Sweet young gay ass hole movie Josh Bensan has that fairytale story

Sweet young gay ass hole movie Josh Bensan has that fairytale story
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This story happened last summer. I'm 16 years old and live in a large city. My parents met at college here and never left. My dad is from here, but my mom is from a small town in northern Minnesota. Her dad has died, but her mom, my grandma still lives there. My mom has a younger brother and younger sister, but they are not important. The important one is my mother's older sister.

She is known as the black sheep of the family. She is 49 years old, never been married, goes from guy to guy, lives in a trailor park, and still mooches off my grandma. Her name is Linda and she still lives in the small MN town. This past summer my grandma went to Seattle to visit my Uncle's family for a month.

She didn't feel safe leaving her house alone for the month. I'm a pretty responsible kid so my parents volunteered me to go stay there for the month. I was not happy, like I want to stay in a tiny ass town for half my summer. My family really just didn't want to leave my grandma's house with Linda.

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So I drove up and settles in. To be nice my parents to Linda to "check" on me. I went about my business for the first two weeks. Mowing the lawn, fixing odd things around the house, and messing around on the internet.

I bet I beat off five times a day. I was not very sexually experienced. A girl from my church had given me 2 handjobs and i fingered her once.

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Finally after 2 weeks my aunt showed up to check on me. I had not seen her in two years and I was impressed.

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She is 5'4", about 150lbs (all in the ass & hips), short black hair (dyed I think), and was wearing the smallest pair of shorts I'd ever seen. They were made of sweat pants material. She has on a plain white t shirt and a black bra. Her legs were killer and tanned nicely.

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I know she caught me starring. We talked and had lunch together. She told me she would be back later that week.

About 10 days later she shows up crying with a bag of clothes. She told me she had been evicted from her home because she didn't pay the rent. She had a list a mile long of excuses. I figured she blew it on booze and QVC. I talked to her as she sobbed and she eventually fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up and she had cocked a big breakfast. She was wearing the same shorts and t shirt as before. I noticed at breakfast she had no bra on.

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I got hard so fast. I was just wearing gym shorts (no undies) and a plain tee. After we ate she asked me to help with dishes.


I tucked my dick up into my gym shorts so she wouldn't notice. Not that I had a big one. It's 5.5 inches and a little thick. As we're doing dishes it fell and she noticed. She laughed at me and said "is that morning wood or is it for me?" I got really embarrassed and ran to my room (still hard). About 2 mins later there is a knock at the door. I was laying face down on the bed. She came in and sat next to me and patted my back.

She said it was ok. she assured me it's normal for 16 year olds to get many erections. We kept talking and things seemed alright. Then she asked "is it soft yet?" I thought why is she asking that? I said yes it's still hard and then she said why don't you go masturbate.


I told her I would not be able to with her in the house. Then she said "roll over." My mind went a thousand miles an hour, but I did. Then the most amazing thing happened. She tugged my gym shorts down and said "I'll help you" and began to stroke me. After about 1 min she asked if it was my first hand job, I said no.

then she asked if I'd ever had a blow job. I said no. And with that she went down on me. She took all of me in her mouth and moved up and down. After a min i said "I'm cumming" and she didn't stop.

My aunt swallowed my cum. After she swallowed me down she got up and kissed me gently on the lips. I tasted my own cum. My dick stood there throbbing. She looked at it and said it's still hard, to which i said you're still touching me. With that she asked if I ever had sex. I said no. Then she simply said "if we did would you tell?" "NO!" I said.

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She stood up and took her shirt off. Saggy c sizes tits fell out. Then she dropped her shorts "look, no underwear too." she said. I was still on my back and hard. She put a leg on either side of me and lowered herself onto my cock. It felt so amazing. It was so moist and warm. She had a big black bush and big almost black pussy lips.

She slowly started moving up and down. I reached up and played with her tits. After maybe 5 minutes I once again said "I'm cumming" and she just kept riding." I blew my load in my aunt. She got up and said she needed a shower. She picked up her clothes and at the bedroom door turned and said "how long you here" "Until Tuesday." Then she said the greatest words I've ever heard "well then, we have 3 days to make you good at sex." This is 100% true and I have 4 more experiences with her in the next three days.

I'll see how this story plays out before posting more.