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Brazilian Teen Dance In Front Of Cam
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Chapter Seven Three more times that night, Roger fucked Kristi. Each time, he would put Vaseline on and inside her raw rectum which he had found under the sink in the bathroom. Kristi didn't' object, kneeling submissively as her father's fingers toyed with the most intimate opening of her body. She was sore, but she had cum several times, and she knew that she would be prepared for whatever the men did to her the next day.

Finally, about 2am, father and daughter fell asleep. Kristi's hand was wrapped around her father's prick and he was holding her, his hand cupping one of her naked tits. When they awoke, Kristi's father told her to go turn the shower on and to get it nice and warm because they were going to shower together. Kristi happily did what her father told her, easily falling into the new relationship. She didn't resent him ordering what to do.

She wanted to please him! After they showered, her father put her on the bed. She thought he would fuck her again, and she dutifully lifted her hips, putting her head on her arms, closing her eyes and waiting for the hot thrust of his cock. She jumped when she felt a warm wetness, and she mewled happily when she felt her father begin to lick between her asscheeks. He pulled her mounds apart and the tip of his tongue started rimming her asshole.

For almost a half hour, her father knelt behind her licking and laving her anus, sticking his tongue inside and relaxing the girl. She barely noticed when he began pushing Vaseline inside her asshole. When he finally stopped, Kristi got off the bed. She felt very very wet, and knew that whoever would fuck her ass first would be in for a surprise at how hot and moist it would be.

Roger slipped his clothes back on and he and Kristi kissed deeply before leaving the bedroom. They arrived at the living room to see that everyone was already there. Erica and Erin were, of course, naked. They were kneeling before the couch, giving Bob and Bill blowjobs.

Tom and Charlie were setting at the breakfast bar. "Well look who finally got up. Damn Roger, you had the little bitch screaming all night long!

I think she must love having her ass fucked! Tom said, laughing and looking at the naked Kristi. Roger just blushed. Erin looked at him, but didn't sat a thing, turning and taking Bob's cock back in her mouth. "Charlie, why don't you take sweet cheeks here and try out her asshole. Roger and I have an appointment with the bank this morning!" Tom said.

Charlie walked over to the petite teenager and picked her up, putting her over his shoulder, making her squeal. Slapping her on her naked ass, Charlie said "Shut the hell up, bitch. Thanks Tom, I think I'm going to sit in this chair and have the little slut ride up and down my prick using her asshole. Charlie was naked in seconds, pulling Kristi into the recliner with him.

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She was pulled back against his chest as he swept her thighs apart, pulling her up and peeling her cheeks apart. The whole room stopped and watched as Kristi's asshole was pushed down on Charlie's cock. Slowly the girl slid down Charlie's long shaft. She was moaning, but it was obvious that it was the moan of pleasure. "Shit, you should feel this, boss!" Charlie said to Tom.

"She's all oiled up of something. And its like a furnace! DAMN, what a luscious Fuck!" He said as he began lifting the girl up and down over his cock, using her body to masturbate, his prick slipping in and out of her ass. "Let's go!" Tom said. It took two hours for Roger to withdraw 25,0000 from his savings.

He had to pretend that Tom was his friend and he was lending him the money. The whole time, Roger kept thinking about his family and what was being done to them. Roger thought about alerting someone or trying to overpower Tom. But he knew that would be a mistake. He wasn't willing to risk the death of his family. And deep inside, he also knew that when this was over, that things were going to be very different around his house. When the two men walked in the door, they were met by the sight of all three women kneeling on the pool table on all fours facing them.

They were shaking and shuddering, waving their hips as their breasts swung back and forth, crying and sobbing out in pleasure. The three men were behind them fucking them and making obscene comments about what whores and sluts the women were. It was like walking into a Bordello, Roger thought. The phone rang. Everyone froze. After a heartbeat, Tom grabbed Roger. "You know what to do. Make it good." He lifted the phone and placed it between the two men so he could hear. "Hello, Winters residence." Roger said in a normal tone of voice.

"Hi Mr. Winters. This is Nicole. Is Kristi around?" Tom heard a teenage girl say. "Sure, just a minute." Roger said. Tom pointed at Kristi. "Come here bitch, and if you make ONE mistake, I blow the fucking head off of your old man, you got it?" he said viciously.


Nodding and white faced, Kristi nodded. She walked over and Tom held her, both their ears pressed against the receiver. "Hello?" Kristi said. "Hi Kristi! Shannon and I are bored to death! Is it OK if we come over and hang with you this afternoon?" Nicole said into the phone. Covering the receiver, Tom paused and then said "Tell them its OK, that you'll be waiting for them." "NO, I can't do that.

I-I KNOW what you'll do to them!" Kristi whispered in horror. "Listen you stupid cunt. You tell them right now or I kill everyone in your family! Now tell them!" He uncovered the phone. Kristi had tears in her eyes. "Sure.come on over" she said. "Kewl! We'll be there in about 20 minutes.

Later, girl!" And the phone clicked. Releasing her, Tom said "OK Boys, it looks like we're going to have some fresh pussy. Let's get Mrs. Winters and Erica into the Master bedroom. Tie them up and gag them. I don't want any sounds made." The men quickly obeyed. Tom had everyone put on clothes. He made Kristi put on jeans and a tee shirt. "But no underwear.

It will just get in the way later." Kristi had a cold feeling in the pit of her stomach. She loved Nicole and Shannon. But what could she do? Kristi met the girls at the door, smiling as she led them inside.

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They stopped as she saw that there were a group of men sitting in the living room. They relaxed somewhat when they saw Mr. Winters. Tom crossed to the girl's. Speaking to them, he said "Hi girls. Which one of you drove?" Nicole and Shannon looked at one another as if to say "what's up with THIS guy!" But they were polite.

"I drove." She said. "Very good. Please give me your car keys now!" Tom said, holding out his hand. Nicole said "Now just a minute. What's going on here. Kristi?" She and Shannon turned to face their friend. They were shocked to see tears filling Kristi's eyes. "Oh Nicole, I'm so sorry.

Please do what he says. Give him your keys!" she cried miserably. The two girls were rapidly becoming terrified. "What's going on?" Nicole said backing away. "Give me your fucking keys, you stupid bitch!" Tom shouted. Nicole trembled as she pulled a set of keys from her pocket and handed it to the big intimidating man standing in front of her. Taking the keys, he tossed them to Charlie.

"Charlie, move their car around behind the tool shed by the van." Timidly, Nicole said "B-But that's my car!" Smiling, Tom said "Well girl, I'm taking your car. In fact I'm going to take any damn thing I want. And I think we'll start with that cute tee shirt you are wearing. Take it off and give it to me!" Nicole couldn't believe her ears. She took a step back, almost stumbling. "W_What? W-What did you say?" Tom smiled and followed her slowly.

"I said take off your fucking tee shirt, you stupid bitch, and give it to me." His voice was smooth but very menacingly. Looking at her friend, Nicole said to Kristi "Kristi?

What's HAPPENING!" Kristi was openly crying. "Nicole, I'm sorry. They've kidnapped my family, and.and we have to do what they say. Oh Nicole I'm sorry.

But if you don't do what he says.he'll kill you!" Trembling, Nicole looked at Tom as he pulled a gun from behind his back where it was tucked. Chambering a round, he said "Maybe we need a little demonstration." Shannon started screaming as Nicole began babbling "No, NOOO oh god NOOO Don't shoot me, Please!" Frantically, Nicole pulled her tee shirt up and over her head, holding it out to Tom as he pointed the gun at her head.

Almost without looking, he backhanded Shannon, crying out "Shut up, Bitch." Shannon was shocked. She had never been hit before. But it was effective, for she simply stared at the man, gently rubbing her reddened cheek. "Now listen up. I'll say this one time.You will obey us, and do everything you're told or you will die. And if I have to kill one of you.then I'll kill ALL of you. Like I told the Winters, you cooperate, and you'll live to see Monday.

If you don't, then you're as good as dead." He tore the shirt from Nicole's hand and tossed it to the side. "Now both of you, get out of those jeans and tee shirts. You can keep your bras and panties for the moment. But get it done NOW!" He smiled as the two girls hurriedly began stripping their jeans and tee shirts off.

He made them sit on the couch. They tried to hide their semi-naked bodies, flushing with embarrassment and crying. Tom told them to shut up as he turned to Charlie and Bob. "I'm thinking that maybe a demonstration is in order. Charlie, you and Bob use Kristi and show the girls what they have in store for them. Kristi, get out of those fucking clothes and get up on the pool table on all fours." Tom smiled as he walked over and sat on a bar stool.

Kristi was mortified. She couldn't believe that she was going to be humiliated like this in front of her friends.

Enough had happened to her that she wasn't upset at what the men would do to her. But doing it in front of her best friends was intensely humiliating. A look from Tom made Kristi tremble and slowly walk across to the room. She closed her eyes as she pulled her tee shirt up and over her head. Of course, she had no bra on. She unsnapped her jeans, pushing them down her legs, showing that she also had no panties on.

Tears were dripping from her cheeks as she climbed up onto the pool table, kneeling on all fours cross wise, assuming the position she knew they wanted her in. She glanced over to Nicole and Shannon as Charlie and Bob quickly shed their clothes. Her two friends look shocked to the core as they stared at the two men's naked pricks swinging between their legs. Bob walked over and pulled Kristi to the edge of the pool table. "Open your mouth bitch, I've got a load of cum for your sweet mouth." Kristi obediently opened her mouth, taking Bob's cock inside.

She was still sobbing from humiliation as she began sucking his cock. She heard Charlie climbing up behind her. "Hmmm, let's see, do I fuck her pussy or her asshole. You know, I think I fucked her up the ass last time. I think I'll get some of her cunt this time!" he said, smiling nastily and looking at Kristi's' two friends who were white faced.

Within several minutes Kristi was in a battle with her body. She had intended to be as unresponsive as possible. But the silky texture of Bob's prick fucking in and out of her mouth and the huge log of Charlie ramming in and out of her cunt was driving her towards orgasm. She realized that she was moaning. She willed herself to stop moaning, to stop pushing her hips back at Charlie.

But her resolve failed as she fucked her young body on the two male pricks invading her wet orifices. She was unaware that her friends had stopped crying. They were watching intently. They could hardly believe that it was their best friend who was fucking on the table.

They tried to imagine that it was themselves, but they simply couldn't relate. They watched as Kristi began madly humping and bucking.


Charlie cried out "Damn, the bitch is cumming around my prick again. I can't wait. TAKE MY CUM, BITCH! YESSSSSSSS!" and he began grunting and huffing as he filled Kristi's pussy with his hot sperm. Within seconds, Bob began bellowing. The girls watched Kristi's throat contract over and over. They realized that she was swallowing and knew that Bob was cumming in her mouth.

Kristi weakly collapsed onto the table, the wet pricks slithering from her holes. Tom began clapping his hands and laughing. "Well done, boys! I think you've fucked her out. Bill, I think that you and I now get a turn. Kristi's all fucked out, so I think its time for our guests to have a bit of fun as well.

So Bill, you and I will fuck the Brunette. You get on your back on the table and we'll have her fuck you while sitting on your prick. I'll get behind and have a go at her asshole." Bill was grinning and Shannon felt on the verge of fainting.

She knew what a prisoner must feel when sentenced to death. Turning to Roger, Tom said "And Roger. You're going to fuck the Blonde!" Roger's eyes opened widely and he looked at Nicole. She had a shocked look on her face. "N-No, I can't do that!" He choked out. "Damn, Roger. Do we have to go through this again? You don't have a choice." Tom said. They both watched as Charlie and a now naked Bill approached the couch. Shannon was whimpering as they grabbed her arms and pulled her up off the couch.

She started openly crying as they pulled her over beside the pool table. "Let's do her on the floor" Bill said, and the two men pulled the pretty Brunette down to the carpet.

She struggled and screamed but they ignored her, ripping her bra and panties off. Soon She was writhing and sobbing, her hands pinned over her head.

Bob was sucking her fat titties, biting her nipples and enjoying her squeals of pain. Tom was half lying on her legs, pinning her legs wide and lewdly licking up and down the girl's cunt.

Charlie said "Come on, asshole. Tom said to fuck the bitch, now get to it!" He was grinning evilly. Roger looked down at Nicole.

He'd had a number of fantasies about his daughter's friend but had never dreamed that he would make any of them come true. "Nicole, I-I'm sorry." he said. Nicole looked at him and then at Shannon. Shannon wasn't screaming any longer, but was writhing and moaning.

It was hard to tell if she was resisting or becoming aroused. She stood up. "O-OK Mr. Winters. I-I know you don't have a choice. Just gentle." Roger felt his prick begin to swell in his pants.

He led the girl to the corner. "I promise I'll be gentle" he said. He leaned down and kissed her.

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She was trembling, making him want her even more. She didn't resist as he began undressing her. Ten minutes later, Shannon was busily fucking her pussy on top of Bill, who was lying on the floor on his back. She was in shock for she had just had an orgasm. Bill was sucking on her swinging tits, capturing one nipple and then the other to suckle and bite it.

She had screamed and tried to escape when Tom had fingered her asshole. When he had actually fucked her asshole, she had lay between the two men, feeling incredibly stuffed, aching at the twin penetrations. They had begun fucking her and within minutes she began moving with them, pushing her hips down to fuck Bill and then back and upwards to drive Tom's cock up her asshole.


Shannon had never thought that she could feel such things. She felt like the most desirable woman in the world. Roger was on top of Nicole. He had lifted her legs and her ankles were on his shoulder.

He was slamming deeply inside her as she moaned and groaned. The two girls were being thoroughly fucked.

Roger felt his balls contracting and he looked deep into Nicole's eyes. Gritting his teeth, he said "I'm cumming, Nicole. I'm Cumming!' Nicole looked up into his face. She felt his cock beginning to pump sperm inside her. She had been having a crush on this man for years, and now he was filling her young pussy up with his lewdly spurting sperm. She shuddered as the most intense orgasm she'd ever had began wracking her body.

Seeing her cum so powerfully made Roger kiss her brutally. Nicole thrust her tongue inside his mouth as her pussy went wild over his cock. For the rest of the afternoon, the two girls were fucked over and over. Kristi was also fucked once again.

After releasing Erica and Erin, all five naked women were ordered to service the men in various ways. They were required to make supper. After supper, Tom made all the girls kneel as the men stood, dressed. All except Roger. Charlie and Bill put Roger on the floor, hogtying him. "We're going to leave now.

We've had a fucking good time. You can call the police later. However, I have to tell you that we are not from this part of the country, that we selected the Winters entirely by random, and that you will never see us again. If you call the police, you will all be interrogated. Each of you will have to endure being examined by a doctor with a rape kit. Everyone will know what went on.

And you will be humiliated in this community. I'd suggest that you simply chalk it up to life's unfair events." The men tied the women up, lying them gently on the floor as well.

"Sooner or later one of you will figure out how to get out of the ropes. Then you can let the others go. Thanks for a great weekend!" And then the men walked out, closing the door behind them. They all struggled against their bonds. Though tied the most thoroughly, it was Roger who got his ropes off first. Quickly, he went and got tee shirts and jeans for his wife, daughters and friends.

He gently untied his wife, and then the girls. They all dressed and then Shannon tearfully said "W-What are we going to do?" They all looked at one another. They had a decision to make. Epilogue Three weeks later on a Friday, Roger got home from work. Life had returned to normal. The fears and insecurities he had felt had slowly abated. They had all decided to not go through the humiliation of reporting the rapes.

The women had all been checked surreptitiously. Miraculously, none of them were pregnant. The Winter's family had made every attempt to return to normal. Kristi didn't hang with Nicole or Shannon anymore. They were simply too embarrassed to get over having seen one another rut while being brutally fucked for them to put their friendship back together. They weren't angry, they just couldn't get past it enough to spend time together.

Roger was going crazy. The images and memories of that weekend floated around his head. He avoided looking at his wife and daughters whenever possible. He was constantly blushing. Erin had seemed to take everything in stride. After several days, she had stopped sleeping on the edge of the other side of the bed. They had both cried when his arms went around her and they cuddled, holding on to one another.

They had made love tenderly. Things seemed fine with them.

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Erica and Kristi also seemed fine. They had acted with enforced cheerfulness for a few days, but had relaxed since then. Roger was in the house by himself.

He had grabbed a beer and after changing into gym shorts and a tee shirt, he was sitting in his recliner. He closed his eyes and remembered how it had felt fucking Kristi. Soon his hand was in his shorts, wrapped around his erect cock, slowly stroking himself.

He could almost see the passion in her eyes and the look on her lust contorted face as he had fucked her. Roger froze when he felt his shorts being pulled down over his hand and cock. "Let me do that Daddy!" he heard as he opened his eyes to see his beautiful daughter kneeling at his feet in her Cheerleading outfit.

Pushing his hand away, Kristi wrapped her cool fingers around his cock. Leaning down she kissed the head, taking it into her mouth as with her other hands she began working her clothes off. "K-Kristi.are you sure?" Roger asked as his suddenly naked daughter straddled his hips lifting up and steering his prick to her wetly gaping pussy. As she lowered herself on top of his hard prick shaft, she half groaned as she said "Yesssss Daddy. That feel's SOOOO good.

I-I've wanted to do that for three damn weeks. Daddy, I need you to fuck me. Fuck me now, Fuck me tomorrow.

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Fuck me whenever you want to. I LOVE you Daddy. OHHHHHH Yes.YOUR FINGER!" The girls rounded asscheeks were squirming wildly as Roger shoved a fingers inside her asshole as she pounded up and down on his cock.

Her mouth was locked to her daddy's and as she screamed into his hot, wet mouth, she felt his cock begin to shoot up inside the wet cauldron of her cunt, his sperm bubbling lewdly to pool deep inside her body.

She didn't know what the future held, but she did know that she belonged to this man and that she would do anything that he wanted.