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Collisions: *Author Note* I'm going to try playing around with points of view in this story so I can really meld the two halves of this little trilogy in one conclusory story. I'll be switching rapidly at some parts, so pay attention! :) *End note* Gary's POV: Silence rings in my ears following my big question of what will happen with Tabitha, Amanda, and me.

Tabitha sits still, deep in thought. Amanda just sits staring into space. I watch them both intently, waiting for someone to break the seemingly endless silence. "What do you want to happen, Gary?" Tabitha asks me. I can't read her expression at all. "I just want this to end happily for all of us." "That's so unhelpful babe, I really hope you realize that.

Amanda?" Amanda finally comes back to reality and replies, "Yes?" "What do you want to happen? You finally got him, now what?" "Well. You two are obviously in love, and I know that Gary doesn't love me but. I don't know. You two have already done so much for someone who's done so little in return. I'll agree with whatever you two decide." Tabitha and I look at each other with raised eyebrows. Yesterday Amanda was a total nutbag. Now she was being apologetic and surprisingly direct about her situation.

Was my cock magic or something? "I vote this becomes a page in the history books and we all move on," Tabitha says, "any objections?" "Not really. Amanda?" Amanda sits silently for a moment. She can't object, it's be a direct violation of what she'd just said.

"I don't know." Of fucking course. Life isn't that easy. I sigh heavily. "Okay, what happened to I'll go with what you two decide?" Amanda looks seriously conflicted as she says, "I know, I know, it's just. Last night was so amazing. You and Tabitha showed me so much pleasure." "That may be true, but it's not like Tabitha wants to share me. If you can come up with a reasonable solution, speak up." She sits silently for a moment, looking like she's trying to cure cancer with her thoughts.

A full minute passes before her head comes up and she looks at me. "Look, I know that Tabitha and I can't share you, I'm not stupid. You two love each other, and the last thing I want to do is ruin that," she says. I start to relax, but she isn't done. "BUT, I can't deny my physical need for your body Gary. You may think I was just saying that to be kinky, but I could honestly compare this to a drug addiction.

Even now, all I want to do is suck whatever cum you have left out of you. So my proposal is that when I feel the need strongly enough that it gets painful, just let me suck you off. That's it. No sex, no intimacy, just physical contact.

No strings." I'm honestly confused. Is it fucking possible for a girl to be addicted to a guy's dick? That kind of stuff only happens in porn stories. I look to Tabitha for guidance. She looks back at me, conflicted. I can tell she's confused too. I turn to Amanda. "Look, Tabitha and I need a second. Why don't you go wash your glasses in the bathroom for a minute?" "Okay Gary," she says as she rises, still naked.

I can't help looking at the ass I'd reamed just a few hours ago. I'm surprised to glance at Tabitha and catch her looking too. She notices and blushes as I grin at her. "So, what should we do babe?" I ask her as my grin fades. "I really don't know. Now that I've fucked her, she doesn't seem that bad." Tabitha then says something that shocks the hell out of me. "Maybe we should keep her." Before I can react though, I hear a shriek from the hallway. Cynthia. I rush out of my room and collide with Cynthia.

She's in a loosely tied bathrobe and her hair is tousled like. She had sex? Ew. Bigger ew, I'm still naked. Shit. "Gary, there's someone in our bathro- Why are you naked??" she asks, suddenly very focused on my exposed body. I awkwardly cover my cock before she sees it. "Tabitha's here," I say as explanation, "and the girl in the bathroom is a friend of mine." "But she's naked too- Holy shit.

Gary." she says looking at me like I have a second head, "Did you pull off the trifecta?" "Ah. Yeah," I say sheepishly as I see Amanda creep out of the bathroom, glasses clean now. "Amanda, would you wait in my room please?

By the way, this is my younger sister Cynthia. Cynthia, the is Amanda." They nod at each other warily. As Amanda passes me on the way to my room, she leans in to whisper to me. "Your sister reeks of pussy, she did someone last night." Oh gross, now it's positive.

Ugh. "What about you, LITTLE sister? What were you up to last night?" I say accusingly, trying to flip the tables.

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It works. A lot better than I thought it would. She clams up immediately and looks down awkwardly. "Um, ah, I have to take a shower, sorry bro." She quickly rushes away to the bathroom, shutting and locking the door. Maybe she's embarrassed that she slept with a girl? I'll have to talk to her later though. Right now, I have two beautiful women to talk to. Cynthia's POV: This morning was already crazy. Mom was still out stone cold from both the alcohol and wild sex of last night, and now Gary pulled a trifecta with Tabitha and a hot blonde.

On top of that, he had somehow gotten an inkling that I'd been busy last night. At least he didn't know who it was. I quickly hop in the shower to eradicate any evidence of last night's wonder. I'll have to make sure Mom does too before she throttles me. The warm water does a great job of relaxing my body and mind. I feel much readier to deal with any problems I've caused as I get out and towel myself dry.

I grab my bathrobe and debate in my head whether I should go to Mom's room or mine. I decide to go to mine to dress and then to hers to face her when she wakes up. Even recovering from her hangover, she should be up soon. I dress simply in a pair of modest jean shorts and a cute T-shirt. I don't put on any shoes since I'll probably be inside all of today.

Before returning to Mom's room however, I can't help tip-toeing over to Gary's bedroom door to eavesdrop. Tabitha's POV: I am surprised by the thoughts entering my head. Amanda had stalked Gary like an animal for a month and a half. She'd even come at me. But why then had Gary and I had sex with her in a steamy threesome? Just thinking about the slut's tongue skills made my pussy a little more moist. Maybe keeping her as a fuck toy would be good. Gary is a beast in the sack, but I'm pretty sure we both liked fucking Amanda.

We're all back in Gary's room. Apparently Cynthia hadn't reacted well upon discovering a stranger in her house, but Amanda and Gary don't seem all that fazed by her scream. I guess Gary calmed her down. "Alright, elephant in the room, I'll say it: I want to keep Amanda on as a fuck toy," I state simply. If you ask me, being straightforward was always easier. Gary gives me an unreadable look and Amanda looks at me incredulously.

She finally sputters a response.

"W- why? I did so much to you two." "Are you seriously trying to convince me to change my mind?" I shoot back at her half teasingly, half seriously. "Not at all, I'm just so confused." "I'm not," Gary pipes up, "she wants to keep you because you're a good fuck. It's that simple." Gary's tone suggests he doesn't agree with me. Shit. He really has the final say with Amanda. Amanda looks semi-proud as she says, "Well you two deserved the best for putting up with me." Gary gives her an openly hostile look at that badly worded comment.

"Putting up with you is the right way to say that," he says harshly. He actually seemed less pissed off before we slept with her. I look at him and can already tell what he's going to say. "My answer is no." Amanda's POV: "My answer is no." My heart skips a beat. Then another. He said no. I thought I was golden when Tabitha suggested keeping me.

I can't believe it. I can't accept it. Let me tell you my side of the story. Ahem. Approximately six and a half weeks ago, I started feeling an odd tugging sensation.

It had taken me three days to notice that it only happened around a classmate of mine. Gary Parker. I hadn't paid attention to him before that. I had of course taken note of his attractiveness and compassion. He may have been a potential boyfriend if he were single, but he hadn't been and still wasn't. Regardless, I felt myself oddly pulled towards him. That's when I started to follow him. It was unconscious at first; my body just naturally moved towards the source of the tugging. I noticed it after a week.

I had tried to stop, but my feet always seemed to bring me to him. It spiraled from there. I followed him as often as I could. I managed to keep my life from slipping but free time became non-existent to me. It all went into stalking Gary.

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I tried talking to a therapist, but two weeks and six one hour sessions later, I was no closer. Dr. Franks suggested talking to Gary.

I wish I had listened. A month in, the sexual feelings started. Five weeks in, I masturbated thinking about Gary whenever I wasn't stalking him. Six weeks in, I lost all subtlety to my sanity-shattering lust. And that brings me to now. I was ashamed at myself. My behavior was no better than that of an animal in heat.

But despite whatever feelings I may have. The tug was still there. Even now, my body still thoroughly exhausted and sweaty, I wanted to jump Gary and ride him until he went soft. Then wait for him to harden and ride him again. And again and again and again and again. He fills my mind and my body craves him like a drug. I can think of no psychological or physiological phenomenon that would cause such unnatural attraction. It scares and thrills me at the same time. So what do I do now?

Throw myself at him? Beg? Appeal to Tabitha? I decide on Option 3. I turn and look at Tabitha pleadingly. She looks back with a pitying glance and shakes her head slightly. I look at Gary. I have no choice, I have to beg him to keep me. But before I can open my mouth, we all hear something that stops us dead in our tracks.

"WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?!" Cynthia's POV: I cringe harshly as my mom screams at the realization that she's naked with me in the room. She hastily covers herself with a still sweat-covered blanket. Then her eyes fall on me. In order, they go from confused, to shocked, to hurt, then to mad. Madder than I've ever seen her.

There's enough fury in her eyes to cow a cape buffalo. Then she does something even scarier than scream. She gets quiet. "What happened to me last night young lady?" she says in a tone so icy it freezes my heart. If I didn't know any better, I'd think she didn't even love me anymore. Not even as her child. "I.


I-I u-u-uh." I manage to stutter before I hurriedly run into her master bathroom and vomit noisily into the toilet. The fear and guilt are actually enough to make me sick. I vomit until my stomach has nothing left to give.

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Until I feel like an empty shell. I don't have the strength to get up on my own. My mom's hand falls onto my back and rubs reassuringly.


That gives me back my ability to move. I rise shakily and allow my mom to guide me back into the bedroom. I sit next to her on the edge. I notice that she's thrown on a bathrobe. Her face is still mad but it's softer now. "Tell me what you did last night Cynthia," she says calmly.

I take a few deep breathes to steady myself before I begin. "Well. I wanted. No, I needed to have sex with you. I know it sounds ridiculous," I say quickly when she narrows her eyes at me, "but it's true. I'm sorry, you'll just have to believe me.

So I came up with a. Less than innocent plan. Get you drunk and take advantage of you. You uh, kind of drank all the wine I gave you, got drunk and. Well, we had sex.

A lot of it. That's why you're bed is so messy. Sorry about that by the way." I finally trail off and fall silent. The silence is deafening. I almost think I hear something scuffle in the hallway, but it's too faint for me to be sure.

My mom just stares at me. She finally speaks. "Are we done?" I shake my head in confusion. "I'm sorry?" "Well, you basically raped me, but what's done is done. Are you satisfied?" "Oh, um." I mutter as my cheeks flush, "well. No. I still want you." I avert my eyes shyly. She hooks a finger under my chin and promptly brings my eyes back to hers.

I'm surprised to see that her anger has suddenly evaporated and is replaced by a look of understanding. "I'm certainly not happy about what you did, and I don't remember much about last night. But I do remember that before I passed out." Oh goodness, does she remember the sex? Is she disgusted? Ashamed or herself? Worse? "I had some of the craziest, best sex I've ever had." My jaw literally drops.

Then mom's hand flies to her mouth as we both hear someone quietly exclaim outside the door, "What the fuck?!" Gary's POV: Tabitha and Amanda both hurriedly shush me following my exclamation.

But they heard it too! My little sister and mom. Had sex? What the fuck?? I nearly shout in surprise when the door swings open. I do fall backwards onto my ass, landing in a tangled heap with Tabitha and Amanda, both of whom had thrown on their underwear.

We must've looked pretty shameless, all three of us in next to no clothing. "H-h-how long have you been there?" my mom stutters nervously. It's the first time I've ever seen her look so scared of me. Or rather what I might've heard. "Long enough Mom. C'mon, let's all talk." A few minutes later, all five of us sit downstairs at the dining table, fully clothed.

An uncomfortable silence hangs over the table. I decide to copy Tabitha for once. "Alright, elephant in the room. So Mom, you and Cynthia had sex." Eek. That sounds so fucking weird out loud. "Uh. Kind of." she mutters awkwardly. "I got her drunk!" Cynthia blurts loudly. She blushes deeply and shrinks into herself a little bit.

"Alright. And as Cynthia discovered this morning, I had a three way with Tabitha and my new. Friend.? Amanda." My mom's eyebrows shoot up and Cynthia actually smirks proudly. Amanda flushes, but her eyes never stray from my face. Tabitha just sits calmly, taking in the conversation. "Well. My little boy is certainly adventurous." "Not so little actually," Tabitha says with a slight smirk. I note with slight pride but a lot more discomfort that every pair of eyes at the table, even my mom's, shifts towards my lap.

I awkwardly close my legs. Amanda and Tabitha look disappointed, my mother looks curious, and I swear I thought I just saw Cynthia lick her lips. I shake my head to clear it, I must've imagined it.

"So, uh. Mom, Cynthia," I address them, breaking the spell of them staring at my crotch, "what exactly are you two going to do?" At this, they both glance nervously at each other then to me. "Gary, I know this is wildly inappropriate to ask, but what do you think we should do?" my mother asks. "Uh. Well, let's see. Did you both uh. Enjoy it?" I ask in an awkward start-stop manner of speaking. "I loved every second of it," Cynthia replies without hesitation. She looks right at Mom as she says it.

Mom shifts uncomfortably. "What I remember. Yes, I did enjoy it. But I was so drunk I probably would've slept with anybody!" she says, trying to shift blame away from herself. I notice a look of hurt flicker across Cynthia's face. Mom doesn't see it. "Well, the way I see it, Cynthia is obviously serious about you Mom, and you enjoyed it. Why not humor her? I know incest is usually awful but. I mean, what's the worst that could happen with two women?" My mom actually thinks about that.

She looks really conflicted. On one hand, mind blowing sex. On the other, it's her daughter. "I. Guess I could try it. See how things go." my mom mutters quietly.

Cynthia reacts with a high pitched squeal and wraps herself around my mother, kissing her hard on the lips.

My mom freezes for a moment before hesitantly returning the favor. I realize with a shock that my cock is hardening at the spectacle of my mom and sister making out. I can't help it, it's two sexy women making out. I quickly clear my throat to get their attention. They both separate, panting and flushed. "So, um, before you two ravage each other," they exchange suggestive looks at that, "I was wondering if I could get your advice too." "What is it sweetheart?" my mom asks in a concerned tone.

Such a radical shift. "Well." Until that moment, Amanda and Tabitha had remained silent while we had our little family chat, but I guess that was over now. "Gary and I disagree over whether or not to keep Amanda around as a sex toy," Tabitha says bluntly. My mom raises her eyebrows and turns to Amanda. "Are you okay being addressed as a.?" "Yes.

I want to be their sex toy. More than anything." Both Mom and Cynthia's eyebrows shoot up. Then all four women turn to me. "Well Gary, I have to admit, I'm confused. Most young men your age would be in heaven upon hearing that their girlfriend wanted to bring another girl into their sexual life.

What's the problem?" "She stalked me for a month and a half." My mom's eyes narrow at that. Amanda shrinks a bit. Then she turns to Tabitha. "Why on Earth would you want to keep around a young lady who stalked Gary?" my mother asks in a perplexed voice. "Because she's good in bed. I don't want her for any emotional reasons and I know Gary doesn't either.

And she's fine with that. So why not?" At that, my mon falls silent. She turns and whispers with Cynthia. Amanda and Tabitha just look at me. I have to admit, my argument is crumbling just a little. After about a minute, Mom and Cynthia turn back to me. "We think that you're one lucky bastard Gary. Keep her around, but if anything gets weird, shoo her off," Cynthia says in her first contribution to my problem.

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Amanda shrieks happily for a moment and Tabitha pumps her fist in victory. I guess my choice is made. "If that's all settled, I desperately need to satisfy Gary's raging cock," Amanda says as she grabs my dick firmly through my pants and locks eyes with me. My mother and Cynthia watch curiously from across the table. "Take him over to the couch," my mom commands. I don't have time to react before Tabitha and Amanda start tugging me over to the couch. I go with them willingly, if nothing else than to see what my mom is up to.

I'm plopped down in the middle of our three person couch. Tabitha and Amanda are on their knees in front of me, Mom and Cynthia on my right and left respectively.

"Take it out," my mom tells me. I look at her defiantly. "Absolutely not, it's one thing for you two to screw but I don't want-" Amanda and Tabitha tear off my pants and my underwear, grinning like hyenas as my still rock hard cock bounces free. Four sets of eyes land on it, and as awkward as it was having my mom and sister see it, I feel it throb and swell bigger under all of their gazes.

Before I can say anything about Mom and Cynthia leaving, Cynthia's hand shoots out and wraps around my cock! Cynthia's POV: Damn! My brother's cock feels huge and hot in my hand. I look over his shocked face at my mother and newfound lover. "Mom, you've got to feel this thing!" Gary looks like he's about to die of embarrassment as my mom shoos my hand and firmly grasps his cock.

She actually gasps. "My lord, this cock is magnificent," she mutters as her hand starts to move up and down ever so slowly. Everybody in the room feels the level of lust starting to build.

Just as all four of the women start to lean in towards Gary, he stops us. "Wait!" he barks. His tone is sharp and commanding. My pussy gets just a little wetter. "If this is going to happen, I had better not be the only one naked. All of you, clothes off," he states.

Amanda and Tabitha immediately start stripping, but Mom and I hesitate. "Now!" Gary shouts at us. Mom's hand leaves Gary's cock so she can undress herself, and I follow her lead. A few moments later, everybody's in their birthday suits. Gary's cock is once again the center of attention.

"Alright, go on," Gary says. Nobody else can tell, but I can hear that he's actually fucking ecstatic over this and just trying to sound resigned. Heh, what man could possibly be sad with four women about to service him? Mom reaches for his dick, but Amanda beats her to it. Before anybody can react, Amanda's lips are firmly sealed around Gary's rod and her head is bobbing aggressively. Amanda's POV: I force my head lower onto his cock.

I need it, I need it in my throat. I moan when I feel a pair of hands press on the back of my head, but quickly realize they're too small to be Gary's. I open my eyes and look up. Gary's little sister, the last person I would've expected to, is pushing my head head further onto Gary's cock. "This us so fucking hot, take it all you blonde slut," she says in a lust-filled voice as she pushes harder. I moan louder as he finally passes into my throat. Gary's POV: I groan as my cock disappears into Amanda's mouth with help from my little sister.

I have to admit, seeing my little sis treat Amanda like this is pretty fantastic. As Cynthia encourages Amanda to suck harder, Tabitha creeps behind Amanda. I can tell my Amanda's reaction that Tabitha is fingering her hard.

She grins at me and I grin back. I'm quickly blocked by a magnificent breast that belongs to- My mother. I don't have time to say anything before she shoves her lovely D-cup boob into my face. My mouth automatically latches onto her nipple and starts teasing it.

Her nipples are large and her breasts are soft. I suck harder as my excitement builds. Tabitha's POV: I look on in awe as Gary's mom straddles him, her perfect ass just above where Amanda's head bobs on his dick, to shove her tits right into his face. I never really spared a thought for incest, but it was fucking hot to watch. I quickly move my free hand down to my own pussy and immediately dive in with three fingers as deeply as I can reach.

After a few moments, just for kicks, I switch my hands around so the fingers drenched in Amanda's pussy juices is buried in my pussy and vice versa. I find it very erotic and force my remaining two fingers into my pussy, cramming my whole hand in there.

I look up from my work to see that Cynthia is also wildly masturbating with one hand while the other keeps forcing Amanda's head down, Amanda is ruthlessly shoving Gary's cock into her throat over and over, almost violently, and Gary's mom is arched against Gary's expert mouth. The scene before me is so erotic, I do something new. I ball up my hand and start fisting myself intensely, craving more and more pleasure. I feel everybody's collective climax approaching.

I furiously fist my pussy and start fisting Amanda as well. Her head is bobbing wildly on Gary's cock, Cynthia and her mom are both writhing up with Gary, and suddenly we all break.

Surprisingly, Cynthia cums first, despite having started masturbating after me. She writhes wildly and accidentally slams Amanda's face down into Gary's pelvis. Convenient timing too, because Gary suddenly groans into his mom's chest and it's obvious that Amanda is taking a huge load right into her throat. Amanda and I start cumming simultaneously and both of my hands are quickly covered in hot juices from our pussies.

Finally, Gary's mom cums as she grinds against Gary's midriff, showering his flat stomach in her sexual fluids. Gary's POV: Everybody pants as they come down from their respective orgasms. My dick is suddenly freed from Amanda's throat, but it stays hard as a rock. Tabitha is obscenely licking both of her hands clean of pussy juices.

My mom and Cynthia both lie still, looking at each other across me. My mom is the first to move, and it's to lean towards me and look me right in the eye as she says, "You are going to fuck me with that fat cock of yours young man." Hearing my mom talk like that is both arousing and terrifying. My cock throbs harder. She suddenly grabs it and starts jerking it rapidly, Amanda's saliva providing plenty of lubrication. Cynthia, Amanda, and Tabitha all sit and stare, fascinated by my mother's aggressive advances.

I'm suddenly gripped by an animalistic lust brought on by my mother and her smoldering stare. I grab her roughly and pin her to the couch. I hear everybody but Tabitha gasp as I position my cock at her sopping wet entrance.

In one smooth motion, I bury my cock to the hilt in her. My mother's pussy is extremely hot and wet, and surprisingly tight for a woman who had two kids. I groan in bliss and freeze for a moment, merely enjoying the sensations. Meanwhile, my mother's mouth is frozen in an O and her legs are spread open as far as possible. I take the opportunity to lean down and thrust my tongue into her mouth.

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She moans and grabs my face firmly, holding it to hers as she kisses me back hard. I start pulling out until I'm nearly falling out of her pussy, then slam it back in. I slowly do this over and over, and gradually increase my speed. My mother's moans, muffled by my mouth, get louder. She brings her legs up and around my waist and locks her ankles behind my back.

This has always been a turn on for me, I love when Tabitha does it. I moan into her mouth and start fucking her harder and faster, while my tongue wriggles around frantically in her mouth. I can feel my balls tightening up and know that soon I'll cum into my mother.

She cums first, nearly screaming into my mouth as her legs tighten around me and her pussy squeezes my cock, sending me into my orgasm. I thrust into her as far as I can and stay there as cum shoots out of me and right into the end of her pussy.

I paint her insides white and finally finish, my body suddenly relaxing in post orgasm bliss. My mother's limbs stay firmly wrapped around me, holding me to her and keeping my cock in her. We probably would've stayed like that and wound up fucking again, but Cynthia suddenly tickles our mom's feet.

She giggles and her legs leave my back. I pull out of my mother slowly and stand up, my soaked cock standing out from my body proudly. Cynthia eyes it hungrily as my mom melts into the couch. For the first time since this little orgy started, I hesitate. I know Cynthia probably isn't a virgin, but I still don't feel entirely comfortable fucking my younger sister. Cynthia's POV: Gary is hesitating, and I can see his cock starting to deflate ever so slightly.

Looks like I'll have to take the initiative. I spring up and grab him by his arms. I pull him down so I can reach his lips and kiss him deeply. He freezes up so I shove my tongue past his lips aggressively and wrap my arms around his neck. He finally loosens up and holds me back, his tongue finally moving to wrestle mine. He has a lot more experience than I do, and he quickly wins out the tongue wrestling. As I back off to catch my breath, I drop to my knees in front of Gary, keeping eye contact with him as I grab his sloppy wet cock and jerk it slowly, reviving it back to full hardness.

He nods to me slowly, giving me the green light. I lean in, slightly hesitant. I've never sucked anybody's cock before. I start by lightly kissing the tip of his massive member, then slowly licking up each side and the bottom.

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He smiles, encouraging me to continue. I pop the head into my mouth. It feels wonderful between my lips as I swirl my tongue around and around. Gary moans as I let more of his member slide into my mouth. I feel my mouth filled up and look at my progress. Holy shit!

I only have half of his cock in my mouth! I start bobbing my head back and forth, taking a bit more in every time.

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I can feel it start to enter my throat and I love it. I feel a pair of breasts against my back and hands envelop my boobs. "You looks so sexy sucking his cock," Tabitha breathes into my left ear. I shiver and moan around Gary's heavenly dick. I feel Gary press his hand onto the back of my head gently.

I start stuffing his cock deeper into my throat and fondle his balls with my right hand. I swing my left hand around behind my back and find Tabitha's moist pussy. I immediately delve into her with three fingers and she responds with a moan and starts pinching my nipples. Gary softly pats my head twice and groans, signaling his impending orgasm. I bob my head aggressively and finger fuck Tabitha's pussy harder. All of us are grunting and moaning and finally Tabitha squeals and cums onto my fingers.

I pump her relentlessly, extending her orgasm as long as I can. She finally shies away from my fingers, her pussy becoming too sensitive. Gary thrusts his cock deep into my mouth and holds it there as he unleashes his hot cum into my throat.

I moan and suck him hard, milking him for all of his delicious seed. I almost can't keep up with the steady stream, but it finally tapers off after I get four big gulps of semen. Gary's POV: I collapse backwards onto the couch, exhausted. I can't do any more right now.

I think all of the women in the room can tell. They all gather around me on the couch, Amanda and Cynthia squished together on my left and Tabitha cuddles up with my mom on the right.

We all sit there and just relax for a minute. Then reality suddenly floods back in. My mom looks conflicted. Cynthia looks confused. Amanda still looks happy but I can see a tinge of sadness behind it. Tabitha sits stone faced and unreadable. I feel guilty. This whole affair was because of me. I clear my throat to break everybody out of their individual prisons of thought.

"Alright. We all did this. We all obviously feel conflicted over it. I want this to be simple, so who has ideas on how to proceed from here?" I ask in a neutral tone. "I vote we all forget about the last three days and move on," my mom says solemnly.

She shoots an apologetic look at Cynthia, who she had promised to accept as her lover. "Why should we? I agree that this," Cynthia says gesturing to all five of us on the couch, "can't really be a thing, but why not you and me? Or Gary and Tabitha?" Amanda looks sad as her name is excluded. "What about me?" Cynthia looks at her like she'd forgotten she was there. "That's for Gary and Tabitha to decide," she says, almost dismissively.

She's too focused on my mother. "I know I already agreed but." She trails off uncertainly. Even as our parent, anything she says against her promise makes her look bad. Cynthia grabs her and hugs her tightly. My mom instantly hugs her back and Cynthia tears up and cries softly. "I love you Mom, I can't lose you." My mom holds Cynthia out at arm's length, studying her. I guess she decides that Cynthia is sincere.

"Alright honey. Let's give it a shot then." Cynthia smiles through her tears and my mom and her head upstairs, completely forgetting the other three people in the room. Amanda looks at me fearfully. "I don't know what will happen to me if I don't get my fix of you. I may go crazy again or maybe I'm good now, but.

I can still feel the tug." I look at her incredulously. Even after all that? She's still horny for me? "Damn girl, what is up with you?" Tabitha says in a similarly shocked tone. "I don't know. I wish I did but I don't. What I do know is that it's getting harder to sit here and not touch Gary," she says, looking at me longingly.

"Okay, how about this?" I start, getting Amanda's attention away from my cock, "we all start hanging out, as friends, and see if we like each other as people. If we can be friends, maybe this little arrangement can continue. Does that sounds acceptable?" "I can do that," Tabitha says. "So can I, but. Can I get one last fix?" she says, eyes already back on my cock.


Despite how tired I am, it finds the strength to stand tall and firm. I simply nod and she quickly moves and sits on my lap, impaling herself on me. Her pussy is absolutely soaked, leaving no resistance for my cock to slide in and out as she bounces on me.

I think I'll take her to the hospital after this to see if they can figure out what's wrong with her. Tabitha lazily shoves three fingers into herself, too horny to sit there but too tired to join in. Amanda on the other hand is riding me like she hasn't already fucked me several times in the last few hours. She's fucking insatiable. Amanda's POV: All my muscles are tired and tell me to stop.

I can't. Despite my body telling me it's tired, it refuses to stop fucking Gary.

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I'm ashamed and disgusted, but I can't help but be turned on as well. Being addicted to Gary, unable to contain myself. It was arousing in the most fascinating way. To think that I'd always need to have his cock in me. My thighs scream even as they continue to bring my ample ass down into Gary's lap.

My pussy is on the verge of cramping from all the pleasurable convulsions. I continue riding him through one orgasm, then another. And another. And another. Gary's POV: I've already cum in her twice before she even slows down, and even then she desperately continues riding me.

Tabitha fell asleep after the first time I came, totally exhausted. The only reason my cock is still hard is because it hasn't had a chance to deflate. I have no way of telling time, but I know she rides me for too long. My lap is sore from all the times her ass landed in it. My cock is nearly rubbed raw. Finally she squeals in pain and falls to the side, clutching her right thigh.

I manage to lean over to check on her. "Please. Keep going. I need it." she says through her teeth, grinding them in pain. I guess her thigh finally cramped up from all the work. Unfortunately for her, my cock has had plenty of time to go limp, and nothing shy of Viagra is going to revive him. Despite my exhaustion, I get up and get dressed. I wrap Amanda's now unconscious body in a blanket and take her to the hospital, leaving a note for Tabitha.

Cynthia's POV: We make sweet love for hours. We ignore it when we hear Gary leave. We ignore when we hear Tabitha leave.

We just stay together and gently kiss as we both grind against each other. My mother finally accepts me, and I bathe in her love. She lets me fulfill all of my wildest fantasies with her. I suck her breasts dry of all the milk I can.

We scissor until her bed is soaked with our mixed cum. We eat each other out until our tongues are tired and our pussies are too sore to continue. Then we fall asleep in each other's arms as real lovers. I could've died happily right there. Amanda's POV: I wake up to the sound of a heart monitor's constant beeping.

I find it vaguely annoying. I try to sit up only to find myself restrained. I look down. I'm in a straight jacket and secured to the bed. Holy shit, I've been committed. I'm in the loony bin. Did Gary do this? No, he's too nice. It must have been a doctor. I lie back down and close my eyes. Nothing to do but wait. And ignore the pull. Gary's POV: I had argued with the doctor for 45 minutes trying to change his mind, but based on our story he said she needed to be intensely studied for psychological problems.

I hated to leave her there but there was nothing I could do. Tabitha and I split up, her going home to rest and clean up, me going home to just rest forever.

I'm so tired by the time I get home I can barely walk. As loathe as I am to say this with Amanda in a mental hospital, the situation's wrapped itself up pretty tightly. I climb upstairs, pass my mother's room where I can hear giggles escaping, and enter my room. I plop onto my bed and I'm out like a light. Author's Note: Okay, I know there was a lot of sex in here. I don't know if everybody likes that or not but the next story or maybe the one after should definitely have more story to it.

Once again, I apologize profusely about this taking so long and I hope everybody likes it.