Eating that ass before she gets nailed

Eating that ass before she gets nailed
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Precious Gem Twin Sisters Chapter 1 - Ruby ---------------------------------------------------------- Please note, this is a partially true story. I do know the women involved and they are exotic dancers though i've changed their names, I just wish that the rest was true!

---------------------------------------------------------- I was enjoying a night at the strip club one Thursday, watching the girls on stage and having a few lapdances. It has been months since I'd been there, so most of the girls were new to me and I was enjoying the eye candy. Most of the girls were European of various types.

The DJ then announced the next stage show "Well here she is everyone, the petite and sexy Ruby!" I thought, hey I know a girl named Ruby, I wonder if by chance. And then she came out from back stage, and it was the girl I'd met at a few parties last month! My jaw dropped when I saw her in her bikini. Ruby was a pale Mexican girl, long black hair down to her lower back, a pretty and freckled face, about 5 foot tall, very slim, tight little butt, and a nice rack.

She started whirling around the poles and dancing up a storm. Lots of the guys were whistling and cheering her on. Ruby spent the first two songs doing acrobatics all over the stage and going up to some of the guys sitting around it and letting them stick their noses between her tits or ass cheeks.

On the third son, she pulled the string on her top and let it fall as she did a slower dance around the stage and it's pole. Her sexy 32Cs were freed and swayed with her seductive dance. They were a bit bigger and hung a big more than I usually preferred, but they'd be fantastic to press together and slide my cock between, but I was dreaming really and didn't expect to ever get a chance.

By the end of that song, she had everyone watching her, even some of the other dancers were cheering her on. Then as the fourth song started, she turned her back to us and pulled the string on one side of her bikini bottom and let it fall to the side revealing one ass cheek, and slowly gyrated her hips. After a few moments, she then grabbed the other side and pulled the string to release that side. As it dropped, she arched her back and thrust her ass out toward the crowd.

Then she slowly leaned forward at the waist until she was bent over and smiling at the crowd upside down from between her legs. Her pussy was open and looked bare, and then she began to spread her legs slowly wider and her hips moved down.

Ruby slowly lowered herself down until she was doing the splits. I could even make out her tiny asshole between her small asscheeks. Then she flipped over and was spread wide facing the crowd now with her pussy on display for us all to see and I could now see she had a little landing strip of hair. I could also see she had very slim outer pussy lips and so I could see it all, including that she was glistening a bit down there.

She must love showing off. She continued her dance doing twirls and spins all over the stage and has us all mesmerized and drooling. Eventually, the song came to an end and she disappeared through the curtain. I was kind of sad as she had one hot body and I really had hoped to see more. After about 15 minutes I spotted Ruby entering the floor from back stage and begin to walk around.

It didn't take long until she was doing a lapdance for one guy and I enjoyed watching from afar. After that she went with another guy into the VIP section for about 30 minutes. She came back with a smile and alone, I guess the guy had to clean himself up a bit before coming out himself. Finally she was walking down my row and the guy beside me flagged her down.

I enjoyed seeing her drive the guy beside me crazy for 3 songs, and she didn't notice me because of the little walls that were a bit transparent, but not fully. After she finished with him, she got herself dressed again and was about to keep going but I called out her name.

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When she saw me, she was puzzled for a second, then a big smile appeared and she threw herself at me and gave me a big hug. I could feel her breasts pressing into me, and I could feel my cock stir a bit.

She sat down with me and we chatted for awhile. Ruby told me how she had been dancing for quite a few years and really enjoyed having people see her and cheer her on. I laughed and told her I'd be happy to watch her anytime. I joked also that I'd be happy to be watched WITH her too! Hell, I figured if I saw her naked, I shouldn't be ashamed to let her know I liked what I had seen.

She just giggled at the comment. Ruby asked if I came here often, and I told her how I used to, but took a break for awhile, but kinda missed the place. Also I told her how the VIP section never existed back then. "Do you want to go check it out?" Ruby asked me. "Ummm, you mean just a tour?" I replied Ruby exclaimed "No silly, I'd like to dance for you too!" and grabbed my hand. When we got to the door, she told the guy I was a personal guest so I didn't have to pay.

He ushered us past him and Ruby led me down a hallway with a bunch of booths just off shorter hallways off the main one.

She took me down to the end, and then into the last booth. She pulled a plant sitting nearby into the entranceway and then pulled a curtain across. There was a 5' long bench on one wall that she pushed me down onto. She also reached out through the curtain and put something outside. I could tell the wall opposite to the bench seat was semi-transparent like the walls downstairs in the main lounge and that all the booths faced inwards onto a common area.

Ruby saw me checking it out and explained "They sometimes do spot checks and turn on all the lights, as we can get more cozy here, but there are supposed limits." I was a bit nervous still and asked "So just how much does time up here cost?" I only had a hundred bucks on me and didn't want to get over my head. "Oh, this is on the house. Well, more like on my body" Ruby said as she came over and climbed into my lap, straddling me. Her hands began running up and down my chest and she began grinding herself into me to the beat of the music.

It was so incredible feeling this little body rubbing against mine, I was getting hard almost right away.

Before I knew it, her bikini was gone and my shirt was open. I could feel her hard nipples pressing against my skin, and then her ample tits were up in my face and I couldn't stop myself but began to lick and suck on them. Ruby gasped and pulled me into her tits harder, rubbing them all over my face, letting me lick and suck each back and forth. My hands went to her petite ass and was holding a cheek in each hand, massaging them in time to the slow music. I was feeling bold, and my fingers wrapped around her ass a bit farther and I found her wetness with each of my fore-fingers.

That make Ruby moan and push back against my fingers.


I pushed one finger almost all the way inside of her, and wow was she tight, warm, and WET! She gasped loudly and then moved forward so that my finger slid out, saying "No no" and waggling a finger at me. She then climbed off my lap and stood between my legs and leaned forward press her body against mine as she breathed hotly on my neck.

I could feel her tits against my chest. Then she moved downward until she was kneeling between my legs, and then she took her tits and pressed them into my crotch, rubbing them against my rock hard cock that was outlined in my pants.

She looked up and smiled and she did this over and over. She also sometimes just rubbed my cock with her hands and licked her lips. I wished that we were at my place or hers right then, and we could have all sorts of fun. Then Ruby stood up again and turned around. She backed her ass up toward me and i reached out and ran my fingers over her small cheeks.

She bent over and spread her legs a bit and reached through them and spread her pussy for me to see. It was pretty damn wet I could tell even in the low light.

I moved my face forward but she moved also and waggled her finger at me again.

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So I just ran my hands over her ass over and over for a few minutes and she swayed to the music. Then she moved down a bit and sat down in my lap. She took special care to make sure her ass was right over my cock, and then she began to grind and gyrate herself against my lap and cock.

Fuck this was such an incredible tease and turn on. I reached around and grabbed each of her tits and she lay back against me, still pushing herself against my cock. I thought I was going to explode from this erotic thrill dance. At one point she took my hand in hers, and she guided it down between her legs.

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She pushed my finger to her pussy, and I didn't waste the chance and I slid my finger into her warmth again. Then she pulled it out and guided my hand up until she took my finger into her mouth and sucked on it gently and firmly, and I could feel her tongue twirling around it. I sure wished that was my cock right about then. Then she moved my hand down again to her pussy and this time she had me pump her a few times in and out, then when she brought my hand back up she moved my finger to my mouth.

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I eagerly sucked on my finger, tasting her sweet juices, and after I had finished licking my finger clean, she popped it in her mouth and gave it another quick lick. I was getting so horny and turned on, and my cock was so hard I thought I was going to bust my pants. But then as a song ended, Ruby climbed off me. I was disappointed, and I was so ready to go I would have fucked her right there if she would have let me.

"I hoped you enjoyed that little preview" Ruby said as she began to gather her stuff up and put her bikini back on. "Damn, that was the best lapdance I've ever had. Are you sure I don't owe you anything" I answered. She giggled and said "Silly, I told you it was just a preview, and those are always free" I was a bit confused and my face must have shown it. "If you can stick around until 2am, I'm off then, and I'll take you back to my place for a feature show" Ruby offered.

I was completely stunned and didn't know what to say besides "Umm, yeah, absolutely" "Yummy, I can't wait.


Now I've got to go make some money, so I hope you don't mind if I go? You can get yourself sorted out and then just head back to the lounge. Just leave the curtain open when you leave" she said as she was about to head off. "Wow, you must leave most of your guys pretty desperate in these booths" I commented. "Not all. The last guy I brought back here blew his load in his pants. I'm glad you didn't too, and that you are very erotic and not so grabby. Well, gotta run for now, see you out there" and Ruby left.

I got shirt done up and smoothed everything out, and fortunately my cock softened up too so I didn't have to walk around hiding it. I went back out and found another table to sit at in the lounge, but closer to the stage this time, and admired the other girls as the night went on. I got to see Ruby dance twice more that night, and by the third time, her pussy was so red and wet it looked like she'd been fucked by 2 or 3 guys. Maybe she had, or maybe she just was getting very worked up about what lay ahead.

Just before 2am, she came out of the back area in her street cloths. We left and I walked her to her car and got her address just in case I lost her along the way. When we arrived, I had to admire her condo. It was a spacious 2 bedroom unit overlooking the lake and was elegantly furnished.

"Wow, nice place! How much do you make exactly?" I asked her "If I work the entire night like today, I can clear two grand. Tonight I only made fifteen hundred." I whistled and commented "That is some fine money. I'm assuming not all the girls do that well though" "No, I'm one of the better ones.

You have to know how to tease and lead a guy on, plus do some 'extras' from time to time for the rich clients or special regulars" Ruby told me. "Oh, what kind of 'extras' do you do" I inquired. "Well that depends on the offer the guy makes. I've done some pretty crazy things, but I really enjoy most of it, and I sure as hell like getting paid for it." I was feeling a bit nervous again, not sure if she was expecting me to offer her some money, so I thought I'd better clear that issue up right away.

"Um Ruby, I don't really have much on me, and I'm not sure what you are expecting" I'd spent all but $20 on some other girls dancing for me before we had left.


Ruby laughed and wrapped her arms around me "Jeff, I've never run into a personal friend at a club before, and besides the fact that I found you cute when we met at those parties, feeling your touch on me earlier made me want you badly. We're just two friends that are having some fun, and there will never be a charge for you" I was quite relieved and I leaned down and kissed her deeply.

"Hmmmmmmm, and with that note, I'm going to go freshen up. Can I leave you to get yourself a drink and I'll be back in a bit" Ruby said. "Sure not problem. Take your time" I replied as she headed off to her bedroom. I made myself a drink as I turned on the TV and watched some sports highlights from the day's games. I heard the shower run and then after another long while I heard her come out of the bedroom. I turned to see her, and her petite frame was hidden from me by a long while silk robe.

She came over to me and climbed up in my lap like she had in the booth. But this time she leaned down and kissed me deeply. She leaned back away from me and unwrapped her robe to show me she was wearing a sheer white bra and matching sheer white panties. She grabbed a remote and started some music as she got up and began to give me my own private show. It didn't take long till she was up on the couch again with me with us kissing deeply and my hands wandering all over her little body.

My shirt was off and her bra was off as she enjoyed the skin on skin feeling. Then she was tugging at my pants and I stood up and dropped them but left my boxers on.

She then was on me again, but sitting her pussy right on my cock, grinding it as we kissed and played with each other to the beat of the music.

Ruby then got down on the floor and her hand snaked up the leg of my boxers and she took hold of my hard cock. She stroked it a few times and then she reached and pulled my boxers off. She held my thick 7" cock before her for just a moment before diving forward to take it into her mouth. Then she released it from her mouth and she pressed her tits around it and bounced a little, making me fuck her tits. This was like a repeat of earlier, but now we could be uninhibited.

Ruby alternated sucking my cock and having me fuck her tits for several minutes. i was getting close to blowing my load when she stood up and turned around.

She dropped her panties then and bent over to give me an incredible view.

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Again, she reached between her legs and spread herself for me. And I was feeling much bolder and I grabbed her hips and pulled her pussy to my tongue and began licking her soaking wet cunt and even teased her tiny rosebud asshole a few times.

Ruby was squirming in pleasure, and was also jacking my cock every once in awhile too. Eventually i pulled back and I then began guiding her hips down, and she got the idea. She still had a hold on my cock, and as she lowered from my mouth, she sat herself down on my cock, though this time she let it slide into her instead of sitting on it.

I gasped as she did at the feeling of my dick sliding slowly but deeply into her. Feeling her tiny body in my hands, and her tight hot pussy gripping my raging hardon, it was so incredible, I began slowly fucking her like this, with her sitting in my lap facing away from me.

As we went faster and harder, I ended up standing and turning us around so I was fucking Ruby from behind. I pounded away at her pussy, enjoying watching it pull outwards with my cock and then shoving it deep and hard back in. Ruby began crying out loudly as I continued to fuck her hard and fast, and suddenly I felt more wetness all over my balls and legs.

Turns out as she had orgasmed, Ruby has squirted too. And she became even more incredibly tight, which finally drove me over the edge and I shouted as my own orgasm crashed over me and I pumped hard and deep and blew my load deep in her tiny Mexican pussy.

As our orgasms subsided, we collapsed together on the couch breathing heavily. "Fuck fuck fuck. Jeff, that was exactly what I needed tonight. Thank you" Ruby said between gasping for air. "No, the pleasure was mine!" I told her. We kissed some more and talked some more. Then after about 30 minutes, we ended up getting each other excited enough again that we fucked a second time.

Afterwards when we had showered (and fucked a 3rd time) and were all clean, I asked her if she minded if I came by some more nights when she worked. She smiled and told me she'd love it. "Oh, can you come by tomorrow night about 10pm?" Ruby asked me quite excitedly. "For you, I'd change any plans I had to so I can be there. By the way, what's so important that you want me there?" I inquired. "A special surprise.

OK, just be there before 10pm tomorrow. Trust me, you'll like what I have in store for you!" "OK ok, twist my rubber arm!" I said laughing. And with that we fell asleep. In the morning I wanted to have sex again, but Ruby wouldn't let me. We had breakfast around noon and then i went on to the rest our my day and she went her own way. I was curious what was in store for me that night, but that is the next chapter.