Two Fat Cocks of Abel Lacourt Ryan Marchal for Matteo Lavigne

Two Fat Cocks of Abel Lacourt Ryan Marchal for Matteo Lavigne
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Please remember I haven't written in a while and this series demands to be published. Sorry if you were looking forward to my detailed writing.

Its a bit rushed. As the series goes I'll probably get more detailed. I DO NOT WRITE GOOEY HAPPY ENDING FOR THE WOMAN LOVE STORIES. I WRITE VIOLENCE RAPE AND ABUSE FANTASY. Dio was not looking forward to his classes today.

The dean had it out for him. The professors had it out for him. It seemed like the only people who liked him were on the baseball team with him.

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But it was what it was. Much to his dismay, when the loud speaker came on halfway through his favorite class, it was his name he heard. "Diomar Desen the Dean expects you in her office at 5pm sharp." Hastily looking at his schedule he was disappointed to see that he'd miss practice today.

"5pm, right after Chemistry 309 just my luck." He mumbled to himself as he gathered his things and headed across the campus to the science house. Half of his day was spent here. But being a double science major life was okay for the most part. He was majoring in chemistry and biology. It was all a part of his plan.

One day he would achieve it.

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One day everything he wanted would be as simple as a thought. Advanced physics (the class he just left) was his personal treat in between Modern Advance applied Biology and Chemistry 309.

So far he sounds like a total dweeb right? Well standing at 6'5", with the best pitch in four states and the most runs per game in five, how else do you think he's the best student in college? With his long raven black hair reaching his waist and his jade green eyes he was far from the part of need. He could have any woman he wanted, if he wasn't so shy quiet and reserved. Now don't get it twisted, Dio was no virgin. He just didn't pursue women on a regular basis.

Simply because he didn't know how to make them do what he wanted. That was his thing. He had to be in control. Without control in Hus corner his tool was next to useless. But today everything was going to change. He didn't know how. All he knew was, at some point today, something somehow was going to definitely irreversibly change his life.

As Dio had cleaned up his Physics lab table, he rushed. In that rush he spilled a container all over his sleeve. With only five minutes to push his way through a crowd down four flights of stairs and all the way to the other side of the building he didn't bother to identify or clean the substance from his shirt sleeve.

Rushing into chemistry 309 he quickly took his seat next to his lab partner, a beautiful red head named Carolina South. For some reason he never thought of this oddly named beauty as anything more than a Married fellow scientific enthusiast. Until his wandering eyes landed upon her open notebook. Mind control Syrum The title just jumped at him from the heading of the page. Without a second thought he went to the chemical freezers and pulled out everything written down in her formula.

One hour into the three hour class they had the syrum completed to her specifications. As agreed he would be the first to try it.

But as he reached for the beaker a single still liquid drop of the unknown substance upon his shirt sleeve fell into the awaiting mouth of the beaker. Withing moments the beaker began to smoke and rumble. Within milliseconds he was the only living soul left in the lab not even the Professor or Carolina stayed behind with him. Everyone had abandoned him to what at this moment he knew to be sure doom. Grabbing the beaker he took only a split moment to decide what needed to be done.

Rushing he sprinted for the chemical emergency window at the front of the lab. But he was moments too late. As he fumbled with the emergency latch (what good is this latch in a fucking emergency? He thought to himself) the beaker exploded in Hus hand. His world went cold and dark. As his unconscious body hit the cold tile floor, his skin absorbed every last drop of the syrum.


His mind reacted by overpowering the room. Every light blew, every glass shattered, and every table lifted and dropped back in place. Everything was dark. Even in his unconscious state he knew he had just achieved greatness. Everything was getting to be just right. He awoke to Carolina shaking him. Sobbing and begging for him to please not be dead. After several minutes if this he couldn't handle her voice anymore.

"Shut up you stupid cunt." To his and her suprisewith no hesitation she immediately shut up. The look on her face said it definitely wasn't her choice. Being a man of science, he decided to see if this was some side effect of the explosion. Or if he had finally completely gone insane.


"Take your pants off." This time she hesitated. But his will still won out in the end. Carolina stood and removed her pants. Revealing that she want wearing any panties. To his delight the neat trimmed little patch of public hair leading to her pussy was the same bright red as her wavy shoulder length hair. As she stood there naked frombthevwaist down, unable to speak, she trembled on the verge of tears.

"Throw your pants out the window." He figured this was the only way he'd know for sure. Within moments her pants went out the window. As he thought about her doing the same to her shirt and bra, her hands moved with no hesitation to bend to his every wish and whim. It seemed stronger when he didn't speak his demands. He hungrily took in the sight of his naked, worthless, selfish lab partner. Her skin was as pale and smooth as porcelain. Her breasts a full perky 32DDD.

Her nipples as pink as strawberries. Her tears worth every drawn out degrading second. After all, even she thought she had left him for dead.

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For that she would pay, dearly. "Turn around and bend over the first lab table you come upon." He knew hed have to make this quick.

It was already 4:30 and he had to be back across campus by five.

With her bent over facing the black board he just couldn't contain it anymore. He walked over behind her. Slowly drawing the process out to the utter limits of what he could withstand at this point. As he stood there slowly removing his belt, he couldn't handle his monster being held captive any longer. Dio wrapped his belt around Carolinas throat with his left hand as he undid his pants with his right. He yanked back on the belt as he lined his 13 inch cock up with her barely used velvet.

Carolina silently cried as he made her push herself back onto him. She had only been touched by one man in her life.

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The man her wedding ring stood for. 'O god, Jeff's going to let ave me now.' She thought to herself as her body continued to invite Diomar deeper into her folds. When her body couldn't swallow anymore of his cock he finally released the belt from choking her.

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He stayed there, still, with half of his monster buried in this whores pussy. Only then did he allow his body to overpower his mind. He slowly pulled all the way out, only to pound it back into her with no mercy. Her body couldn't handle it.

In moments she was fully collapsed across the table as he destroyed her pussy. By the time Carolina could comprehend her own thoughts, he was on the verge of release. Grabbing the belt. He yanked back hard, fully cutting off her air supply.


As she began to think he wasn't going to let her breath again he buried his shaft as deep as it would go into her pussy. As she struggled, praying for the air her very substance depemdedbupon to survive, he flooded her womb with his greedy seed. Slowly pulling out of her he finally millimeter by millimeter released the belt from her neck. Taking a moment to enjoy the sight of this used worthless whore spilling his seed all over the lab floor, he reveled in pure victory.

His life just became perfect. Pulling the belt from her neck with his left hand he toyed with the cum in her pussy. Scooping some out onto his fingers he leaned down to whisper in her ear. "Finish every drop you've spilt. Then go all the way across campus and wait for me in the baseball locker room. Do not talk to anyone in any way. Don't call your husband On second thought do.

But only tell him to meet you in the baseball locker room at eight. Any of the players in the locker room that want to fuck you in the mean time, you won't stop them. In fact you'll be a dirty little slut for them." Shoving his cum soaked fingers in her mouth he pressed his cock against her ass again. "Now eat up my dirty whore." As he stood he slapped her ass.

Grabbing her hair he made sure she found the puddle of cum on the floor. After redressing himself he gave her ass one more slap and left her, with the door wide open, licking his cum off the dirty disgusting floor. Heading down the hallway he was now looking forward to his meeting with the Madame Dean.