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IHNC 5.5 - Christine's First Time (These events are from the viewpoint of Christine Johnson, High School biology teacher who found out about the affair between Ed and Becky.) Sex, sex, sex. That's all anyone ever talked about anymore. Every note being passed in class was about who loves whom. Every discussion in the teacher's lounge was who was dating whom.

Every program on the television was naked bodies writing in passion. Even my once pure romance novels no longer were about eternal love, every unwritten word in those unwritten chapters, the characters were rutting like wild animals in the night. All my brain could think of was mad, lust-driven sexual intercourse. 'This shouldn't be happening' I told myself. I've been having periods for almost ten years now! I knew my body and hormones couldn't be trusted to make sense; I was smart, educated, and knew better than a base animal.

I was in control of my body, my mind, and my life. I would meet the right man, I just knew it. Then I would simply marry him and live happily ever after, right? That's how I'd gotten through college.


While many of my other collegiate compatriots frolicked at wild drunken orgies each weekend, I studied hard and got straight A's. It hadn't been too hard to avoid those crazy parties as I was rarely invited to them anyway.

I was rewarded with graduating far at the head of my class, just as Mother always said I would. But, oh how hard it had been waiting for that day, saving myself for my Prince Charming. My brain forced me to replay every time a guy had asked me to study, drink, walk, or talk with him. But none of them we my prince or I would have known, right?

Eventually the guys had stopped hitting on me altogether. I over-heard one time two guys talking behind my back that I was known as a the 'Frigid Genius' on account that I was always at the top of the class, but never left my dorm room but to attend class and eat.

I'd survived by shutting all that out. I'd have my prince and all the love I could want when the time was right. Mother always said I had to finish college first, settle into a good job; only then would a respectable man take me seriously as a woman. But now that I'd been truly on my own for over a year now I knew the truth. While other women were already having families, I was just working with a flock of mother hen teachers, some married older male teachers, and a gaggle of horny teens.

Unable to stop my thoughts from straying back again, like I had already a thousand times that week, I pictured Edward Font, the male teacher across the hall who was just a little older than me, and how he nearly raped Rebecca Whitmore in his classroom during one lunch break. His strong hands grasping her young blonde head, forcing her to fellatio him in an animalistic fashion.

It was raw and unchained lust, and the young blonde cheerleader gasped after swallowing his seed, then rose to kiss him afterwards. I'd already masturbated so many times remembering the scene that I'd lost count, but now I knew more.

Yesterday Edward shared lunch with me and somehow I couldn't stand it and just confessed that I'd seen it. He surprised me further by confessing that he'd had sex with her as well. Now as the lunch bell rang and the class filed out of my biology class. I knew Edward was coming to see me today, as I promised not to tell anyone until he gave me the full story. He'd promised to do at lunch today, so here I was, nervously waiting, and already the anticipation was making my vagina flood to the point of euphoria.

I ate some crackers for something to eat, not wanting to leave, but too anxious to eat anything more. Soon the tall, smartly dress teacher across the hall arrived at my door. "Christine." He said simply before closing the door behind him. Damn! My pussy convulsed again as it now did every time I'd seen him since that day. He had always been kind and friendly with me, and listened to what I had to say, unlike any other male that had ever talked to me for more than two minutes that I had ever meet, he didn't try to tell me what to do.

He sat in one of the kid's desk-chairs that he pulled up closer to her desk so they could talk quietly. He thought quietly for a few moments before talking, "So, about Becky…" He looked very nervous, and then continued speaking. His story told of how Becky had tried to blackmail him, and then her mother Judy had asked him to teach her about sex, ending in him eventually taking her virginity. My pussy was literally soaking my panties and probably my skirt as well as I tried not to move, enthralled with this real-life novel that was hotter than any dime-store paperback that I'd ever read.

He didn't go into details about the sex, but my mind filled in all the blanks as he finished speaking. "So now she's not taking no for an answer.

I've tried to motivate her back to studies, or boys her own age, but I just don't know what she sees in me." My heart fluttered for him and I knew he needed my help. Finally daring to speak, I cleared my throat and said, "Well, you're intelligent and secure in your lifestyle. You are obviously potent as you've already fathered children. But also sensitive since you talk with her and care about her feelings." He nodded and smiled at me and I almost came right then staring into those deep blue eyes.

"Thanks for understanding and not freaking out Christine. I have to admit that I was worried that you'd report me, but I knew you'd be reasonable if I got the chance to tell you the truth." I felt like I'd just been stabbed in the heart. All he wanted was to get away with it!

He didn't care at all about what I thought, just that I didn't turn him in. Well he hadn't yet… "I never said I wouldn't report you…" I said it softly, but it still sounded loud and out of character for me in the stillness of the normally loud and busy classroom.

It stayed as quiet as a crypt for several seconds, except for the quiet click of the clock above the door which I stared at, seeing we still had several minutes until the bell rang again bringing the waves of students back to our classes.

And a full minute clicked by before Edward spoke again. "What do you want?" he whispered in defeated humiliation. What did I want? I didn't even realize until then that I was blackmailing him.

But I was wasn't I. I could still back out, say it was a joke, and forget the whole thing. Then looking into his eyes for the second time, his deep, pleading, watery blue eyes, I looked away and said, "Come by my apartment after school today." I quickly scratched my address on a blank piece of paper and placed it in front of him. I knew he was looking at me; I could feel those blue eyes piercing into my skull, trying to see into my soul, but I just looked at the clock as it ticked its final minute and the end-of-lunch bell rang loudly.

I heard him get up and walk to the door and exit as students started to trickle into my classroom. Looking down I saw the paper with my address was gone. The rest of the day was a haze; I don't even remember what happened at all. I just remember all the students sprinting for the doors with the end-of-day bell, and found that I too was just as eager as them to get home.

As soon as I was in my small apartment I immediately regretted I told him to come here. It was a mess! Sprinting I was throwing everything in the trash, or into the closet, hiding dirty dishes in cabinets with the clean ones.

I wanted to vacuum, but knew there wasn't time. I looked at my watch and saw already an hour had gone by with no sign of him. GOD! Why hadn't I told him a time so I'd at least know how long I had?

I moved to my bedroom and stuffed a bunch of junk and clothes under my bed when suddenly there was a knock at the door. I froze, with my heart stopped, feeling like I was about to throw up. <Knock, Knock> The sound echoed through my quiet and small apartment.

I quietly sprinted to the door and looked through the peep hole. In parabolic vision I saw Edward, nervously standing there in front of my door, looking around. I turned, back to the door and again caught my stomach churning and my vagina convulsing. What was I doing?

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I took another deep breath, turned, and slowly opened the door to him. He looked lost and didn't know what to do so I quietly said, "Please, won't you come in?" And slowly, without saying anything, he did. We both then were standing there, totally at a loss for words. "Umm…" he stuttered. "Oh, Uh… Please, have a seat," I motioned to my single chair in my tiny living room of this three- room apartment.

"Care for anything to drink?" I asked as I sprinted to the small kitchenette. "Water is fine," he said clearly. I grabbed two glasses and started to fill them with water from my fridge door, then realized they were both dirty ones I'd put in the cabinet, quickly dumped the one I'd filled, and grabbed two clean ones, than filled them, and came back to the living room, giving one to him with a smile.

All I could think of was that this was the first man I'd ever had in my apartment other than the cable-guy when I moved in. I must have been staring at him, sitting in my chair, watching him drink my water, from one of my glasses, because he cleared his throat and brought me back to why he was here.

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"So… what did you want?" "I'm sorry?" I asked innocently, forgetting why he was actually here, and just lost in the moment. "I told you about Jenny in confidence… I thought you would understand that it was just…" He just fumbled for words, looking exasperated, "I know it's wrong but…" "Edward," I heard my voice say, sounding much more confident that I actually feel, "The reason I asked you here is because I need your help." He was quiet, slightly confused, but listening to me intently.

"I've always respected you. And you have always treated me as an equal, but the truth is we are not." He looked at me more puzzled and I took a sip of water, another deep breath, and then said, "Ed, you have the one thing that I've been too busy with school and work to take care of.

Hell," I laughed a little, "that's a funny way of saying it." "Saying what?" he ask me perplexedly. "I want…" another deep breath, "you to be my first." Silence. GOD! I just threw myself at him and he just sits there! I must be ugly to him. He gets that beautiful wife at home and cheerleaders, probably by the dozen in school! Why am I so stupid! I was about to run crying into my bedroom, or throw up in the bathroom. 'Say something' my brain screamed, but I just stood there frozen, unable to look him in the eye as I just waited.

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"Christine… I…" he mumbled. He finally speaking broke my will and I broke into tears, on my knees, sobbing on my life story into his lap. "Please, Ed, I've never had sex in my whole life! Mother always drove me on all my dates. Father was on the board for my private school and half the teachers came over for dinner at my house regularly, and he was one of my professors at college, and I went home with him every night back home.

This is the first time I've ever even been alone with a man in my life. And when I saw you and Rebecca…" I just cried out all my built up frustration onto his lap, soaking his knees with my tears.

I'm not sure how long I cried, but Ed's soft hand gently lifted up my chin and I looked into my eyes before he kissed me. My eyes closed reflexively and I felt his soft hot lips pressed up against mine. They moved softly and slowly over mine. My first real kiss and I couldn't even think that at the time, I was too wrapped up in the whirlwind of emotions and feelings to think at all.

I was floating. The kiss never seemed to end, even as my tears flowed, wetting my cheeks and his as well.


Somehow I found him above me now, and I was lying on my back on my bed, with Ed still kissing me tenderly.

It was heavenly and I never wanted it to end. I held him tightly and bravely forced my tongue into his mouth. I must have been a little to vigorous of over-eager because I must have messed up as he half -choked half-coughed and finally broke the kiss. I was about to apologize, but he just smiled and put his finger to my lips for a moment before moving his hands down and gently grasping my clothed breasts. Damn! I just realized I'm still wearing the same clothes from teaching all day!

I should have changed, or at least freshened up first! I was going to say something to that effect, but my nerves spiked as he released my breasts and began unbuttoning my blouse. I just froze and let him continue. When all the buttons were undone, and my white bra stood up with its two round bulges of my flesh, and while it couldn't yet be seen, my nipples were poking up so hard against that soft but tight material that it actually hurt.

Luckily that wasn't a problem for long as he quickly lifted my bra up on top of my breasts, exposing them to the air for only a moment before one was being pinched and kneaded by one of his hands, with fingers that seemed cold to my searing nipple.

The other nipple was engulfed by his hot mouth and felt like an iceberg piercing into hell itself. I was melting and freezing all at once. I couldn't help but squirm in the contradictory assault on my virgin pleasure centers. I was going into pre-orgasmic shock and loving it.

My brain seized up and I could only moan and shake with the amazing new passion I was feeling. Then he switched breasts and I came. I know that must have been what happened because my world exploded into bright earthquakes. The next thing I knew was Ed was standing on the side of my bed, not even looking at me, but just simply removing his clothes. It was so beautiful I almost cried, and just watched him in silence.

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His shirt came off and I felt my leg wet as my pussy gushed out my fluids as I gazed at his long smooth back. Then it happened again as he removed his pants and underwear and his pink round butt came into sight. It was the first real adult human male posterior I'd ever seen up close and personal, and I found I couldn't wait to touch it. He sat on the bed and was taking off his socks when my hand reached the small of his back. I must have been silent for a bit as it seemed to surprise him a bit for just a second.

Then he smiled and turned and my eyes widened in shock as his erection came into view for the first time. I'd never actually seen it when that girl was sucking on it in his classroom, and now was shocked that she had taken such a phallus so deep into her mouth. It was not large compared to other mammals of course, but all the illustrations of humans were in a neutral state, never at full erection.

I knew scientifically how it worked, but that meant nothing until you actually confront a large bulbous protrusion of blood engorged flesh over twenty centimeters long, and maybe five thick. I must have been gaping and staring for too long because he then took my hand and placed it on his penis. It was hot and firmer than I thought it would be. I gently rubbed and squeezed it, feeling my first "cock" I thought crudely.

It made me want to be dirty and finally break all the rules that I'd lived under my whole life. I firmed my resolve and then lunged on it with desire to do the dirtiest thing I could think of and do what Rebecca had done. I opened my mouth and tried to swallow it whole.

It didn't go as well as I had planned. I only got a small amount in my breath before I was choking and he quickly pulled away with a cry of surprise and pain. I gagged, took a moment and caught my breath, then rubbed some fresh tears from my eyes as he calmly grimaced and said, "Ow! OK, I like your enthusiasm, but watch the teeth." "OH! I'm so sorry! Did I hurt you?" Now I'd done it.

I'm bad at this and he's going to leave. I felt more tears on the verge of erupting. "It's OK," he smiled and I heart skipped a beat. "I know sex can be clumsy the first time, so just relax, and go slow." Then he moved back to the bed.

His penis was now a good bit smaller than when I'd first seen it, be he placed my hand back on it and guided it up and down his shaft and after only a few moments it had grown to full size again.

"Do you want to lick it?" I had to have him in every way Rebecca had. I know it didn't make sense, as I wasn't competing with her, but my Id and my Ego said I was. I nodded and he moved to kneel on the bed and had me face him on all fours. Going slowly this time I caressed his cock more before moving to lick the head and sides. It was amazing and I loved how he moaned as I sucked on his tip, licking his pre-ejaculate fluid leaking out of his meatus. It was tart and made my tongue tingle with desire for more.

I slowly began sucking on him and talking him more and more into my mouth. He just moaned and let me take my time on my first lesson on cock-sucking. Occasionally he'd direct me to suck harder, or faster, or softer and slower, and I could feel his blood pulse on my tongue. After a while I asked, "Am I not doing it good enough?" "Christine, you're doing great. I just have a difficult time cumming in anything but a pussy," He said simply and very matter-a-factly.

I almost contested him with how his little blonde cheerleader had done it, but he quickly followed his last statement with his eyes going wide, "Christine… you are on the pill of course?" "What? Oh, of course." I answered as I caught his meaning. It was still just hitting me that I was actually about to finally lose my virginity.

"Mother had me on it since I was thirteen." I giggled, "She always said it was for a woman's health. But eventually I read the instructions and figured out what it really was." I was embarrassed as I remembered that day, which was also the first time I'd masturbated thinking about what sex with a boy would really be like.

Now here I was. "Good." Ed said and together with us sitting on my bed in the waning sunlight we sat in silence for a few more moments. "Well… are you ready then?" "Um… Yes." I nodded shyly, feeling more butterflies in my belly then I thought possible.

"OK. Um, do you have a towel?" He asked. "Oh, sure." I hopped from the bed and scurried into the bathroom, grabbed a hand-towel, and turned back to the bedroom. "One you don't mind getting blood on." Ed called.

"Oh… OH!" Oh god. Was I going to bleed? I was a virgin, that's always how they tell in history and those medieval romance novels was the blood on the sheets.

"No problem!" I shouted from the bathroom, grabbed an older towel, and quickly ran back to the bedroom. I handed him the towel and he placed it on the center of the bed then directed me to sit on it and lie back on the bed, and I did so. He smiled as he sat above me and then leaned down and kissed me again.

Then he whispered, "Just relax and let it happen.

Spread your legs a little." I realized then how nervous I was as I'd had my legs locked together, then spread them slowly. He moved and knelt between my spread legs and then placed his hand on my vaginal lips for the first time. I could feel his cold fingers caress my sticky wet "pussy" and I tensed again reflexively. He continued to move his fingers up and down my slippery hole and was just getting used to it when his fingers centered and rubbed my clit.

I squealed in ecstasy and clenched up again, but he didn't let up, but instead bent his head down to my groin. I felt his hot tongue tickly my pussy lips and felt myself clenching so hard I must have been hurting his hands holding my thighs apart.

Soon his caressing of my womanhood with his tongue and his nose nuzzling my clit caused me to explode and blotchy stars appeared before my eyes. I fell back on the bed but he didn't stop. Over again and again he continued his cunalingus, not letting up though ongoing orgasmic bliss. That is when I briefly passed out. The next thing I knew he was on top of me, face to face, looking worriedly into my eyes.

"Are you OK?" he asked. "I'd say I'm much better than OK," I sighed and hugged him. "OK," he smiled, and then shifted on top of me. I was so wet and shaken I was desensitized enough to not realize it was about to happen, but then I felt the warm soft probing in my labia, and the swift and smooth entry of his penis into my virgin territory.

It was so quick and I was so wet that I had no time to realize it, but the impact of the searing, swollen member stretching me open more than I had ever been stretched before was slightly painful, but eminently pleasurable and a rumbling "Ahhh…" is all I let out. He stopped and just let me feel him inside me, looking into my eyes for the pain.

I smiled and said, "It feels so good." And then reading him asked, "Please, do me." He smiled and nodded. Then I felt the alien invading digit withdraw from my depths only to smoothly slide back in, slightly deeper than before. I thought he had been fully impaled inside e, but each gentle thrust seemed to reach a new euphoric depth inside me.

After gratefully enjoying this pleasant torture for several minutes, and my ecstasy rising inside me again I quietly gasped out, "Please, harder. Do me harder." I don't know when I changed from shy virgin to wanton hussy, but all I wanted now was to feel that penis drill into my deepest treasure in desperation.

He chuckled slightly and followed my wishes. His hands moved and one grasped my hip then began bouncing faster into me. I felt his course pubic hair mingling with mine for brief moments, grinding into my pubic mound. His pubic bone slapped my clit into stunning pleasure against my pubic bone.

His phallus seemed to grow further and burrow deeper into me, poking and prodding my previously untouched uterus with its first contact. Then his other hand reached to my bosom and firmly grasped one of my nipples and I lost control.

The unexpected twinge of painful pleasure was like a fuse setting of my dynamite orgasm, causing me to shake and groan like I never had before. It lasted several minutes as he didn't stop, but just slowed down again, riding out my pleasure like an expert surfer on a tidal wave. After I caught my breath I could still feel his hot piston beating with his quick heartbeat still pulsing in my loins.

He just smiled and pulled back a little, but I grabbed him hard and said, "Please." Damn, my proper upbringing. Every sentence always started with 'please.' This thought and the craziness of it all caught in my throat.

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It was OK though since he seemed to read my thoughts. "Are you sure," he said soft and politely. All I could do was nod. "OK," he said, then slid back into my wetness and kissed me on the lips. The kiss was soft, but I could feel his desire in his movements. It was odd. I had cum so many times I'd had my fill, lying back on the bed, exhausted and satisfied, but I needed more. I wanted to know that I had brought him that same form of pleasure.

I needed to know I was good enough. I had to feel him cum inside me. He moved again inside and on top of me, faster and more brutal than before. I was being stirred up inside with his meaty member, pushed to the brink of consciousness, and grabbed hard onto his back, trying to get him even deeper inside me. I was bucked and ridden to the point of exhaustion, feeling the further impossible swelling of inside me.

Then, with one last violent thrust he finally groaned out and froze, pushing into me to the hilt, his penis spasming with seizures, ejecting his boiling semen into my virgin womb. Over and over it shook, squirting his thick hot cum, coating my insides, painting my internal walls. It was over and I had finally done it.

I was no longer a virgin girl, despite my ten post-pubescent years. I was a true woman. I held on tight to him, savoring every moment of this new bliss. All too soon I felt his steady withdrawal from my now stretched open vagina, despite his body being unmoving on top of me. His shrinking member tickled and I released him allowing him to stand. He said something about washing up and moved to the bathroom. Coming back to my senses I saw the thick white ropes of his sperm, now cooling quickly, leaking out of my red and swollen pussy onto the towel, which did have a very slight about of blood on it.

I closed my legs and leaned back, desiring to keep something from the experience going just a little longer inside me. Soon Ed came back, now dressed and proper again.

Feeling self couscous now, as silly as it was with his most intimate genetic material still swimming and alive inside me; I grabbed a robe and wrapped my nakedness away. We were silent again for a moment. I wanted to thank him, tell him that was the most amazing thing I'd ever done, grab him to me and do it all over again. But all I did was say, "Thank you." "You're welcome," he said smiling.

Then he walked to my door and out of my apartment.