Penniless boyfriend allows foxy pal to shag his girlfriend for hard cash

Penniless boyfriend allows foxy pal to shag his girlfriend for hard cash
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That night I lay in bed, tossing and turning, punishing myself with guilt for what had happened. Who was I to try to corrupt this young girl, albeit she seemed willing enough? Her parents had befriended me (but then Liz didn't know how much I wanted to fuck her) and I was a lot older than Nancy.

It was wrong and after a while I resolved that enough was enough. There would be no more incidents. With that, I drifted off to sleep.


Manfully ignoring the little voice at the back of my mind telling me how good it had been, and it could be better yet. Next morning, I woke up feeling refreshed and well rested, despite my turmoil of the previous night. It was a Sunday, so with no work commitments I planned on lounging around all day, possibly watching some sport in the afternoon.

Around 10am, there was a knock on my patio door and I discovered that the sport had come to me! Standing on the step was Nancy. Quickly, she slipped into the room and closed the doors, pulling the curtains shut behind her. She turned to me and smiled; 'There we are!' she said, 'now no-one can see us' She was wearing a knee length summer dress, with a blue floral pattern which seemed to match perfectly with her pale blue eyes and long blond hair.

She looked stunning. The innocence with which she looked at me, combined with the smile of anticipation at the wickedness to follow made a potent mixture. There was no way I was going to resist.

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She stepped forward, put her hand to my cheek and kissed me gently on the lips. 'Time for a 5?' she asked, and tilted her head to one side. She was so cute, yet so wicked I could scarcely believe it. I gave in to my lust, as I had always known I would.

Putting a hand on each shoulder, I gently turned her around so that her back was towards me. I leant over and whispered in her ear; 'Well my dear, I think we should start a little lower and work up gradually, don't you?' I began to kiss the back of her neck and nibbled gently at her ear.

With one hand I began to unbutton her frock from behind. She began to breath heavily as my kisses worked their magic and as I kissed her she began to lean back into me. Her dress was fully unbuttoned now, and I gently ran my hands back up to her shoulders, grasped her dress and slipped it off her shoulders. As her right shoulder was bared, I moved my lips to it and kissed her gently. She shuddered at my touch, as I murmured; 'This is still only a 2, you know. Are you ready for a 3?' Without waiting for her reply, I slipped my hands round to her front and cupped her beautiful young breasts.

The fabric of her white lacy bra was soft to my touch, her breasts firm beneath it. Her breathing quickened as I massaged her young breasts through her underwear. With one hand, I felt for the clasp, and opened her bra. As the white lace fell away, her tits sprang free and bounced gently.

Looking down over her shoulder, I began to massage her once again. She had small breasts, but with a promise that as she got older she would have a fuller figure. Her nipples were dark pink, and sticking up hard under my gentle rubbing. I carried on undressing her, always keeping one hand in touch with her warm bare flesh.

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Her dress slipped off her slim hips to the ground and I turned her around to face me. Soon her white panties had joined her dress on the floor and I licked and kissed her beautiful young body.

'This is a 4 now' I whispered as I lay her back onto the bed. I started to lick her young breasts, carefully avoiding touching her stiff nipples.

Round and round I ran my tongue, going close but never quite touching those pink rosebuds. My hands slipped down her body and stroked and caressed her. Slipping my hand underneath her, I grasped her soft little ass and squeezed as I eventually allowed a stiff nipple to slip into my warm mouth. Rolling it around gently between my teeth I nibbled and sucked as I squeezed her ass.

I moved over to her other nipple and did the same. She was gasping and moaning quietly now. Savouring my every touch and welcoming the new sensations she was experiencing. I let her nipple slip from my mouth and began to kiss down her chest. I nuzzled gently at her midriff and moved downwards. I could smell her excitement by now, and as I reached the small bush of pubic hair her legs opened and she presented herself to me. Her pussy was glistening with moisture as it peeped at me through her wispy hair.

I placed one gentle kiss on pussy, and lifted my head to look into her eyes. Her face was flushed, and her eyes wide. I uttered a single word: '5', and lowered my head to her young pussy. She moaned as my lips touched her body and she came there and then.

Her young body spasmed as I licked her cunt and kissed her pussy, gently to start with, then gradually building up the pressure.

'Oh fuck!' she cried as my tongue pushed her lips apart and entered her. She tasted so sweet as I ate her out.

I tried every trick I knew as I kissed licked and stroked her to orgasm after orgasm. My cock was straining to get free from my trousers, so I lifted my head from her pussy. I stood up and slipped off my shirt, unbuckled my jeans and slipped them to the floor. My cock strained against my shorts as Nancy raised an arm and began to stroke me. Come had begun to seep from my cock and formed a damp patch on the front of my shorts. She ran her finger across the damp patch, pushing the fabric against my prick.

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The cum seeped through and a tiny droplet formed on the front of my shorts. She took one finger and gently wiped the cum onto her finger. Laying back on the bed, she looked up into my eyes and put her finger to her mouth. She tasted my salty juices and smiled up at me. '6' she whispered, 'Now!' I knelt down onto the bed, parting her legs to kneel between them. I took a pillow from above her head and slipped it beneath her ass. Her eyes never left my face as she watched my slow, methodical preparations.

When all was ready, I leaned forward and over her young body. I allowed my prick to touch her body. She shivered as with one hand I guided my cock slowly up the inside of her thigh towards her.

As my cock reached her lips, I gently pushed inside her, just parting her a little. She reached up and grabbed her hands behind my neck and arched her back to present herself to my cock.

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'Please' fuck me now' she pleaded as she tried to impale herself on me. I moved my hips away so that only the tip of my cock was inside her. As she arched her back, she wrapped her legs around my back and gripped me tightly. Her pussy was so warm and wet as I decided it was time.

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Slowly but steadily I pushed forward, my thick cock sliding into her. Slowly, I slipped in deeper and deeper. There was little resistance as all 8 inches gradually disappeared inside her. Nancy was moaning with pleasure now and I slowly began to draw myself back.

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With gentle but steady strokes, I pushed into her and began to fuck her slowly. As she became accustomed to my cock, I increased the speed and pressure. After a while, I was fucking her hard as my cock pounded into her.

She was hot and tight. It was like slipping my cock through hot butter. As I thrust deeper and deeper, she came again, and I could feel her muscles tighten around my cock. That was enough for me, as I shot my load into her.


It seemed like I was coming in bucketfuls as my orgasm went on and on. Time seemed to stand still as waves of pleasure washed over me as I forced my cock into her. After I finished, I looked down at her beautiful young face. 'That was just for starters Nancy, you've no idea what I have in mind for you' She looked up at me and whispered: 'oh yes please Bob. '