Stella Fortunatto enchendo a boca do seu namorado de porra e ele engole tudo

Stella Fortunatto enchendo a boca do seu namorado de porra e ele engole tudo
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I lied to you. To me it wasn't a lie, just not telling you the whole story. You said to you that was a lie. I tried to argue my point but you weren't listening. You just stared at me until I quit talking, then if you asked if I was done, I said I was.

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You told me to strip down, I started whining, and you said that you weren't going to repeat yourself. I slowly started to get undressed. Once I was naked you told me to come to you. I walked as slow as I could to were you were sitting on the bed. Then I was in front of you and you told me you were tired of my constant disrespect. I expected to be given a long lecture, which you did alot. I thought stripping me was just to add humiliation onto the lecture.

Then you said you were tired of talking and you would be taking a more active first hand approach. It was then that I noticed the belt laying on the bed beside you. I took a step back, but you grabbed my wrist and said it would be worse if I tried to resist.

I knew I wasn't stronger than you, but I wasn't going to make it easy on you. I pulled my arm loose that you were holding, catching you off guard, I staggered backwards and after catching my balance started backing away from you. You hadn't moved off the bed, sitting there you said for me to come to you. I was torn between going to you because I was afraid not to and running out of the room.

I said that I couldn't just let you whip me, you reply was that I could and I would.

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I was would take a few steps toward you and then I would step back. You said that for each minute I continued to stall it would be an additional lick. You said you weren't going to chase me or drag me over your knee. I would do it willingly out of respect for you which I would soon get a lesson in what happened when I didn't. You looked at your watch and said that's 1 added on to the original 10.

My mind was racing, then you said 2. My brain snapped out of the trance and I started crying. Although the tears were real they were out of frustration, in not being able to control the situation, I had also hoped they would soften you. You said 3, I started walking toward you. I was right in front of you, and you said that I shouldn't be crying nothing had happened yet. I started trying to once again to talk my way out of this.

With as many I'm sorry's, it won't happen again, and can't you do something else, but you just said 4. I said, okay I'm here stopping counting. You told me to lay across your lap, I hesitated then heard 5. I lowered myself across your lap, you put your arm around my waist pulling me into you.

I was already struggling on your lap when you said 6. I cried out that I was there so stop counting, but you said I need to take my punishment and until I lay there and took what I had earned for myself you would continue counting.

I stopped moving and lay there waiting for the inevitable. I knew now that I was there and you had a hold of me I wouldn't be able to get away. I was turning my head to try and see what you were doing, then I caught sight of the belt being drawn back and swung. It hurt and I tried to get up but you had a good hold of me. You told me it wouldn't count if struggled and didn't take it.


Once again I lay motionless, once again the belt stung my ass, then again, and again. You asked me how many I still had coming, but I didn't know. You said then we would start over and I needed to count each one out loud. You started again 1 sir, 2 sir, 3 sir, 4 sir, then my mind was stuck on the pain on my ass and I didn't count. You said we would have to start over again. I started counting again and got to number 6, before I decided I couldn't take it anymore and you were being completely unfair.

I decided that I had, had enough. I threw my body as much as I could away from you. I wound up falling to the floor at your feet. You said get up and lay back down.

I yelled no that was enough. You simply said that I didn't get to decide when it was enough it was up to you. I said that wasn't fair and I wasn't just going to lay there. You said okay we will do something different until you agree to lay across my lap and finish the rest of your punishment.

You stood up and I started to panic. You are so much bigger than me what did I really think I could do. I was trying to scoot backwards as you walked toward me. Soon I was laying on the floor with you standing straddled over me. You said this was my last chance to cooperate. I was still being hardheaded and said no.

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You reached down and picked me up, not very difficult for you. You put me in the corner and had me put my hands behind my neck interlocking my fingers. You told me not to move until you gave me permission. I thought I could handle this and had gotten out of the last of the licks I was supposed to get. My ass was still red hot from the hits I had gotten and I wanted to rub my bottom, but thought standing in the corner was something I could handle.

After about 15 minutes I was getting tired and my ass was still hurting. It was really quite and I thought you had left the room.

I just wanted to shake my arms they were going numb, no sooner than I started to drop them, you said get back in position. At first I jumped and quickly got back the way you wanted me. Another 15 minutes had me getting pissed that I was too old to be treated like this, and I could do what I wanted. I went to turn around and you were standing right there. I started to speak but you quickly grabbed the back of my neck and put my face back into the corner. I was stuck in the corner then I felt the belt sting my back, I yelled out that it hurt and you said it's supposed to.

A few more licks on my back had me begging you to stop and I would be good and stay in the corner. No reply from you just the belt coming down again. I started twisting and turning, that was a mistake the belt hit my thigh, then the back of my legs. I stood still and stopped struggling. The belt struck my back 5 more times, but I stood still and took it. You asked was I ready to finish my original punishment. I had forgotten that and had hoped you had also. I said yes sir I was ready, you walked back to the bed and sat down.

I was still in the corner, I wasn't about to come out until you said I could. You called my name and told me to come to you. I walked to you, resigned that I was no longer able to get away with what I wanted.

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You said you wanted me to stand between you legs and lay over one thigh instead of both. I did as I was told, you put your other leg behind mine so they were basically pinned. You told me to put my hands behind my back, I quickly followed instructions without my usual hesitation or questioning. You took hold of my wrists pinning them to the small of my back and putting your elbow on the back of my neck. I was completely immobile and totally at your mercy. The hits started up where we left off and by the 12 count, I was begging you to stop, that I would do whatever you said when ever you said to, but you simply said I know you will.

At 14, I was crying uncontrollably, and couldn't even count the hits out loud.


I was still pinned down but was starting to realize you were no longer whipping me. You said I needed to calm down, I tried to stop crying, but my back, ass, and legs were on fire. You said I couldn't get up until I settled down, after a few minutes I had the crying mostly under control. You slowly let me up and I was standing in front of you. You told me each time you had to punish me it would double.

You asked if I understood and I nodded I did, but you said answer you, so I managed to get out a yes sir. Then you lay back on the bed and said that it really hurt to do that to me. You said that all of this was very upsetting and I needed to help you relax.

I knew what you meant, so I unbuttoned and unzipped you pants. You raised yourself up so I could take your pants and underwear off. I took hold of your dick and kissed the tip of the head. Then I started licking the head and stroking your shaft up and down with my hands. I ran my tongue along your shaft, over each vein, bulge, and along your nuts. Putting one nut in my mouth and sucking on it then the other. Slowly I started back up the shaft to the head.

You were watching everything I was doing and you were continuing to get even harder as my tongue explored your dick. I used my tongue on the ridge of your dick, flicking my tongue back and forth on the underside right under the head.

Then I put the head in my mouth and ran my tongue all over it. I put more of you in my mouth letting my tongue slide up and down on the underside while I sucked on you. I slowly started to take more of you in each time I went down on you.

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I was taking all of you in my mouth and rubbing your nuts with my hands. You said I was to swallow. I did ever last drop and completely cleaned you with my tongue. You said more lessons were to come later as I needed them I knew I was going to be a good girl for a very, very long time.