L uacute_c sau sướng hơn chắc lun

L uacute_c sau sướng hơn chắc lun
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Prior : The Do-gooder MILF The Do-gooder MILF -2 Her legs were untied.


Now what? They left her there a little while. Then hands grabbed her ankles and her legs were lifted up They were spread wide and lifted up and tied next to her wrists with ropes to the top bar. Joan was bent like a pretzl, trussed up. She was wide open. In full panic Joan screamed, begged threatened.

You pigs, stop, you will pay for this. What is wrong with you. You can't do this. She could see the bright lights even through the hood.

The hood was pulled off but all she could see were bright lights. She wanted to look but couldn't. She had been in the dark for so long her eyes were blinded. The little she could see the men wore masks. She could see some looked young. She knew what would happen. When would it start? Her arms and legs ached. Her back hurt. She knew what was coming. How did this happen. ======================================================== My boys had done a good job.

Everything was perfect. Joan was hung up like the fuck pig she is. Helpless, legs wide open, ready for anything we liked. The bright lights showed off her chunky thighs. Her thighs were wide, fatty, just right. Her legs were pulled so far back, her pussy stuck out ready to be fucked. The music was turned up. Heavy blaring rock music. I was sure she was completely disoriented. Good rock music, we are gonna rock her ass. ROCK THAT ASS.

Barry shouted into my ear.

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MILF MEAT. I laughed. He took a marker and wrote on her forehead. MILF MEAT. We all had a good laugh over that. High Fives. The boys really had the tech stuff down.

Kids are good with that. They set up the cameras to film the fun. We had monitors so we could see what was recording. We dimmed the lights a bit and placed one of the monitors so the MILF could watch. I mean not every piece of bitch meat gets to watch themselves get beaten and fucked. I ran my hand over her thighs. I could feel the fat ripples. I could feel the quivering in her legs. I could see the fear in her face.

I had on a grotesque mask. We all did.


The boys had been very creative thinking of all the details. My hands went up and down her thighs. I ran my fingers over her pussy and spread her lips. Terry had his hands on her breasts. I guess he is a TIT man. Barry and Tom ran their hands over her pussy. We wrote in marker on her thighs, slap here, MILF meat.

We were in no hurry. She wasn't going anywhere. LOL Lots of crying, mumbling, begging.


Pretty funny tho, she mentions her Do-gooder work. Like I really give a fuck? More BULLSHIT.

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WE COULD WHATEVER THE FUCK WE WANTED OH YEA Tom was fascinated by her clit. It was a good sized MILF clit.

She moaned a lot when he squeezed it, fingered it, pushed and prodded. Lots of youthful enthusiasm. I grabbed her head by the hair and jerked it around. This was so much fun and we were only getting started. I held on and each of the boys gave her a little slap to the face, just to get her attention. Like I said, we were in no hurry. I knew the wait was just killing her!!!! LOL Get it? Killing her???? It must be very uncomfortable hanging there like that by your arms and legs bent up.

Her knees were almost up to her head. I gave her thighs a slap and watched the bitch meat jiggle. Each of the boys slapped her. They really got a kick out of it as they kept at it for a while. It was fun watching the meat ripple with each slap. Of course she was crying and screaming. I don't know why? This was nothing yet. Her MILF meat got pretty red with all the slapping. The boys were kinda competing who could make the loudest slap.

I have to admit the whole thing was pretty surreal. Slapping those chunky thighs, hearing the slap, watching the jiggle, good fun for all.

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I decided to let Tom go first. He was the youngest and had never had any yet. I guess some blow jobs from some school sluts, but that is not real sex? We all were going to get one go around before we got into some heavy duty punishment. Of course it was pretty cool because she could watch all this while it was happening. She could see from both end, the receiving and the giving.

Tom dropped his pants. All this ass slapping and he was really hard. I have to admit, I was impressed with his size. He put some spit on his dick and started to rub against her. He pushed her lips open with his dick. LETS ROCK AND ROLL. We cranked the music way. The other three of us stated to yell and scream. I watched her face as he plunged all the way in.

YES BITCH YOU ARE GOING TO RAPED Tom screamed at her, HEEYA. YAAAA OUUURAAAYAAAAA. The boys were laughing in and screaming. The music was blasting and Tommy was MILF fucking. He gyrated his hips and the way she was hanging she would swing by her arms and legs as far as Tommy would let her. He thrust forward with his hands around her rump.

He leaned forward and spit in her face. H e spit again and again trying to hit her right in the eye. Her face was dripping spit. I liked the look. I call it the Saliva Look. YEHAW. Fuck her doggie. Tom's hips dug in pumping the Bitch. As he pushed forward she screamed like a banshee. She was at a 45 degree angle Her arms and legs being stretched. The metal frame she was strung up screetched from the strain THUMP THUM THUMP he kept at it. Tom was hot and sweating.

The BITCH, oh she was red, Bitch red. Fuck Ya, YA YA, Tom came inside the MILF. He was a man. All fucking smiles for the boys. CUM DRIPPED FROM HER FAT PUSSY Barry was next.

The bitch was shivering, quivering. She realized she was not only being raped, she was going to be gangraped. Fucked one at a time. Slowly. Hard. Brutally.

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The cunt hung wide open ready for the next cock. Barry had a gruesome mask. A Vampire mask. The face of death. He had a little surprise. A tittie surprise.

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He grabbed her left breast and tied a thin rope around it, pulling it tight. It bulged out and he slapped it hard. One way and then the other.

The Bitch was screaming. I thought, here is the bad news MILF, it is just starting! He roped the other bitch tit, tieing it tight. He tied them together with a rope Pulling them close together and the pulled the rope over the same overhead bar holding her legs and arms.

He pulled the rope stretching the tits up in front of her face. Without warning he smacked her pussy with his hand. It was overwhelming, the MILF was howling.

In a second he was inside her. The second cock for the whore. Swinging back and forth with his hips she was taking her second fucking, her second rape. As he fucked her he reached forward and pulled on the ropes hanging her tits, stretching them even more. I got to say, I never been so proud of my boys. The Do-gooder MILF MEAT was taking the fucking of her life and the night was early, very early.

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To Be Continued