Wicked little pussies in act

Wicked little pussies in act
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I was nineteen when this boy first came into my life.


He was just a month younger than me and we began to turn friends, until the gang of boys who thought they were cool recruited him. He tried to make fun of me and laugh, however it seemed to only be the very beginning. Months of abuse from John, trying to fit in and failing.

For a while I thought he was sexy and I began fantasizing about sucking his sweet juices flowing from his muscular cock.

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Times before I had rushed past him and accidentally touched it but this was a whole entire level. Other fantasies I had were about a small little 'ugly' boy named Sean who had developed a crush on me. I thought about him for a while, especially when his dirty bitch of a mother texted my mom asking her to watch the little gremlin, telling him to hush hush in the bathroom and massage his tiny balls which weren't noticeable to the other boys, especially John, who called Sean a girl after kicking him in them and blood shot out of his ass until he came to my place.

One time Sean and I actually did it, during a lecture which we didn't have to go to, in the students' restroom. I massaged them and he kept crying and saying that they didn't feel good.

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I told him that I was making him horny and when he was big enough I would let him go in my bum and release his delicious load in my bowels. He smiled and said he would like that and was hoping that I would kiss him since we were eight (what can I say, we have been together a long time) and it sort of escalated quickly from there to marriage.

I asked him if I could kiss his private parts and he said that he had never done this before. " Sean, you're a virgin. It means that it might be uncomfortable since you have never had sex. You're in for a big surprise.

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I promise, if you keep telling yourself that it's me doing this to you, you'll enjoy it." He held his breath awhile and I gave him gentle kisses around his tip, which he called his 'willy' while kneading his balls and cupping them in my hands. "Right Sean, I'm going to slowly suck your willy until you want to pee, then tell me and hold it and I will tell you what I am going to do with it next." I put my mouth on it carefully, I knew how to suck cock, and slowly sucked it really hard.

He after a while winced in pain and his two inch 'willy' because erect to a seven inch, miraculously. I knew he was disease free and clean, and that's when I surprised him. I told him that I was going to French kiss his ass hole, and he stood up from the baby changing table and lay down on it. He was two times bigger than it however it was fixed securely into the corner and had a strap to tie your baby's legs up and I secured Sean to it. I knew I could make him a ten inch and I placed my lips on his tender places.

I spat in it a bit and blew in there before my tongue went in. He tasted like candy.He had had enough. Sean said that it was my turn. He asked me what to do. "Since I was massaging your balls, you should massage my clit. Then, you should suck it." I said. He looked into my eyes and smiled, finally touching my private parts. After a few minutes had passed, he knelt down and placed his longing lips on my pussy, which my now boyfriend Reece would call cherry flavoured, like my breasts which he says taste like strawberry.

He tried to concentrate and looked in my eyes and I gestured for him to lick my nerve. He did and I enjoyed it.

Then, he put my legs up and sucked my ass hole, which was not bad but not as good as when my cousin Courtney does it when we practice on each other.


Soon, he came off and said he was finished. Sean put his balls on my face and then I put them in my mouth in my cheeks with my teeth pressing them into the walls of my mouth. After twenty seconds, I took them out and he had a boner, a foot of prick.

I told him that he was going to put it in me and he quickly went back to seven.

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I could tell he was scared. I put him in my mouth and gave his cock some love. He stayed at seven, his balls were quite tight and he said that they were in pain and he was a lot more confident to go in. We passionately kissed and he was about to piss himself.

We did not want to break the kiss until we were finished. The cubicle had a sort of bed to lie on and so, I dribbled all over his cock and he spat all over and inside my asshole. He gently edged the head in and he looked a bit uncomfortable. Sean lay against the wall and I lay next to him, with the head in. He was going too slow so I pressed my ass cheeks against his groin and forced his entire penis and testicles into my anus.

We rolled till I was on top and I rode him before lying down on his naked body with him moaning. " I'm gonna pee!" he said.

Sean's muscles began to tense up and he was bursting to go. He sucked on my breasts hard and I felt his balls again. He started to cry hysterically to me saying that his willy was sore, needed my mouth and his private parts felt ill and were going to explode.

I held his butt cheeks and squeezed them, saying that he could pee as much as he wanted to. ( I made sure he drank a lot of juice earlier) "I once walked in on my sister with her boyfriend and he was about to pee and he told her to wrap her legs around his hips and it would feel really good." he said. "Why don't we try that?" I tightly squeezed my legs around his hips and his balls were in too and they felt like a dog's knot.

He then resumed to crying which was stopped by my passionate kiss. I pulled back and said "Let's make love!" We held each other tightly and I caressed his male nipple. It tensed up and he did the same to me and I fed him some breast milk. He tasted it and smiled. "That was delicious." Sean said. I stuck my middle finger in his anus and a tiny shot of pee came from him. He was in pain and I kissed him with his arms around my breasts.

They were only B cups but they still looked nice.I got him to pee and it ended. My friend Caitlyn knocked on the door and we let her dog in which was wearing socks and she handed me extra large condoms. She said that she would buy us some time so I told Sean that I wanted to show him what a 'willy' in your bum felt like.

I got Sean to go on his hands and knees and kiss me. We kissed for a couple minutes. I called the dog over ( his name was Blue) and it went behind Sean with its paws on his waist. I rubbed Blue's sheath and the red tip began to emerge. I moved his wet ball sack towards Sean's wet anus and shoved it in. The rest of Blue's knot was getting bigger inside Sean and blood began to come out.

He was in pain but the dog's fifteen inch penis was inside him and was ready to cum. Caitlyn said Blue had a lot of water to drink so he was going to cum and pee a lot deep into Sean's bowels. Then, Blue began fucking Sean, harder and harder. When he couldn't hold it anymore, he released his sweet cum into Sean, making him feel sick. Then, to make it worse, he peed a lot before the erection ended.

I stuffed my other butt plug in Sean and we got dressed. Anyway, today John mashed one of the boys' cocks in the field and looked quite sexy. I knew today was the day. I waited until he went to the locker room and then I covered his head with a sack and tied it, duct taped his feet and handcuffed him. I then put him in the mushroom pose and stuffed him in my big backpack. I brought him into the same toilet cubicle that Sean and I used.

Then, I took a ski mask and put it on, got a ball gag from in my bag, took the sack off, put it on him tightly round his head and covered it with duct tape. Only because he would know who I am until I took him back tq my place, I put a sleeping mask on his head, a pair of earmuffs and I moved the handcuffs behind him so he was almost completely immobilized.

To finish off the job, I tied him in the position with rope and kicked him until he went limp and passed out. He was still alive, of course. When I was sure that he would not wake up until we got to my place, I put him back in my bag and rushed home, getting a lift from Caitlyn. When I got back to my house in the middle of nowhere, I untied his ropes, took the cuffs off and handcuffed him by the arms to the top of the bed.

Next, I cut the duct tape from his legs, took off his shorts and underwear and handcuffed those to the bottom of the bed. I decided that I wanted him naked and so I removed the handcuffs, took his shirt, vest and plastic then replaced the handcuffs. I waited an hour in the kitchen making my dinner and drinks until I heard a muffled sound. I reached for my balaclava and went in the spare bedroom which had no window, by the way, naked. He was wriggling. I removed the earmuffs and sat on his open thighs, near his balls.

"John. You have been kidnapped and will be trained as a sex slave. You have no chance of escape. Until you learn that there is no way out and you must obey me, your first mistress, you stay here."He let out a muffled cry. John just lay there looking at me. I whacked his dick with my hand and he just screamed like crazy.

I put a condom on it and pressed his balls, rubbing them really hard. I removed the duct tape and ball gag to hear what he wanted to say. "That hurts! I think I'm going to pee!" he screamed.

His balls tightened up and I didn't stop. After a minute, when he was in a lot of pain, I flipped him over, put the strap on on myself and spat on his hole. I jabbed him hard and the foot and a half of prick went completely in. I asked him if he was a virgin and he wouldn't answer. I told him that all gay boys have a cunt in their butts and I found his. I fucked his bum harder and harder, faster and faster until his dick was about to explode and blood was pouring from his gay love hole.

I took another butt plug from in the drawer and shoved it hard in his bum. I flipped him over and found some pre cum on the end of his dick.

Since my strap on was not only long and flexible, but able to become harder and longer and shoot fake cum and pee, I made him suck it. At first he would not comply, but soon he was being choked by a really big penis. When it was wet enough, I made it harder and longer to a two foot and lifted his gay bum up, removing the butt plug. I quickly shot the two foot's head in and slowly edged it in inch by inch.

He was screaming for me to stop but I went faster every time he said it. I managed to get the whole thing in there and it even went through his bladder to his stomach. He was crying now, and was in more pain.

John's cock turned purple and I knew it was almost time to stop, so I 'came' and he cried.


I had my hands on his stomach and I could feel the rushes of my pee going in to him. When the litre and about a half of pee and cum were in him, I pulled out of him and he said that his cock was aching and he needed to pee, he wasn't gay and he can't believe that he got raped by a girl with a big strap on that actually came in him.

I replaced the butt plug and held his penis in my hand. "Despite all those rumors that I started about me having sex with the sexiest girl in my class, Michelle, I'm actually a virgin." he said. I told him that he was my sex slave and my new boyfriend and I removed my mask.

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"Michelle!!" he screamed. I grabbed his balls and squeezed them tighter, repeating that I was his mistress and he was my new boyfriend. "Okay!" he squeaked. Before he could do or say anything, I called the dog in. "Lance!" He was Caitlyn's dog Blue's puppy and was also trained in the same way.

Lance came in, wearing a condom, which he had made wet himself. I flipped John over and made him do the doggy style sex pose. I placed John's sports socks on his front paws and rubbed his sheath, forcing it in and knotting in side John. He went faster and faster until the condom had a hole in the end and released his sweet doggy juices flowing into John's bowels.

When he was finished, he began licking John's ass hole and flipped him over again. We left the raped boyfriend slave to sleepI watched him through the bedroom camera. He was in pain and before I left I removed the condom and put a cock ring on him. John couldn't pee and his balls were tending up. "Please! If anyone can hear me, I will be my mistress's slave and boyfriend, only if she gives me a blowjob every night and helps me pee! Help! Please!" After two hours I decided to go back there.

"Thank you mistress! Thank you, please give me a blowjob or do something to my dick! Please, please help me pee!" John seemed very eager. I removed the cock ring and I got a capsule for him to pee in, like the one your doctor asks you to pee in. I brought back five and gently squeezed and stroked his penis until he filled two of them with cum.

He filled the rest with pee and was begging me to be his girlfriend. I told him that all the doors were locked and he was my slave. All of the windows were replaced with maxiglass and each room had two locks with two different keys so it would be hard to escape. I gave him a slave outfit, which was just a Speedo and flip flops, for him to put on. I put a sort of collar on him and attached it to a chain on the ceiling, then I unlocked him and opened the door and the living room one as well which was on the other side of the house so that when he was dressed he could come through.

After about an hour, John came through and sat with me on the futon. Facing the TV, he asked me to stand up. I was only wearing a bra and small female boxer shorts. He unzipped the front of his Speedo and the back of my shorts. He guided me closer and sat me on his lap. "You shouldn't handle your mistress like that but when the new boys come soon, that will come in handy.

" He asked me about them and I told him that he already knows them. I had previously set up some bunk beds in the walk in wardrobe for them in the spare room and they would have to sleep in there and he would have the spare bedroom to himself, if he helped me with the training. I also told him that the training was sex and he would have to be bisexual like me so we could be boyfriend and girlfriend and we could do them and make them our sex slaves.

John liked the idea and sat me down further on his legs so he could get his dick out. "Did you know that there is a zip at the back as well?" he asked. I nodded and said that my cousins and I designed them and Caitlyn made them.

They were for doing boys and girls. Girls wore bras as well though, the exception for me was I got to wear bright colors and so did John but the other slaves would wear pastel colors. I had the strap on on under my shorts and John just placed his dick in my third hole, my ass and just left himself in there, balls deep inside, watching tv and kissing.

When it was morning, though I trusted John, I left him at home to sleep. Now it was time for Milosz. He was a little younger than John and I knew that John could fuck him. I waited until he was alone in an alley on his way home and I grabbed him, same way I did John. I then walked to Caitlyn's car with Sean.I tricked Sean into coming and we went into my room. I gave the bag containing Milosz to John. We both got naked and I put on the strap on and did Sean.

The dog didn't break his virginity so I made the strap on wet and shoved it in Sean, who was uncomfortable with a foot and a half of prick being shoved into him.

He wet himself multiple times and I caressed his balls, making him sore and making him pee even more. When he was done, he said that despite the pain it felt good and he wanted me to do him more often. "Good news. You are now my sex slave and are at the bottom of the food chain with Milosz. Here's a Speedo. Get dressed." I said. I chained him with a collar to the ceiling and went to the surveillance room.

John was calling for help.

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Milosz had him on the bed and wouldn't let go. I ran into the spare bedroom, after telling Sean to stay where he was. I grabbed Milosz's penis and pulled it, making him let go of John and reach for it. John put the handcuffs on Milosz so he couldn't move and I forced the strap on into Milosz and John whacked his balls until he complied.

Blood began seeping out so we put in a butt plug and put him in a Speedo and chained him to the ceiling. John called me and the slaves to the bedroom as it was almost bedtime and we had to chain them to bed.

Milosz was taller than Sean so he got the bottom bunk so he wouldn't hit his head. We chained them in and gave them some oral and a French kiss each from both and put the slide in and aligned the clothes so that it looked like an ordinary wardrobe. John and I snuggled and snogged in his bed that night. It felt great. We can't wait until next week!