbing member still filling her mouth. Jordan looked down at his cock buried in Ariel's mouth, groaning loudly, "fuck yes, and here I thought you were just a bitch, now you're our fucking slut." Ariel couldn't believe what her stepson had just said, never hearing him say something like that to her or anyone before.

She knew he didn't like her much, but he had never spoken that way to her before. She moaned as she wrapped her lips around his shaft, sucking on it hard. "Yes, that's it, suck my cock, while Dustin fucks your slutty, gold digging, pussy," Jordan groaned, letting out his pent up anger against her.

Dustin looked at Jordan, continuing to slam into Ariel. He knew how Jordan felt about Ariel, so Jordan's words didn't come as a big surprise to him, but it did shock him that he was saying it directly to her. Jordan put his hand on Ariel's head, fucking her mouth hard and fast. He started grunting loudly, enjoying himself. He looked at Dustin with a smile, "fuck I can't believe this is happening, but I did tell you she was a slut." Dustin didn't respond, and looked back down at Ariel sucking Jordan's cock.

He felt his orgasm rising inside of him. He started slamming harder into her pussy, holding himself there for a bit, before pulling back out.


Jordan enthusiastically continued to mouth fuck his stepmom, holding her head place with both hands. "What's dad gonna think when your gold digging pussy is loaded up with all of our cum?" He groaned loudly. Ariel still couldn't believe how Jordan was talking to her, or how he was getting into having his way with her, but she was finding it a turn on in a way, another orgasm quickly growing inside of her.

Tears were streaming down her cheeks from Jordan forcing her to gag on his cock, but it was still very exciting for her. Ariel felt a hand find her clit and start vigorously rubbing it, send electricity through her body, causing her to start trembling with oncoming orgasm. She tried to pull her head back, and free herself of Jordan's grasp before she came, yelling gibberish around his cock. "Mmmmm is your pussy gonna cum all over his cock buried inside of you slut," Jordan groaned, rubbing her swollen clit hard.

"Mmm hmm, mmm hmm," she moaned around his cock, feeling the orgasm beginning of coarse through her. Jordan released Ariel's head, letting her pull off of his cock. "That's it cum on his cock bitch, suck his cum out of him with your dirty pussy," Jordan yelled, watching her jump and tremble on the bed.

Dustin felt Ariel's pussy squeeze tight against his cock, and release it as she came. He felt a flood of wetness surround his cock, dripping down his balls, exciting him. "Fuckkk yes, fuck her pussy is going to make me cum," he growled, slamming into her hard, holding himself there, shooting his cum deep into her.

Dustin slowly started moving in and out of her spasming pussy, continuing to shoot his potent load into her. "Awww fuck yes," he groaned, riding out his orgasm. Eric watched Dustin's cock throb as it emptied the rest of it's contents into the same hole he had already filled, causing his own cock to begin rising again. He saw Dustin's cum begin leaking out, running down Ariel's ass crack, joining his own on the bed.

Dustin slowly withdrew his deflated cock out of Ariel, looking down at her now gaping pussy. He watched it contract and force out more cum, running down onto the bed. "Fuck, that was great," he chuckled, moving off the bed.

Ariel was still breathing heavily, looking up at her stepson. "Now I suppose you want your turn?" "You fucking know it, I definitely want to fuck your slutty pussy," Jordan said, moving between her legs.

"But I want you from behind." Ariel groaned softly, "damn I'm going to be sore for a while." She slowly rolled over onto her hands and knees, looking back at Jordan. Jordan held the base of his cock, pushing the head into her still gapping, leaking hole, feeling the wetness of her juices, and the combined cum of Dustin and Eric.

He withdrew completely, and rubbed the head up and down her creamy lips. "I don't think I'm going to fuck this dirty pussy just yet, I want your dirty ass first," he smiled devilishly. Ariel looked at him in horror, "absolutely not, your dad doesn't even get to do that, it's exit only." Jordan chuckled evilly, "we'll see about that." He put his hands on her ass cheeks, pulling them apart, looking down at her puckered hole.

He moved himself up until the cum covered head of his cock was pushing against it. Ariel knew she had to take control of the situation, before her ass was violated by her stepson. She moved forward away from him, "I said no, this is enough, get your clothes on before I call the police and report the three of you for rape." "Hold her still guys, she's going to be my bitch, and get her gold digging ass fucked," Jordan yelled, grabbing her hips and pulled her back.

Dustin and Eric hesitated for a moment, knowing Ariel could do what she had just said, and they would all end up jail. But they also wanted to help their friend out, and let him get his chance with her, even though they didn't agree with what he was planning on doing. They finally moved on opposite sides of Ariel, and grabbed her shoulders, holding her in place. Ariel looked at the two other boys in terror, not expecting them to help Jordan, after she didn't fight them from fucking her.

She gritted her, knowing it would be useless to fight them, because they were much stronger than her. She also knew that after it was all over, she would be hurting for possibly days, but would have them arrested and gone forever! "Oh yeah, here we go, make sure you relax and breath or it might hurt you," Jordan growled, guiding his cock towards her asshole. He pushed the glistening head of his cock against her puckered hole steadily, waiting for it to open up for him.

He groaned loudly as the head of his cock slipped past her outer ring, steadily pushing it into her rectum. "Ahhh," Ariel cried out, feeling Jordan's cock invade her bowels. "Yeah, that's it, see I told you it wasn't exit only," Jordan chuckled, watching his cock slowly sink into his stepmom's ass. Ariel dropped her head down, "fffuuuccckkk," she groaned, the urge to go to the bathroom coming over her as Jordan's cock fully sank into her.

Jordan groaned louder when his abdomen pushed against Ariel's ass, feeling her rectal muscles squeeze and release around his cock. He held himself there for a while, letting his stepmom get accustomed to the invasion.

While he didn't like his stepmom, he didn't want to seriously hurt her, or if she did call the police, he would be in trouble for that as well. He laid across her back, breathing into her ear, "mmmm my cock is buried in your dirty, gold digging, ass, and you're enjoying it aren't you?" Ariel shook her head, breathing quickly, not liking the feeling of Jordan's cock in her ass. "Please take it out," she pleaded. Jordan laughed softly, "not until I get to fuck this tight ass of yours." He pushed himself back up, and slowly began pulling his cock back.

He pulled back until an inch still remained inside of her, then slowly pushed back into her, burying his cock back into her bowels. He continued the slow, steady rhythm in her ass, feeling it get a little looser with each stroke. Ariel's urge to defecate was slowly subsiding, getting used to the feeling of a cock in her ass. She lifted her head again, looking back at Jordan with a pained face.

Jordan was focused on his stepmom's ass, steadily increasing his speed with each stroke. He slowly pulled almost out of her ass, before slamming into her harder with each thrust, grunting loudly. --------------------------------------------------------- Steve pulled his car into the driveway, happy that he had actually gotten off work extremely early for a change. He was going to get to see his wife during the week instead of just on the weekend for once.

He recognized Dustin's car parked out on the street, figuring he was over gaming with Jordan like usual. He walked into the house, "I'm home." Steve walked into the front room, surprised there was no response. He didn't see anyone in the room, and froze in place when heard noises coming from upstairs. He listened intently, trying to discern what it was. He crept towards the stairway, still unable to hear it clearly.

He quietly walked up the stairs, hearing what sounding like slapping, mixed with animal like grunts. He top the stairs, walking towards the sound, but froze when heard what sounded like Jordan, "oh yes, see you like me fucking your gold digging ass don't you." Steve couldn't believe what he had just heard, wondering what the hell was going on.

He crept up next his bedroom door, peering around the corner, getting the shock of his life. Jordan was kneeling behind Ariel, wearing only a t-shirt, and was moving his hips forward and back, in time with Ariel's. Dustin and Eric were on either side of Ariel, holding onto their erect cocks, stroking them. Steve was beside himself staring at the scene. Anger entered him immediately, but his own cock began to harden in his pants, watching the scene he had only seen in pornos before.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum, you're going to make me cum," Ariel cried out in pleasure. Jordan felt Ariel's anal canal get tight around his cock, making it hard for him to move inside of her.

"Holy shit did her ass get really tight," he exclaimed. Steve continued watching the carnal scene in front of him, a tinge of jealousy now coming over him. He looked between Jordan's legs, seeing Ariel's creamy pussy, immediately realizing his son was actually fucking her ass. "What the hell, I can't get her to give that to me, but she let's him," he said to himself. Ariel threw her head back, slamming back into Jordan, "fffuuuccckkk, I'm cumming, fuck yes, I cumming!" Jordan's cock was forced out of his stepmom's ass when she started cumming, pussy juice mixed with cum flying out on to his legs and the bed.

He knelt back, watching his stepmom's convulsing body fall on to the bed, still cumming. Steve couldn't believe his eyes, he had never been able to get Ariel to cum that hard, watching her whole body trembling on the bed. He thought about getting a closer view, but held back, not wanting to be seen yet. Jordan moved back over his stepmom's trembling body, guiding his cock towards her pussy, sliding it in easily.

He slammed into her hard, "now time to add my load to the others in there." Ariel was still trying to recover from her orgasm, when Jordan's body laid across her back. She grunted when he shoved his cock in her still spasming pussy, not sure how much more she could take. Steve watched on, wide-eyed, his son fucking his young wife hard.

He began to wonder if this had happened several times before while he was at work, especially from the way Jordan was fucking Ariel and she wasn't resisting him. "Oh fuck yes, that gold digging pussy is so fucking hot and wet," Jordan groaned, slamming into her as hard as he could. Ariel started lifting her hips into his thrusts, hoping to make him cum soon, so this would be over.

"Yes, cum for, cum in my pussy," she moaned, hoping that would make him cum faster. Jordan started grunting loudly, feeling his orgasm growing. "Oh it's coming, I'm gonna fill that creamy pussy with my hot load," he growled. Steve pulled out his throbbing cock, stroking it as he listened and watched them.

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He knew what he was witnessing was wrong, especially watching his own son having sex, but he just couldn't take his eyes off of the scene, or disrupt it. "Here it cums, here it cums, ah fuck yes," Jordan cried out, his hips twitching as his cum shot deep into his stepmom. "Mmmmm yeah, that's it cum for me," Ariel moaned, grinding her ass against Jordan.

Jordan collapsed on Ariel's back, completely exhausted, his deflating cock still twitching inside of her pussy. "Holy shit, that was incredible," he said breathlessly, slowly rolling over next to her, his limp member pulling out.

Steve looked on wide-eyed, seeing his son's cum slowly ooze out of Ariel's pussy. He kept stroking his own cock, waiting to make his move, and break it up. Ariel slowly pushed herself up, looking at Jordan and Eric on her right side, "you know I could have the three of you arrested and locked away for a long time right." Jordan just grinned, realizing his stepmother had no intention of doing that, from the smile on her face.

"Yeah, but are you?" Ariel looked at Dustin, "no, I won't, but this will never happen again, and you three had better hope I don't get pregnant, otherwise I won't know how to explain it to Steve. This was a one time thing okay?" Steve stood there listening to her, realizing the three boys had just raped his wife.

He tucked his cock away, and stepped into the bedroom, "she won't, but maybe I will call the police." The 4 on the bed quickly spun to look at Steve in shock. To be continued?.