Mega big tits mail order teenagers rimjob fight

Mega big tits mail order teenagers rimjob fight
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After five days of travelling along dusty dirt roads Seth's parents castle came into view.Looking out the carriage window Rose could see the grounds of the castle were stunning it really did look beautiful.

The carriage pulled up out the front of the castle and the door of the carriage was opened by a footman who bowed as Seth stepped down from the carriage Rose stepped out and followed behind Seth into the castle were they were meet by a butler. Welcome home Lord Seth your rooms are prepared i have been requested by your father to inform you that you are to be in the castle by sunset as the castle is going to be in lockdown until sunrise." The butler said and bowed once more.

Seth raised a eyebrow and wondered what his father had planned. "Thank-you now have my belongs taken to my room" He said and gave a small nod and started making his way up to his rooms. Once there Rose looked around and just stood near the bed until Seth told her what he wanted her to do. He ordered up hot water for a bath then sat on the edge of the bed and pulled his boots off before looking at Rose. "We will bath then have a rest for a few hours if i know my father this will be a long night." He said and called out orders as his belongs were being brought into the room.

By the time they came down to the dining room a few hours later the birthday party sounded like it was already in full swing as soon as Rose walked in behind Seth she could see naked people and the smell of sex was in the air. Rose reckoned there had to be at least fifty people in the room. Just about everyone was naked she could see some women on their knee's sucking on men cocks some were fucking on the floor and some where bent over the large table.

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Before she could take any more in of the scene in she heard Seth's name being called out. "About bloody time you showed yourself son" The man said then he looked to Rose and smirked. "She is a beauty son i would never have my cock out of her if she was mine" He said with a laugh.

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"So pet how old are you?" He asked Rose. "Iam fifteen Milord." She said softly. "And does my son fuck you often and share you around?" He asked. "Yes he does to both questions" She answered. "And do you like my son's cock in your cunt your ass your mouth and have you had all your holes filled at the same time?" He asked smirking at making Rose turn red. "Yes i do and yes i have had all my holes filled at the same time Milord." She answered.

Seth laughed and looked at his father.

"Leave her alone she does what ever she is told and she fucks who ever i tell her too. Now where is mother i want to say hello" he said and rubbed the bulge in his pants. "Alright for now i will now your pet is to sit with the other over there and both of you undress and Seth your mother is over in the corner there getting her ass fuck well she was the last time i looked." He said with a grin and watched Rose remove her dress and continued watching her as she walked way to sit with the other pets.

"Iam going to fuck her before this night is over." He said and walked away and grabbed the first woman he seen and pushed her roughly over the table and rammed his cock into her cunt. Seth just shook his head and went in search of his mother he found her a few minutes later sitting on her knee's as a man sprayed his seed over her face.

She spotted Seth and smiled then laid back on the cushions and spread her legs and began rubbing her clit. "Hello Son come and show me how much you missed me" She almost purred. Seth smiled looking down at his mother cum dripping from her face he dropped to his knee's and lent over her and kissed her then licked some of the cum from her face. "Hello mother." He said and guided his cock into her cunt and began fucking her hard.

"Oh how i have missed your cock son." She said as a moan escaped from her lips. "Missed you too fuck how many cocks you had already? he asked with each thrust all he could hear and feel was how wet she was and cum or her cunt juices dripping all over his cock. "A few son your father has ordered that he does not see me fucking he will send me to the barracks again with all the soldiers like last time and i still remember last time very vividly and how messed up i was after it took me weeks to heal." She said and dug her nails into her son back.

Seth groaned then looked down at his mother. "Dont know if i want to fill your cunt or your mouth." he said with a grunt. "Hmmm my mouth plenty of time for you to fuck me some more later and believe me you will be my ass has missed you terribly" She said with a grin as Seth pulled out. Getting to her knee's she took her sons cock in her mouth and took all of him down her throat.

Seth grabbed handfuls of her hair and held it tight as she worked her magic on his cock Seth let a yell as he released his seed. "You are still the best at sucking cock." he said and looked as man walked over and told his mother to get on her hands and knee's moments later his cock was making its way into her ass.

A hour later James Seth's father walked over to were the pets were seated and pulled a few of them to their feet. "All the ones standing out into the main hallway the soldiers will be playing with you." He ordered then looked at the rest sitting he pulled a few more to their feet.

"You lot go are to go to the top of the staircase to the first room there are people waiting for you five for some special fun." He said and waved them off then looked to the rest still sitting. "The rest go mingle with the guests and do what ever they want." he ordered. As Rose got to her feet James grabbed her arm.

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"Not you you came with me." He said and lead her out a side door he pulled her up some stairs and entered a small room as soon as they entered he pushed her to her knee's and put his cock to her mouth. "Suck it like you suck your masters" He ordered.

Rose took him in her mouth and began sucking then did some long licks along the shaft she took him in her mouth again and took alot of him down her throat.

Soft moans came from James mouth he let her suck on his cock for a few minutes before pulling out and pushing her down onto the bed. "Spread your legs" He ordered then laid down and began licking her cunt Rose let out a moan then another as he worked her cunt with his tongue. Rose gripped the sheets with both hands as she arched her back and let out a long moan as she came he didnt stop he suck up all the cum and went to work on her clit again each time Rose came close to cumming again he stopped and waited before starting again.

Rose was nearly beside herself her body was raging for a release again he stopped and waited Rose was breathing hard and fast she wanted to cum but he kept stopping. Again he started on her clit and licking her with long strokes this time he worked her clit a little harder and rougher Rose exploded and actually got dizzy when she did.

James sat up and laughed. "Bet your never cum like that before" He said and rolled Rose over onto her hands and knee's he got up behind her and guided his cock into her with slow stroke he started to fuck her.

Rose moaned as he pushed into her. 'Please fuck me harder." She said through short breaths. "All in good time." He said and continued with the slow strokes Rose was on the verge of screaming she wanted him to fuck her harder and faster so bad.

As if he reading her mind he picked up the pace and pounded her cunt so hard Rose came three times by the time he had finished. Collapsing on the bed Rose looked at James laying beside her breathing just as fast. "Please fuck me again." She asked almost pleading and looking down at his cock. "Well you better get down there and start sucking on it." he said with a grin Rose nodded eagerly and crawled down and started sucking on his limp cock.


Seth walked around the dining room looking for Rose he hated not knowing were she was and as each seconded passed he was getting angrier. "Where the fuck are you you little bitch" He growled and also noticed his father was no where to be seen he asked a few people had they seen them and one of the pets heard what Seth asked and told him that they had left thought a side door and pointed where it was.

Seth in long strides was out the side door and climbing the stairs. A few moments later he heard Rose yelling out. Opening the door Seth walked in Rose had her legs over his father's shoulders and he was fucking her hard and she was yelling out for him to fuck her deeper.

"So this is where you took her?" He said and walked over to the bed and looked down at Rose and his father. "I could just stay here and fuck her for the rest of the night you have trained her well son look at the damn bed she has cum so many time the bed is soaked." He said as he rammed into Rose again. Seth smiled and started stroking his own cock.

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"Pull out and we can both fuck her. Do you want us to Rose?" Seth asked knowing he was going to whether she wanted him to or not.


"Ohh god yes" She said and stood up and waited for James to lay down as soon as he did Rose was on his cock. She lent forward a little and bit her lip as Seth guided his cock into her ass. "Ohh god please fuck me hard." She begged and let out a long yell as Seth pushed his cock all the way inside her. How many times Rose came again she didnt know she just knew it was alot. Once the men had released their loads they laid on the bed breathing hard Rose just wanted more cock.

James looked at Seth and laughed. "Your pet still wants more look at her i think the red wine i gave her has made her very very horny." He said Seth laughed. "I will have to remember that now Rose you want some more cock?" he asked and seen that Rose's eyes were very glassy she was indeed tipsy from the wine. " God yes i do i feel like i want to explode" She said.

James got to his feet and pulled Rose from the bed. "I have just the place for you come on Seth" He said and lead Rose from the room and back down to the main hall way the pets he had sent out earlier were now either sucking soldiers cocks or being fucked by them Rose licked her lips. "Just a little further" he said and continued walking down the hallway stopping at door Rose could hear a few voices She followed James and Seth into the room and seen there were at least eight soldiers in the room on their break.

"This little whore is very horny and wants alot of fucking think you men are up to it?" James asked with a laugh. One soldier looked at Rose and started walking towards her then looked down at her legs. "Looks like someone has been fucking her alot already." he said and pulled Rose to him and put his hand between her legs and put two fingers in her and started moving them in and out slowly.

"I have fucked her a few times then my son and i just finished fucking her but she wants more so men fuck her hard and rough she likes it." He said and took a seat. The other soldiers undressed and walked to stand around Rose one man pulled her down to take his cock in her mouth the first man was still fingering her hard and another decided her ass could use a fingering as well.

Rose came over the man's fingers then began begging for a cock to be put inside her the men granted her wish as one man laid down Rose straddled his and all but impaled herself on his cock another went in her ass and another filled her mouth. They had Rose screaming as they made her cum over and over for then next hour Rose was fucked every way they could think off at the end of it all Rose stood in front of Seth smiling broadly cum running down the inside of her legs it was over her face and Seth could see it hanging in her hair as well.

"Alright lets head back to the dining room" he said and handed Rose another small glass of red wine Rose down the drink and dropped it to the floor. On returning to the dining room Seth took her arm and started walking around until he found his mother.

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"Come with us" He said and lead them both to the far corner to some cushions. "You too are going eat each other cunts out since dad has fucked Rose a few times i think its only right that my mother gets to have her fun with you too" Seth said and sat down beside them Seth's mother grin and pushed Rose's legs apart and seen all the cum still dripping from her cunt.

"Ohh iam going to enjoy this i love eating cunt" She said and put her head between Rose's legs almost sending Rose into another frenzy.

Again Rose came straight into Seth's mother mouth in return she sucked every bit of it up then got up above Rose's mouth and lowered herself down Rose went at her cunt like a mad woman making Seth's mother scream out when she came.Seth pulled his mother of Rose then looked at Rose. "Go and let anyone in this room fuck you do not leave this room Rose." He said and pushed his mother down onto her hands and knee's and guided his cock into her ass. Rose walked off by the time she got to the first lot of men she was grabbed and told to bend over the table and seconds later a rather large cock was rammed into her cunt.

From there on Rose was fucked by either one man or a few at the same time she had her cunt licked and suck by a few women and she loved very moment of it James had fucked her again twice and Seth had fucked her ass again as well. When Rose finally woke up she was in bed trying to focus she seen Seth was beside her and two other men on the other she had no memory of even coming up to the room but she knew one thing she was so sore and her head hurt Rose nestled up to Seth and moments later went back to sleep.

When Rose woke again she was alone then heard a voice. "Your master said for you to have a bath and to stay in the room." The young boy said and left a little while later hot water was brought up for her bath. Rose bathed and had something to eat from the tray of food that was delivered she never seen Seth for the rest of the day she didnt see him again until he walked back into the room the next morning and just looked at her laying on the bed then thought about what his mother had said while he was fucking her again for the third time.

That Rose was in love with him and the way he looked at her he was falling for his pet.

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Seth laughed it off and told his mother to stick to what she knew and that was fucking and sucking cock. "Iam having a bath i want you to join me then we are getting ready to leave for the auction two days away." He said.

In a town about a hundred league from Seth's castle three men were showing a drawing on some parchment. "Have you seen this young girl her name is Rose she is my daughter and these are her two brothers" Repeatly he asked this question until late that evening he was told she looked like the young girl Lord Seth had as his pet.

He showed them on a map were Lord Seth castle was and within the hour all three men were heading that way to see if this young girl was Rose.