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Nour abu elbeeh model egypt dance
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Ms. Sturm pulled to the curb in her blue Honda and Danni quickly got in. Ms. Sturm frowned rather painfully at Danni's outfit. "I know.

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I know" said Danni. "But I'm afraid that this really is the best that I have." "Oh well, we will just have to make do" said Ms. Sturm. "Did you masturbate?" "No. You told me I wasn't allowed to." "Just checking" Ms.

Sturm said giving Danni a pleased smile. "So you are going to be juicy. Theodore will appreciate that. Any questions?" "Are you going to be staying?" "No. Are you afraid that something you don't expect might happen?" Ms. Sturm asked with a small frown in Danni's direction. No, not really. I was just trying to determine the procedures." "I have no intention of watching you get fucked, Danni" Ms. Sturm stated. "It is not really something that turns me on" "Oh" said Danni feeling a little disappointed.

Ms. Sturm just shook her head and they drove the rest of the way in silence. They arrived at a medium sized house with a well tended front yard. "Go ring the doorbell. Theodore will call me when he is finished with you" Ms.

Sturm commanded. Danni went and rang the doorbell. The man who answered the door was about her height, brown haired, brown eyed with a large slightly crooked nose. He had a wide mouth with medium size lips and fairly white teeth. He was smiling at her.


"Hello" he said. "I'm Danni" said Danni because she got a weird feeling that she was not really expected. "I know" said the man as Danni flushed, feeling really stupid and unsure of herself suddenly. The man stood continuing to look at her. "May I come in?" Danni asked. "Are you sure you want to come in?" Danni went to bite her upper lip but remembered that Ms.

Sturm had commanded her not to do that and stopped herself. What exactly was going on here, Danni wondered, am I expected or not? But she simply said clearly "Yes. I am sure that I want to come in." The man had watched the byplay across her face with interest.


"Then I guess you had better come in, hadn't you?" Danni entered the house and gazed around the living room with interest but not too much interest. The man shut the door, took her coat to hang up and said "Follow me." He walked with an easy gait and led her down to a basement bedroom.

There was a full size bed and some cabinets in the room. Danni gazed with some apprehension because there were restraints attached to the bedposts and the cabinets all held sex toys. The man followed her gaze and laughed easily. "Don't worry, little girl. I am not going to be using anything on you today. This is simply the best room in the house to use to get to know you a little better. Now I think you should strip off your clothes while I watch." He then sat on the bed and watched her.

Danni wondered if Theodore wanted a bump and grind type show, which she had heard about but had no real knowledge of, or just wanted to see her naked. Either way the fastest way for her to remove her dress would be if he undid the buttons down her back so she went and sat beside him and presented her back without saying a word. Theodore chuckled and began undoing her buttons. When he was done he stroked the now exposed part of her upper back causing her to jump a little; he gave another little chuckle.

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She moved away from the bed to an area that he could see all of her better and shimmied out of her dress, dropping it around her ankles. She turned her back to him, stepped slightly to the side and bent over at the waist to retrieve the dress. She was very aware what this did to her buttocks and thighs.

After folding the dress and putting it on a cabinet, she bent back over and removed her shoes and socks. She turned back to face him in just her bra and panties. She slipped out of her bra straps and moved the clasp around to the front and unhooked it; she placed the bra with her dress.

She glanced at Theodore to see if he was paying attention to her and he smiled and nodded to her.


Taking a deep breath, she hooked her thumbs in the sides of her panties and quickly slipped them down to her ankles.

She stepped out of the panties, turned away from him and bent over at the waist to retrieve the panties; she had parted her legs before bending so she gave him a good view of her cunt and asshole. She calmly put her panties with her dress and bra before turning to face him. Theodore was grinning at her; he knew that she had been aware of her exposure. "So the young girl is aware of her looks.

Come over here" Theodore said and gestured to a place beside the bed. Danni quickly went to the spot and Theodore reached out and took her left breast in his right hand. He firmly squeezed her breast and rolled her nipple between his thumb and forefinger, pulling firmly on it.

Danni gasped slightly from the firmness but she had been expecting the move so she didn't jump much: she kept her eyes on Theodore's face and noticed that he checked occasionally to see where her gaze was focused. Theodore stroked her erect pink nipple and Danni enjoyed the sensation; both of her nipples were standing up to their maximum. Theodore ran his hand down her soft belly and upper hips and stroked her small thatch of blonde pussy hair. He tugged at her pubic curls.

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No one had ever done that to Danni before and it felt kind of weird but she just adjusted herself to open her thighs a bit more. Theodore chuckled again and tugged her pubic hair a few times more. Danni wondered if she should ask if she should have arrived clean shaven but said nothing. The hand then quickly began stroking her pussy lips and Theodore brought his eyes up to hers; they looked into each others eyes as he worked his fingers in to caress her inner lips.

After a few minutes, Danni's pussy began to drip and her breathing quickened; Theodore said nothing so Danni remained quiet but enjoyed the stroking. Theodore firmly pushed two fingers inside of her pussy causing Danni to gasp slightly and began sliding them in and out of her.

Danni's juices were dripping down his hand and he brought his fingers up in front of her mouth. Danni knew that he wanted her to taste herself off of his fingers and she quickly sucked on them. Danni was aware of her own taste and did not find it disagreeable.

Theodore grinned at her and moved his fingers to back inside of her; this time he brought his fingers up to his own mouth. He gave her a nod of approval after tasting her and Danni blushed slightly causing him to grin widely.

"Your taste is quite agreeable, just a little tart" Theodore said. "Now I think we should take a little time and discuss what you are her to do.

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What are you looking to get out of this encounter?" he said looking deep into her eyes. Danni thought for a moment before replying, she could say that she was here because Ms. Sturm told her to be here or that she wanted to learn more about sex and Ms. Sturm had said that he was very good at it; either was true. "I am here because I want to be able to go to university but am unable to afford it. Ms. Sturm has agreed to help me in this matter and part of our agreement requires me to learn more about my body's reaction to sex.

I am also fantastically curious to know how well I perform sexually and I have been told that you are an expert in the matter" she said making sure she kept her eyes focused on his. "Well, a little mercenary, but honest. And the flattery of me is nice also.

So are you looking for a few quick lessons or do you want to build towards a longer lasting relationship?" "Right now I am unsure of what would be best" Danni shrugged. "I am very new to this and you have much more experience than I have; what is your suggestion?" He looked at her intently and said "Right now I do not know how well you perform in bed.

You have a good taste and are easily excited. You appear to enjoy your body's reactions to sexual touches. You have a pleasing but spare figure due I suspect to your youth. You have a pleasant face and voice. You don't giggle incessantly. All things in your favour but I have nothing to tell me that I should really devote any time to you.

Do you have any comments?" "All of what you say is true. I can only say that I am quite willing for you to do anything you want to me." "Whoa, girl. You never say that to a man you don't really know and never to one that you have just met even if you are naked and he has just tasted your pussy.

You need to understand that people will take advantage of you especially if they want to fuck you. You have to learn to protect yourself or you will find yourself as a sex slave. It is good to be curious and want to learn about sex; it is bad to find yourself being tied down and raped by a dozen men you don't know.

At some point you may want to learn about bondage and gangbangs but make sure that it is on your own terms." "Sorry" Danni said meekly. "I just meant that I would like to learn and trust you to know more about sex than me and would accept your guidance." She was thinking that she already knew a little bit about gangbangs.

Theodore examined her face and realized that she was holding something back from him but he decided that it wasn't important enough to make an issue of, just yet.

He said "Then how about today we just explore your body a bit.

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I won't make a decision right away about seeing you again and if I do agree to see you, I will contact you through Ms. Sturm. Is that agreeable with you?" "That sounds fine to me…umm…do I call you Mr. Greenbalt, Sir or Master?" "Good Lord, none of those.

You may call me Theodore but I would like to keep the conversation to a minimum. I would like you to concentrate on your performance." Danni nodded her understanding and Theodore smiled at how quickly she complied. He took her by the hand and guided her to lie on the bed, arranging a pillow behind her head. He took off his shirt exposing a muscular chest. He began kissing her mouth alternating the pressure from hard to soft back to hard. Danni pushed out her tongue against his lips and into his mouth.

Theodore nipped lightly on her tongue, surprising her slightly and then forced his tongue fully into her mouth and began exploring it. She was surprised at how long he kept that up but it felt pleasant.

His hands began to stroke her breasts and he kneaded her soft flesh. He changed up from hard to soft rubbing of her firm breasts and Danni began to lose herself in the sensation of how good this all felt. She could feel that she was starting to drip juices down her thighs again. When Theodore tweaked her nipple hard, she gasped into his mouth.

He seemed intrigued by her reaction and did it again a few more times. Danni gasped each time. Theodore then took her sensitive nipple firmly in his right hand and squeezed it hard. Danni moaned loudly into his mouth but made no attempt to pull away or to stop him; he punished her nipple for at least two minutes. The only reason he stopped was that he was dislodged from atop of Danni when she suddenly bucked her hips as she orgasmed. She gave a high pitched little grunt as she arched her body.

Theodore quickly scrambled down the bed and got hold of Danni's legs at the base of her calves, he raised her feet up over her head raising her pelvis from the bed. Danni continued to buck her hips moaning and grunting as the wave of pleasure coursed through her cunt. Theodore expertly moved his hands down to behind her knees making sure that she was being kept in an arched position.

He then placed his mouth over her soaking cunt and forced his tongue into her slit. He continued to lick her pussy lips softly, penetrating her slit about every ten seconds. Danni muttered in pleasure and continued to flow out her juice; she reached down with her hands to grasp Theodore's hair but he freed up one hand and disentangled her hands, placing them by her sides.

While his hand was free, he gave her clitoris a sharp tweak. Danni squealed out a loud "Fuck, oh Fuck" and pushed her hips hard as she spewed out the juice of her orgasm. Theodore had been ready for her hip thrust and expertly guided it so that she was only making contact with the bed with her shoulders and upper back.

He had followed her cunt upwards with his mouth but choked slightly on the amount of liquid she suddenly produced. He recovered quickly and mouthed her cunt vigorously as she continued to moan and buck.

He continued on for a number of minutes until it became apparent that she was tiring quickly and could not keep her position or her orgasms; he guided her back onto the bed and climbed back up to look into her dazed eyes.

It was very apparent that she would need some recovery time before they did anything else, so he left her lying there while he went into the bathroom. After he had cleaned her juices of his face and upper body, he took a warm, soapy washcloth out and sponged Danni down. She lay there with her eyes closed, murmuring in pleasure as he sponged off the sweat and pussy juice covering her body. Her murmurs increased when he returned and cleaned her genitals. After he had cleaned her, he went to one of the cabinets and got a bottle of gel.

Returning to the bed, he straddled her lower thighs and poured a good dollop of gel onto her upper stomach. He massaged the gel into her stomach muscles; it had a pleasing vanilla smell and warmed a bit to the touch. He worked his way down to the outside of her hips and massaged the outside thigh muscles but not the inside ones so that he would not set her off again.

She needed to recover if they were going to go any further today. He was actual fairly impressed with her performance and anxious to see what else she could handle today.

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