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Two girls  a guy  no condom full video on premium
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Thank you to all of my dear fans for your support and patience! I have disabled comments for my other stories because of repeated ads, although I will leave the comments for this story open for two weeks (until December 9th, 2014) and possibly longer. And, as always, if you have any feedback or suggestions, please comment or send me a private message! I love to hear from my fans! Enjoy! <3 linky_fangs The Sixth Prince Part Four Izial opened his illuminated eyes, his heart still fluttering in his chest.

His strong, ash coloured body was tense and thoroughly exhausted, tightly wrapped around his lover. He could still feel her soft sex rapidly convulsing around his stiff cock. His seed had easily reached the nurture and protection of her womb; distant sensations of his orgasm still lingered.

But, it was nothing compared to what he had felt mere seconds ago; her soul. The encounter had drained all of his energy. Several locks of his black hair messily stood out in all directions, but the elaborate, inky designs that had been painted all over his revealed body remained unaltered. He felt blissfully relaxed, inside and out.

His mind was still flooded with many emotions; relief, excitement, disbelief, and most of all, love. He gave a weak smile to the entranced woman in his arms, concentrating on the slippery warmth rhythmically constricting his erection.

Silence filled the large room. He had touched her spirit. It had been weightless and bright, seeking his call. She had successfully found his soul and reached out to his waiting embrace before fading away in his arms, melting back into reality and returning back to their physical bodies.

There was nothing more magical in the world. With a great amount of effort, he leaned forward and whispered in Jasmine's ear. "I felt you." The words struck his heart. It had actually happened; she was his. And he was hers. The awestruck human girl looked up at him, her blue eyes slightly hidden behind her long dark hair.

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Her breath was still raggedly uneven and her snowy body slightly shuddered as she tried to recover from the intense release. and the astonishing experience that she could barely comprehend. All she knew was that it had been incredible and otherworldly; seemingly impossible, yet achieved with a flowing, natural grace. Jasmine smiled tenderly at her mystical lover who had rolled off onto his side and trapped her protectively in his strong arms. He had done it very precisely, ensuring that he didn't break their cherished bond just yet.

She was beautiful, and everyone saw it. Her petite, naked form was sprawled out beside his own, completely exposed and elegantly painted in sacred symbols that flattered her natural appearance. She showed no shame; only fading expressions of pure bliss and a growing curiosity. She was full of questions, he was sure.

They would have to wait. Mylan and Sylan, along with the rest of the hushed audience, watched the circle around the two lovers dissolve into the air, disappearing completely. After a brief moment, the twins stepped forward in unison and walked into the ring side by side.

Mylan's hair was captured in a tight, single braid and swished against his back. His detailed royal cloak dragged quietly along the polished stone floor.

Sylan's boots clicked dully with each step, but his fitted jacket, loose hair, and straight inky pants made no sound. Izial glanced up, visibly worn, but delighted none the less. Sylan greeted him with one of charmingly enthusiastic, fang filled smiles. The couple even noticed a faint smile on Mylan's face.

Reluctantly, Izial removed himself from his lover. The pleasant warmth and soft hug from her depths slowly vanished. He watched carefully as the crimson blood from her hymen lightly trickled down onto her white gown underneath them. It pooled in a small impression, making a bright, fresh stain on the silky fabric. It will forever be a symbol of her purity. Extending a hand to help him up, the cheery demonic brother helped the prince to his feet while the less expressive one formally assisted Jasmine.

She felt embarrassed again; remembering they had a crowd.

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She sheepishly tried to hide behind her seductive, proudly naked prince, but was pulled up and set parallel to him instead. Her body felt heavy and drained. She had no energy left to protest against standing nude before so many people, although she knew it wouldn't have been a smart idea to try anyway. The young woman leaned against Mylan, who stood tall and proud with dignity.

Though somewhat reluctant at first, he supported her with ease. He was always impassionate and determined to keep order; his ominous eyes and dark expressions usually sent the message. But, peering up at his ruby tinted face, she saw a mildly empathetic side to him. It was very limited, but still there. Even a demon couldn't be completely hateful all the time.

And, she could tell this was special to him. It was special to everyone; including her. A large silhouette advancing toward them caught her eyes. It held itself up with powerful honour and authority, making the noble brothers around her perk up and stand straighter.

They respectfully bowed their heads in submission as the figure came forward. She quickly copied them, not wanting to be rude or appear dumb.

She only caught a glimpse of the superior being's face before reluctantly turning her gaze to her small, ivory feet. His aged, grey skin had sparkled like crushed lead. "Izial, The Sixth Prince, my son." His voiced boomed loudly across the room, as if speaking to the entire crowd rather than just the few in front of him.

Izial raised his head and Jasmine peered up a bit, unsure whether it was acceptable for her to look now. "Alastair, Fifth King, my father." His voice was firm, but not demanding or sly as usual.

"What do they call her?" She looked up. Alastair was staring straight at her. His gaze was naturally so direct and intense. If looks could kill. She was relieved that his eyes were a passive blue, but couldn't stop the shock or nervousness from showing on her face.

Izial didn't notice; his attention was fixed on his father. "They call her Jasmine." He considered this for a moment, his gaze growing distant and then refocusing on the audience around him. "Very well. I wish for you, Izial and Jasmine, to prosper and grow together in happiness and harmony. Never fail to provide aid or lend your strength when your counterpart calls for it.

Have strong love and faith in both yourself and your mate, always." Mylan and Sylan swiftly turned to face opposite sides of the crowd. They used large, synchronized hand gestures and spoke loudly in Demonic. Together, their combined voices matched the volume of their father's. Jasmine, along with everyone else present, listened closely to the sharp howls, shrill yelps, and many snaps and clicks. They must be translating for them. She noticed his majesty smile with approval to his noble children, and her; the confused young human girl caught up in the middle of everything with no understanding of what was happening or why.

Alastair kept his fangs covered and his tail low at his feet while he looked back and forth between the newly mated couple, waiting for the twins to finish before continuing. "Respect and empower each other. Keep the empire strong and lead without fear.

Never let weakness decide your fate or flee from battle when it threatens. Show every world our strength and let our nation rein superior for as long as you both shall live!" As the two royal brothers began again in perfect harmony, their significant body language mirrored one another; crimson hands, arms, and long, arrowed tails created perfect symmetry and an important, dramatic effect.

Never once were they off beat or unsure of their words. The performance was flawless and fluent; as if memorized. The king turned to Jasmine. She stood motionless and silent with the best posture she could manage. Her uncertainty and curiosity still gave her an unintentional childish impression.

He waited for silence to signal his time to speak to them once more. "Bear our world healthy children of worthy skill and knowledge.

Show them the world as it is and let them be proud. Teach them respect, honour, and sacrifice. Raise them to be great leaders for the next generation." Mylan and Sylan skilfully translated every word with enthusiasm. He turned to Izial and smiled broadly. "I honour you, my son." Standing closer to their father than his brother, Mylan quickly converted and repeated it in Demonic for him. "I honour you, father." Izial happily replied.

Sylan, the twin nearest to the couple, followed Mylan's lead and spoke with a swift tongue. The king then faced the mesmerized young woman. "I honour you as well, Jasmine." Being put on the spot, she froze before the words found her.

She was happy that it took a moment for Mylan to translate. "I honour you too," She hesitated for a split second. What do I call him? Sylan looked back over his shoulder at her. She added, "Sir." Jasmine winced on the inside; that probably wasn't the best way to address him. The highest demon must have known of her inexperience; he seemed slightly taken back, but showed no sign of offense. Sylan chuckled to himself, deciding to slightly warp the translation in the foreign girl's favour.

"Mylan, Sylan," He faced the twins, now muted, his smile returning to a look of seriousness. They looked up and bowed, speaking in perfect unison, "Yes, father." "I thank you." "It was our honour." Mylan quickly spoke for both his brother and himself, in both Demonic and English, before Sylan could reply; he knew his twin wouldn't word it quite as respectfully as he could.

Sylan didn't take any offense; he looked grateful, if anything. The powerful Demonic king stepped into the center of the room, spreading his loosely covered arms out to his sides and officially announcing, "Let the feast begin!" <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> The table was very long and low, about a foot off the ground.

It was in the shape of a large triangle and looked quite heavy; made of many dark, refined metals and stones. The patterns and swirls that had formed near the surface seemed to slowly contort and snake around on the surface like thick, running sap. It was almost as if it were alive. Jasmine traced it with her soft, slender finger and let its mystery entrance her wandering mind. She had been sitting cross legged on a well made, square, satin cushion for about ten minutes now, but boredom hadn't had the slightest chance of creeping up on her.

Everything she encountered seemed to have a hidden feature or purpose, or simply an attention grabbing appearance. And then there were the people around her. Earlier, all of the other lesser demons had chaotically swarmed into a different room, despite how orderly they acted during the ceremony. Only she, Izial, Mylan, Sylan, and their father remained. She had been placed next to her demonic lover, both of them still naked, although the artistic markings appeared to have faded away completely.

She didn't really mind being so exposed anymore, and Izial never seemed to mind in the first place.

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However, she couldn't help but notice him fight to contain snarls whenever any of the other males looked at her too long. She found it cute how much effort he used to remain formal. And, it was darling how badly he wanted to enforce himself and willingly fight for her to be his, for now and for always. She felt Izial lightly nudge her shoulder. Her inquisitive gaze wandered up.

Seemingly endless dishes of rich, succulent food had been placed along every available inch of space. Everyone around the vast dining table perked up and smiled a bit; they were hungry and eager. Her prince sighed happily and scanned the colourful entrees. Such occasions were rare, and so he enjoyed them with pride.

As was their previous meal, a wide variety of meats dominated the menu. Their deep, savoury aroma drifted across the room and filled the air, making her mouth water. "Such intimate, energy draining activities require a worthy meal." Izial smiled at her. "Which would you like to try first?" His deep blue eyes sparkled of joy.

Jasmine peered over top of a stack of what looked to be fist sized, fully dressed chickens stuffed with thin shreds of deep red meat and small green herbs. She chose a platter of loose meatballs, heavily cloaked in a warm brown sauce.

The sexy demon gracefully lifted it over the other dishes and placed it in front of them with a quiet clatter, just before a brightly red skinned servant passed around elegantly curved glasses filled with a vivid crimson liquid. Izial nimbly grasped the thick, well sculpted handle and took a sip, licking one of his fangs afterward.

"Is that wine?" She questioned innocently. Izial swirled the ruby liquid around in his glass, evaluating it. "I believe it is O positive." "Actually, it's O negative." Sylan corrected, holding his glass to the light. "Blood?" Jasmine gaped at them. Mylan looked up at her, but stayed silent. "You drink blood?" "Yup." Sylan replied without even looking at her; he was continuing to appraise his beverage. "Not in the way you would assume, little one." Alastair spoke to her calmly, "We are not vampires." Izial smiled at her, amused and entertained.

He tilted his glass toward her in his usual habit of hand gestures, "Vampires have never existed," His laugh bared his fangs as he remarked, "But they were modelled after us. It was quite an exaggeration in my opinion." "Quite." Mylan added coldly.

"Let's eat." Izial agilely skewered the meatballs on his sleek claws and fed both himself and his bride, occasionally joining in with the shuffle and banter that his family created. She noticed that they all spoke fluently in English, unlike any of the servants or citizens she had encountered. They discussed mostly about the kingdom and future events, but added friendly humour and included Jasmine in their conversations every once in a while.

It was kind of awkward, but she gradually grew accustomed to it. They all had charmingly funny accents, and apparently no idea that they possessed them. After about an hour and many different samples of the finest cuisine, Sylan said something unexpected that made Izial laugh, causing him to accidentally drip a small amount of thick, spicy sauce down onto the naked young woman's breast.

He quickly glanced at her with a clever glimmer in his eye and before she could react, he had already leaned over and his swift, warm tongue lapped up the small savoury dribble.

The cute young woman gasped and giggled, eyeing him naughtily. Izial resumed his highborn posture and carried on as if it never happened, though he couldn't hide that small, self satisfactory grin of his.

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Such a sneaky devil! He had been fast, but not fast enough to go unnoticed to all of those around the table. Mylan cast him a dark, venomous glare; his nimble hands frozen in the act of slicing a lean steak. His dark eyes narrowed in disapproval and suspicion. Izial whistled at him with a playful smirk, dismissing him as any sort of threat. Mylan snarled to himself and yelped back his protest with a stern look. This caught the attention of Sylan, who proceeded to calm his twin down.

This reminded Jasmine of a question she wanted to ask them earlier, but wasn't quite sure the appropriate way to go about asking it. She cleared her throat, silencing the twins. All pairs of royal eyes around the table stared at her in curiosity with a bit of shock. "Why is it that only you guys are able to speak English and not just Demonic?" She spoke hesitantly. Alastair, a second away from taking another bite, set a large drumstick back on his plate and proceeded to answer her.

All eyes shifted to him, much to her relief. "Earth is common ground between our nation and that of the other Lord. We work together to keep balance. In order to fulfill our duties, the leaders of our nations have decided to use English as our common language, as it is a common on Earth. We learn it to function as representatives of Hell, and currently, to find mates.

Presently, Mylan and Sylan are the most adept." "Consider us the experts!" Sylan beamed and casually crossed his arms. "Wait, you use it to find mates?" The puzzled human inquired. "Of course," Izial chimed in, "It would have been incredibly difficult to mate with you, had I not been able to communicate." That wasn't quite what she had meant. "Why not choose mate with other demons?" "There are no royal females to do so with.

There hasn't been one for generations." An eerie silence washed over the room. Jasmine noticed something had felt wrong, but she had ignored it without thinking. She had wondered why there was no demonic queen; why she was accepted so easily. There wasn't a queen. The stillness of the room became heavy and dark.

Izial looked pained; he hunched his shoulders a bit and couldn't take his eyes off the floor. His irises had swirled into an olive green, mixed with a lonely dull grey and faint red smudges. Jasmine gently stroked the back of her hand along his shoulder, feeling that it wasn't a time to ask any further questions. "It's okay," She tried to soothe him. Other questions desperately wanted to escape her lips, but she held them back.

He looked up at her and tilted his head toward her hand like a cat. Something flicked back to life inside him; the memory of a well thought out plan hidden deep and only noticed in the depths of his eyes. Almost as soon as he had showed his despair, he had covered it back up and was his usual self.

He seemed okay with the past, although something had stung like the cut from a sharp knife. He tenderly kissed her cheek and gave her one of his dashing smiles, though a slight heaviness still lingered in him. It wasn't disappointment, but rather fear.


and it seemed to involve her. But, not being one to dwell in sadness, he gingerly pulled away from her and started the friendly conversation between him and his family back up on a new topic. Gradually, all of the tension was lifted and life bustled about the room once more.

She smiled and watched him in admiration, her thoughts turning inward. He was quite the creature; not invincible, but incredibly strong and wise. The familiar noises of mealtime melted together; a distant, calming murmur. Her eyes drifted along the contours of his smoky body; soaking in the ever alluring features; not quite human, but more similar than most would expect. He was dreamily trimmed in shape, very athletic, but not overly buff; he wasn't just muscle, rather built for agility. She knew he was fast and had to be very flexible.

That must be why he had a tail; such graceful movements and great balance. She smiled naughtily to herself and daydreamed just how flexible and agile he could be; how many ways he could pleasure her, what tricks he had hidden up his sleeve. Izial's eyes shimmered playfully in the light when they caught hers. His sexy voice became teasing, apparently fully aware of where her mind had drifted off to. "Are you full, Jasmine?" "Huh?" She hadn't been paying attention.

He snickered at her and reached his conclusion, but decided to play it out a little longer; he was born a natural tease and a mischievous one at that. After all, she had started it and it wasn't his fault that her dirty mind turned him on. His slender, arrowed tail crept over to her full, exposed bum, sneakily curling around the curve of her hip. She instantly recognised the swift movement caressing her skin with suggestive intent. A smile played out across her face, contagious to the demon beside her.

He leaned closer and nuzzled her playfully, his grin causing his fangs to make small indents on his bottom lip. When she looked down, she noticed an excitement beginning to stir between his legs. He was sitting crossed legged on a rich pillow, as was she, and an erection was slowly building in the basket that his legs created; his cock began to rise and expand, reaching up into the calm air.

She confidently pulled him into a brief, but intoxicating kiss; soft, sensitive lips whispering her plea to steal him away. Her hand ruffled up his boyish midnight hair, loose and silky in between her fingers. When their mouths pulled away, the dark prince had to fight back the urge to leap on her and take her right there. Their soulful eyes stared into each other, hushed, mesmerized; seductive gazes luring them even closer together.

Izial took in a breath and reluctantly pulled his eyes away, focusing on his family members. His voice was strong, but laced with a hint of desperation; his heart yearned for her like a whining child and his hunger for her body was difficult to suppress.

"We enjoyed this meal very much. I shall escort her to my quarters and. clean up." "Are you certain?" Izial's father inquired, "There is still much food to be eaten yet." "I believe it's quite urgent." Jasmine answered, trying not to giggle.

"Very well then," The king dismissed them, "Make her comfortable, Izial." "Have fun you two!" Sylan called out after them, laughing slightly to himself. "Newlyweds." He chuckled to his brother. Mylan shook his head, half sighing and half amused, though mainly because of Sylan, "They never can last very long after the ceremony, can they?" "Well they do have a good reason." <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> The candlelit, dome shaped room was a soothing, familiar sight; the subtle flickering of the flames and the black silk sheet messily tossed about the bed brought back fond memories.

Jasmine felt relief and excitement wash over her; she was alone with the most magical, charming, and oh so sexy man she had ever met. He had already walked up to the large stone desk sandwiched between two storage structures that hugged the obsidian wall, studying its contents. The view of her lover made Jasmine's heart flutter. Nestled between his legs, his half erect manhood held stubbornly; its excitement had refused to fade away just yet, even after the lengthily trip back to his quarters.

His slim figure, as always, was held up with strength and authority, tempting her to fall to her knees and pleasure him however he wanted. But, where would be the fun in that? She liked challenging him and making him work for her full cooperation. It was always hotter to be dominated after putting up somewhat of a fight; he was so sexy when he demonstrated his power and intelligence.

After all, it let them show each other their most admirable qualities and appreciate the pleasure they had earned. And, the chase just added to the suspense and the rush. Izial glanced over his shoulder at her and leaned sexily against the side of the tall shelves, waiting. "Are you coming?" His taunting voice and display beckoned her closer. Her full, C cup breasts bounced as she quickly traced his footsteps with grace, curiosity already jolting awake in her mind.

"Follow me." His eyes became a shimmering sea of blue and green.


He grasped and sparked two prepared candles to life, swinging the unit away from the wall and slipping into another hidden passageway. Treading on her nimble bear feet, the petite human chased after him, watching the arching, illuminated tunnel walls scroll by.

Immediately, she could tell that this room was larger than his dressing room; the candlelight was dim on the distant walls. After a brief moment of searching, her eyes found their surface to be blank; the vast expanse of smooth charcoal rock shimmered dully, bathed in the glow of the two flickering flames.

In fact, the floor appeared the same; empty. Crouching down to set the candles down on opposite sides of the room, the demon caught her attention. He glanced back at her, the bioluminescence of his eyes glowing as he began wandering toward the center of the room with purpose. She watched as his trim form raised two arms together above his head and skilfully dove head first into the ground, creating a quiet splash. A ripple echoed toward the edges of the nearly invisible pool, making her mind race to wrap around what she just saw.

Izial surfaced and messily shook the water from his hair, beaming. His fangs, visible from his smile, reflected some of the light that shimmered off of the water's surface.

"Are you just going to stand there and watch?" He called out to her, swimming over to the boarder of the bath and stepping up onto an underwater ledge.

"I'm not sure; you're quite sexy to watch!" She toyed, a sly grin spread across her face. He winked and leaned toward her. "I assure you that I am even more fun up close." "I don't know," she spoke innocently, "Isn't it dangerous to play with such a naughty demon?" His beautiful laugh drifted across the room. "I suppose you will have to find that out yourself. I personally find danger rather arousing." "I'd have to agree, my love." Jasmine giggled, sprinting toward the waiting pool and leaping over the edge into the hidden depths below.

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After the rush and sounds of breaking the calm surface faded away, the refreshing chill of the water engulfed her entire body. Small bubbles rose around her, tickling her bare skin as they wobbled upward. It wasn't even a few seconds before she felt a current under her feet shift and swirl smoothly. Something strong gently grazed against her legs and then wrapped around her, gracefully lifting her toward the surface. When she opened her eyes, she found herself snugly in the prince's embrace.

He snickered and kissed each of her nipples, easily keeping them both afloat. "I never knew you could swim." Her hushed voice commented.

"Any creature can swim in this bathing spring as long as they have air in their lungs." He explained to her without taking his eyes off her chest, "The mineral content is naturally very high and enriched so heavily that it allows one to float without much effort." He noticed Jasmine giggling at him slightly.

"Although," He added, not wanting to pass down on a compliment, "I am able to swim quite well, yes." "Mhm, there are many things that you do very well." Her tone was full of a delicious seduction, making Izial crave more of her. "Well, we are here to bathe, but if you insist on multitasking." He let his voice drift off, and then glanced up at her with twinkling sapphire eyes and a determined smile. The small, curvy human snickered and tangled her fingers in his dark, wet locks. "I'm quite good at multitasking." <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> A deep growl rumbled past his lips as he kissed her hungrily, asserting his natural dominance.

Having led her to a very shallow part in the pool, he had laid her back and held his own weight above her, their heat close enough to feel. The water settled calmly around them; it was only a few inches deep, but provided a new, sexy element only a finger stroke away.

Izial sat up and reached downward into the heavily saturated water, swiftly cupping it in his hands and lifting it slightly above her sexy form. Gracefully, he poured a smooth, rippling stream over his fingertips that cascaded down onto her lush breasts.

Jasmine closed her long lashes and mewed, listening to the quiet current that flowed effortlessly down her chest. Lowering his hands toward her as they emptied, he watched the stream die down, the last sparkling droplets trickling down her pink nipples.

Admiration and lust overtook his mind as he gazed down at her with a slow, lingering breath. Her long black hair had angelically fanned out around her milky complexion, making her look like a goddess. And she was all his. She felt his arousal, equally matched to her own.

All ten inches rested heavily against her right thigh, throbbing ever so slightly. And, oddly, she sensed it more than physically; she somehow knew how he felt and their emotions mixed together, becoming twice as powerful.

Looking into his mystical eyes, she understood it was mutual; she could see right into him and he could see into her. It was beyond words. Desire coursed through their blood and the need to satisfy it burned deep inside them.

Seeing - feeling - her need, Izial nuzzled his face up to hers and burrowed his aching erection inside the heat of her wet sex. The tightness of the penetration took his breath away; her slick velvet walls naturally constricted him and stretched snugly around his cock. Jasmine groaned and slowly moved her hands up to her chest, feeling the coolness and resistance of the water coast over her arms.

Roughly massaging her wet, silky breasts, she arched her hips to begin the deep, slow rhythm at her hips. His breath became heavier and faster, tickling against her cheek as he matched her pace. With every tender stroke, she felt him reach further into her slippery depths. The warm whisper of his lips brushed along her neck, pressing a delicate trail of little kisses.

The sounds of gentle sex and calm water filled the air; it created an intimate, peaceful feeling that settled happily around the two lovers, lulling them together. Her demon bundled his arms around her torso and straddled her waist, keeping them joined. With a strong, but careful movement, he scooped her upward, bringing her up into a sitting position. His face glowed with playful mischief as he tucked his arms casually behind his head and leaned backward onto his back with a quiet splash, leaving Jasmine freely on top of his body.

She looked down at him in excitement and slight confusion; eager to take advantage of the opportunity, yet unsure of his sudden submission. Her thoughts began to lure her attention away with the hidden possibilities. A low, seductive purr drew her mind back to his inhumanly beautiful face. The confident, dominant expression sprawled across his lips and shining in his eyes said it all. He didn't want to be submissive. He wanted to be pleasured; worshiped. A devilish smile caught the edge of her mouth.

She wouldn't give him what he was expecting; there was no way she would pass up the chance to be dominant with him. Maybe she couldn't seduce him as well as he could her, and maybe he would never be submissive, but she could damn well be powerful, clever, and sexy. Those were three dirty tricks she had mastered with enthusiasm. This time. Things were going her way. Saucily tossing her hair behind her, Jasmine rolled her hips back and forth along his cock, rubbing it along her sensitive inner walls and lathering him heavily in her discharge.

She leaned forward and grasped his shoulders firmly, suggestively, dominantly. In a fluent motion, she lowered her face mere inches above his, gazing down at him with a confident, commanding look. Her abrupt movement startled him; he rarely looked up to anyone, and never before had anyone ever dared to - his mind was suddenly engulfed in the alluring sensation of soft, yet aggressive lips, silencing his train of thought.

She had pulled him into a foxy kiss, playfully tugging and sucking at his mouth, forcing him to kiss her back. Without thinking twice, he did. roughly. He wasn't giving in. Feeling him try to take back control, she spread her legs further apart and bounced up and down; rhythmically thrusting her hips into him. As she made fast adjustments, her momentum quickly increased, allowing her to ride him harder and faster.

He murmured and groaned; his voice trapped under their eager, lustful mouths. Izial felt his heart race with energetic excitement. The constant ramming into her sweet, little hole made the wicked impulse to lose his self control harder to tame. His breath had turned into an animalistic pant and his hips began to buck into her, insisting upon release. He growled, lifting his arms around her and holding her closer. Jasmine moaned and repeatedly pounded his thick, throbbing member with her pussy, clinging to his shoulders and using them as a brace.

Her mind raced, focused on only one thing: her demon. He lay strong and solid beneath her, supporting her and sharing with her his state of mind. Blissful emotions and erotic pleasure mingled together, building up and gaining intensity; their bond was strong and pure, heightening every touch, every desire, and every whisper shared between them.

Nimble, silver hands skilfully grasped her hips as she was drawn closer and closer to the edge of orgasm. Swiftly, they guided her, forcing her downward onto his hot, slippery rod with precision and speed.

With a strong, final movement, he arched his hips upward and pressed her body into his; freeing the high of energy they had built up. The ripple of pleasure surged through Jasmine's being, capturing her breath in a long, lingering moan and overpowering her body. She felt her prince's release hit him in intense waves, coursing though his mind and body as his thick cum spilled deep inside her.

Hearts raced, breathing became heavy, and bodies throbbed of satisfaction as the powerful release flooded through their connected souls. Izial sighed; entranced by the lingering effects of his young lover's climax as his slowly faded away.

She had collapsed on top of him, her body still locked in ecstasy. He slowly calmed his breath and relaxed, holding her close as she drifted down from her high and joined him. A warm, passionate smile spread lazily across her face. The demon returned a satisfied, yet mischievous expression and nestled her protectively against his chest. His deep, sexy voice purred in her ears, "I quite enjoyed that, you sneaky little thing." She giggled and snuggled into his embrace, delicately drawing designs in the water around them with her fingertips.

"You know I will always keep you on your toes." His tone became slightly more serious, "I have never mated on my back or been loved so. possessively." He chuckled at the last part. "I do not know where you gain such courage." She looked over into at his face, and then became lost in his eyes. "It just comes to me." Her expression became slightly worried. "Should I have been afraid to do such a thing?" "Well, yes.

Demons, especially royal ones like myself, are naturally dominant. It can be dangerous to try and put us in a submissive situation for we will always rebel, and often to an extreme." Jasmine felt butterflies swirl in her stomach.

"So you were going to hurt me? Why didn't you? Are you always going to be unpredictable?" She felt a gentle clawed finger brush softly along her cheek. "Calm yourself Jasmine. I am and will always be rational and logical." The petite human girl gradually settled; the feeling of safety and peacefulness returned to her again, along with a small touch of embarrassment and foolishness. "I can feel you," He wiggled his hips, playfully rubbing his heavy member inside her, "And that includes your current emotions.

Do not be ashamed. It was completely normal of you to feel afraid. All humans would be; it is in your nature to fear a creature such as myself. However, I would never hurt you in my right mind, nor was it ever my intention to harm you." His words were reassuring.

"So you were never going to hurt me?" He remained silent for a moment, thinking. "You certainly threatened my dominance and spiked my instincts. Thankfully, my nature is of lust and so I knew how to control the situation with minimal force. Had it not been, or had you have truly limited me, you most certainly would have been flipped over and pinned down until I had decided how to prevent you from ever doing so again." She wiggled closer to his face and playfully pressed down on his shoulders.

A naughty glimmer caught in her blue eyes. "Show me." Immediately, she felt her body be thrown to the side and pounced on. Her back was rushed toward the ground with incredible speed, yet the absorbing splash of the water made her landing soft enough to not injure her. Izial's hands had clasped firmly around her wrists, securing her underneath his body. A satisfied, yet dangerous impression spread across his face.

"You find this arousing." It was more of a statement than a question. She glanced up at him and shot him a saucy look. "I think it is incredibly sexy when you show off your skills," She hushed to a whisper, "And your true, dominant nature." He held himself proudly above her and leaned down for a kiss.

He was taken by surprise when she took the opportunity to slip out of his grasp and attempt to pin him down beside her. Their wet, naked bodies tumbled together in the shallow bath, quickly ending with the dark prince dominantly on top and in control. Again, she lay immobile beneath him, giggling and experimenting against his superior strength. Riled up and lightly angered, the demon looked down at her and squeezed her wrists until she lost her amusement.


His irises had flared up into a violent, predatory crimson, although were rapidly beginning to cool down. "Do not test me, my love. I put up a good fight." With a deep breath, he released her and sat up, running his fingers through his hair. His beautiful human crawled over to him, gently wrapping her arms around his smoky complexion and giving him a hug.

He softened a little bit and went to bundle his arms around her in return, but decided to playfully splash a large wave of water against her back as he did so. She squealed and then laughed, breaking out of his embrace to splash him back. He snickered and gracefully dodged her attack before dashing over to the deeper end of the pool. "I am more evasive than that!" She hoisted herself up and watched the droplets trickle down her curves, tickling her skin and racing down her long legs.

As she raced after him, the water splashed underneath her bare feet and became deeper with each step. Her breasts bounced, her raven hair swished heavily behind her back, and a determined grin spread across her lips; the chase was on. Hearing her pursue him from behind, the prince plunged underwater; disappearing beneath the dark surface. Elegantly swimming through the sluggish terrain, he thought himself to be undetected. Jasmine, however, saw him dive. With a skilful leap, she chased after him in the dimly lit depths.

Much to her surprise, she swam much faster than him. And, his eyes became a beacon as to where he was. She smiled to herself and agilely caught up with him, tugging at his arm. Startled, his eyes flashed over to her in surprise and disbelief. None the less, he pulled her closer and brought her back up to the surface.

"Hah! I caught you!" She teased, kissing his cheek. "You would not believe the difficulties of swimming with a tail," He countered, "Water is extremely disorientating and it hurts like Hades if I kick myself." She laughed, nestling her face against his neck. "I suppose so. I still love your tail though." He chuckled, gliding his sensitive tail along her back, "Is that so?" "Mhm," She ruffled his hair. His shaded, pointed ears caught her eye, although they were nearly invisible in his hair.

"Ooh, your ears are very dark. Are they as sensitive as they look?" "They are highly," He started, and then gasped as she playfully licked her tongue their outline and sucked one into her mouth. A purr escaped his lips as he relaxed, loosening his grip on her and floating effortlessly in the pool.

He swiped his tail randomly all over her body, tapping and rubbing her subconsciously. After a few moments had ticked by, she calmly moved away from his ears and kissed his nose.

He blinked and happily pecked a couple kisses across her face as well. His tail continued to flicker between her toes, up her legs, brush by her clit, caress her sides, and then slide across her tummy. His breath caught in his lungs and he closed his eyes, carefully running the end of his tail just below her belly button again. Both grew hushed as he pressed the sensitive tip over top of her womb.

A few calm moments ticked by before he sighed and held her snugly against his chest. His voice was an excited whisper. "I knew I sensed a third soul." Remember to vote positive and comment! Let me know if you want part five!