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Thai Ladyboy Wanks For Stardom
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Dani and Brie adjourned to Dani's bedroom after the masturbation session with Danny. They were still naked and closed the doors to her room and bathroom so as not to be disturbed. As soon as they were private, Brie embraced her friend with a long wet kiss and whispered, "Dani, you made me feel so good downstairs!

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It was so much better than when I touch myself! I want to give you that feeling!" Dani had become plenty aroused watching her brother's spurting dick and feeling Brie's pulsing orgasmic contractions as she fingered her. She was still wet and gooey now in her room now alone with Brie. Dani and Brie had seen each other nude many times since they were young, and in fact, they often compared their development as they reached puberty.

Dani had developed breasts a bit earlier than Brie, but once Brie's came, they outgrew her friend. They weren't sure what to make of their pubic hair when it came.

Brie's was thick and black, while Dani's was fine and golden. Brie envied Dani's pubis, and they talked about shaving, but never did since it made them feel so womanly. They also talked about sex, a lot! They shared their experiences, even after attending separate colleges. They talked about boys they had made out with. And were very interested in men's butts and penises. The thought of lesbianism never crossed each other's minds. But today was the first time either had touched the other's genitals, and Brie was impatient to touch Dani.

She took hold of Dani and pushed her back on her bed and smothered her face with kisses. Dani was very receptive when Brie pushed her tongue between her lips. Brie's hand found Dani's tit while they kissed, twisting her nipple as Dani softly whimpered in her throat.


Then Brie was on Dani's other tit, licking and sucking and nibbling while her exploring hand found its way down her tummy to the soft golden down between her legs. Dani was impatient for her touch, opening her legs to give her friend access.

Brie's fingers found her opening and probed its recesses. Licking her belly button and spaces below, Brie found Dani's clit to already be hard. "Dani, you're wet as a French whore," Brie exclaimed! "And I'm gonna eat you up!" "Promises, promises," Dani managed to croak as she opened her legs even wider. Brie got between Dani's legs and forcefully pushed them back so her cunt was wide open. Brie's nostrils filled with her woman scent mixed with vanilla body lotion.

She buried her face in Dani's pink inner lips and lapped like a starving cat. While Dani's pubes tickled Brie's nose, she licked and sucked her clit. Dani was moaning loud enough her brother would surely hear her if he was listening at her door, which he was, of course.

As she sucked Dani's clit, Brie's fingers were busy exploring her vagina. "Brie, Brie, come get over me! Hurry! Hurry! I'm about to cum!" Dani cried. Brie was only too happy to oblige, turning around and lifting her leg over Dani face.

Now in the 69 position, Dani pulled Brie's butt cheeks open and started licking her friend's wet pussy. She found Brie's clit, already engorged, and was so surprised she could suck her friend's little organ into her mouth. This made her want to suck it hard like a titty. As she continued to suck, her fingers moved up and down, all the way to Brie's anus. Each time she touched it, it seemed to wink at her finger and Brie let out a load moan between her own sucking sounds.

Brie, in turn, continued to suck and finger Dani's vagina and ass, sending Dani in orbit. So intense was her orgasm, her hips were lifted completely off the bed as she tried to fuck her friend's face. Finally, both girls totally spent, they curled up together under a sheet. All this time, Danny had been hearing muffled love sounds.

He opened the bathroom door just a crack. The sight he saw was almost enough for a handsfree cum. There he saw Brie's ass and cunt up in the air while on her knees with her head between his sister's legs. Dani's legs were wide apart, heels digging into the bed.

When Brie swung around to position her pussy over Dani's face, he quickly retreated to his room for fear of being seen. Danny lay down on his bed breathing heavily. He was shocked at what he saw going on. He never expected to see his sister making out with anyone, much less another girl. 'Were Dani and Brie lesbians,'he wondered?

He didn't think so. There had always been boys hanging around both of them. All he knew was what he saw was incredibly erotic. His dick throbbed. He wanted to hold back in hopes of another encounter with the girls, but his hand clamped onto his dick like a magnet.

'No, no,' he thought. Jacking off in front of the girls was the most exciting thing he'd ever done in his life and he wanted them to watch him again. But it was no use.

His cock was throbbing and he had to release the pressure. He remembered the soft ball of silicone he'd hidden in his bottom desk drawer. He had cut a small slit through it and made a sort of makeshift pussy.

It was still slippery after months as he forced it over his erection. He started working it up and down his shaft and thought, 'This is amazing stuff - can a real pussy feel better than this?' The mental picture of Brie holding Dani's wrist forcing her fingers slide up and down her pink pussy brought him to the edge of ejaculation.

Then the picture changed to Brie on her knees with her ass and pussy in the air. He pretended the silicone pussy was hers and erupted, squirting cum through the top like a volcano. He wrapped the gooey mess in a handful of tissues and put it under his bed.

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Finally his breathing slowed and he felt totally relaxed and slipped into sleep. It's was not yet six o'clock on Saturday morning, but Brie had been awake for awhile. She was still cuddled next to her sleeping naked friend Dani, loving the feel of her soft silky skin and curves.

The memory of last night's wonderful oral lovemaking was sweet, as her love for her friend since childhood had only now reached intimacy. But something else was also in Brie's mind. The mental image of Danny's hard prick was having the effect of dampness, no wetness, between her legs. Knowing Danny was sleeping only a few feet away in his room through the bathroom created a stirring in her.

Brie quietly slipped out of bed without disturbing Dani and entered the bathroom.


The door to Danny's room at the other end was partway open. Although dark in his room she could tell he was sleeping on his side facing away. Brie sat on the toilet and while peeing, made up her mind to get into bed with him.

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Brie slipped in behind Danny with her soft breasts against his back and her arm over his chest. Danny didn't wake, but the sensation must have felt good, as a sigh escaped his lips. Brie found his nipple, she'd never touched a boy's before. 'How tiny, how funny,' she thought. Soon her hand traced his chest and abdomen down towards what she sought after.

Her hand felt pubic hair, and then her hand touched his cock. 'My God, he's hard,' she found. Not rock hard, but hard enough to feel the ridge around the head. Just as soon as she gauged its girth and length, the stiffness set in and she felt him growing in her hand. Danny stirred as Brie gently worked her hand up and down. Clearly still asleep, he whispered "Oh Dani, Dani!" As Brie now firmly had his cock in her hand, stroking, Danny turned on his back and slipped his arm around what he thought was his sister.

He contentedly breathed as Brie jacked him. Afraid he might cum quickly, Brie pulled the sheet down, got to her knees and turned with her feet towards Danny's head. This position allowed her to find his cock with her mouth. The slightly pungent smell of him only beckoned her on. She touched his slit with her tongue and tasted a salty drop of pre-cum. She managed to get her left hand under his leg so she could feel his scrotum and the firm perineum between his balls and anus.

Danny, asleep or not, understood and opened his legs to give her more access.

Her right hand tightly gripped his cock at the base. Having traced the entire head with her tongue, she slipped it into her soft, wet mouth, eliciting a moan from him. Little by little, she alternately let him deeper into her mouth, then sucking as she pulled out. Danny felt her leg next to him and let his hand slid up the inside of Brie's thigh. His fingers found the hairs around her cunt which was wet with her girl fluid. Her labia already parted, he touched her slick pussy. He remembered what his sister had told him about the clitoris and g-spot in her vagina.

He worked his thumb inside against the roof of her canal as he massaged Brie's clit with his fingers. Brie stifled the urge to moan for fear it would reveal her identity and freak Danny out. She wanted his cum, and she wanted it now! She pushed his length to the back of her throat. She had sucked boys a few times, but never this deeply. She put a finger in his anus as she sucked. Danny continued exploring her cunt and for reasons he didn't understand, was consumed with putting his finger in Brie's butt.

He felt the little star resist his touch.

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He was very gentle but persistent in pushing and withdrawing, each time slipping in a little deeper. He felt her clamp her sphincter each time. Now he HAD to finger her pussy and ass at the same time. His other hand around to her front rubbing her clit, he finger fucked her ass with the other. He heard a sound and slurping noise as Brie's hips thrashed against his hands as one orgasmic wave after another hit her and flooded his hands with liquid.

Her sphincter contractions let him actually feel her climax, and this in turn released his! Danny's prick burned hot as he shot cum in Brie's throat while she dug deeper in his ass with her finger. This made him cum even more. Brie wasn't sure she could swallow it all and had to let some run down on her hand. When it seemed like he was done, she licked up and down his shaft.

"Oh Dani!" he cried, still thinking it was his sister with him.

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"I never knew something could feel this good." Brie kissed his dick and stomach and then his dick again before slipping out of his bed and returning to Dani's room. Totally relaxed, she quickly fell into a deep sleep. The next morning, Dani left Brie sleeping and went downstairs to see what there might be for breakfast.

She was wearing a short silk kimono. She wasn't a big coffee drinker, but it sounded good this morning, so she made herself a cup.

She wondered if her brother would be embarrassed since she and Brie successfully tempted him into masturbating in front of them by letting him see them totally naked. Dani had certainly had her share of physical contact with boys, but she had to admit to herself, seeing him jack off and shoot cum on their clothes was the most erotic thing she'd ever seen.

Maybe it was also because she was feeling up Brie at the same time. Certainly when they went to her room, she was feeling as randy as she'd ever felt. The intensity of her love making with Brie was a big surprise. Dani knew she wasn't gay, but the sweetest of their oral lovemaking gave her a totally different perspective on the treasure of sex. Shortly, down came Dan. He just had a loose pair of running shorts on. He was in a exuberant mood and grabbed his sister and gave her a big kiss.

"Oh thank you, thank you Dani!" he told her. She assumed he meant for the time the three of them shared last night. He, of course, looked down the opening in her robe and was thrilled to see her bare breasts. The kimono was so short, Danny could see almost see where her crossed legs met her crotch.

He wanted so badly to pull it up to see her panties, or maybe NO panties! "Well Dan," she remarked. "How did you like seeing Brie naked? Isn't she beautiful?" "Yes she is! Very beautiful! But no more than you! I still think you are the most beautiful girl in the world!" he answered. "It was amazing to watch her take your hand and rub her pussy with it! Did you enjoy that? Have you done that before?" "No, that was the first time I've touched another girl there.

You know I'm not gay, but doing that while watching you jack off was the most erotic things I've done!" Dani said.

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"More erotic than what you two did in your room afterwards? he smirked. "Were you peeking after I asked you not to?" "No, but I could hear you. I wish I'd been in there with you!" "Well, you got to see plenty last night!" she replied.

I hope you feel satisfied. I don't want you chasing Brie and me around with that big cock of your sticking out of your shorts!" "What big cock?" Dan answered as he pulled down his shorts, his erection snapping free. "You mean this thing?" As he pointed it at her and laughed.

"OMG," Dani exclaimed. "Aren't you ever soft?"