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Sence movietures of gay boys group fucking first time gangsta party
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The Plot - Jeff - Part 2 - Chapter 8 My plot was, assuming Jeff came over, to be in the pool, wearing the same whispy white bra and panties that I had yesterday. I was sprawled out across an over sized inner tube, spread out, arms back over my head, legs dangling over the other side of the tube. I had propped one foot up on the deck, both to anchor my position, and to insure that my legs were spread as far apart as possible.

I anchored the tube, and thus myself, so that my wide open legs were aimed right at the door he would be coming through. I had ducked in the pool to thoroughly wet my bra and panties, and double checked to make sure they were, again, completely see through.

(Like clear plastic wrap.) I wanted to make sure as he came through the door, the first thing he would see was my wide open pussy. I must have dozed off. The next thing I remember was the sound of the screen door opening. I opened my eyes and saw Jeff coming through the doorway.

He froze the instant he saw me, splayed out, "spread eagle" on the oversized inner tube. I watched him, my eyes hidden and secure behind the dark sunglasses, as he turned and very quietly closed the door.

Jeff is my nextdoor neighbor, the one for whom this "plot" had been laid. We had known each other forever, since we were quite small, and although he was a couple of years older than me, (he was entering his high school junior year, while I was just preparing to enter as a freshman), we had always been pretty close friends.

He's a pretty decent looking guy, maybe six feet tall.

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He's on the slim side, with a body that, although fit and muscualr, could best be described as "wiry". Yesterday had been an "almost" day, abruptly stopped by the return home of his parents. Jeff was again shirtless, wearing only a pair of gym shorts and his sneakers and socks. I wondered idly if he was wearing the same white briefs he had on yesterday, the kind that became almost transparent when wet.

I feigned sleep as he tiptoed over toward me, stopping almost right above me. His eyes were glued to my lewdly displayed pussy, and I reveled in the fact that I could watch his every move with him having no idea that my eyes were even open, much less where they were looking.I lay motionless as his right hand reached down to his shorts. As he continued staring at my wanton display, he began fondling himself, rubbing, squeezing, stroking through his shorts.

Watching him play with himself was really turning me on and my mind was racing, trying to figure out my next move. Jeff made it for me.

Hooking his fingers in the eleastic waistband of his shorts, he gave them a quick tug down and let them fall to his feet. My heart stopped beating. Instead of the white briefs he had been wearing yesterday, today he was wearing.he was wearing.he was wearing.well.I guess, "pouch" for lack of a better word. The tiny white bag barely covered his penis and balls, with a thin string extending around both sides of his waist. I could actually kind of see through it, not just his shape and outline, but the actual flesh color where his penis pressed against the flimsy material.

I was instantly wet, this time from the inside. His hand returned to his groin, and he again began fondling, squeezing, stroking himself. Under the thin material, I could see him growing bigger and harder.

GOD, I wanted to touch myself! But I continued to fake dozing, wondering where this would go. I lay motionless for a few more minutes as he continued caressing himself, his penis growing larger every second.

My heart was now racing, my pussy was dripping, and it became harder and harder to lay there motionless.

Jeff bent down and pulled his shorts off his feet, picking them up and turning. This time I did gasp! His "pouch" had no back to it, just a thin string running up between his cheeks! He moved to the patio table, setting down his gym shorts, and then lifted one foot up onto one of the chairs.

He bent over and began untying the laces of his sneaker. In this position, with his legs slightly parted, and the one foot up, the cheeks of his butt parted. I swear I could actually see his little hole, or at least most of it!

The thin string running up to waist barely covered a fraction of the opening. His cheeks, tight and muscular, looked particularly "inviting". My mind flashed back to the movie last night, and all of the things people were doing with other people's butt holes. I rmembered my session with the candle sliding in and out of my own little hole. I remembered the erotic sensations from my "accidental" enema.

Jeff finished removing his sneakers and socks, and turned, returning to the edge of the pool, and once again standing right above me while I faked sleeping. His hand moved back to his groin, and the fondling and squeezing started again. His penis was now so big and hard it appeared ready to burst right through the thin material of his "pouch".

I was so wet! I was so turned on! I was so.something! I wasn't even sure what! I just knew I wanted to do something.anything to make something more happen!

Didn't have to.Jeff did it for me. He dropped his hand from his groin and turned, moving toward the shallow end of the pool. Without budging my head, I let my eyes follow until he was out of sight. I waited breathlessly, wondering what was coming next. With the radio playing right next to me, I didn't hear him enter the pool, was unaware of him approaching me, until he reappeared in the corner of my eye.

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Keeping my head motionless, my eyes followed him as he moved past me and stood just on the far edge of the inner tube. His eyes were fixed on my lewdly open pussy, and I watched as his one hand disappeared down into the water. The tube was interfering with the view of what I really wanted to see, but I could see his upper arm moving. I knew inside that his hand was once again fondling his penis.

It was getting harder and harder to remain motionless, faking sleep, while I kept watching his arm movements. This "act" continued for a few more moments as my mind was racing, trying to figure out what to do next, without giving myself away. I saw him briefly lower his other hand into the water, and could tell from his movements that he was sliding his "pouch" down off his hips.

Sure enough, a moment later his arm took on that identifiable motion, telling me he was now actually stroking his hard penis.

I watched in absolute silence as his mouth opened slightly, his chest started heaving, his arm movements became faster and faster, all the time his eyes glued to the display between my wide spread legs.

An idea hit me. Without moving a muscle other than my lips, I purred in a sulky voice, "Starting without me, are you?" He froze momentarily, his eyes moving from my panties to my face, where my open eyes were still hidden behind the dark glasses. I raised my left hand and removed my sunglasses, placing them on the deck next to the pool, while extending my right hand slowly and deliberately across my midriff and into my panties.

I extended my middle finger and bagan caressing up and down my slit. His eyes followed my hand downward, becoming fixed on what I was doing between my legs, and in seconds his arm motion started up again. I watched him watching me for a moment or two.

His eyes appeared to be bulging, and the speed of his arm movements increased. I ran my other hand down inside my panties, and, using two fingers, lewdly spread my lips. His breathing was becoming faster, his arm flying. I looked right at him as I slowly inserted one, then two fingers all the way up inside of me. "Slow down," I cooed sexily, "You got a head start.

Let me at least get caught up." I started pumping my two fingers in and out. He was panting now, but his arm movements did slow down considerably. The warm rushes started to roll through me as my fingers contined tormenting my suddenly soaking wet channel, and with a sudden thought, I moved my right foot and pressed it gently against his hard penis, and the hand covering it.

He immediately removed his hand and I beagn a slow, teasing up and down movement with my foot. "Or perhaps," I murmured, "you'd rather that I helped you take care of this thing." I pressed my foot firmly against his throbbing penis for added emphasis. "Oh God yes!" he blurted, almost pleading.

I removed my foot and rolled off the tube, moving and standing right in front of him. I took both his hands in mine, and placed them on my breasts. I ran one hand down the front of him, gently cupping his balls, but not yet touching his hard on. "Since my hand is going to be kind of busy," I whispered naughtily, "I thought you might like something to do with yours." He began squeezing.

"Not so hard," I said. "You have to be gentle." He immediately loosened his grip and began squeezing in a gentle rythm.

"That's better," I purred. I began very gently squeezing his balls in the same rythm he was squeezing my breasts. My nipples were hard as rocks, standing stright up. "Take my bra off," I breathed, still gently squeezing his balls. Since it has a clasp in the front, it took him only seconds.

He slid it off my shoulders and set it on the deck by the edge of the pool, his hands immediately returning to my breasts. This time, he started pinching my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. "Not so rough," I had to say again, "You HAVE to be gentle!" He lightened up at once and began pinching and gently twisting my nipples in a way that was very quickly becoming very pleasant, and very erotic.

I removed my hand from his balls and curled a light fist around his rock hard penis. I could feel it throbbing and pulsing in my grip. "Tell me what you want me to do," I whispered throatily. He just groaned. I gave his penis a gentle squeeze. He jerked and squirted! Just like that, it was over. I was momentarily stunned, unsure what to do next.

So fast? Within seconds I had convinced myself that it was me, I had some magical power over guys. That feeling gave me quite a rush, and my self confidence grew by leaps and bounds. I kept my hand loosely wrapped around his penis, which was starting to soften. I started squeezing in a slow gentle rythm, while trying to figure out what to do next.

I wasn't ready for this little encounter to be over with. I continued my rythmic squeezing while I looked down into the water. I could see where he had squirted. It looked like three small pieces of white string, floating, drifting aimlessly in the water. With a sudden thought, I cupped my left hand and scooped in the water, catching a couple of them.

Bringing my hand up between our faces I pouted, "I was kinda hoping you were saving this for me." He froze, not saying anything, but I thought I felt a slight twitch in his penis.

I continued my gentle squeezing, thinking what to do next. I rmembered the way his eyes had been devouring me, and had an idea. Still holding his penis, I led him a few feet further toward the deep end, stopping when the water level reached his chest.

At this depth, it put the level od the deck right at his chin. I turned him toward the edge of the pool, and, releasing his penis, took both his hands and placed them up on the deck, leaving them separated by a good two and a half feet.

"Wait right here," I whispered throatily, "I'll be right back." I scurried to the steps in the corner of the shallow end, and hurried up out of the pool. I walked back towards him, stopping right in front.

I slowly and deliberately hooked my fingers in my panties and pushed them down off my hips, letting them fall to my feet.

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I stepped out of them and crouched down to pick them up, making sure to keep my knees well apart, my legs spread. I retrieved them and straightened. With my feet apart, I held the wet panties out over past his head., wringing them out and letting the excess water drip back into the pool.

In this position, he was looking stright up into my pussy. I turned and retreated a couple of steps, keeping my back to him. With my feet well apart, I bent over as far as I could, making a show of smoothing my panties and laying them out on the deck. I stalled in this position for a moment or two, making a show of fidgeting with them and making sure they were lying out flat in the sun.

I knew from his position at the edge of the pool that this "pose" would offer him a perfect view of my lips, my slit, and even my little back hole. I fiddled with my panties for another moment or two, and then strightened up, turning and approaching him.

I reached the very edge of the pool and stopped, then squatted, and sat, right in front of him. I brought my knees up high and placed my feet on the edge of the deck, spreading them apart as far as I could so they were almost touching his outstretched hands. This position was perfect.

His face was at the exact level of my wide open pussy, his eyes but a mere foot from my lips. Without saying a word, I brought my right hand down between my legs, extending my middle finger. I began slowly teasing up and down the length of my slit. I still said nothing but continued gently stroking my lips.

His eyes were glued to my naughty display, and I thought they were going to pop out of his head when I pushed a finger up a little bit inside of me. I continued this lewd display for another minute or two, and then feigned a gasp as I pushed my finger all the way up inside of me.

I held it there for a minute, wiggling the tip back and forth, caressing the inner walls of my channel. His mouth was slightly open now, and I could sense his breathing becoming heavier. Feeling daring, I pulled my finger out of my hole and joined it together with my index finger. Watching his eyes watching me, I slowly and deliberately inserted both fingers back between my lips, then made a show of slowly pushing them both all the way up inside me, groaning as I did.


I alternated between sliding my fingers in and out of me, and holding them all the way in, just wiggling the tips around and around. My pussy was quickly getting wetter and wetter as his eyes became glazed, staring hungrily at my wanton display. I continued this "show" for a minute or two, and then, convinced my fingers were now thoroughly soaked with my juices, withdrew them from my sopping hole.

I held them up under his nose and asked in my most innocent little girl voice, "Do you think I smell sexy?" He didn't move, didn't say a word, but began rapidly and deeply breathing in my scent. Feeling bold, I pushed the tips of my fingers against his lips until they parted a bit.

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I slid them into his mouth and asked demurely, "Do I taste OK too?" I could feel his tongue moving all over and around on my fingers. From this angle, I couldn't see his penis down under the water, but fervently hoped it was getting hard again. With a sudden inspiration, I withdrew my fingers from his mouth, him making a sucking sound as I pulled them away.

I reinserted them into my now drenched pussy, pushing all the way in and again wiggling the tips around my inner channel. He hadn't moved one inch since I had "positioned" him for my "show".

Both his hands were still placed on the very edge of the deck. I reached my left hand out and grasped his right wrist. I put his hand down in the water and then pushed downward on his arm.

Wickedly, I purred, "I think you can find something more fun to do with that hand," hoping he would get the hint. Sure enough. Even though I still couldn't see his penis down in the water, in a matter of seconds I could see his upper arm start moving back and forth. I withdrew my fingers from my hole, dripping wet, and offered them again to his nose and now eagerly awaiting mouth.

When he was finished, I withdrew my fingers and reached down, grasping his left hand. I curled it into a loose fist, then extended his index and middle fingers. "Now," I whispered hoarsely, "Let's find something fun to do with this hand." I looked him in the eyes as I brought my left hand down between my legs, using my fingertips to spread my lips wide.

His gaze immediately went between my legs, and I slowly guided his hand until his outstretched fingers were just grazing the entrance to my wet hole. I gave his hand a slight tug and felt his fingers start to enter me.

"Now," I hissed, "in and out." He immediately jammed his fingers all the way up inside of me. I quickly grabbed his wrist and admonished again, "Jeff, if you're going to touch me you have GOT to be gentle!" He looked somewhat sheepish as I released his wrist, but he started a very nice, slow, steady in and out rythm.

I continued to hold my lips open as his eyes were glued to the sight of his fingers moving in and out my now very wet, now very hot, channel. The rythm of his fingers moving in and out of me remained steady, but I could see the movements of his arm down in the water start to quicken. I didn't want this to end like this, not again, and besides, I still couldn't see what I really wanted to see. With sudden inspiration, I grasped his wrist and pulled his fingers from my wet hole.

Looking him in the eyes, I brought his hand up to my face, then passed his fingers under my nose, inhaling deeply. I parted my lips slightly and stuck my tongue out. Slowly and seductively, I made a show of licking my juices from his fingers. When finished, I pushed his fingers into my mouth and began sucking gently. "Mmmmm." I purred, "I hope you like the way my honey tastes as much as I do." He just stood there, dumbfounded.

But the movements of his arm quickened even more. I needed to something now, before it was too late.again. I reached my arm down into the water and grasped his wrist. "Easy," I cooed, "You're supposed to be saving that for me, remember?" He grinned sheepishly, but his arm movements slowed, and I decided it was time to move this further along. I slid off the edge and into the water, replacing his hand with my own. I led him, holding his penis, to the steps in the shallow end. Although I still couldn't really see it, I could tell from the feel that it was again big and hard.

I led him up the steps and out of the water, starting over toward one of the patio tables under the overhang. He kept glancing around nervously. "Don't worry," I whispered, "there's no one around to see us." I led him to the table, and turned him to face me. I let go of his penis, and grasped both of his hands, placing them on the table behind him. I brought my hands to his chest and began lightly caressing his nipples. (My brother Ricky just loves it when I do that to him, so I figured, why not?

His nipples, although remaining small, immediately hardened. I moved one hand back below his waist and gripped his penis in a loose fist. I began a slow, deliberate stroking motion. Standing up on my toes, I whispered in his ear, "Do you like that? Does it feel good?" His only response was a low groan. I continued stroking him, breathing heavily in his ear. On sudden impulse, I stuck out my tongue and began lightly running it around the inside of his ear.

I kept the rythm of stroking his rock hard penis, while panting in his ear, my tongue dancing lightly. "Tell me what you want me to do," I whispered huskily.

His only response was the quick twitch of his penis. I removed my hand from his nipple, and reaching over, grabbed one of the patio chairs, pulling it around so it was directly in front of him.

Without missing a stroke, I sat down and settled myself. This was perfect! Sitting directly in front of him, his hard penis was right in front of my face.

Inches away from my eyes.I could see everything. Inches away from my nose.I thought I could detect his manly scent. Inches away from my mouth. Half of me really wanted to just part my lips and take him inside my mouth. I debated and debated while I continued stroking him.

I could see a small drop of fluid at the end of his tiny pee hole. I wondered what it tasted like. I thought back to the movie I had watched, with the guy's penises in the girl's mouths. I thought of the scene where you could actually see a guy's penis squirting into a girl's waiting, open mouth, and her swallowing greedily, or the scene where the guy had squirted all over the girl's face, her then wiping it up with her fingertips and then sticking them in her mouth, sucking them clean.

I was tempted. I continued stroking him while this debate raged inside my head. I finally decided not this time. I wasn't quite ready for that yet. I wanted to experience each one of these new erotic experiences one at a time. I stared directly at his throbbing penis as his hips began gently rocking.


I reached my other hand down and gently cupped his balls. I extended my middle finger and started teasing around his little back hole, finally making direct contact. He gasped. I looked up at his face as I continued my stroking rythm. His head was tilted back. His mouth was open.his eyes closed. I returned my gaze to his throbbing penis.

I pressed my fingertip against his anus more firmly, then tried pushing a bit. It didn't budge. I pushed a little harder. Nothing. I remembered my own private pleasure party with the movie, and the candle in my own little back hole, and had a sudden flash. I removed my fingertip from his anus and my palm from his balls and dropped my hand between my legs. I pushed my middle finger all the way up inside of me and wiggled it around, thoroughly wetting it with my juices.

I removed my finger from my dripping pussy, and returning my hand to cup his balls, pressed the tip of of my wet middle finger against his tight opening.


When I pushed this time, my finger, wet from my own juices, actually parted his tiny hole and went in a little bit. He gasped again. I left my finger with just the tip a little bit inside of him, and began wiggling it, then twisting it back and forth. His breathing became raspy, his chest heaving.

His penis was throbbing, demanding, as his hips began rocking steadily. I squeezed a bit harder on his penis, and increased the tempo of my stroking. He was hard as a rock. My stare returned to his penis, and the head looked like it was ready to explode.

Big and bright red, it looked.well.delicious. I told myself no again, and increased the rythm of my strokes, continuing to wiggle just the tip of my finger in his tight hole. He was openly panting now, chest heaving, hips rocking. His balls, so soft and fragile cupped loosely in the palm of my hand, were in stark contrast to the rigid throbbing penis inches in front of my eyes.

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I increased both the pressure of my fist and the tempo of my stroking. Looking directly at his penis, it almost seemed to be talking to me.asking me.pleading with me.begging me. There was now a thin string of fluid dangling out of his tiny pee hole. One more time, I sped up the pace of my stroking. My left hand, cupping his balls, actually knew when he was coming first.

His balls tightened and contracted. His body started to jerk, his penis twitching and throbbing. I knew it was time. I stroked faster, and shoved my finger all the way up inside his tiny back hole, wiggling it furiously.

He grunted, mouth wide open. His body jerked, then went rigidly still. I stared intently at his tiny pee hole as he squirted once.twice.a third time. My chest was covered with his juices.

I continued stroking gently, slowly, as his penis rapidly softened. His breathing returned to normal, he lifted his head, and opened his eyes. I released his penis and brought both my hands to my chest, running my fingertips through the thick cream collecting between my breasts. I was really, really turned on now, and hadn't come yet, and was thinking about what to do next. I thought about raising my fingertips to my mouth, and again had to tell myself no.

I massaged his cream into the sides of my breasts, still gazing into his eyes. His eyes were alternating between my fingers and my eyes. Neither of us spoke a word. I'm not sure either of us had any idea what to say. I returned my fingertips to the middle of my chest, gathering more of his liquid.

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This time I started to massage it directly onto my nipples, which immediately became hard. His eyes were glued to my fingertips. We sat like this for a good minute or two, neither moving, neither speaking. Our revelry was broken (again) by the sound of his parent's car pulling into their driveway.

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He quickly straightened, retrieving and putting on his "pouch" and his shorts. He scrambled into his socks, and his sneakers, and then stood facing me. This was really wierd. Neither of us spoke.just looking at each other.not knowing what to say. He finally stammered."I think I gotta go." "Yeah you do," I mumbled back.frustrated.again. As he turned to leave, I grabbed his arm, spinning him back to face me. "So tell me," I purred, "Maybe another encore.?"