Slender nymph and nasty massage

Slender nymph and nasty massage
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A Midwest-grown girl in her twenties, Karla was always a girl full of both curiosity and promiscuity. As a teen she was very experienced when it came to sex, which included a few lesbian encounters in college. The one thing She had never experienced though was interracial sex. If there had been access to them in her hometown she might have had her chances, but there just wasn't any living in the area where she had grown up.

Still though, sex with a black man was always something she had stored in the back of her mind. A fantasy she would visit time and again in her mind usually before bedtime. Just barely out of college, an art major, Karla moved into her own apartment in the city and got a job at a local Starbucks to pay her bills while She waited for something better.

Everyday she would take the train from the station near her apartment to go to work where she worked twelve long hours, five days a week. She wanted to be a graphics designer but jobs in that field were scarce. Slinging coffee was something she had to do to get to the life she prepared for with all her schooling.

It had been 2 years and Karla was getting impatient. This wasn't the life she wanted and she knew a better one just had to be coming soon. One day while coming home after a long hard day, a tall young black man sat beside her on the train. He was dressed in the usual, thuggish-like, street gear that the young kids were all wearing, and he had headphones on.

He looked like he was in a gang but Karla didn't know for sure. It didn't matter though, because Karla had an instant attraction to him. He was a good-looking guy and he had kind of a musky smell that was filling her nose and making her tingle inside. She had never felt this way before about any man in her life. As she sat and watched him bopping to his music, she started to think about never having sex with a black man before.

Her fantasies were starting to kick in.

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So much so that between her legs had started to build with moisture, but before she could enjoy any more of this, before her fantasy could even get started, the train stopped and he got up and left. Karla felt lost. She didn't know what to do. She briefly thought about getting up and following him, but the train doors quickly closed and the train began to move again and that was that. For the next two weeks Karla would look for the handsome black man whenever she rode the train to and from work but she never saw him.

If only she had gotten up and followed him she thought. Each day she would ride the train in anticipation, and each night she would return to her apartment dejected and horny. By the third week Karla was sure that she would see her elusive black friend because this week she was on vacation from her job.

Karla had decided that she would ride the train all day and night if she had to if it would mean coming face to face again with the man who was now in her every thought.

Monday passed and nothing. The next day was especially disappointing because she had ridden the train almost all of that day and still came up empty. She had decided to dress up for Wednesday. She wore a white blouse, a sweater, and a short, just above the knee, light orange-colored skirt with matching orange heels. It was form fitting, and it fit her 5'7" 113 lb. frame very well.


The blouse showed a little cleavage and the skirt showcased her nice shapely legs, and her long shoulder length brown hair was combed to perfection. She was getting looks from the other men on the train, but Karla wasn't paying any attention to any of them&hellip. she was on a mission. That day turned out to be her lucky day as the young handsome black man entered the train early that morning and sat just across from her. This time he was dressed in a suit, and he wasn't wearing any headphones.

He immediately noticed Karla all tart-ed up and was starting to check her out. Karla saw her chance: Karla: (with a smile) "Hi. My name is Karla." Jaysin: (a little startled) "Hi, I'm Jaysin." Karla: "You don't remember me do you?" Jaysin: "No.

I think I would have remembered meeting someone as pretty as you Hun." Karla: (smiling) "Thank you.

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No, we haven't met yet, but I HAVE been waiting to meet you again." Jaysin: (surprised) "Really? Why's that?" Karla: "What would you say if I told you that I first saw you on this very train over two weeks ago and have been looking to see you again since that very day?" Jaysin: "I'd say you're crazy." They both enjoyed a laugh for a moment, and then Karla uncrossed her legs and stood up and walked across the train and took the vacant seat beside Jaysin.

She then leaned in close and whispered in his ear. Karla: (whispering) "I've never had a black cock in my life before, and I want you to fuck my brains out." Jaysin sat wide-eyed and in disbelief and his cock stiffened a little at her blunt words. He quickly scanned the half full train of other people to see if any of them had heard what Karla had just whispered to him.

It looked clear, no one had apparently heard a thing. He couldn't believe what this hot white chick was asking of him.

He thought for a moment then a smile came to his face.

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Jaysin: "Oh you want it huh? Well let's see how bad you really DO want it. I've got to go to cour-…I mean, I got an appointment right now, but I could arrange for something later on in the day, baby." Karla: (Excited) "You could?" Jaysin: "Suure!

I could give you everything your little heart desires. All you gotta do is give me your address, trust me, and ask no questions." Karla: "I could do that. What time later should I expect you?" Karla pulled a piece of paper and a pen from her purse and quickly wrote down her address and handed it to Jaysin.

Jaysin: (smiling) "Thanks! Look for me at 1 o'clock, and Hun…you know I'm bringin' some homey's with me." Karla: "Homey's? Who?" Jaysin: (Putting his finger up to his own lips) "Shhhh. No questions, remember?" Karla sat in shock. So much so that she hadn't noticed that the train had now stopped and the doors had opened. Had he just said that? Jaysin got up and walked towards the open door and turned around and looked again at Karla who had followed him with her eyes and her mouth open.

Jaysin: (again smiling) "See ya soon Hun. Get ready." With that he was gone. Karla couldn't believe what she had just agreed to. She had most definitely gotten herself in above her head this time. Questions started darting through her mind; what did he mean by Homey's?

How many people were going to be there? Was she to be a part of a gangbang? She had never been in a gangbang let alone a black one. Could she do it?

Is it true that all black men have big cocks? How big were the cocks that were going to be fucking her later today? Could she handle them? With each thought she started to feel more and more aroused as her curiosity kicked in. She snapped to her senses and looked down at her watch. It was 8:45am. She had a little over 4 hours. Her heart started to race with excitement and she was starting to look forward to this. Besides, he already had her address it wasn't like there was going to be any turning back now.

Homey's implies more than one other man she thought. So that meant three at the very least. Even though she had never had more than two at once, she was confident that she could handle three. But what if there's more? Could there be more? As she sat and thought all this out her pussy was drenching her panties and it was getting to the point that she was in danger of having an orgasm right there on the train.

At that point Karla stood up and collected herself. She then stayed standing until her stop. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was a little before 9:30am when Karla returned to her apartment.

She hurriedly gave her apartment a quick cleaning and straightening, and then undressed and got into the shower. She quickly shaved her legs and groomed her pubic area a bit.

All she had in her mind during all of this was the thoughts of being fucked by several big black cocks. The thoughts started to consume her. So much so that she masturbated and came a few times right there in the bathroom. She then deduced that with more than one cock she would probably have to do anal. Karla had tried anal before but it was only twice and both times it didn't go very well.


Nervously, Karla decided that she needed to clean herself out. She used the portable showerhead and set it to stream to shoot a makeshift enema up into her ass to clean out anything that would make things embarrassing for her later. She exited the shower and now it was time to get ready. Karla had no clue what to wear. She went thru numerous outfits but nothing seemed to be to her liking. She finally settled on just a white bra and panties set with a pair of white thigh highs and white heels.

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She then covered this all with a short, sexy red satin bathrobe. She looked in her mirror and laughed to herself: "I look like I fell off a damn Valentine's Day cake!" At 12:30pm Karla's heart began to race again. She watched her clock with great anticipation as each minute ticked away.

Each minute that ticked away seemed to be an eternity. Then, at approximately 12:54PM she heard a bunch of laughter in her hall, then a forceful knock at the door. She opened it and Jaysin was standing there. Jaysin: "Hey baby!

You ready to play some 9 ball?" Loud laughter rang out from the hallway, but Karla couldn't see any of the other guys yet. It sounded like a lot more than three. Karla: (nervously) "Ye-yeah!" Jaysin: "Well then, let me introduce you to the Playas!" With that eight other black men entered one by one into Karla's apartment and Jaysin named each one off as they each kissed Karla's hand. There was a very muscular guy named Big Moe. A dapper dressed man with a thin mustache and slicked back long hair named Slicky Peters, A tall skinny man with a funny looking hat named Joker Boy, and older gentleman named Goldie, two guys who looked like they could be twins named D-Bone & The Mauler, The youngest looking of them all named Deyon, and lastly, a man that Jaysin introduced as his brother named Ray Cee.

They were the weirdest names she had ever heard and they were all very tall black men. They looked like a professional basketball team. After the introductions, they all had assembled in her living room and sat relaxed on her sofas and chairs. Karla's heart was pumping faster than she had ever felt it pump. This was about to happen. She stood nervously there as her nine guests all stared at her with lustful looks in their eyes. Jaysin: "Ok boys this white bread bitch wants to be fucked by black cock!

She told me that she has been lusting over it for weeks now! Well, she wanted to try 'one'&hellip.

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but we gonna show her that once she tries one she's gonna be starvin' for dozens! And baby, that won't be just tonight! Ohhhh nooooo! See, I'm gonna bring brothers around here all the time to fuck you in them pretty lily white holes!

And you know something, you gonna like it bitch! In fact, you gonna love it! You're gonna love it so much that before long you're gonna 'need' it!

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Okay boys…get them fucking clothes off and let's get busy!" With that Karla watched as they all removed their clothes. Each penis that was revealed to her seemed to be bigger than the last one. Karla stood in awe at their thickness and length. She had never seen cocks this big before. It was beautiful.


And their balls, she had never ever seen balls that big before on a man let alone nine men. After they were all naked, Jaysin pulled Karla by her hand into the center of the room then directed her down to her knees and positioned his cock close to her lips. Jaysin: "Suck it bitch!" Karla opened her mouth and Jaysin's dick slid right in. She could barely get her lips around the head of his big black monster, which easily looked to her to be about seven inches flaccid and growing.

Deyon and D-Bone put their cocks into her hands and she began to jerk them off in unison as she sucked Jaysin's huge black schlong. All their dicks were huge and still growing in her hands and mouth. After a minute or two, Jaysin pulled his cock out of her mouth and Slicky Peters quickly replaced it with his. This went on for the next thirty minutes as each man took turns fucking Karla's pretty white mouth.

Her eyes began to water and her make-up began to run, but she sucked all nine guys like a pro. Her small throat was opening wider and wider as these behemoths fucked her face balls deep. Before long, they started to fill her stomach with loads and loads of cum.

She gurgled and choked it all down. She felt so full. Joker Boy: "Hey man, we gots ta get this ho out of her clothes! I needs me some pussy!" Karla was then brought up to her feet and the black men helped her off with her robe and her bra and panties.

Deyon reached down and removed her shoes for her. Karla was now stark naked except for her sexy white stockings.

Joker Boy picked her up and carried her over to the couch and placed her on one of the couch's arms and raised her legs up and positioned himself between them.

The Mauler put his enormous prick into her mouth as Joker Boy worked his giant tool between her tight pussy lips. With each thrust, Karla let out a muffled scream around The Mauler's cock that was deep down her throat. After a few minutes of fucking, Deyon replaced Joker Boy and The Mauler then stuffed his pussy juice glistened dick into Karla's mouth. This went on and on.

Karla took every black dick in her mouth and pussy at least twice each in that sequence as her back started to hurt from her position on the couch's arm. She came over and over and just when she thought she couldn't take anymore, she was unceremoniously picked up in the air by Big Moe. Karla was like a small child in his arms.

Big Moe then put his Cock into her cunt as he held her and then sat down on the couch. As Karla bobbed up and down on Big Moe's giant ten-inch club, the other guys started to feed her mouth from behind the couch. Jaysin then started to work his finger into her asshole which Karla 'knew' was gonna end up being fucked.

She was relieved that she had gotten ready for it After a few minutes of finger fucking, Jaysin replaced his finger with the head of his cock as he tried to pry open her tight white asshole.

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Pain shot up her hips as Jaysin stuffed his cock deeper and deeper into Karla's ass with each thrust. After a while it didn't hurt anymore. The pain was replaced with unbelievable pleasure. During this entire black cock ass impaling, Big Moe was fucking Karla's pussy balls deep and the others took turns filling her throat with black meat. Just then, Big Moe tightened up and shot his load into her womb.

Karla felt like there was a fire hose shooting into her stomach as Big Moe drained himself into her. Everyone then repositioned and it was Goldie's turn to drop his load into her hot cum filled box. All three of her holes were now starting to fill with cum and her stomach was filling from both ends. Karla couldn't believe it.

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She was being drowned in cum but she seemed to continue to thirst for more and more of it. And so it went on all day long and deep into the night, each cock taking turns in her mouth, her ass, and her pussy. Karla was losing her mind in ecstasy. She had lost count by now how many times she had orgasm-ed, and her body was now a sticky mess. Her hair was full of goo too. She was fucked in ever position possible. At about 3:30am the guys started to feel tired and drained.

Karla was exhausted. They each kissed her goodbye and left with the last one leaving being Jaysin. Jaysin: "Well baby, was it everything you thought it'd be?" Karla: (smiling) "And then some! I've never been fucked like that in my life!" Jaysin: "Good! Go clean up and get plenty of rest. When you wake up&hellip. eat something, then get ready. We'll be back at 1pm sharp for round two! Don't disappoint us bitch!" Jasyin smirked and walked out the door slamming it shut.

Karla walked to the nearest chair and slumped into it and said out loud to herself: Karla: "Round two? I barely made it thru round one! I'm gonna need some help!" Karla thought to herself for a moment, then grabbed her phone and quickly dialed it. Karla: "Hello Vicky? Yeah I know it's early, hey listen&hellip. could you come by my house today at about noontime?

Yeah. I need your help with something. Thanks!" THE END