She sitted on cock and ride it hard

She sitted on cock and ride it hard
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The year was 1986, I had just began college, I thought I was the dogs bollocks, all grown up and going on to higher education. Truth was, I was still a kid, 16 years old and just left school.

College was cool, no more shitty uniform to wear and plenty of older honeys walking around. I had a girl, my 14 year old sister, we had become secret lovers, we experimented on each other sexually but our relationship grew very deep, deep enough to compare it to boyfriend and girlfriend.


only thing was, we had to keep it secret from everyone. We only had a few moments a day to be with each other the way we wanted.


I would race home as quick as I could so I could cuddle up with Catherine, cuddles usually progressed to sex! We had one hour before Dad came home from work, we were "latch key kids" that meant we had a key to the house while Dad was at work. We were on a massive trust, little did Dad know his son and daughter were having a sexual relationship. I ran from the bus as fast as I could.

The house was in sight, 30 seconds from love!. I was there, side door, key in keyhole, turn key, open door. As I walked in breathless, I threw my bag in the corner.

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I walked into the living room and there she was, Catherine, my secret lover, sitting on the sofa, still in her school uniform. White blouse, blue skirt and white knee length socks. Her legs were wide open, her white panties pulled down to her ankles, her little hairy pussy in full view. She was masturbating, "Thought you'd never get here, I started without you about 10 minutes ago, I'm nearly cumming, want to watch me?" I ripped off my jeans and underwear, my cock sprang into action as I watched my sister play with her young pussy.

Her hand sped up as her orgasm aproached in the fast lane at 100 miles per hour. "I'M CUMMING!" I got on my knees and cuddled her as she came. She was panting hard as I felt her hand moving between us while she continued to excite her clit. Catherine caught my gaze, her beautifull blue eyes sparkling. "Kiss me" she said. I did, softly and lovingly. "now fuck me!" I moved off her so she could shift her position to allow me to enter her pussy fully.

She removed her panties and through them on the floor. She laid back on the sofa, her pert bum perched on the edge. There it was again, her sweet honey pot, a lovely young teen, unshaved, perfectly natural hairy pussy.

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Her inner vaginal lips had deepened in their reddish bloom and glistened in the September afternoon sunlight pouring through the window. She pulled her athletic legs up so her knees rested on her shoulders. I placed my cock on her labia, her pussy reacted to my touch and her petals opened up a little more. She sighed long, breathy "oooooooooooh".

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That was my cue, I pushed my cock into her snug, hot, slick pussy right to the hilt in one slow movement. She placed her hands on her pert breasts and softly kneeded them through her pretty white blouse. I leaned forward to kiss her on her soft lips, a soft kiss that lovers give to each other.

She returned my kiss with a soft, pleasant 'mmmwwwaaa' "I love you, now give it to me fast, make my pussy cum again" Catherine ordered me. Mum had put Catherine on the pill as she suspected she had become sexually active. This suited us both just fine as we did not like using condoms because this caused desensetivity but it also meant I did not last long.

Catherine's pussy had opened up and adjusted to my cock over the years but she was still a snug fit and the sensation of her my cock in her hot wet cunt was too much. I nearly always blew my load into her honey pot after a few minutes but she loved the feeling of this, she said she could feel my cum gushing inside her. I pushed my cock further in her pussy, the tip of my cock touching her womb, Catherine gave a yelp of pleasure.

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I started to withdraw, almost the full length of my cock then slowly push back in up to the hilt. I built up a rythm, speeding up slightly with every thrust. "Aaahhh!

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Fuck me lover, fuck me, fuck me!", she panted the words "fuck me" every time my cock touched her womb. I held her white knee length sock covered ankles and opened her legs wide so I could view my glistening cock slide in and out of her tight pussy. Catherine knew what to do, her hands left her cotton covered breasts and went to her pussy. She slowly touched her outer lips, smearing her slick sex juice into her fine tufty hairs. Her sweet pungent odor carressing my sense of smell. I watched intently as she pulled her outer lips open to reveal her labia petals, they were soaked with her female juices and reddish in colour.

She knew I loved to watch us make love.


As I pushed my cock in her pussy, her labia would dissapear into her canal as they clung to my cock and reapear as I withdrew. Catherine's index finger now began to circle her clit again as I pumped my cock into her pussy, her eyes screwed up shut, mouth open, rapidly panting for breath as she induced her orgasm. I felt the very familiar feeling of my own orgasm building up as I continued to fuck my beautiful sister.

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There beneath me was a wonderfull sight, my sweet sister, my secret lover, wearing her school uniform except for her cute little panties, legs wide open, masturbating while I fucked her teen cunt! Catherine's eyes snapped open, "I'm cumming!" she exclaimed "cum in me now, I want your cum in my pussy!" WHAM!

My orgasm exploded in my groin, spurt after spurt gushing into Catherines cunt. "OH FUCK YES, GIVE IT TO ME, CUM IN MY CUNT, CUM IN MY CUNT, CUM IN MY CUNT!" She repeated as I continued to ejaculate in my sister. Her masturbating had increased to a level I did not know was possible, her hand was almost a blur, her legs began to shake as her orgasm became a multiple one.

Her head began to roll from one side to the other as pushed my cock into her for one last time, my orgasm subsiding. She squealed in delight and panted heavily as a massive orgasm tore her pussy apart, I have never seen my sister cum so hard, what a sight! "That was so beautiful" She panted as she stopped cumming, her hand had stopped rubbing her pussy, instead her finger was slowly circling her clit again.

"Kiss me lover, that was fantastic" I gazed into her big blue eyes, I leant forward to meet her puckered lips, my tongue opened her mouth up, we french kissed for a few minutes as my hands carressed her naked thighs. We stopped kissing, I pulled myself off and moved away slowly, watching my cock flop out of her pussy.

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I knelt in front of her, Catherine pulled open her pussy again. Now came the finale, she liked doing this next bit, she sqeazed her tummy muscles which squeased her pussy canal, this pushed out all the cum I had injected into her. I watched in awe as a thick white stream flowed from her pussy hole and down her cleft of her sweet young bum. "Lets go upstairs, I want a bath, we can have one together" With that, I jumped to my feet, offered my hands to my sister, she held my hands and I pulled her up to me.

I held her in my arms, I cuddled her then my hands went to her bum cheeks, I carressed them softly as she french kissed me again, I loved her so much."Come on, lets go get wet" she teased as she ran to the door, I followed smiling, I knew what was coming next, more sex!