Black Stud Fucks Mom And Daughter

Black Stud Fucks Mom And Daughter
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Chapter 1 The meeting It is late March, and David Osborn is sitting in his agent Scott's office stressed to the max. An outfielder for the Arizona Diamondbacks, he has a very promising career ahead of him. At 25 he still has quite a bit of ball to play, and he is the D-backs best man at the plate. David can be counted on to hit a home run into the stands on a fairly regular basis and when he doesn't he will usually be able to get the other players around the bases when they get on base before him.

Scott has negotiated him some great contracts, and David is getting paid very well to play baseball. The only thing David is better at than baseball is business and finance. While a lot of the guys who got contracts when he did burned through their money, he invested his in many different business and finance opportunities that mostly turned out very well for him.

He has his momma to thank for his business sense. A tough-as-nails southern lady from the suburbs of Atlanta, Momma made sure David didn't run off to play ball before he earned his degree in business and finance from the University of Georgia. Scott makes it a priority to know everything about his clients, and David is no exception. He knew that while David had always had clean drug tests, he loved party girls.

In fact, if David had any weakness at all, it was women. At 6'2" David was tall, broad shouldered, with dark brown hair and blueberry colored eyes. When he was in shape for the baseball season, he was perfectly cut and well muscled, and still looked damn good when he put on a little weight during the off season.

David turned heads wherever he went, and he knew it. He liked to try caused by David's playboy tendencies. After making a name for himself as one of baseball's bad boys, David had managed to keep his nose clean for the past 8 months, but only because he had met a girl that he was interested in enough to go on more than a couple dates with. He had met her at a party out in LA that was thrown by an old D-back teammate who had been traded out to the west coast.

A hot little blonde rocker chick who goes by the stage name Luscious. She was luscious in every sense of the word. About 5'8" she was tall, slender, curves in all the right places and breasts so perfect, large and round a full 28DD, they were definitely plastic but so amazing, it didn't matter. Born Brittney Addison she went by the name Luscious to avoid being confused with a pop star with same first name.

David's stress doesn't come from baseball or business, if it was that easy, he wouldn't be in Scott's office. It was a quick courtship with the 22 year old Brittney.

She must have gotten pregnant almost immediately because 2 months into their relationship, she missed her period. They were both shocked, and David knew that he had to do what any good southern gentleman would do.

He took her home to Atlanta meet his Momma.

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He didn't have to say a word to Momma, the look on his face said it all. Not one to mince words, Momma said "David, you can't go around making babies without taking care of them and their mother." David put a 3.5 karat diamond ring on Britt's finger, and they quickly got married in a backyard ceremony at his house in Phoenix.

With Britt now seven months pregnant, the reality of his travel schedule is weighing on him, not to mention the record company was not happy that Luscious was out of commission and wanted her on tour as soon as possible after she had the baby.

David had always wanted to be a parent, and as an only child, he wanted to have a large family. Although he didn't think he would be settling down until he was around 30, he was excited to take fatherhood as it came to him and doing his best to be a good husband to his new wife, and father to his baby that was on the way.

Scott is listening to David's concerns as he talks candidly, and is reassuring to his star client. This father to be, this 25 year old kid trying to be a man sitting in his office was so important to 50 year old Scott.

Not only was David a meal ticket for Scott, he brought in other high profile names once they heard how big the contracts were that he negotiated for David. Over half of Scott's business was directly or indirectly related to David Osborn, not that he would ever tell him that. A lot is on the line for Scott, so he has to make sure that David plays well, and David has been slipping lately with the stress. Scott knows that David is much better when he is able to have sex regularly.

Scott doesn't feel bad about breaking it down so coldly, but facts are facts in his opinion. He knows he needs someone there to relax David and put him in a game winning mindset.

While David getting Luscious pregnant wasn't planned, it gives Scott the perfect opportunity to get someone close enough to David help him play better. "David, I have the solution to your problem." David looks up at Scott curiously. "All you need is a nanny" Scott offers. David looks a little skeptical "Scott, where am I going to find a good qualified nanny that would be appropriate for my situation?" "Listen big guy," Scott comes over and stands behind David, giving a coaches rub to David's shoulders.

"First, I need you to relax" feeling David's shoulders loosen a little. "I have the perfect person for you. Her name is Ella, she finished her teaching degree, and she is going for her masters. She has babysat for the wife and I quite a bit and she is great with the kids.

She is super sweet. We have no complaints at all with her, and I think she would be good for your situation. I can get you her resume to look over tomorrow, and I can also give her a stellar recommendation.


David nods agreeing to look over the resume with Britt, and him and Scott move on to other conversation. At the end of their talk, David leaves feeling a lot better and less stressed out. The next day, an assistant drops off the resume at David's house and it's flawless.

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A Bachelors degree in elementary education from Texas A&M, student teaching, accepted into the Masters program at Arizona State in the fall majoring in early childhood development and psychology, red cross certified, references, the whole nine.

There is even a letter of recommendation from Scott's wife, and knowing what an uptight wich she can be, that says a lot about this Ella girl.

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Sitting at his desk looking the resume over, David wonders what a girl named Ella, make that Ellington Greene is like. Feeling good about the resume, he goes over it with Britt and she agrees to meet her. David gives Scott a call, and Scott makes the arrangements for David and Britt to meet Ella his office a couple days later.

============ Twenty-year-old Ella is sitting at the table in Scott's conference room waiting for Mr. and Mrs. Osborn to arrive. She is on pins and needles. She has known Scott since she was 12, and with the way events played out recently, she has no idea what to expect with meeting a baseball player and a rock star. Her mind starts to wander, thinking about how she got into this situation to begin with. Ella was in gymnastics ever since she could remember.

It got more serious when she was eight and her mom sent her from where she grew up in Houston, Texas to a gymnastics boarding school in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Her mom was something of a stage mom and pushed her to perform. It wasn't that Ella didn't love gymnastics, but she missed her best friend Hailey and her little sister Morgan when she went away. The separation didn't last long though, within the next year, Hailey and Morgan joined her at gymnastics school in Phoenix and the three of them were inseparable from then on.

When she was 12, her mom decided that she wanted Ella to try and make it big, and hired Scott as an agent, just in case they needed him. At 16 Ella and Hailey got a chance to compete at the Olympics in Sidney. Morgan was 14 and was selected as an alternate and got to go, even though she really didn't get to compete. The women's gymnastics team won gold.

Ella also won individual gold in the uneven bars and floor routine.


There were some small endorsements that followed, Wheaties and some work for Adidas modeling their new line of gymnastics clothing.

Scott did a god job at negotiating the contracts, but it never grew into what Ella's mom had hoped for. A couple months after Sidney, Ella decided to retire from gymnastics. It had part to do with her getting older, she wouldn't be able to compete in the next Olympics at 20 against much younger girls, but mostly it had to do with Morgan. There was a freak accident at the gym, and Morgan died. Ella didn't like to think about it, and quickly dismissed the thought from her mind.

Remembering that she tried to have a normal senior year in high school, and with the one-on-one attention she received at gymnastics school she was far enough ahead in her studies that she could take college classes while she was still in high school. After graduating early with her bachelor degree in Elementary Education, she decided to leave Texas and go back to Phoenix. It felt more like home in Phoenix, and she had always had a strained relationship with her father and four older brothers, so it was more comfortable for her to leave.

Ella arrived in Phoenix in January on a bus with everything she could take in a duffel bag and a suitcase. Determined to make it on her own, she checked around and looked through the paper for work. There was an ad looking for a nanny, and deciding she had nothing to lose, she called the number. She couldn't believe what she heard on the other end "Good afternoon, Scott Hammond Sports Agency." "Good afternoon, Scott Hammond please." "May I tell Mr.

Hammond who is calling?" "Yes, this is Ellington Greene" holding her breath, praying she gets through to Scott, that he remembers her after 4 years. "Please hold." A familiar voice answers the phone… "Ellington Greene, it's been a long time, what can I do for you?" Smiling to herself "Hi Scott.

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I'm actually calling about an ad you had in the paper about wanting to hire a nanny." "How in the heck does an olympic gold medal gymnast run into the situation where they need to call on an ad for a nanny to get work?" "Scott, it's such a long story…" "How about you come up to my office, and I'll take you out to dinner, then you can tell me all about it." "I'd really appreciate that. I'll see you in a bit." Ella arrived at Scott's office in Phoenix a little while later, and he let her leave her bags there.

Taking her to a casual restaurant, Ella catches him up on things in her life. "Ella, it sounds like you are very qualified to be a nanny. I'll tell you what, I know that you don't have a place to stay, so how about you come over and we try it out for a week. I can't take you on permanently without the wife agreeing, but I can take you in for a week, and see where it goes from there" offers Scott. Smiling, Ella says "I really appreciate that Scott. I just have one request." Scott looks at her curiously.

"I want to leave the gymnastics thing out, it was so long ago, and I don't want to deal with that part of my life anymore." It's Scott's time to smile as he says "deal." They shake on it, and then go back to his office, retrieve her things and Scott takes her back to his house. He explains to the wife, and they introduce her to the kids. Scott's wife Karen doesn't need a week to see that Ella is going to be an amazing nanny, and hires her after three days on the job. Everyone seems happy, and then Karen goes out of town for business.

Scott had been flirting with Ella, but he was a flirtatious kind of guy so she wrote it off and ignored it. This particular night, Ella had avoided his advances, and was relieved when it was time to get the kids to bed and then settle into bed herself.

In the middle of the night, she was woken up suddenly with her mouth being covered with a strong hand. Struggling against her captor, she hears Scott's voice "if you struggle, you'll only make it worse." He is already naked and under the covers with her, laying on top of her, straddling one of her thighs, his hardening prick jabbing into her.

Scott's hand slides up her other thigh, over her panties, and up under her nightie, settling it on her breast, massaging her hardening nipple. She stops struggling, not wanting to know what worse is. Ella's stomach is flipping in knots, not knowing what is going to happen next.

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"Ella, I need this baby… I've wanted this for so long." Kissing her deeply, forcing his tongue into her mouth. Grinding his prick into her thigh as he reaches his full hardness. "Please Scott, not like this, I don't…" he cuts her off by kissing her hard and deep. Not wanting him, Ella tries to pull away, but Scott holds her tight, and Ella is almost surprised when she feels that familiar dampening between the soft lips in her panties. She finds her hips pushing back into him as she moans softly as he forcefully shoves his tongue into her mouth, finding her tongue and rubbing it with his while he rolls her nipple between his fingers.

"Mmmm baby, I knew you wanted this." Getting up on his hands and knees, he rips her pink satin panties off of her and rubs the head of his long thin shaft up and down on her clit, making her want it more. All Ella can do is lie there and let him take her, he can easily overpower her small frame, and although she is in shape, she can't struggle against someone his size.

Scott slides a finger inside Ella's pussy, and it's almost too big. She is wet, and he starts to move his finger in and out of her easily. Ella whimpers as her pussy tightens on Scott's finger while he rams it in and out of her and within seconds, Ella is rocketing off to her first orgasm in months.

"You aren't getting away with it being that easy Ella." Still grinding his cock on her clit and with his finger deep inside her. "Mmmm baby I've wanted this since I met you. you had such a hot little body in that little outfit." Pulling his finger out and making Ella suck it clean.

Scott impales Ella's tight pussy with his prick, Immediately driving all the way down. Ella's cervix screams with pain, and by the time wide-eyed Ella can react, Scott is already on his way out, just to drive it back again just as savagely.

Ella cries out in pain as a tear rolls down her cheek, but Scott doesn't stop. His hips moving in rhythm, and Ella not able to shy away, has no choice but to meet his hips with hers and endure the pain of the savage fucking.

"Oh baby, you're so tight, I don't know if I can hold it." Ella, realizing the only way to get him to stop is to get him to go, She starts to get into the savage fucking. Now that her cervix and woumb have taken a thorough pounding, she is getting used to the pain. Ella lets go and rocks with Scott, moaning, tightening on him, doing everything in her power to milk the cum right out of his cock with her pussy.

Scott is grunting and their bodies are slapping together with the loud, savage fucking as Ella moans loud, her pussy spasming, cumming for Scott's hardness as it gushes out all around him, soaking the bed.

Scott moans "Oh… Ella…" as she feels his cock twitch and shoot his white hot cum deep inside her woumb. Spent, Scott lays on her and whispers… don't worry, I'm fixed… I just want to fuck you, not ruin your life with a baby. Ella feels some relief in knowing that, but she still feels slimy and bad and after this night, she is never able to look Karen in the eyes again.


Scott starts coming to her bed every night he can get away from his wife, and on the nights he can't, Ella enjoys the break from his savage fucking. After a month and a half of this treatment, he comes home one night in late March and sits her down in the living room.

"Ella, I need you to do something for me." Scott tells her about David Osborn and his wife needing a nanny and how he recommended her for the job, about what his expectations were for her to make David a happy man, and how he would make it well worth her time to do so.

He promised her a raise from what he was paying her, and agreed to put a chunk of money in the bank for her to use as she saw fit. The money would keep coming as long as David was playing well and she was doing what needed to be done to keep him that way. Ella agrees almost immediately, wanting to do anything she can to get away from Scott tormenting her night after night.

Scott coached her on how to nail the interview. As an agent he took pride not only in knowing his clients, but in knowing their spouses, which is how Ella found herself nervously waiting in Scott's conference room waiting for Mr.

and Mrs. Osborn.

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