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Ideal chick is gaping soft vagina in closeup and getting off
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Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author. Part 6 Ron couldn't believe the sight in front of him. The confusion and worry over Harry's disappearance had caused him to forget all about the reward Hermione had promised him. His excitement growing Ron felt his cock begin to rise at the prospect of what he was about to do with Hermione.

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Ron was still a little bit confused however. 'What's that bottle your holding?' Ron asked curiously. 'It's lubrication, if your going to have anal sex with me then your going to need this else its going to be really tight.' Hermione explained. It still amused Hermione that Ron still didn't know about muggle products. So promising herself that one day she will teach him some muggle studies she approached her boyfriend and sat down on the bed.

Ron was lost for words. He still couldn't comprehend what he was about to do so he just sat motionless. Hermione was becoming impatient. She'd been looking forward to this moment all day and now Ron was lingering. Was Ron having second thoughts about anal? She hadn't exactly asked if he wanted to do it, she had just assumed that as a horny teenager he would be up for anything.

Pushing that to the back of her mind she took action. She pushed Ron on the bed so that he was lying on his back, then she pulled at her underwear, sliding them down her legs and chucking them onto the floor. 'It's always important to warm up before a workout.' she said rather seriously as she placed her knee's either side of Ron's face so that her pussy was inches away from Ron's tongue. Ron finally snapped back to his senses.

Lifting his head off of his pillow he reached out with his tongue and licked the length of Hermione's slit. The reaction was instant, Hermione moaned aloud and reached around to remover her bra. Ron began to lick slowly, taking his time in the build up to the act that he would soon be performing.

Wanting to pleasure Hermione more he began to lick and suck on her clit, which only caused her to let out more soft moans. Hermione was really enjoying herself.

She was so turned on at the thought she'd soon be losing her anal virginity that her pussy was already dripping into Ron's waiting tongue. As she could feel an orgasm approaching she began to squeeze and pinch her own nipples.

The combined pleasure from both her own and Ron's effort caused her to go through a soft orgasm. Panting and moaning out loud she leant forward to hold on to the bed post for support.

Ron really was very good at pleasuring her. Ron lapped up all her juices as they dripped into his mouth. He knew now that she had came she wouldn't be able to resist any longer for some form of penetration. So as Hermione climbed off of him he reached for the bottle of lube. 'You're going to have to take it slow to start with, even with the lube it will still hurt at first.' Hermione warned him as she bent forward into the doggy style position they had tried that morning.

Ron really didn't want to hurt Hermione so he applied a lot of lube to both her hole and his erect cock. Pushing his finger into her arse to spread the lube Hermione let out a little squeal of surprise. 'Ohhh it's cold, but it feels really nice.' she whimpered. Ron decided it would be best to warm her up before so he slowly pushed another finger inside of her.


He felt Hermione's whole body clench up and she let out a soft moan. 'Ohh god that feels really odd.' Hermione groaned 'although in a good way.' Feeling that she was now ready Ron knelt behind her and rubbed his lubricated cock against her bumhole. Pushing in slowly he could hear Hermione let out a low groan of pain. Once he had about 2 inches inside her he stopped for a moment to allow her to adjust to the feeling. 'Okay you can carry on now, just go really slow because it still hurts a little.' Hermione said.

Ron spent a good minute pushing the rest of his cock inside her until it was all in. He couldn't believe how tight it was, it was like a vice around his cock. Pulling out slowly he felt Hermione relax a little and next time he pushed in he found it easier. After a minute of slow thrusts Hermione began to rock backwards into Ron, pushing him further inside of her. She was surprised how quickly it was becoming more comfortable as the pain faded.

Hermione could feel pulses of pleasure start to run through her body as together they began to set a steady rhythm. As Ron leant forward to start kissing and biting her neck she started to pant and whimper from the pleasure. The act was so passionate that it was really turning her on. Ron could feel his orgasm fast approaching. It had only been a matter of a couple of minutes of fucking, but her arse was so tight he couldn't hold back any more. 'I'm going to cum.' her grunted as he pulled out and fired his load all over his lovers back.

Panting, Ron reached for his wand and performed a quick cleaning charm to remove the cum he had just sprayed on to Hermione's back. He fell down onto the bed next to her where she cuddled up next to him. 'Well that was more enjoyable than I expected.' she murmured, tired after their passionate shag. 'Lets hope you win more quidditch matches so I can reward you again.' And with that they both fell into a deep sleep, cuddle up naked close to each other. ****** Harry woke up with a terrible headache.

In fact his whole body felt rough. He couldn't remember a thing from the night before. His last memory was seeing Bill and Fleur going at it and himself bring Ginny to that intense orgasm. Harry could remember having a strange dream though. In his dream he and Hermione had been dancing together outside The Burrow. They'd then gone inside and shared a bed in the living room where they had began to play around with each other, touching one another.

Harry could also feel a mess in his boxers. Looking down he realised he must have had a wet dream. He'd had a wet dream whilst dreaming about Hermione? What the fuck! He didn't want Ginny, who was still fast asleep next to him, to wake up and find him in this state so he quietly climbed out of the bed and headed for a quick shower. Harry spent a good 10 minutes in the shower trying to wash away the guilt.

That was twice in the last two days that he'd thought about Hermione inappropriately. He needed to get his act together. He loved Ginny with all his heart. He shouldn't be thinking about other girls. After Harry had showered he thought it was best to go find someone to figure out what had happened. Luckily as he entered the kitchen he found Ron sat at the table alone eating his breakfast. Taking the seat next to Ron he had to use all his will power to prevent himself from being sick at the sight off all the greasy food.

He really shouldn't drink so much. 'Feeling rough?' Ron asked and then without waiting for a reply said 'You were a mess last night mate, you shouldn't be drinking that much at one time.' 'What happened?

I can't remember a thing.' 'Well.' Ron began to explain. 'We was celebrating after the match, having a few beers and dancing in the players lounge and you disappeared.

Well we all looked for you but when we couldn't find you we went home to check there. Galvin found you in the back room at the club passed out. He said you had a empty bottle of fire whiskey next to you.' 'Who's Galvin?' Harry interrupted before Ron could carry on.

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'What?. Oh Galvin Gudgeon he's the seeker on the team, he found you and brought you home to make sure you was okay.' Ron continued. Harry bowed his head in shame. He couldn't believe he had allowed himself to get in such a state that the whole Weasley family had been left worried and he hadn't even been able to get home on his own. He spent the next 10 minutes finding out from Ron where Galvin lived before apparating away to apologise and thank him for helping him home.

****** Harry appeared on the out skirt of a small town near Norwich. Ron had explained the directions to Galvin's house, so Harry started walking down a dusty pathway towards a big house that sat on its own at the top of a hill. As Harry got closer he recognised England and Chudley Cannon flags and banners pinned all over the outside of the house. Clearly his family were big quidditch fans. As Harry approached the garden gate Galvin walked out the front door.

'Hello Harry.' Galvin said, a bit surprised that Harry Potter was outside his house. 'You feeling better today?' 'Hello Galvin, I've just come to thank you for getting me home last night. I doubt I would have made it home on my own.' said Harry, still ashamed of himself. 'Don't worry about it, it was no problem.' Said Galvin 'I'm walking into town to get some food if you fancy coming?' 'Yeah sure thing.' said Harry as he started to walk back down the hill into the small village.

'So your on the team with Ron right?' Harry asked. 'Yeah that's right, I'm the highest paid youth player in the history of quidditch. I got offered a contract when I turned 18 a month ago' Galvin said with clear pride. 'Cool. How come you didn't go Hogwarts?' Harry asked, realising he had never seen the boy before at school.

'I got a scholarship at the Irish Quidditch Institute so I was schooled there.' Galvin explained, a smile appearing on his face as he realised Harry was impressed. 'Wow you must be good, Ron said all the British international players come from there!' said Harry. 'Well I'm alright I guess.' Galvin said, although it was clear he knew exactly how good he was. Just then a man jumped out from behind a tree with camera, taking picture after picture.

'OI!' Galvin shouted as he started to run towards the photographer, but it was too late, with a loud CRACK the man disaperated. 'What was that all about?' said Harry, a bit startled by the whole ordeal. 'Its the papers, their always writing shit about me, quidditch is a big sport so stories about players will always sell, whether there good or bad.' Galvin explained. 'Ever since I went to the Youth World Cup with England U16's and caught the snitch in the final there obsessed with me.

One week their writing about how I'm an out of control drunk and the next week its all about how I'm going to be the next big thing for England. I'm telling you they're a nightmare.' 'Tell me about it.' said Harry although both him and Galvin were smiling. Harry spent the next hour in town with Galvin, getting some food from a burger van and going to a local pub for a pint of lager. Galvin was a surprise to Harry. Normally when people met him for the first time they would speak of nothing but his fame and war with Voldemort.

But Galvin hadn't brought any of that up, in fact all they had talked about was quidditch. Galvin had heard all about Harry days as a seeker at Hogwarts and was interested in why he turned down deals for clubs first teams. Harry was also shocked that everyone in the pub knew Galvin despite being muggles. They all spoke to him at some point during the time Harry was there.


It seemed Galvin was a popular guy. 'They all think I work at some big office in the city.' Galvin explained when Harry asked about the muggles talking to him. After another beer Harry decided to head back to The Burrow. After saying goodbye to Galvin and promising to have a beer with him again after the next Cannons Youth match Harry apparated home. ****** The next day Harry was making Ginny some breakfast in bed, because he was a good boyfriend like that.

Just as he was about the carry the tray of food upstairs Errol, the Weasleys owl, crashed into the kitchen. Picking the owl up and putting him down on the table Harry picked up the copy of the daily prophet that he'd delivered. Unfolding the paper Harry witnessed an unexpected front page headline. GALVIN GUDGEON: BIGTIME OR BIGHEADED?

And underneath the big headline was a picture of Harry and Galvin walking along laughing together.

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Harry began to read the article. Quidditch wonderkid Galvin Gudgeon seems to have the world at his feet. Star of the last Youth World Cup and graduate of the famous Irish Quidditch Institute, Gudgeon seems to think that he's made it as a famous quidditch player already. Opinions on the player are already mixed with some under the belief that he has the potential to be the greatest player of his generation and others thinking he's just a alcoholic waster.

But now it seems he is already friends with countless celebrities, the latest being none other than HARRY POTTER. Arguably the most famous wizard of all time for his defeat of He Who Must Not Be Named, Potter would be a key friend to make for anyone seeking fame.

And it looks like Gudgeon has done just that. This causes all of us Quidditch fans to question whether Gudgeon, who is undoubtedly talented, seeks results on the field or just the fame off of it.

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Gudgeon will captain Chudley Cannons Youth in their match next week against Stonewall Stormers. A match that Harry Potter is likely to attend to support his long standing friend Ron Weasley who has recently signed for the team as Keeper. Harry just chucked the paper onto the table. He had enjoyed his time with Galvin yesterday and the rumour that he was only using Harry to get more famous was clearly bullshit. You could always trust the papers to write a load of bollocks. ****** Ginny Weasley was around her friends house, Luna Lovegood.

Ginny had been friends with Luna for aslong as she can remember and she was her closest friend at Hogwarts. Sitting next to Luna in her room Ginny looked around and took in all the photo's that covered the walls. All of these photo's featured Luna with friends or family.

There was quite a lot with Ginny in. One big photo that stood out was Ginny and Luna together on platform 9 ¾ on their way to Hogwarts for the first time. Ginny could remember the day so clearly.

They'd sat on the train talking non stop about what Hogwarts would be like and how excited they were. Another photo that stood out was Dumbledore's Army. Everyone was gathered with all of their friends.

Luna had said on the day that it was like having real friends. Despite the fact Luna often said awkward things like this Ginny always valued her best friend, she could talk to Luna about anything. 'So how are you and Harry getting along?' asked Luna in her usual sing song voice. 'We're great, exploring our relationship a whole lot more if you know what I mean.' said Ginny, going slightly red. 'Oh you're having sex.' replied Luna matter of factly. 'What's it like?' 'Yes we have a few times, its great if I'm being honest, Harry is rather good a pleasing me.' said Ginny going even redder.

'I'd love to have someone I could have sex with.' Luna said. 'Well why don't you hook up with someone then?' 'Ginny you know everyone thinks I'm loony and any boy or girl I've ever liked has never took me seriously.' said Luna with a sad little smile. 'Or girl?!' Ginny burst out.

'Oh yes, I do find girls rather attractive aswell, yourself for instance.' Luna said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. 'What do you mean?' Ginny asked, unsure of what Luna was saying. 'Well I often day dream about what it would be like to have a sexual experience with another girl and you're normally the girl I have in mind, we have know each other for a very long time.' Luna explained, without a hint of embarrassment.

Ginny was a little freaked out at how open Luna was being with her, but also a little surprised that she shared her own fantasy.

Well if Luna was being honest. 'To tell you the truth Luna I have thought about it aswell.' Ginny said, face bright red again with embarrassment. 'With you I mean.' 'That's nice to know.' Luna said, acting as if Ginny had just told her the weather was rather pleasant outside. 'I mean we.' '.are best friends.' Ginny finished.

And with that the two girls leaned ever so slowly forwards until their lips met and they shared a kiss. Ginny couldn't believe what she was doing, she was kissing another girl. But she still didn't pull away as her tongue began to explore Luna's mouth. The girls began to wrap their arms around one another to embrace closely as they lay back on the bed. The kissing continued as neither one of them wanted to stop the fascinating act they there carrying out.

Luna felt a bit guilty as she kissed her best friend. She was dating her friend Harry and this felt like it was a bit unfaithful, but then again it would probably turn Harry on if he ever found out, boys seemed to like the idea of girls getting it on. Although she was enjoying kissing Ginny she wanted to explore a bit more so slipped her hand up Ginny's shirt and found that she wasn't wearing a bra.

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Reaching out Luna cupped her tits, touching a pair that wasn't her own for the first time. Ginny's nipples were already hard so she started to to pinch and caress them, causing Ginny to moan into her mouth. Luna had rather hoped Ginny would do the same to her, but her red head friend seemed a bit hesitant.


Wanting to encourage Ginny she pulled her hand out from under her top and began to push it down into her trousers and pants. As Luna's hand pushed past the waistband of Ginny's trousers she felt Ginny's moist pussy pressed against her fingers. Luna could honestly say she was in heaven until. 'Stop!' said Ginny as she stopped kissing her friend and pulled her hand out of her pants. 'I can't do this to Harry, I'm so sorry Luna.' And with that she got up and quickly left.

Luna sighed to herself. She really did need to find a lover soon. To Be Continued.