Ebony redbone creams on big toy

Ebony redbone creams on big toy
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This story as a little more drama in it but the perfect amount of delicious smut. Enjoy (; ----------- Holy fuck. HOLY FUCK. Kelly is wearing a tight black pencil skirt that hugs her ass perfectly and ends just an inch or two above her knees.

She doesn't even have a pantie line.oh God.was she even wearing panties? She has on new black fuck me pumps that make her calves look more defined than ever. Lastly, she has a blue, thin, long sleeve with a "v" dipping into her gorgeous cleavage.

When I saw her wearing this I was walking to my second bell. I was behind her and the view made me almost fall over with lust. My clit was throbbing just at the thought of touching that hot- "Umph!" I run straight into two girls who were turning the corner I hadn't even noticed I was about to pass. All our books drop to the floor and create a loud thump, making people turn and look. And, of course, with my luck it draws Kelly's attention also. We all three kneel down and collect our things, everyone apologizing profusely.

I look back up just in time to lock eyes with Kelly and watch a slow, seductive smirk adorn her beautiful face. I blush hard and stand up, the other girls already having moved on. The bell rings signaling the start of second bell but Kelly stares at me with the smirk still plastered on her face.

The halls were empty now so when she moves closer, having the walk of authority with her hands behind her back, I let my eyes roam over her body. Lingering longer at her ample cleavage. She stops a foot away from me and I tear my eyes away from her chest. "Ms. Heart. I expect you to be on time for my class as you are not for your class now." Kelly teases.

I blush and gulp as she shoots me a predatory smile. "S-Sorry. I ran into some girls because I was distracted-" Kelly swiftly cuts me off and steps forward as she does so, almost a couple inches from me now. "I know why you were distracted." Kelly draws and closes the rest of the gap between us until there is only an inch left between us.

My heart beat picks up as she moves her lips next to my ear. "I felt your eyes burning holes the size of Texas on my ass, Emily." Kelly says seductively. I blush a deep red and the throbbing between my legs revives like it hasn't missed a beat.

"I.I just.you." I stumble because Kelly's cleavage was so deliciously close to my face and all I could think about was pushing her against the lockers and groping her chest. Maybe grinding on her leg to get rid of the aching in my cunt. Hopefully, she would grind back. Whispering in my ear all the dirty things she is going to do when I spend the few hours at her house. Egging me on to cum for her right here in the hallway.

Telling me how dirty and scandalous it is to fuck me where we can get caught. Then I would cum for her because it was all too much. The whispering, grinding, and the heat between us. She would make me cum so so ha- "Emily!" I snap out of my thoughts and find Kelly smirking and crossing her arms. Shit. She knew exactly what I was thinking about. I clear my throat and blush. "I was saying that you should get to class." Kelly says with a raised eyebrow then jerks down her shirt to expose more of her chest that almost has me drooling.

"I would hate for you to have a detention for this afternoon considering.well you know." With that Kelly spins on her heels and continues her strut down the hallway.

I stare blatantly at her ass until she is out of view then make my way to my second bell. My teacher gives me a mean look but since I was her only straight A student in the class it only took a sincere apology to make up for being late.

I take my assigned seat and try hard to pay attention to what I should be learning but I find myself thinking about Kelly instead. I shiver at the thought of her taking me on her desk. Maybe from behind.or on my back with my legs spread wide. Begging to be touched or to cum just in the way she likes. I groan softly.

I was making myself so horny. "Ms. Hart, do you have something to share with the class." I snap my head up and blush. Everyone was looking at me.

I guess my groan was louder than I thought. I shake my head. "No Mrs. Brown. Sorry." I sink in my chair as she goes back to teaching. Fuck, I can't wait for seventh bell. // Finally walking into seventh bell and seeing Kelly made a shiver go down my spine.

Not only because it was the last bell of the day but also because Kelly knew I would be the first person in the class. So right when I walk in she spreads her legs very wide, showing off her tone inner thighs, before crossing them. I come to a complete stop then almost trip over my own feet when I try to walk again.

I hear her chuckle and a fire sets on my cheeks like it has so many times today as I make my way to my seat. I feel her staring at me so after a few hesitant seconds, I glance up and meet her stare. Kelly simply smirks and I raise an eyebrow in a silent form of 'what?'. Her smirk becomes a toothy grin and she shrugs her shoulders. A smile spreads on my own lips but I quickly look away when another student comes in. One of my friends come in and we start talking. Jane, my friend, she's a touchy, "up close and personal" person but I've never cared.

We laugh at the story she is telling and her hand grips my hip as she almost falls out of her seat. I put my hand over hers on my hip and my other hand on her thigh to help her steady herself.

We crack up laughing, really loud. So loud we don't even hear the bell ring. "Girls!" Kelly says to get our attention. We try to stifle our laughing as we look to her. If it weren't for the happy tears in my eyes I'd say she was.jealous? No way. Kelly shoots us both a glare and I think my mind is playing tricks on me when she gives Jane a particularly dirty look when she stands up to teach.

Jane and I finally settle down halfway through the lecture. She passes out a worksheet, without meeting my eyes then goes back to her desk. Seeing that I was amazing at history and Jane was horrible I move my chair to her desk and help her work on the worksheet.

As I said before, I hadn't minded much to Jane's touches so when she puts her hand on my knee and keeps it there I don't even realize it until she removes it to point at a question. I glance at Kelly and see her face flush an angry red. I furrow my brow but turn back to Jane.

I wonder what's making her so mad. Surely she wasn't jealous. Jane touches my knee a few times more and every time I look to Kelly and soon a permanent scowl is set on her face.

When the final bell rings Jane gives me a hug and walks out. I pack up slowly so I can talk to Kelly. The last students file out of the room and the door clicks shut yet she hasn't looked at me yet. I finished packing my stuff and shrug my bag onto my shoulder. "Hey." I say as I reach her desk. Kelly looks up at me and gives me a tight smile. "Hi." Kelly goes back to working. I set down my bag and walk around her desk to stand next to her chair, my back to the door.

I lean my hip against her desk. "You look really, really hot today. I'm sure you could tell by the way I was acting." I blush and Kelly nods her head. "Thank you." Kelly mumbled, not even looking at me. I stand next to her awkwardly for a few seconds, my anger and annoyance growing rapidly. She probably didn't like me anymore. I'm so stupid to think she would actually keep a relationship, a sex relationship, but a relationship nonetheless, with me. "Well you seem much more interested in your work than me so I'll just leave." I say bitterly and grab my bag.

I walk to the door. "Emily." Kelly says and I turn back and I can tell she is battling herself on what to tell me. Tears prick the corners of my eyes. "You know, I thought it would last a little longer than this. That you would show me respect and not treat me like trash when it finally ended. I don't know what I was thinking." I say. I knew I was being vulnerable and Kelly could break me with one word. Kelly's eyebrows draw together in confusion. "What-" Then her eyes go wide in alarm.

"No! Emily, I'm not- I didn't mean to make you think that. I just.I.shit." Kelly stumbles and palms her face. It's my turn to be confused. She looks back to me and blushes, full blown blush which adds to my confusion and gives me a shy smile. "I'm not ending this. I'm.I'm jealous because Jane was touching you. That's why I was being bitchy and cold to you. I am NOT ending anything." My jaw drops and I blink a few times. "You're.You're just jealous?" I say with wide eyes.

Kelly bites her lip and shrugs in an affirmative. I chuckle and she frowns. "Kelly Harper, jealous that her almost daily sex buddy got touched a few times on the knee?" I end with a laugh.

Kelly groans. "Well, when you put it that way it sounds stupid." Kelly grumbles and faces back to her desk. I move over to her and easily tilt her face up to mine and kiss her softly.

Kelly sighs against my lips and I part her perfect lips to tease my tongue into her mouth. Kelly moans and scoots her chair back enough to slide me in front of her and uses my hips to push me back against her desk. A moan of my own slips past my lips and her fingers tease underneath my shirt. Sending mass amounts of goosebumps across my skin.

I've never missed someone's lips so much. I pull away then pull her closer to whisper in her ear. "If you're so jealous then meet me back at your house to show me who I belong to." Kelly moans quietly into my ear and I kiss her cheek once before leaving her and swaying my hips as I walk out the door.

// When I get to Kelly's house she is already there. I had stopped to grab a snack and fill gas into my car so it wasn't a surprise. I park in the back and walk up to her door. Before I can knock she is opening the door and pulling me inside. I chuckle.

"Well isn't someone eg-" Kelly cuts me off by kissing me hungrily. I moan into her mouth and she presses me against the wall. Her hands find mine and she presses them above my head and pins them there.

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I moan louder and surge forward, pushing us to the stairs. We clumsily bump into the railing and I giggle against her lips. She breaks the kiss briefly to pull my shirt over my head. Kelly wraps her arms around my waist and walks backward up the steps as she resumes the kiss.

I follow her, only stumbling a few times before we reach the top. I strip off her gorgeous blue shirt and glanced down then end up staring at her breasts encased in a blue push-up bra. Kelly chuckles and I glare at her playfully.

"This is what I've been missing all day?" Kelly smirks and I pull her against me by her hips then reach behind her and unclasp her bra. "You're a tease." I whisper as I simultaneously pull off her bra, lick her nipple, and push her back against the wall.

Kelly moans and lets her head rest against the wall as I worship her nipples with my tongue, lips, and even teeth. Soon I have her groaning and gripping my hair to pull me tighter. I take a particularly hard nip at her nipple and she gasps. I pull back to check if it was okay but I don't have time because her mouth was on mine. Her hands fumble briefly with the clasp of my bra before pulling it down my arms.

I moan as her lips take my nipple into her mouth and try to pull her against me, needing more friction between my legs to ease the throbbing. Kelly pulls back and slides her hands to the back of my neck and crashes our lips together. I moan deeply as her tongue slips in my mouth. Suddenly she is lifting me up by my ass and I squeal in surprise and wrap my legs around her waist.

Kelly smiles against my lips and starts to kneel. I pull away from her plump lips. "What are you doing?" I ask Kelly breathlessly. We weren't in the bedroom yet and she was already setting me down?

Kelly kisses me again and lays me back on the floor. She leans back and shoots me a sexy grin as she unbuttons my pants. I bite my lip as I watch her pull down my jeans and then my panties. She quickly shimmies out of her skirt to be more comfortable, denying my offer to help.

She leans back over me with her hands planted on either side of my head. Kelly teases her lips across mine. "I'm going to fuck you." Kelly husks. I whimper, which makes her smile. She nips at my bottom lip.

"Would you like that?" Kelly whispers against my lips, refusing to kiss me just yet. I groan softly and nod my head. "Please." Kelly chuckles and kisses me quickly then moves her lips down my neck. "Please, what?" Fuck, she's teasing me.

I move my hands to Kelly's back and run my blunt nails over my skin, she shivers. I decide to tease back. "Please fuck me. I want to cum for you so bad. I've been waiting all day." I plead. Kelly moans against my neck and nibbles on my ear lobe. I moan and move my head to the side to give her more access. "You've been waiting all day, huh?" Kelly whispers into my ear. By now my clit was throbbing almost painfully and I was wet beyond belief.

I whimper and buck up to her. "Kellllllyyyyy." I whine and she chuckles then moves back down my neck. "You're so needy, I love it." A smile spreads across my lips as she kisses down my stomach after flicking my nipples with her tongue. She uses her tongue to trace a path down to my center and flicks her tongue over my clit.

I moan and arch my back. "Mmm.so wet." Kelly mumbles then slides her arms underneath my bent thighs and caresses my hips. I bite my lip and wait for her next move but she doesn't make one. I become impatient and grind my hips up to her mouth. She kisses my thigh and I look down to her, raising up on my elbows.

She gives me a seductive smirk and flicks my clit again. My hips jerk and she lets out a smile. I glare at her playfully. "Bitch." I hiss at her. Kelly chuckles and sends me a wink. "You love it." Without another second Kelly leans forward and takes my clit into her mouth.

I moan and let my head roll back onto my shoulders. Kelly's nails dig into my hips and my eyes snap open and look down at her. Her blue eyes stay on mine as her tongue flicks relentlessly at my clit. I clench my teeth and strain to keep my eyes open.

Kelly moans and grips my hips harder. I start to pant as my legs quiver in pleasure. "Fuck.Kel.Kelly, don't stop." I gasp out as my hips grind against her mouth.

Kelly moans and sucks hard on my clit, making me moan loudly. I lean on one elbow and move my other hand down to her head and hold her against me. My eyes start to flutter closed and my toes curl in absolute pleasure. "Kelly." This time, Kelly lets me close my eyes and my arm gives out. I lay on the floor and my hand joins my other in her hair. She releases my clit only to go back to flicking. I whimper and lick my lips. God, damn, she is way too good at this.

I arch my back and grip tightly at her hair. "Fuck, Kelly! I-I'm so close." I cry out and Kelly moans in response. I moan and whimper as I reach my climax but then she stops. Her head moves from my grasp and she comes up to kiss me hard on the mouth when I start to protest.

I moan at the taste of myself on her lips and slap my hands down on her ass to resort to grinding against her. Kelly moans and rests on one hand beside my head and moves the other in between us. Before I know what is happening she has two fingers deep inside my cunt and her thumb is pressing hard against my budding clit. I pull away from the kiss and arch my back as my orgasm overtakes me. Her fingers pump hard and fast as her thumb rubs tight circles on my clit. My fingers dig into her ass and my teeth bite into her neck as my orgasm rocks me hard.

Kelly moans and doesn't stop her fingers, sending me into another orgasm. My whole body tenses harder this time and my vision goes black. // "Emily?" My eyes blink open to find a worried Kelly looking over me. She smiles and releases a sigh. "Are you okay?" I was.

I smile and start laughing. Kelly looks at me concerned and starts to help me sit up. When I don't stop laughing she looks at me skeptically. "I'm starting to think you've damaged your brain." I smile and shake my head, my laughing subsiding. I pull Kelly into a soft kiss. "I'm laughing because I've only read about girls passing out from multiple orgasms.

I never would've thought I'd be doing it myself." Kelly smiles proudly. "It was my first time also." I narrow my eyes with a smile. "You wouldn't happen to be proud of that Kelly, would you?" Kelly shrugs and gives me a small smile. I pull her in for another kiss and she deepens it almost immediately but when I try to touch her she pulls away.

I frown. "Maybe we should take a break until you're.recuperated." Kelly offers hesitantly. I tilt my head to the side with a raised eyebrow as a silent 'really?' and she shrugs. "You passed out. I'm worried." I smile and kiss Kelly again, harder this time. She moans in surprise and I eventually have her on her back and my tongue in her mouth. Her hands tangle in my hair and crushes our lips harder together as my hands grab her panties and slide them off her legs.

I don't plan to stop kissing her so I rest on my forearm next to her head and move my other hand down to her center. She moans loudly into my mouth as my fingers easily slide through her wetness. I thrust one finger into her entrance which sadly makes her break the kiss to moan and arch her back.

I kiss lick and suck her neck, to overthrown by lust to think I'm leaving a mark. Neither does she because she turns her head to offer me more access in which I take graciously. I slide another finger into her and she whimpers. "Yes." Kelly pants softly. Her hips start canting up to meet my thrusts and I pump harder in response.

She moans and groans, again and again. Her nails rake down my back and I shiver and moan, planting kisses on her chest.

When I feel her muscles start to tighten around my fingers I press my thumb to her clit and make fast circles on her small bud. A growl rips from her throat and suddenly her hand is in my hair, jerking my face up to hers and she presses her forehead to mine.

My eyes stare into her wide ones, her pupils blown dark with pleasure. Our hot breath mingles in between us and her legs quiver against my hips.

I make a hard thrust and my fingers brush against a rough patch, which I can only assume is her g-spot when she gasps and her eyes open wider in pleasure. I still my fingers inside her and locate her g-spot again, stroking lightly as my thumb still stimulates her clit. Her mouth drops open in a silent scream as her hips twitch.

"Em." Kelly whispers out and it feels like a bolt of electricity shoots through me and causes me to whimper. Our eyes stay connected until she throws her head back and arches her back. Her muscles tighten deliciously around my fingers and I watch her come undone.

Her nails dig into my scalp and shoulder, I'm sure leaving marks but I ignore the pain with a groan. When her hips finally relax and she slumps against the floor I stop touching her clit and g-spot. She pants desperately for air and I gingerly pull out of her cunt.

Kelly whimpers at the loss and I suck her juices from my fingers, moaning at the taste I love so much. I roll off her and onto her side, not touching her yet and giving her space. I close my eyes and throw my forearm over my eyes, my chest heaving from the exertion. I feel a faint burning in my arm and shoulder. Mostly from the awkward position my hand was in but also from where her nails had dug into my skin.

Her hand finds mine and she raises it to her lips and kisses my knuckles. I remove my arm and open my eyes to look at her. Kelly smiles. "Would it make you happy if I told you that no one I have ever been with has found my g-spot?" I smirk smugly and laugh. She scoots closer and kisses me lightly. "That was.Em, I can't even tell you how amazing that felt.It was almost like.never mind." I furrow my brow as Kelly looks away.

I move even closer and lay my head on her chest. "Tell me." Kelly sighs and looks down at me. Hesitance is shown clearly in her eyes. "Like we were connected." Kelly whispers so softly I don't think I heard her right. I blush and take a chance. "I felt it too." Kelly sighs in relief. I kiss her lightly but when I pull away all I see is panic in her eyes.

"What's wrong?" I ask concerned. Kelly puts on a tight smile. "Nothing. I'm fine." Kelly pulls away and stands up. She offers me her hand. "Come on. You can use the shower before you leave." I let her help me up and lead me to the bathroom.

When I start to step into the water I realize she isn't following me. I turn and smile. "Come in. The waters warm." Kelly smiles softly but I could tell it was forced. "It'll take too long if I get in. I'm going to go clean up our mess anyway. There's a pretty big wet spot on my carpet." I blush and let out a light laugh, stepping back under the water. "Sorry about that." Kelly nods her head and closes the shower door.

I wash my hair and scrub the smell of sex, sweat and cum off of my body. I walk out and see my clothes folded on her bed. I get dressed and walk downstairs. I find Kelly in the kitchen and move in behind her. I kiss her cheek and she jumps slightly.

I chuckle and lean against the counter. "So, no wet spot anymore." Kelly gives me another tight smile. We stand awkwardly together for a while. "I guess I should get going." I lean in to kiss her but Kelly turns her head. My heart flutters but not in a good way. The scared way. "You should. Your parents might be worried about you." Kelly says without looking at me. It was just like at school except this time she had no reason. She couldn't still be jealous, not after the amazing sex we had in the hallway.

I couldn't think of anything that would give her a reason to act like this. Except one. She was ending this.

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Familiar tears prick at my eyes and I scoff. "I guess I wasn't too far off the first time, huh? You just wanted to fuck me first." I grab my keys from the counter and make my way to the back door. "Emily." I don't turn around this time and go out to my car. // I was a mess. A total and complete mess. I manage to convince my parents I'm sick and stay home for Tuesday, crying and telling myself not to cry because I wasn't supposed to be involved.

But by Wednesday, I'm back at school. I wear sweatpants, a t-shirt, and gym shoes. And I just about look like death warmed over. When I really look like death warmed over? When I saw Kelly. The worst part was that she saw me too. Both of us stop and stared at each other. She looked amazing, as always. The only indication of anything wrong with her were the bags under her eyes that have been covered by makeup.

The bell rings and I glare at her as I walk past her and into my classroom. I don't see her until my last bell. That was one hell of a challenge. I eventually meet her eyes but immediately look away. God. Why did this hurt so much? I sigh as the bell rings and quickly gather my things. Right when I put my bag on my shoulder a guy bumps into me and my things go falling to the floor. He says a quick apology then rushes out the door.

I groan and kneel to pick up my things. Someone picks up one of my books and I look up to find Kelly. I clench my teeth and glare at her. "I don't need your help." I hiss at her and jerk the book from her hands. I grab my things and throw them into my bag.

She stands up with me and when I look at her she acts like she is going to say something but doesn't. I sigh and the last student moves out of the room before the door clicks shut. I slam down my bag. "What? What do you want Kelly? Make my day worse, please!" I fume and Kelly looks at me sadly. I raise my eyebrows and put my hands on my hips. She doesn't say anything. I groan and grab my bag, walking towards the door. "Emily, wait." Kelly grabs my wrist and I turn back to her.

Kelly sighs and shakes her head. The fact that she's not speaking is infuriating. I let out a growl of annoyance and push my fists against her shoulders again and again until she grips both of my wrists but I still push against her. "Stop- Emily!" I keep pushing and pushing. Kelly pins me to the cabinets along the wall. "Emily, please." Kelly whispers to me. I rest my head against the cabinets.

I don't know what she's asking for, I don't know what she wants, and I don't know what the hell I'm doing but it's driving me crazy. I look at her and then her lips. I surge forward and kiss her hard. She lets out a surprised moan but responds. I slip out of her grasp and flip us so she is pressed against the cabinets. She moans again and I slide my hand down her body to the apex of her legs, my hand pushing up her skirt.

I jerk her blouse out of her skirt and shove my hand under her bra and roughly cup her breast. Kelly whimpers into my mouth as I thrust my tongue into her mouth and my hand into her panties. I don't hesitate to thrust two fingers into her wet entrance. She moans loudly and throws her head back into the cabinets.

I thrust hard and fast, desperately trying to find her g-spot. When I touch the familiar rough patch she almost screams and her hands just about make holes in my shirt she grips it so hard. I growl against her lips as I connect them again and roughly play with her nipple. She whimpers and her legs start to shake so I press her harder into the cabinets. The second my arm starts to burn at the effort I feel Kelly getting close.

"Emily, I'm-" I don't know what she was going to say. I just know I didn't want to hear it. "Shut. Up." I groan out, fingering her harder. Kelly gasps and her orgasm rushes through her. Her head falls on my shoulder as her hips jerk against my fingers. She shakes like a leaf for a good minute before stopping with an exhausted sigh.

Her nose nudges into my neck and her hot breath washes over my skin as she pants. I don't think it's intentional until she moans softly. I pull out of her and then her panties and bra before stepping away. Kelly looks at me, still panting slightly. I grab my bag after wiping off my hand. I look at her and she's still trying to catch her breath. "That's what you wanted, right?" Kelly furrows her brow and I tilt my head slightly to the side, trying to hide my emotions from my face.

"An orgasm." I say coldly like it was obvious. Kelly closes her eyes and sighs, pulling down her skirt. "I didn't.I don't." Kelly loses her words and looks at me pathetically like I was going to help. I lick my lips and shake my head, holding back tears.

"Don't worry.it won't be happening again." I don't wait for a response and start walking to the door again. But then there's a knock and I freeze. I look to Kelly with wide eyes and see her frantically straightening her clothes. "Shit. Shit. Shit." Kelly mumbles. She looks to me and besides the flushed face, she seems straightened up. I nod my head and Kelly opens the door with a smile. "Hey Tara, what's up?" My math teacher, Mrs. Marco.

I sit down at one of the desks and get out my book from my bag just in case. "I am worried about one of my students and I know she's in your class also and you tutor her, Emily Heart?" Me? Kelly opens her mouth to respond but Mrs. Marco cuts her off which she often does to everyone. "She looked really bad today. Like not sick bad- like physically and almost emotionally drained.

You know? I was just wondering if she said anything to you." I see Kelly's face fall when Mrs. Marco explains how I looked today, knowing it was her fault. Kelly clears her throat, opens the door a little more, and steps out of the way. Mrs. Marco sees me and gasps. I smile shyly and give her a small wave. "Hi, Mrs. Marco." I say awkwardly. Mrs. Marco offers me an apologetic smile.

"Oh, Emily. I am so sorry. I didn't know you were in there. Are.Are you okay, though? I do worry about my students, especially my favorites." Mrs. Marco smiles. I smile back and a small blush forms on my cheeks. I barely catch Kelly rolling her eyes. "I'm okay. Just a fight with a.friend- a close friend. Kind of shook me up. Thank you for asking and making sure I was okay, it's more than she's done." I glance to Kelly when I'm finished and see the sad look on her face that was satisfying for about a second before I felt bad.

I actually felt bad for her. "Good honey. You know you can talk to me, your counselor, or even Ms. Harper, I'm sure she will gladly listen also-" Kelly cuts in quickly. "I would.I mean, if you would want to." I look at Kelly and see the desperation in her eyes and I give both her and Mrs.

Marco a tight smile. "I'll think about it. Thank you." I put the book away and stand up with my bag. "I should get home. My parents might be worried." I can't help but take a small jab at Kelly one more time. I was still pissed even if I felt bad for her just a tiny bit. I can tell Kelly holds back a retort and I say a quick goodbye to Mrs. Marco. I walk out of the school and to my car by the time I get a text on my phone.

I get in my car before pulling up the message. From: K I would really like it if we could talk Em. Tell me when and where and I'll be there. I sigh and rest my forehead on my steering wheel. I'm going to need closure. I can't keep being miserable even though I have to see her for the rest of the school year. You need this, I tell myself. To: K Your house, tonight @ 4. 20 minutes from now. It'll be a quick talk hopefully. After I send the text I declare myself too nervous to drive and when I finally get the familiar buzz from my phone I jump.

I open her message. From: K Perfect.


I'll see you soon. I lean my head back against my headrest. Hopefully, this will go well. // I tap my steering wheel nervously as I park in the back of Kelly's house. I take a deep breath. "Okay, Emily. You're fine. Go in there, listen to her and then leave.

Get closure and leave. You got this." I give myself a quick pep talk then get out of my car. I take the path I had multiple times over the past two weeks and knock on her door. Kelly opens it and smiles. She had changed into joggers and a tank top.

Why does she have to look good all the time? "Hi." I give her a weak smile in return and shrug. "So." I draw on and Kelly steps back to let me in. I walk into the kitchen and sit down at one of the chairs she motions for me to sit in.

She sits across from me and bites her lip. It felt so weird to see her uncertain and nervous. I'm not going to lie, it was a little nice but I was quickly becoming angry again at how silent she is when she actually has the opportunity to talk. I sigh angrily. "Listen Kelly. You're ending it- and that's fine. I'm okay. I just want to know why so I can have some closure." I look at Kelly expectantly but she doesn't say anything.

The expression on her face says she wants to say something but she doesn't. I groan and hold my head in my hands with my elbows on the table.

"I'm giving you what you want. I took your offer to talk to me, so talk to me. Tell me SOMETHING." I say desperately and remove my hands from my face. Kelly takes a deep breath. Nothing. She says NOTHING. I growl and stand up, preparing to get out of this house and go home and cry. This was so much worse than I thought it would be. "Emily- fuck- stop running out on me!" Kelly yells from behind me. I spin on her, my eyes wide with rage. "Are you serious? I've given you the chance to talk almost five times now.

I keep 'running out' on you because you won't talk to me. So open up your damn mouth and talk for once!" I yell back. Kelly slams her palms on the table and stands up, her chair pushed backward at the motion.

"I'm falling for you, damn it!" Kelly's eyes widen as she realizes what she said. My shoulders drop from their defensive stature and I blink in surprise. Obviously, not what I was expecting.at all. Kelly groans and lowers her head. I gulp and sit back down in my seat. Kelly rubs her face with one hand. "I'm.Emily, you don't understand. I've never had these feelings for anyone- let alone my student." Kelly looks at me and I clear my throat and give her a brief smile.

"But I'm not JUST your student." I ask hopefully. Kelly's eyes widen again as she shakes her head. "No!- No. Emily, you're definitely not JUST my student. I care about you.too much. I-I.I need a drink." Kelly moves from the table and reaches underneath the sink and grabs a bottle of whiskey. She pours herself a two fingers worth of whiskey and almost downs it in one gulp. I watch with slight amusement as she pours herself some more then looks to me. Kelly swallows hard.

"I didn't want to like you and I didn't want to fall for you." Kelly starts and I listen attentively as she continues.

"It was just supposed to be sex and I didn't want those things, not because you're you but because you are my student. My student that I am illegally seeing." Kelly takes another gulp of whiskey. "Emily.Monday, I was a bitch to you because I was scared. I couldn't speak because I didn't know what to say. I don't WANT to end it with you. I want more and for fuck's sake- that scares the shit out of me because we can't.

And even if we could get away with it, we shouldn't." Kelly sighs and finishes her drink. She moves over to the table and sits down in the chair at the end of the table. She looks into my eyes and I almost melt like a snowman in the summer (cliche, I know). "And Emily, you are NOT just an orgasm for me. Not now and not ever." I blush at that part and Kelly smiles softly. But then her smile falters and she shakes her head.

"But I can't expect you to have the same feelings- I don't." Kelly says sadly but genuinely. I bite my lip and shake my head. "I expected you to end it.what I didn't expect was you telling me that you're falling for me." Kelly chuckles lightly and shrugs. "I was going to end it actually. I know I shouldn't fall for you. But after today.I realized that even fighting with you makes me fall harder." My heart squeezes in my chest and I smile like an idiot. Kelly blushes and I lean forward, slowly and biting my lip.

Kelly closes her eyes. "Emily.don't kiss me if you don't feel the same. Please." I look at Kelly and her eyes are closed and her eyes brows are scrunched together, I assume with the effort not to cry. My heart flutters and I knew I was a goner. I lean the rest of the way and press my lips lightly to hers. Kelly sighs against my lips and parts her lips to allow my teasing tongue into her mouth.

The taste of whiskey on her tongue was bitter but the kiss was so sweet. Slow and tender like we just met each other after a few months of being apart and we were in each other's arms again.

Kelly stands up and leads me to stand with her. Her tongue teases me back and we start fumbling our way to the stairs. Kelly presses me against the banister and pulls off my t-shirt. Reluctantly breaking the kiss before claiming my lips again. I moan and slide her own shirt over her head. I keep us moving up the stairs but find myself tripping and pulling her down on me.

Kelly laughs and helps me up. I blush at how clumsy I am but she keeps kissing me as she leads us up the stairs. I push her into a wall, unintentionally, and she hums against my lips. "Are we.going.to make it.to the bed this time?" Kelly mumbles against my lips as she pulls off my bra. I giggle and grip her hips hard. She pushes off the wall and moves us into her bedroom, both of us too wrapped up in each other to close the door. I push her down onto the bed and immediately climb on top of her.

Kelly's hands grope my breasts and I moan and try to get hers out of her sports bra. No luck with that. I pull back with a frustrated groan and sit up.

"Take off this damn bra." I growl and Kelly chuckles. She simply unzips the front of the sports bra and pulls it down her arms. I glare at her playfully and lean down to take a nipple into my mouth. Kelly moans and runs her hands up my back then down again. I moan and switch to the opposite breast. Kelly uses my hair to pull my lips back to hers and roll us over. I squeal in surprise and she smiles then nips at my neck.

I moan and slide my hands down to her ass and pull down her pants until they are above her knees. She doesn't move to take off the joggers and I groan again in frustration. "Kelly.take off these pants!" I yell in frustration but playfully and she chuckles against my neck. "You're so demanding today." Kelly leans back and shimmies her joggers and panties down her legs.

I pull her back down to me and one of my hands immediately go to in between her legs and she moans loudly as I finger her clit. "Yeah.Really demanding." Kelly moans out. I smile but then frown because Kelly takes my hand away and pins them both to the bed. She smiles devilishly. "But I'm in charge this time. What happened at school won't happen again. Am I understood?" Kelly says seriously. I smirk. "I didn't hear any complaints." Kelly blushes and moves my hands above my head and holds them down with one hand and the other moves down to my sweatpants.

"Well, you kept kissing me." Kelly excuses and I chuckle softly as her hand jerks down my pants and I help her take them off my legs.

Kelly growls as she sees my underwear. I had switched to my new boxer underwear today. She looks up at me with dark eyes and a raised eyebrow. I shrug shyly. "They're comfier than my other underwear." Kelly smiles and kisses my stomach just above the boxers, sending a fresh wave of arousal in between my legs. She leaves kisses on my skin as she moves back up my body and eventually reaches my lips again.

Kelly moans against my lips. "I love them." I smile as she kisses me again. Kelly lowers her body between my legs and grinds against my center. I moan and buck my hips for more. Kelly nibbles at my ear lobe and I moan again. I try to raise my hands to touch her but she slams them back down.

"No. Touching." Kelly whispers strictly. I groan in annoyance. "How about yes touching- all over touching?" I ask incoherently. Her mouth was making me tremble. Kelly chuckles against my skin, sending a shiver down my spine. "Hmm.no." Kelly raises her head and kisses me lightly before grinding down again.

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We moan together and I lift my head to kiss her hard. She moans into my mouth and uses her fingernails to lightly scratch down my body until she reaches the hem of my boxers. She breaks the kiss and resorts to my ultimate weak spot; my neck. I moan and arch my back. She takes the opportunity to slide her hand into my boxers. Kelly moans as her fingers touch my wetness and I moan because her fingers touch my clit. She slowly rubs my clit and presses her lips to the arch of my ear.

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"A few days ago you told me you had a dream. Do you remember that dream?" Kelly whispers seductively. I shudder, hard, because I do remember the dream. I remember the dream so well. Kelly smiles. "I want to tell you my version of that dream." Oh god, this woman was going to kill me.

I moan and tilt my head to the side so she has more access to my neck, which she graciously peppers with soft kisses. "You come into the classroom after school.and I've been watching you all day so I know you're just as horny as me." She continues after carefully flicking my earlobe with her tongue, making me moan.

"I grab you by the hips and spin you around, pressing you into my desk but I don't bend you over just yet." Kelly's fingers move down to my entrance and slowly enters me with one finger.

I moan and grip her hip with my hand as my other tangled in the sheets. "I rub my crotch against your ass so you can feel my big strap on through my skirt, even though I know you've already seen the bulge." Kelly says with a smirk and I groan, my eyes tightly closed to imagine everything she is saying. "I ask you if you want it- if you want my cock so deep inside you that you blackout for the second time in your life." I smile softly as she works that into the fantasy.

Then she adds another finger inside of me and I throw my head back. "Fuck, Kelly." I gasp out. Kelly smiles and nips at the skin on my neck, that has started to drip with sweat. "Then I pull up my skirt and push your jeans and panties down to your ankles. I don't even have to ask you to spread and bend over for me, you do it yourself." Kelly's voice was starting to become heavier, not as heavy as mine but a hot, sexy heavy. Panting deliciously in my ear as she picks up the pace with her fingers.

I cry out and start meeting her thrusts with my hips. Kelly moans into my ear. "Then I line up my big cock with your wet pussy and thrust so deep inside you, you scream. Fuck, Em. Just the sight of that would make me cum. Knowing how taken and filled you are- all because of me." I moan loudly and buck harder to get Kelly's fingers deeper. Kelly moans again. "And then I would fuck you so hard you would have to grip the desk. I'll grab your ass and bounce you back onto my cock. I wish I could feel your walls clenching around it Em.

I want to feel you cum so hard on my cock." I'm a whimpering mess now. Kelly kisses and bites my neck, her fingers match the rhythm she mentioned in her fantasy and I start to clench around her fingers. "That's right. Cum for me. Cum around my big cock." My eyes roll back in my head and my back arches as I reach my climax.

I cum hard on her fingers, my own fingers digging into the soft flesh of her hip and my other hand twisting the sheets. Kelly keeps pumping into me as I ride out my orgasm. She whispers sweet little nothings in my ear that I can't even understand this orgasm has me so fucked up.

When I finally settle down I turn to her and kiss her softly. Kelly smiles softly and I smile back. "So." I blush shyly and raise a hand to gently play with her nipple. "Do you think I'm ready for your strap on, now?

It's kind of rude to mention it and then not follow up, don't you think?" I say softly then look up into Kelly's eyes. Kelly licks her lips and nods her head.

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I smile excitedly. "Yeah, I think you're ready." I giggle and she gets off the bed. I take off my now ruined underwear and wait for her to come out of the closet. I rest against her headboard, not bothering the pull the sheets around myself. Kelly walks back out with a strap-on harness in hand.

I bite my lip as she sets about 5 different dildos on the bed. She sits down next to me and looks me in the eyes. "We don't have to do this so we can stop whenever you want. It won't affect how I think about you or my feelings for you. Okay?" I nod my head and Kelly smiles and kisses me lightly. "You get to choose whichever one you want. I love them all- promise." I smile and move closer. I pick up a small blue one, bigger in width but shorter in length. The pink one next to it was the opposite.

There was a purple one that was a mix of both large in length and width. Next was a flesh colored dildo that had the appearance of a real average size penis. Then I came to the last one. It was blue and looked live a "v". One end was shorter and thinner than the other and there looked like a switch on the end point of the v.

I pick it up to inspect it closer. "That's a feeldoe. I put the smaller part of the dildo inside me, turn on the vibrator, and it has a little bit of a curl to touch my g-spot. I usually don't even have to turn it on." Kelly blushes slightly then continues. "I would put on the harness and then I could fuck you as much as I wanted." Kelly smirks and it makes me blush. I look back to my options and Kelly leans in and kisses my neck. "Which one do you want in your tight little pussy, Em?" I moan and tilt my head to the side as she continues to kiss my neck.

Her hand moves down to my pussy and I get distracted so easily when she teases my pussy lips. I whimper. "So?" I gulp and close my eyes, having dropped the toy and leaned back on my hands. "Huh?" I say, barely above a whisper. Kelly smiles. "Which one of my dicks do you want in your hot, wet pussy?" I whimper and lick my lips. "Th-The v looking o-one." I stumbled out.

Kelly stops her hand and picks up the dildo. "Good choice." I open my eyes and swallow slightly. Kelly stands up and grabs the harness and the dildo. I watch her slip the shorter end into herself, moaning softly, then slide the other side of the dildo through a hole in the harness after stepping into the leg holes. Soon she is strapped in with the 7-inch dildo protruding from her groin. I smile and bite my lip. "So.what do you think?" Kelly asks hesitantly.

I connect our eyes and smirk. "I think." I draw out as I move closer to her and eventually get off the bed to stand in front of her. "You need a blow job." Kelly's eyes widen in surprise as I drop to my knees in front of her and grab the base of the dildo tenderly. Her eyes quickly turn a shade darker as she looks down to me.

I bring my lips to the tip and slowly envelope the dildo into my mouth. Kelly moans and closes her eyes. "I bet that feels amazing." Kelly whispers softly and I force myself not to smirk. I bob my head, taking an inch deeper every time until I gag. The jock I lost my virginity to "coached" me through his blow job. In other words, forced my head down until I could barely breathe then pulled me back.

That ended very, very quickly. Kelly was caring when her hands came up to hold my hair back. I moan softly and glance up at her. Kelly bites her lip hard and her hips jerk, thrusting deeper into my mouth. I found out that I liked it. I moan in response to every jerk and she soon understands. Her hands grip a little harder on my hair and her hips move with my bobbing. Kelly licks her lips. "Is this okay?" I moan eagerly and Kelly smiles softly. She moves her hips a little faster and I close my eyes to take in the full effect.

After a few more seconds, Kelly pulls out of my mouth. "Lay on the bed for me." Kelly husks and I see the fire setting in her eyes as I stand up and crawl on the bed until I am laying on my back.

Kelly climbs on and positions herself between my legs but doesn't enter me yet. I bite my lip in anticipation and Kelly cups my cheek, making me look up at her. She smiles reassuringly. "I know you've done this before since you aren't a virgin but I want to go slow.

I'm sure this is bigger than what you've had anyways." Kelly smirks and I giggle. She kisses me lightly then silently asks me if I'm ready by raising her eyebrows. I nod my head and she positions the cock at my entrance.

I close my eyes as she pushes in slowly. When the dildo is inside me up to the hilt I let out a long breathy moan. "Fuck." Kelly husks and kisses my neck. I feel so filled with this fake cock inside me. I groan and grind my hips against hers. "Mmm.more." I ask breathlessly. Kelly kisses my neck then up to my ear lobe and sucks on it gently.

Her hips slowly pull back before pushing forward again. I moan and move my hands to her back. Kelly looks down at me and thrusts harder. I groan loudly and rake my nails down her back. Kelly moans and I kiss her neck softly. "T-Turn on the vibrator.I want you to cum." I whisper into her ear. Kelly nods her head and stops thrusting long enough to reach down and flip the switch. Kelly gasps and jerks forward, thrusting deep into me. I moan and dig my nails into her back. "God.It's more intense than I remember.

I haven't used it in a while." Kelly groans into my neck. I bite my lip and move my hands to Kelly's hips, pulling her forward. "Fuck me, Kelly, please." I pant out. Kelly moans and does as I ask. She thrusts into me, over and over again until we are both hurtling towards orgasm. Kelly is panting hard against my skin, sending shivers down my spine. I'm cursing, whimpering, and moaning at her every thrust. The jock I was with could never have brought me so close to orgasm like this.

Kelly grunts hard against my neck, her hips faltering in rhythm. "Emily, I-" Kelly's hands clench next to my head and she buries her head in my shoulder, her hips stilling. She was cumming. I moan into her ear and place a soft kiss to her earlobe.

Her breath was caught in her throat in a silent scream and her eyes were screwed shut. "Mmm, cum inside me, Kelly." I purr softly into her ear. Kelly gasps softly and her hips jerk against mine. I moan and kiss her neck and wait for her to come down from her high. Kelly relaxes against my and kisses my shoulder. "I-I'm sorry.I didn't know I would cum that fast.I never cum that fast." Kelly sounded surprised. I chuckle softly and move my hand up to cup her cheek.

I make her look at me before bringing her into a deep and sensual kiss. Kelly moans and swipes her tongue to enter my mouth. I let her in and kiss her hard. Kelly moans and starts to move her hips again and as pleasurable as it is, I stop her.

"Wait." I say as I break from the kiss. Kelly looks concerned. "Does it hurt?- We can stop. I-" I smile and kiss her again, effectively cutting her off. "I want to try another position. No one is stopping." Kelly smiles and nods her head. She pulls out of me with me letting out a whimper at the loss. Kelly sits back on her heels. "Where do you want me?" Kelly asks and I bite my lip, shuddering at all the positions we could be in.

I shake my head and pick one of the positions. Making it as sexy as possible I move over to her until I am on my knees in front of her. I grab the fake cock and pull it until she is kneeling, a smile adorning her face.

I brush my lips against hers and stroke her cock that was still smeared with my juices. "I want you to fuck me from behind." I whisper softly. Kelly groans and lunges for my lips but I pull back just in time with a smirk. "Hard." Kelly growls in frustration and impatiently. I give her cock a particularly hard tug and she moans. "And fast.Okay?" She nods her head and tries to kiss me again but I simply pull back and raise an eyebrow.

Kelly growls and grabs my hips, pulling me tight against her. "Yes, Emily, okay. I'm going to fuck you hard and fast from behind and if you're lucky, I'll smack your ass. Good enough?" I smile and chuckle lightly and she rolls her eyes affectionately. I kiss her lightly before moving into position on my hands and knees in front of her. Kelly moans and runs her hands over my ass. "Tell me if I get too rough, okay?" Kelly asks softly.

I nod my head and prepare myself. Kelly pushes inside me slowly. I moan loudly. I felt much more filled this way. When she is all the way in she gives me time to adjust.

"W-Why does it feel bigger this way?" I ask breathlessly and Kelly tenderly rubs my lower back and hips. "The angle makes your pussy tighter, therefore giving more pleasure and the illusion of the cock being bigger.

Does it feel good?" Kelly asks. I moan and nod my head. "It feels great. I think I'm ready for you to move now." Kelly grips my hips and slowly pulls out, barely to the head then pushes back in, faster than I expected so I gasp in surprised pleasure. Kelly stills. "Did that hurt?" I quickly shake my head.

"No! It felt amazing- more. I want more." I can imagine the big, goofy smile she has on her face right now.


Kelly thrusts again and again. I moan every single time but my pussy was aching for more. I groan and push back onto the cock. Kelly moans and moves her hands to my ass to pull me back harder. I let out a high pitched moan. "Ah! Yes! Fuck me faster- harder. Please, Kelly." I beg. Kelly moans and does as I ask. I bounce back faster and she meets my needy thrusts. My fingers grip the bed sheets and my arms give out, I fall into my elbows.

I cry out in pleasure as the new angle makes the cock hit my g-spot with every thrust. Kelly starts panting as she thrusts harder and harder. I whimper. "Kelly, I'm s-so close." I rest my forehead against the bed and Kelly groans, fucking my pussy harder.

My orgasm grows fast in my stomach and I gasp in air. "Yes, yes, yes. Don't stop. Fuck my pussy-fuck it." I mumble softly but Kelly hears me and puts all her effort into one thrust that pushes me over the edge.

I scream in pleasure as my body shakes. Kelly leans over me with the cock still buried deep inside me and kisses my sweat covered shoulder blades. I grind back against her to ride out my aftershocks. Kelly moans and moves one hand to draw soothing circles on my back. When I calm down Kelly nudges her nose into my neck. "Are you ready for me to pull out?" I nod my head and she kisses my shoulder one last time then gently pulls out of me, eliciting a soft mewl from me.

I roll onto my back and watch Kelly wipe off the strap-on and take it off. After she is done she comes back and lays in the bed with me. She wraps her arms around my shoulders and I wrap mine around her middle. "I liked that. You are much better than Jimmy Carter." Kelly pulls back and looks at me with raised eyebrows.

"Really? You slept with that little twerp?" I frown and shrug. "I liked him." Kelly shakes her head and rolls her eyes. "He's a player and don't even ask me why because he has acne all over his face and he has a douchebag haircut." I retract my arms from her body. "Well, I liked him then. I'm sorry my first time wasn't with someone who you approved of." I say grumpily and push her hands off of my body before turning away from her.

Kelly sighs and rests her hand on my arm. "I didn't.well I do wish your first time was special and I just don't think he would have made it special. You deserve for your first time to be special." I turn back to her, my arms crossed over my chest.

"Would you have made it special?" Kelly puts a hand on her chest like I had offended her. "Of course." I smile and scoot back into her embrace. Kelly rests her cheek against my temple. "Can I go to sleep?" I ask softly and Kelly simply nods her head and makes a grunt of confirmation.

I snuggle closer to her and fall asleep in seconds. ---------- More to cum (; I hope this story was enjoyable for everyone! (: