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Melody woke up the next morning to Pedro licking her face. She giggled and kissed the small dog on the head before the realization of what happened last night sunk in. Her brother had humiliated her in front of Brandon and then had punked out and left her to pick up the pieces. She rolled her eyes sighing. She got out of bed and quickly put some food in Pedro's bowl and then fed both of the sleeping kitties, Abby and Lilly.

She looked in the mirror and smiled thinking of Brandon. Even though she had just been dumped she was still extremely happy because she was pretty sure Brandon was going to be hers and not to mention she thought he was the sexiest looking man alive.

The whole time they had been sitting in the pool she had to catch herself from staring and drooling at his incredibly muscular toned body. Just thinking about him now made her pussy stir to life and start to dampen. She walked into her bathroom and stripped down to her birthday suit.

She admired her body, even though she wasn't a skinny girl she was fit and looked great. She turned on the hot water in the shower and went pee while waiting for the water to get warm. She stepped into the shower and began to rub shampoo her hair.

Her imagination was running wild with thoughts of fucking Brandon. This only caused her already damp pussy to become even more wet and puffy.

She unhooked the showerhead from its clamp and set the water to pulsate. She washed her hair out first and then placed the head of it to her engorged clit. She sighed in pleasure at the delicious vibrating sensation. Before too long her legs buckled and she could feel the first waves of an orgasm building up. She shoved the showerhead even harder against her swollen clit and cursed as she came hard squirting all over the shower stall.

She put the showerhead back on the clamp and sighed sinking to sit on the stall floor. Damn she thought, that was good. She didn't get off the floor and instead started shaving her legs, pussy, and armpits.

She wanted to look good for Brandon. It was Sunday and tomorrow they would be starting school. She was sad she would have to share him with everyone else come Monday morning. Melody finished bathing and got out of the shower towel drying her hair. She sat down at her vanity and started doing her makeup.

She was already very beautiful naturally but she loved wearing makeup so she started applying it tediously to her face. She smiled her award winning pageant smile started to do her hair. She usually just wore it natural because she was too tired in the mornings to work on it for too long. Today though she straightened it and clipped back one side with a bobby pin. Pedro was sitting on her bed wagging his tail.

"Looks good huh baby?" Pedro barked and Melody assumed that meant yes. She went to her huge walk in closet and picked out a cute summer dress. It was a coral racer back that was low cut and short. It stopped mid thigh. She wore a pair of tan wedge sandals and put on some matching jewelry then went downstairs to get breakfast.

Her father made a tsk sound at her when he saw her less than modest outfit. She rolled her eyes. "That is not very appropriate for church Melody." "I have a cropped jacket I'm going to wear over it Dad," she said frustrated. Her father made another tsk sound and went back to reading his newspaper and drinking his coffee. Her mother came in and hugged her. "Well don't you look adorable!" Melody laughed and her father started arguing with her mother about clothes for church.

Melody went into the kitchen and got a bagel and a banana from the fridge. She toasted the bagel and put cream cheese on it and then grabbed some milk before heading back into the dining room to eat with her Dad. He was engrossed in his newspaper. Melody finished eating and went upstairs once more to brush her teeth. She picked up Pedro and made sure the kitties were okay before grabbing his leash and going outside. She was going to walk him and let him use the bathroom.

She hoped that she would see Brandon outside. While she was walking Pedro she passed by Brandon's house and she smiled waving.

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Brandon was outside mowing the lawn. Shirtless. Melody almost came from the sight. His sexy tan torso was ripped. He looked even better in the daylight. When Brandon saw her he cut the engine and wiped his forehead with his hand. He waved back to Melody and started walking towards her. Melody picked up Pedro and held the small dog in her arms. She smiled as Brandon approached her. "Hey Melody, Pedro. How are you guys doing?" Melody giggled and it was like music to Brandon's ears.

"Oh not too much. We are just taking our morning stroll before going to church." Brandon nodded and reached out to touch Pedro and the little dog started whining to be held by him. Melody laughed. "Well I guess he likes you more than me!" Brandon laughed, "I don't think that's possible." Melody blushed, Brandon was such a flirt. "Umn, would you like to go with me and my family to church? You don't have to wear a suit or anything it's very casual. It's a lot of fun and you can meet some of the kids that go to school with us." Brandon was not much of a churchgoer and the thought of going did not appeal to him but being with Melody did.

"Yeah sure. I need to shower though and change." Melody's breath caught as he raised his arms stretching and flexing in front of her. He didn't need to shower or change at all she thought naughtily. "Do you want to come in my room and wait? I won't be long," Brandon said. "Sure. Your Dad won't mind if Pedro comes in will he?" "No not at all. You can sit in my room though. I have a computer and you can play on it. I promise I will be quick." Melody smiled and they both walked into his house.

Brandon's dad was sitting on the couch in his living room watching a football game. Brandon introduced her and even Melody could not miss the double take he gave her. Most of the older men loved Melody. She was very developed. Brandon's dad caught himself and gave Melody a friendly hello. They made some small talk and then Melody followed Brandon up the stairs to his bedroom.

Melody laughed at the busty pictures of the women on his walls. Brandon blushed only slightly embarrassed. "What can I say… I like big boobs." Now it was Melody's turn to blush. Melody sat Pedro on Brandon's bed and looked around admiring pictures of Brandon in various stages of life. "Is this your Mom?" She asked him. "Yeah. This was about a year ago.

When my parents were still happy," he said with sadness in his voice. Melody didn't like to hear the sadness so she moved to another picture. It was Brandon with another guy and girl around his age. "Who are they?" She asked him. "That's my ex girlfriend and my best friend.

My best friend won't talk to me though because he doesn't get why my Dad had to move us all the way down here." He looked sad again. Damn it, Melody thought, I can't get him to be happy about anything! She turned around and looked at him. He was looking at the picture but when he saw Melody turn to look at him he smiled and looked into her eyes. She walked over to him and placed her hands on his sweaty neck and kissed him gently on the lips.

Brandon was caught by surprise but he kissed Melody back gently then with a little tongue. Melody sighed into his mouth enjoying the special moment.

Brandon pulled away first, his cock was noticeably hard. He blushed, "I better go shower before I try something else." Melody giggled and sat on his bed while he went into the bathroom shutting the door behind him.

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Pedro came up to her and started pawing at her side. She held him and then lay back on Brandon's bed. She saw his iPod sitting in the cradle and she picked it up an put the headphones on and started playing some music Brandon liked.

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She came across a bunch of music with no titles. She played one and she heard Brandon's voice come on. "Uh, this is for you Mom." Melody's heart melted and she gasped when she heard how good he sounded. It was a sad and soulful song with heavy drums and guitar. Melody felt tears come to her eyes. He was pouring out his soul in this song. It talked about his mother's addiction to crack and Melody now knew why she was an unfit mother. He talked about his Dad crying and fighting to save her.

He crooned about their times and memories together. Melody wiped a tear from her eye. Brandon was incredible. She couldn't believe he hadn't mentioned the night before that he could sing. She heard the shower turn off and she freaked out turning his iPod off and putting it back on the cradle.

She sat up and held Pedro who started licking her face. She looked in Brandon's mirror and quickly wiped away any tears that remain unshed in her eyes. Brandon's door opened and he smiled at Melody. All he had was a towel covering his goods. His wet hair was messy and sticking up everywhere. Melody giggled and Pedro barked at him.


He turned to the end table where his iPod was sitting in the cradle. He turned it on and his voice filled the room. He looked at Melody and she turned bright red. His face was a mixture of emotions, anger, sadness, and confusion. Finally he opened his mouth. "Were you listening to my iPod?" He quickly turned it off.

Melody felt guilty for intruding on his privacy. "I'm so sorry. I just, I wanted to see what kind of music you listened to and I saw those untitled songs and I was curious. Please don't be mad at me…" She was clasping her hands together. Brandon started laughing and Melody looked at him confused.

"It's okay. I mean I guess you now know why I'm here with my Dad. I trust you with that but next time ask first." Melody sighed relieved that he wasn't mad at her. "Hey, how come you didn't tell me that you could sing like amazingly?!" Brandon blushed. "I don't know. I'm kind of embarrassed about it." Melody's heart swelled.

"Aww that's so cute. Don't be embarrassed. You blew me away!" "Well thank you. Maybe I will sing for you sometime," he said winking at her. Melody grinned from ear to ear and admired his sexy back as he turned around to get some clothes out of a drawer. She took in a deep breath as he dropped the towel and quickly pulled on a pair of boxer briefs.

He turned round grinning wickedly. Lord, his ass was beautiful. Was there anything wrong with him?! Melody gulped as he quickly picked out a pair of loose fitting jeans and a black collared shirt that hugged his sexy abs. Melody tried not to stare but she was failing miserably. He winked again at her knowing she was checking him out.

He pulled on his white Vans and picked up Pedro. "Ready to go?" Melody awaken from her fantasy blinked a few times then said, "Oh, yeah.

Can I use your bathroom first?" "Sure go ahead," he said. Melody took in a shaky breath and went pee quickly. The thong she was wearing was drenched with her juices. Damn it, if he kept flashing his body she was going to be soaking through her dress at church! Melody wiped trying to get her juices to subside and walked out the door back into Brandon's room.

He was lying on his bed and Pedro was curled up beside him. Melody smiled, he had already won Pedro over and he was slowly winning her over too. His eyes fluttered open as Melody came out of the bedroom. He motioned for her to come to him. She blushed and sauntered over to him and sat down next to him where he was lying.

He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her on top of him. She gasped as he looked into her eyes. He started to kiss her gently. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back even harder with all the intensity she had. His hands circled around her waist and stroked her back.

He lifted her dress and felt her luscious ass cheeks. Melody moaned as he kneaded her butt. Brandon sat up bringing Melody with him. He pulled her onto his lap and she wrapped her juicy thighs around his waist. He could see her pussy and he noticed how wet she was. He desperately wanted to taste her but he didn't want to seem forward.

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Melody looked into his eyes searching and giving him the okay to go for it. He understood. His hand snaked down underneath her dress and he started rubbing her inner thighs gently.

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Melody sighed and their eyes didn't leave each other's. He kissed her roughly as he finger pushed aside the thing material covering her soaking puss.

He slid his finger up and down her slit teasing her. Melody getting antsy started rubbing her soaked pussy even harder against him and Brandon couldn't wait anymore. He slid his finger knuckle deep and started fingering her softly. Melody broke away from Brandon's kiss and she moaned as his fingers rubbed hard on her G-spot.

Brandon slipped another finger inside of her. God she felt good. Melody was gasping and panting as his thumb started to rub her swollen clit. Melody pulled away and scooted back giving Brandon a full view of her dripping pussy. Melody sat Pedro on the floor and she motioned with a finger for Brandon to come to her. He wasted no time.


He pushed her down and spread her legs and dove into her hot gash. Melody yelped not expecting him to go down on her. He tore her little thong off and threw it on the floor. His tongue started lashing at her clit and his fingers tore into her pink pussy. Melody was moaning and shaking.

She had never felt this good when her ex had eaten her out! Brandon moved down shoving his tongue deep inside of Melody's wet hole. He started tonguing her and pulling on her lips sucking them. He moved back to her swollen clit. He hoped that Melody squirted because he wanted her juices all over his face. He stuck his fingers back into Melody's hot gash and began sawing at her as fast as he could while he lapped at her clit like a dog.

Melody's body started convulsing as she came and she squirted everywhere, all over Brandon's face. He sighed into her pussy breathing hot air as he sucked up all of her juices. He pulled her up and Melody closed her legs blushing. Her juices were all over his bed.

He didn't want her to be embarrassed. Brandon pulled her closer to him and they kissed passionately. Brandon pulled away first. "You taste amazing." Melody blushed again, "Thanks… That felt amazing." Brandon grinned from ear to ear. "I can't wait to return the favor," Melody said flirtatiously. Brandon's dick went raging hard as soon as she finished her sentence and Melody noticed. She slowly pushed him back onto the bed and unbuttoned his jeans and his zipper pulling his raging 7 inches out.

She gasped at the length and thickness. His head was purple and veiny like he had been struggling with his erection all day long. Melody grinned and slowly slid her hand up and down his shaft. Brandon's eyes bulged at the feeling of her smooth hand on his cock. She leaned over giving him an eye full of her gorgeous cleavage. If it was possible his dick became even harder from the sight.


She placed her lips on his head and sucked the tip into her mouth. Brandon moaned. She slid his pants down a little more and started licking up and down his shaft while rubbing his balls with her other hand. Her juicy lips were wrapped tightly around his cock and she was going up and down slowly, then faster. She started deep throating him pulling his whole length into her mouth.

Damn, he thought, she is good at this. His groans of encouragement made Melody suck harder and faster. She used her free hands to gently cup and squeeze his balls and then used it to jack off the end of his length. Brandon was gently thrusting his hips up to meet Melody's mouth and he could feel his balls stirring as he came hard in her mouth. Melody sucked up all of his cum while looking in his eyes.

She pulled away licking her lips and smiled sweetly at him. He sighed totally satisfied. "Damn girl, where did you learn to do that?!" Melody blushed and giggled. "My ex loved that.

So I had to do it a lot." Brandon laughed, "Did he go down you like me?" Melody shook her adorable head, "Nope, he sucked!" Brandon laughed pulling his pants back up he pulled Melody into his arms and kissed her passionately.

"You are adorable." She blushed again, "Thank you. You're not so bad yourself." He laughed and then became serious. "Really Mel, I like you… a lot," he said this kind of sheepishly.

Melody's heart ached for him. "I really like you too Brandon." He smiled and kissed her quickly on the lips. "Well, we better get going before your parents wonder where you have gone." "I can't believe you tore my thong! I really liked that one too," she said laughing. He laughed and picked it up sniffing it.

"Mmm Mel pussy." Melody started giggled and playfully smacked him she picked up Pedro off the floor and they walked back to her house.

Her brother's car was in the driveway. Melody felt her heart catch. She didn't want confrontation with him again. Her face still stung from when he had slapped her. She clutched Pedro tighter to her chest and kissed his little head.

He licked her arm and she felt mildly comforted. Brandon also saw the car and he touched Melody's arm affectionately. She smiled gratefully up at him and they held hands.

They went inside and Melody put Pedro on the floor and he took off to her room. Mike, her brother, was sitting at the table with her parents. They all looked up when Melody and Brandon entered the room. She dropped his hand and went over to her Mom. "Is something wrong?" Melody asked as fear seized her. Melody's parents looked pointedly at Mike. He looked up at her and he had tears in his eyes. "Mel, I'm so sorry I hit you. It was wrong." Melody stood closer to her Mom and her Mom patted her hand affectionately.

Her brother face was bruised up and he had a scratch from where Brandon had beat the shit out of him. She looked over to Brandon who looked incredibly tense. He was scowling at her brother.

She smiled at him and he looked at her and softened a little. "Don't ever do it again," was all she said.

Her parents stood up and Mike got up with them. "We are all going to church. Lord knows your brother needs it," her Mother said sighing. They all piled into Melody's parent's SUV and drove to their church. Melody got out of the car first and ran over to a cute brunette. They hugged and started talking animatedly to each other.

Brandon got out and walked over to where Melody was and she introduced him to the girl. "Brandon this is Kylie. Kylie, this is Brandon," Melody said smiling sweetly at him. Kylie smiled wickedly at Brandon and gave him her hand saying, "How nice to meet you." Brandon thought her demeanor was all wrong for being at church but if Melody liked her she couldn't be all bad. To be continued with Brandon's POV…