Some nasty fisting and creampie end

Some nasty fisting and creampie end
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She was pacing nervously as she awaited his arrival. "I can't believe I'm doing this. I can't believe I'm doing this" she repeated aloud. Mary had been married for 10 years and things had gotten stale in the bedroom. She me TJ through an online site and finally broke down and invited him over. He had said 9 o'clock. It was 8:45 and was shaking and starting to feel sick. Could she really go through with this?

She went and poured herself another drink, trying to calm her nerves. As she sat down she heard a knock at the door. She froze. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. She did her best to set her drink down without spilling it. She opened the door and there stood a 6'2 muscular man with dark hair and the most piercing green eyes she had ever seen. "Hi, I'm TJ" he said. "I'm Mary, come in. Can I get you a drink?" "Yea sure" He followed her into the kitchen as she handed him a beer.

They sat on the couch and he placed his hand on her leg and asked "So how long will your husband be gone?" "For the weekend, probably late Sunday night." "Well good" he said giving her a lustful look that sent chills down her spine. Suddenly she didn't think this was a good idea.

"You look a little nervous" he said leaning in towards her. "I…I've never done anything like this before" she stammered. "Relax baby, I'll be gentle" he whispered in her ear as he slid his hand up her leg. He kissed her neck and said "relax." With that she shot up "I I'm sorry. I don't think I can do this. I'm not entirely comfortable" she said trying to hold back her tears. He just smiled and replied "It's ok, really it is.

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It was nice to meet you tho." He moved to give her a hug but she stepped back. "Ok, I'm sorry this didn't work out. Um before I leave do you mind if I use your bathroom?" "Yea, go right ahead" she replied. She led him to the bathroom. "Thanks, I'll be right out." She stood there for a minute, relieved that the night was almost over.

She was lost in her thoughts, debating if she should tell her husband or not. She was so lost that she didn't hear him come out of the bathroom.

She didn't hear him step up behind her. He grabbed her, wrapping one arm around her chest pinning her arms to her and with the other he covered her mouth. It wasn't hard for him to overpower her. She fought to get free, screamed against his hand, tried kicking but nothing worked. He pretty much carried her into the bedroom, pushing her down onto the bed face down, him on top of her.

She continued to fight. He grabbed her hands and pulled some rope out of his pocket. He tied her wrists together behind her back. She started screaming for him to get off of her, calling him every name she could think of.

She was confused. "Why are you doing this to me" she cried. "Why? How long have we been talking? How long have you been teasing me? You've been nothing but a whiney bitch these past few weeks. Then you invite me over, finally, and ask me to leave after a few minutes.

Fuck no; it ain't gunna happen that way. I'm gunna get what I came here for." She couldn't hold back her tears any longer. "I know you want this. You just don't want to admit it" he said as he flipped her over.

She kicked and screamed as he was undoing her jeans. She landed one good kick into his stomach which caused him to let off for a moment.

He rose up and slapped her hard then pulled out a knife and held it to her throat "try that again and ill bleed you out. Understand?" she nodded. "All right, now to get these things off." She laid there as he pulled her pants and underwear off. She was trembling, trying to control her tears as he used his knife to get her shirt off. "Mmm very nice." He popped her bra open with his knife then gently ran his blade from the hollow of her neck down to her belly button.

He flipped his knife around and dragged the handle down between her legs. "Let's see if you are ready for me" he said before pushing his knife handle in. The handle was cold and hurt; she tried not to scream but couldn't stop a moan from escaping. He mistook that for a moan of pleasure and started fucking her with it. She couldn't believe he was doing this to her. After a few minutes she realized she was enjoying this, she caught herself starting to move her hips with his thrusts and felt very wet.

He took notice and smiled "I see you like this. Mmm we are gunna have soo much fun" he said. He removed his knife and set it on the dresser. He undressed and she couldn't help but stare. He was pure muscle and sporting a hard 9in cock. She had seen pics but they didn't do him any justice.

She shook her head and whimpered, no please don't, over and over. "Too late Hun. If ya didn't want me you wouldn't have had me over." He rolled her over and said "now, I'm gunna untie your hands for a moment if you fight me, well lets just say it wont end well for you alright?" She nodded and he untied her hands but kept a firm grip.

He rolled her onto her back and as he started to retire her she caught him by surprise with a hit to his jaw. He staggered back for a moment and she tried to push him away but he regained himself and backhanded her. "You fucking bitch!


You're gunna pay for that." He grabbed her wrists with one hand and her throat with the other. She started to panic, he was squeezing to tight. She tried to get her legs around him but it didn't do any good. She was starting to feel sluggish and quickly blacked out. She woke up a few minutes later, her hands were tied up and her ankles were strapped to the frame. She looked around but didn't see TJ anywhere.

Maybe he had already had his fun and left she thought. But her one shred of hope disappeared as he walked back in the bedroom, beer in hand. "Well I see we are awake" he said with a smile. "I like a woman with some fight, just don't think you'll get away with another." With that he straddled her chest, his cock situated between her breasts. He rubbed his cockhead against her lips. She kept her mouth shut as tight as she could.

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"Open" he demanded. She tried to turn her head away but he grabbed it and forced his cock into her mouth. Grabbing his knife he held it against her and said "bite me and you're dead, got it?" she opened her mouth as wide as she could to accommodate him. He thrust forward, trying to push his entire length in. She gagged as he thrusted doing her best not to vomit.

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He pushed all 9in down her throat and held it there for just a few seconds before pulling out. Before she could pull a breath he was ramming back into her. He wasn't going as deep but was now fucking her face.

She struggled to breathe between thrusts, trying not to panic.

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He thrust into her a few more minutes before slowly pulling out. She gasped and coughed as he sat there watching with a smile. "I thought you said you were a world class cocksucker?" he asked. "Only when I want to" she struggled to say. "O you know you want it. Right now I bet you are just aching for me to fuck that pussy huh." He said as he moved and positioned himself over her. She watched him and shook her head pleading with him. He kissed her neck and laughed as he thrust his cock into her soaking wet pussy.

"Ah I told you you wanted this" he said. She kept telling herself "He's wrong. I don't want this. I don't want this. I…don't&hellip.want…this…" she started to moan and thrust with him. "Mmm you like that cock don't ya?" he panted as he started to fuck her harder. "O fuck yea" she cried. She bucked against him as best she could, her moans turning into screams. He pounded her harder and faster.

She could feel herself start to tingle and before she knew it she started shaking and screaming even louder, her words becoming just gibberish. "OOO FFFFFFUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKK!!" every inch of her was on fire as her pussy started to spasm.

He kept fucking her through her orgasm. She was so caught up in her pleasure she didn't notice he untied her hands and was letter he feet go. He rolled her onto her stomach and slammed his cock into her. He grabbed her hips and pounded her hard. She could feel another orgasm building. She reached down and played with her clit as he fucked her. She started to shake and scream as she furiously rubbed herself. She screamed and bucked against him, harder and harder. He pulled out and spread her ass cheeks.

"O no no no no, I don't do anal" she gasped trying to catch her breath. He smacked her ass hard, hard enough to make her cry out. He reached up and grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled it back. "Well then tonight you start. Just relax" he said as he pushed his cockhead against her virgin asshole. "Wait, wait" she pleaded "there is lube in the drawer, please." She reached down and took a bottle of KY out and handed it to him. He rolled his eyes and thrust his hips forward, his cock pushing in about halfway.

She screamed and tried to crawl away but he grabbed her hips and thrust again until he was balls deep. She was close to tears, gripping the sheets as he pulled out and rammed her again.

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She relaxed as best she could as he pounded her. After a few minutes she realized she was loving it. His balls were slapping against her swollen clit and pussy lips. She started to rub herself again, bringing her closer to yet another orgasm. He slapped her ass a couple of times before burying his cock in her ass pumping his hot load.


She felt his pulsing cock and that set her over the edge. She bucked wildly as her pussy clenched around her fingers and her ass around his cock. He pulled out to shoot his last spurts on her ass and back.

She was still shaking as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her. As she came down from her high she fell onto the bed, passed out hand still buried between her legs. She awoke the next morning sore and exhausted but TJ wasn't there. On the nightstand was a note that read "I'll be back later. TJ" she smiled and fell back asleep.