Bi dude sucked and fucked

Bi dude sucked and fucked
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NO ONE IN THIS STORY UNDER AGE 18 ENGAGES IN SEXUAL CONDUCT My named is Todd. I am a forty-five years old divorcee, and I love sex. I have known since puberty that I was addicted to sex. As I have mentioned in my other stories, I come from a very long line of sexually perverted individuals. My family is riddled with tales of incest and debauchery. My parents, my Aunts & Uncles, my nieces & nephews, my Cousins and most of my In-Laws have engaged in Incest and every other form of sexual deviancy.

You name it, and someone in my family probably did it. Most young boys usually pick their Dads as a role model. Since I realized I was a sex addict at an early age, I assumed I probably inherited some of my sexual behavior from my Dad.

I didn't know until I was in college just how much I was like my Dad. Most of the stuff I learned about my Dad's sexual behavior, I learned through observation and eavesdropping on private family conversations. You already know I found out about my Dad having sex with his sisters when I heard his sister, who is my Aunt Bella, and my Mother arguing about who gave the best blowjob.

At that time my Mom was fighting for exclusive rights to Dad's cock, but Aunt Bella didn't want to give up her long tradition of fucking him whenever the mood struck her. And from what I have learned since, my Dad didn't wish to relinquish the sexual privileges he had with his sisters. Apparently, incest was in his blood. I had heard various relatives say that my Dad was as horny as a two-dick dog. I think that means he could never get enough pussy to satisfy his sexual needs fully. He was always on the prowl for someone to fuck, and it didn't matter if they were related to him.

I don't know how much truth there was to the story that he'd come home drunk one night and mistakenly crawled in bed with his mother, my grandmother, thinking she was his sister and fucked her until she had three amazing orgasms. He had taken grandma by surprise, and she had her first orgasm before she realized it was her own son fucking her and not her husband. She found it was so amazing, that she didn't want to stop him until he dumped his full load in her pussy.

And she supposedly enjoyed fucking so much she never confronted Dad about it once he sobered. I learned from aunt Bella that after that night Grandma would wait for my Dad to come home in his usual drunken stupor then slip into his bed and ride him cowgirl style until his cock would finally soften and slide out.

I heard Grandma loved a hard cock as much as the rest of the females in our family. Dad's Story Aunt Bella told me many stories about my Dad when he was a hormone-driven teenager.

As I mentioned before, my Aunt Bella was a horny young woman who delighted in sucking and fucking anyone who happened to strike her fancy. Anyway, Aunt Bella and I were engaged in one of our regular afternoon fuck sessions when she decided to tell me a story about my Dad when he was young and horny. She said she wanted to see if erotic stories about my Dad would get me as aroused as the erotic stories, she had told me about my Mom. I always got hard as a rock when Aunt Bella told me stories about how much my Mom loved having sex with other members of our oversexed family.


Aunt Bella told me that when my Dad was in high school, he and some of his classmates liked to go skinny dipping in a stream that ran through the family farm. Aunt Bella said that she knew her brother, Ben had a remarkable physique, but she had never seen his cock until that hot July afternoon at the stream.

She had seen bulges in his pants and assumed it was larger than average, but she wanted to see it for real. Aunt Bella said she was picking flowers nearby when she heard the boy's playing in the stream. She said that out of curiosity she slipped close to the creek just to get a look at some naked young high school boys. Bella was amazed when she found that Ben had the biggest cock of all five boys splashing around in the cold water. She said she couldn't take her eyes off Dad's beautiful cock.

She had seen it bulging in his shorts, but never dreamed it was as large as it looked that day at the stream. It was very long, and the circumference was incredible. She said she slipped her hand into her panties and stroked her clit until an orgasm caused her to moan softly. The boys heard her muffled moan and left the stream to find its source. She was just barely able to slip away undetected. Aunt Bella said that was a close call, but it made her want an even closer look at her brother's cock.

She said that she set about immediately plotting a scheme that would entice my Dad into sharing his wonderful big cock with her. Bella said she figured Ben was like any other man and could be easily seduced. She started her seduction by giving my Dad an occasional glimpse of her in her panties and bra. A few times after her shower, she purposely let her bathrobe fall open exposing a nipple. And as she had correctly assumed, that led my Dad to create situations on his own that would give him views of her body in various stages of undress.

Aunt Bella furtively made Dad think he was setting these encounters up himself, but it was, in fact, Aunt Bella working in the background. Sometimes after she let him see her half dressed or nude, she would venture into his bedroom unannounced and catch him jerking off. She would feign embarrassment and apologize for the intrusion but stand and gawk at his cock.

That made Dad even hornier for his sister. When she felt she had gotten him sufficiently horny, she summoned him to her bedroom. It was on a Saturday afternoon after the rest of the family had left the farm for their weekly shopping trip into town. Bella pretended not to feel well that morning and begged to stay behind. And as Bella knew she would, her Mom insisted they leave her brother Ben behind so she wouldn't be by herself on that isolated farm.

In those days it was dangerous to leave a female alone that far away from town and other neighbors without the protection of a male family member. Aunt Bella dressed in a tight cotton t-shirt that emphasized her ample breasts and a pair of translucent white silk panties.

The panties clung to her crotch creating a defined camel toe. She pinched her nipples to make them hard and then strategically positioned herself with her back against the headboard of her bed. She wanted her brother first to notice her hard nipples and then her camel toe. She called out that she needed him. "Ben…can you come and do something for me, Sweetheart?" Ben was relaxing in the privacy of his bedroom next to hers. And as usual, when alone, he was in his boxer shorts and was reading a copy of Playboy Magazine.

Ben had an intense hard-on that he was slowly stroking while perusing the naked breasts in Playboy. He was very near an orgasm when his sister called out to him. He tossed the Playboy aside and picked up a copy of Popular Mechanics to cover his erection.

He cautiously entered Bella's room, and the first thing he noticed was her nipples poking through her shirt. The next thing that caught his eyes was her camel toe. Bella heard him gasp and knew he had observed what she wanted him to see. Ben stuttered, "What do you need, Sis?" Bella saw the magazine and knew right away why he was holding it in front of his crotch. She knew he had an erection and wanted to leave right away to get back to what he was doing before she interrupted him.

She wasn't going to let that happen. She decided to have some fun with her horny little brother and tease him. She patted the bed beside her and said, "Come sit here and keep me company, because I have been so bored lying in this bed all alone." Ben tried to come up with a halfway plausible reason not to grant her request but could not come up with one. He reluctantly complied with her plea and took a seat on the edge of the bed facing her. He held the Mechanic Magazine securely in place over his erection.

She knew what he was doing and asked, "What are you reading?" "An old copy of Popular Mechanics," he mumbled. "Can I see that magazine for a minute?" she asked and reached out to take it. He tried to keep it from her and said, "No, I'll lose my place." Bella snatched it away from him anyway, revealing a prominent tent in his boxer shorts.

Ben blushed several shades of red and tried to cover his stiff penis with his hand and by leaning slightly forward.

Bella knew just exactly what was going on but feigned surprise.

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She bellowed, "Oh my God, Ben; you have a major erection. Did I cause that to happen? I'm sure you didn't get hard reading Popular Mechanics!" Ben blushed and stared at the floor. He wanted to run and hide, but his legs would not cooperate. He could feel the blood pumping through his cock, and he could hear his heart beating in his ears.

What he heard next almost made him shoot off in his undershorts. "I want to see it," Bella demanded. "Pull off your undershorts and show it to me." "No…you're my sister. It's not right for me to be naked in front of you." "Do as I say, Ben! I want to see what I did to my horny little brother," she insisted.

Ben shook his head no and continued to try to hide his hard cock. Bella laughed and said, "Just think about it, I did that to you without even lifting a finger. Or should I say, without lifting my top? Most guys get hard when they see my stunning tits." Bella grabbed the hem of her t-shirt and slipped it over her head.

She tossed it at Ben and pushed her breast out for his inspection. Her nipples were hard, and the skin around her bare breasts was taking on a red glow as she too began to blush.

At that very moment, Ben's cock twitched and slipped out the slit in his boxer shorts. There it proudly stood for both to see.


Bella gasped, and Ben quickly moved to put his cock back inside his shorts just as his sister reached out and grasped it.

She was faster than him, and as soon as her hand made contact with his hard cock it exploded three spurts of cum onto her breasts, another spurted hit her on the lips, and the next one spread a line of creamy cum across her thigh. She licked the cum from her lips, and Ben's cock spits another, weaker blast of cum that coated the back of her hand.

Ben started to tremble as Bella leaned forward on her hands and knees to take his whole cock into her mouth. Bella began to suck his cock with unmitigated skill letting the head slip to the edges of her lips before plunging back down again to take nearly its full length into her warm mouth. She shoved his cock to the back of her mouth and held it at the opening of her throat.

Bella bobbed her head a few times as the muscles of her throat relaxed and allowed her brother's cock to enter further.

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She squeezed his cock head several times with her throat muscles making a soft retching sound. Ben was beside himself, and at one point he couldn't help but cry out with surprise and pleasure.

He got even harder listening to her struggle to take it all down her throat. Her nose was pressed against his pubic mound. She pulled off her brother's cock and curtly said, "How long have you been wanting me to suck your cock, and don't say you didn't want this?

I could tell you wanted this by the way you kept sneaking around my room trying to see me naked." Ben didn't answer. All he could do was moan and shudder. Bella looked Ben in the eyes and winked. "Now lay your ass back and enjoy the best blowjob you will ever receive, and if you are lucky, you may get more than just a blowjob today. "Please don't stop," Ben softly begged, "I promise to do whatever you say." "I know what feels good to a man, and all you have to do is lay there and enjoy the ride," Bella assured, "Suffice it to say, you won't be left wanting for anything when I am through with your hard cock." "I promise to do just as you say," Ben meekly answered.

He laid back on the pillow and let her take complete charge. She just smiled and took his cock back into her mouth. She knew he was hers to do with as she pleased. Ben wasn't shocked that Bella was damn good at giving head. He had heard all about how many cocks she and his other sister, Savannah had sucked all through high school and were still sucking in college. Bella began swirling her tongue over the helmet of his cock like she was possessed. She loved sucking cock, that much was obvious.

As she sucked his cock, he reached down and started caressing her tits and teasing her nipples. Ben was born a breast man and was always be drawn to them. Bella was soon moaning with his cock in her mouth making it feel even better as she took him down her throat. She would tighten her throat muscles around his cock head and slowly pull off, making it feel like she was milking his cock. It wasn't long before Ben pumped a sizable load of cum in her mouth. Ben never lost his hard and wanted to fuck her now, but she said no.

She had his afternoon of sexual awaking all planned and didn't intend to deviate from that plan. She climbed up his chest and gave him his first passionate kiss; complete with tongue action and everything.

He could taste saltiness in her mouth. She sensed his surprise and told him that he was tasting his own cum. She then shoved her wet sticky fingers in his mouth and asked him to compare her taste to his own.

That made his cock get even harder. Ben asked again if they fuck, but Bella told him to be patient. It was time for him to return the oral favor. She laid back on the bed and placed her hand on his head, guiding his mouth down to her crotch. She had on lacey white panties and as he looked at her camel toe, and smelled her arousal; he thought about how lovely she looked in those sexy panties.

He smiled as he pulled her panties down. He was pleased by the site of her well-manicured, yet very hairy pussy. Bella had luscious full pussy lips and a large clit that begged for him to suck it.

Ben had never licked a woman's pussy but had read about it in Hustler Magazine. He moved down the bed further, placing his face between her legs. Ben spread the lips of her vagina and blew gently on her opening. He had read that in the magazine and was eager to try it. Just like the magazine described, her clit pushed out from under its protective hood.

He began kissing her inner thighs, listening to her moans and gasps. He moved back to her pussy where he ran his tongue over her wet lips. Bella let out a deep guttural groan, and then he felt her hands on his head again; guiding him to the places, she needed him to be.

He followed her lead and began licking her hot lips, listening to her moans of pleasure as he continued running his tongue up and down her pussy. Ben parted her folds and let her juices flow down onto his tongue. He found himself tongue fucking Bella as she began gyrating on the bed and pulling his hair with her fingers.

Ben was so glad that he had read those stories about eating pussy.

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He wanted to please Bella so she would think of him as a worthy sex partner; not just her horny little brother. He worked his tongue deep into Bella's pussy as she thrust her hips upward and before he moved up taking her clit into his mouth. As he began sucking Bella's clit, he worked a couple of fingers deep into her pussy finding just how tight it was. That was another little trick he'd learned from reading Hustler Magazine. Ben alternated between licking and sucking her clit, as she became more and more impassioned.

It wasn't long before she was thrusting her pussy hard into his face as the first of many orgasms washed over her.

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Next, Bella pulled him up kissing him and licking her cum from his face. All Ben really knew about being with a woman was what he had read in Playboy and Hustler Magazines. He decided to push ahead and pretend he knew what he was doing. He was sure she was aching for him to do more with her drooling pussy. She gasped as she got what she wanted and he slid a finger inside her. She was absolutely soaking wet, and he pulled her juices to her clit with his finger.

Bella was used to guys who just jump right in and use their rough and dry hands to try to build a woman's passion, but it felt so much better when a man used his lubricated fingers to toy with a woman's pussy.

Ben's finger massaging her clit was bringing every sizzling nerve in her body to life. Following the scenario laid out in Hustler, he found the nub of her clit as it started to engorge and emerge from its hood. Electricity shot through Bella's body as her clit responded to his touch.

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His nostrils flared as he smelled her wonderful scent when her flower bloomed and flowed with her sweet nectar as her hips began to move in decadent rhythm with his fingers. They were both too aroused to linger very long with more foreplay. Bella moaned with approval, opening her legs wide with a clear invitation as Ben rose above her and settled between her thighs.

He rubbed his cock up and down between her swollen lips, each stroke going from the opening of her pussy up to where he flicked across her hard-swollen clit.

He was rubbing his cock over and between her lips, making the head shine with the abundant flow of her pussy juice. She was panting, and her hips had begun a steady humping motion that clearly displayed her readiness.

She couldn't believe her brother was a natural lover. He had awakened every nerve in and around her pussy. Ben paused with the bulb of his cock against the entrance to her pussy, holding it with his hand encircling the shaft just below the head so she couldn't thrust her hips up and swallow it. And just like Hustler foretold, Bella was panting and whimpering with need as he teased her until he finally let just the tip of the crown enter her.

Ben didn't wait for her approval at that time. She gasped when she felt his weight press down against her as his cock slid between her lips and entered her as he claimed her body for his own sexual gratification. Bella moaned when his head stretched her eager opening, and he slowly let her feel it start to penetrate her quivering chasm of lust. She whimpered with need and tried to push her pussy up to envelope his cock completely, but he paused with just the head inside her.

She was so primed and ready, never in her wildest dreams had Bella ever imagined how good her little brother's cock would feel as it slowly slid deep inside her.

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Bella's whole body was on fire with that primal, elemental need for that special intimacy that can only be achieved by the decadent joining of two bodies in the most ancient of primal dances. She was wild for it, thrashing, bucking, unable to control her body as she begged him to fuck her. "Fuck me, Ben," she moaned, "Oh God…fuck me, Ben!" He looked deep into her eyes as he began to thrust into her, his cock massive, thick, hot and hard inside the pulsating well of her lust.

His body pressed against hers as her legs encircled his waist and clenched tight, her heels digging into his ass while she strained to pull him deeper into her wet, throbbing heat. The hard tips of her nipples burned against his chest like branding irons as their bodies surged together in the ancient dance of passion. Bella felt as if her entire existence at that time was centered on the decadent meshing of their bodies.

Ben asked if he was doing it right and Bella replied, "Oh God Yes! Yes.yes.yessss!" Ben could feel the lust and pure enthusiasm coming from his sister as he fucked her.

Every once in a while, Bella would stiffen and use her heels to pull him deeper into her. She would shudder and shake for a moment and then relax. It concerned Ben, and he asked her if he was hurting her and his sister assured him he was not. She told him that was her having an orgasm. He asked her to warn him before each orgasm so he would know what was coming.

Ben had to smile, it was evident that his sister's pussy had never seen a cock as big and hard as his. He knew she had fucked many local guys, but he didn't realize he was larger than most until she told him. The way her pussy kept tightening and gripping Ben's cock, plus the enthusiasm of her thrusts were beyond incredible. He mentioned how great her pussy felt around his cock and Bella told him it was her pussy's way of thanking him for fucking it so well.

Again, and again he repeatedly hammered his cock into Bella's soaked pussy, fucking her in every position she suggested they try. Some of those positions he hadn't even read about in the magazines, but they were pleasing nevertheless. Ben plunged into his sister hard and fast, his breath growing ragged and his heart pounding manically with the power of his passion. Bella's body felt hot and feverish as her brother's steady, deep thrusts drove them both toward their ultimate goal.

Her teeth sank into the base of his neck, and she sucked ravenously as she felt the heat gathering within her. Bella gasped and whimpered her body straining as his thick pinnacle of lust drove deep into her willing body.

Then it was his turn to gasp as he felt the heat of her delicious warmth surrounding him as she tightened her vaginal muscles, the walls of her pussy squeezing and fluttering around his shaft as he penetrated her again and again.

She heaved beneath him, her body lifting to meet his penetrating thrusts as he began to drive into her faster and harder. Bella closed her eyes and focused on the incredible pleasure that was consuming her.

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She could already feel her passion building within her, that pulsing, deep ecstasy that was threatening to overwhelm her with a sizzling heat that was about to make her whole body burst into flame. She arched her back and whimpered, her teeth clamping down on her bottom lip as she felt the bonfire building within her. Ben's mouth found hers and his tongue plunged between her lips. Her eyes flew open as her orgasm erupted and she sucked in her breath, stealing the air from his lungs to form the scream that reverberated through both of their bodies.

Her body exploded into a million glittering shards as she was swept away by her orgasm. He could feel his balls tighten and tingle as his orgasm finally began to bubble up.


He fought like hell to stop the explosion for Bella to have one more orgasm. Ben wanted to prolong their pleasure and continue to enjoy the fantastic sex they were having, but the pulsing, milking clasp of her pussy around his cock was enough to cause his cock to explode in a fury of blasts that shot stream after stream of cum into her waiting well of lust.

She screamed as his hot sperm burst into her spasming pussy. Feeling the pulsing jets of his hot cream filling her pushed Bella over the edge again. Her eyes opened wide, and she groaned, "Oh My God! I'm.I'm coming again!" Her body jerked and shuddered, her pussy milking his cock of every drop of his seed as their bodies meshed in a primal union.

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He was afraid she would frighten the farm animals with her screams as he filled her sucking and clenching pussy with all he had in him. Her scrunching pussy sucked the final drops from his balls. Bella and Ben hung frozen in time as they enjoyed the pulsating grasp of their joined bodies for a few moments. Bella moaned in frustration when Ben's cock finally shrank and slipped from the wet grasp of her pussy. He lifted his weight from her body and settled beside her on the bed.

Her worn out body snuggled contentedly against her little brother as she molded her body to his. She was exhausted and still trembling from the incredible pounding she had just taken, but for the first time in her life, she had fucked someone she truly loved and loved her in return.

When they finally came down from their orgasmic high, they drifted off to sleep.