Skinny teen hooker fist fucked in her wrecked pussy

Skinny teen hooker fist fucked in her wrecked pussy
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To start off I will describe myself. My name is Jack; I am 6'0.5 and weigh a good 160 pounds. I am skinny dark skinned but I am toned due to the fact that I work out every morning. I do not have a six pack, but you can tell that it's coming due to my abs starting to get some definition.

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I can still lift up a girl (as you will read) fairly easily so I am fairly strong for my build. My size, on the other hand is something I always worried about because I'm a mere 6~6.25 if I'm pushing it, long with I'm 2 and half inches wide. Not going to lie there, buts its all good its not the size its how I use it.

Again something you will read soon. Now to describe HER! She was a nurse, (No names, or locations, don't want her embarrassed) and was gorgeous! For the purpose of the story I will call her Jessica. She was about 5'7, she was also tone, light brown skin, long hair and brown eyes. She had full breasts, I think a C-cup, but still full none the less.

Her butt was along nice, but it think if saw her, her breasts would catch your attention first. She was a sweet hearted young woman who was smart and respectful, and I will admit I find myself extremely lucky to have met a woman like her, that's why I married her.

This is just the story of how we met and yes sex is involved, but hey it was a great night all around for me.

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Now to the story: I woke up inside of a hospital room still confused about what was going on around me. I looked around and a saw a bucket of water with a towel hanging on its rim, some more bottles of water, and then the doctor typing away on his computer. He turned to me then went outside shouted something then came back into the room and stopped in front of me.

"Hello there sir, looks like you took quiet the fall there." He said putting his hand on my forehead checking my temperature. "What happened?" I asked as he took his hand off my head. "Well it seems as though on your stroll you fainted due to some heat exhaustion.

In the process you hit your head on the concrete which may be the reason why you have some short term memory loss." As he finished Jessica walked in and stood by the door. I looked at her and she gave me a small smile. “Do I need stay here any longer?" I asked some-what hoping for a yes so I could try to talk to Jessica (again this is before I got to know her). "Well actually no. As far as our testing showed all you needed was some time to rest, you some how don't have an type of major damage or even a crack to your skull, and all it seems you need is some water.

And you'll be on your marry way." He said. "Oh, okay well I guess that's good." I said half disappointed, "Guess I can't get Doctors orders for a back massage huh?" I said half joking. "Why would you need a back massage?" The Doctor asked. "Because it hurts like hell, feels really sore along my upper back and spine." "Doctor, I can give him one." Jessica butted in.

"I took a massage class that way I could help with physical therapy." "Well," he turned to me, "Are you okay with her giving you a massage then? I am warning you, she is a nurse, not a professional masseuse." "Hey if it helps it helps." I said.

Right as I said that another nurse came in and called for the Doctor.


He ran out with out a word. The nurse closed the door and walked towards me. I sat up and after I noticed her looking at me I realized I didn't have a shirt on. She looked at me and smiled, "I'm sorry for staring sir, could you please lie on your stomach?" She explained, I did as she said.

"Its okay to stare, I really don't have much to stare at." I said as she put her hands on my back, her soft amazing hands. "Not true." She said. "What ever you say." I replied, "What's your name if you don't mind me asking?" I asked.

"Jessica, and yours?" She asked back. "Jack." I replied. "Well Jack, you have some serious knots in your back!" She said some what laughing. "I do apologize, I have a lot of stress." I said.

"What do you have to stress about?" "Nothing really, just I do a lot of thinking, and worrying about friends and family and stuff like that, I can't really stop, but its okay with me, gives me something to do." I heard her laugh a little at the end. "Well, Jack, this isn't healthy." She said her hand on a spot between my shoulder blade and pine, she pressed down on it, and it hurt a little, but it started to feel better as she rubbed it out.

"What about you?" I asked her. "Me? I just worry about girl stuff, nothing you'd be interested in." She said. "Try me." "Well, I worry about how I look. Like how this morning I ran out of make up and I was so embarrassed to go outside." As she said it I lifted the front of my body up, looked at her then lie back down.

"You look great with out any make up on." I said "You really think so?" She said really questioning it. "Yea, you look amazing. Why would you ever worry about the way you look?" "I don't know, I just do. Kind of like how you worry about your friends, you just do." She said. I paused for a second.

"Yea I get where your coming from there, but either way I don't think you have to worry about looks." "Well thank you Jack." "No problem. I don't mean to be noisy but what do you like to do?" I asked. "Don't worry its okay, I hate awkward silence.

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What I like to do? I like to go out and ride my bike in the mornings; I love to watch things like Ninja warrior on TV. I love to listen to music, mainly instrumentals though.

I love to shop, I won't lie to you there, and I like to read." "Very nice. You have a motorcycle?" I asked.

"No. I've always wanted one though." "Hey maybe I can teach you to ride sometime. I got mine parked at my place if you want to come down sometime, or I could come here and show you. It requires a lot of focus though.


No day dreaming allowed on those puppies." "I'll take you up on that offer. What do you like to do?" she asked me. "I like to listen to instrumentals to, I like classical and rock, as well as some dance instrumentals.

I like to exercises every morning, go to work since I actually have people that are cool there. I go airsofting on the weekends and besides that I like to ride my motorcycle and eat, not at the same time though." I quickly added in. "I hope not." She laughed, there was a pause, "Any girl friends?" she asked a little nervous. "Nope, still single, been single for a few years now actually." I said. "Really? I'm sorry to hear that." "It's alright, what about you?" I asked.

"I am also single. I have been single for a few months now actually." "Really? How'd that happen?" I asked, almost happy. "Because all of my X's are a bunch of horn dogs.

The second I get with them the try to feel me up, or convince me to have sex with them. I'm more then just a pair of boobs!" she said, I could feel her anger in my back massage.

"Well that's because a lot of guys see a beautiful woman like yourself and immediately think of having sex with her." "What do you think?" she asked me. "I think that it helps to know some one before you decide to have sex with them, it helps if you actually know what the person is like." There was a pause. "What do you think of me though?" she said nervous. "I think that I would like to get to know you a little better, I think that your beautiful with out make up, and I think that you need a good man in your life." I said "Thank you Jack." She said "No problem Jessica." I said, "Would you like to get to know me a bit better?" I felt like a kid asking out a girl on the play ground, not a good feeling.

"Yes I would actually." She said, taking her hands off of me. I stood up. "Um when and where would you like to go?" I asked. We met up at a taco place after she got off work, which was an hour after I left. We met almost every day for a month, we went hiking, airsofting, tried to learn guitar, eat like crazy, even worked out together, and the entire time I was always very careful not to look down her shirt, and I always made sure that I kept my hands clear of any private areas.

We were kissing by week 2, but I didn't want her to leave me, I learned that she was a great person, and I figured I liked her because she was fun to be with, not to look at. We had our fair share of fights, some with each other, and one really fun one where her X thought he could kick my ass (He couldn't).


But it wasn't until 2 and half three months passed until it happened. We had spent the day hiking and she didn't feel like driving home, so I told her she could spend the night. I was on the sofa preparing to sleep thinking that she would take a shower and go to bed. She had other plans. I heard the shower turn off. Then I didn't hear anything for a little while, and then the door opened. She was cover by a towel and she walked to my room (again I'm in the living room) "Jack? Are you asleep?" She whispered.

"No, I'm right here." I said. She jumped and turned around and looked at me mad. "Don't scare me like that!" "I'm sorry Hun I didn't mean to." I said. "What are you doing on the sofa? Come to bed!" She said motioning me to come over to her.

"But I don't want to hit you in my sleep or something." "Just come on." She said walking into the room. I got up and walk to the room and sat on the bed. She turned on one lamp so it was somewhat dim light. She was still in her towel.

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"Jack, you know I love you right?" she said. "Of course I know that, I love you to." I said. "I mean that Jack. You have been the kindest man I have ever met, you take care of me, your honest, and most of all you love me for me." She said, I already knew where this was going.

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She walked up to me and stopped right in front of me. I kissed her. "Of course I love you for you, your freaking awesome." She giggled (I wasn't lying though she was seriously pretty bad ass). "That's why I want you to be my first." She said as she undid her towel and let it fall to the floor. 1) I didn't know I was her first. And also that she would be my first. 2) sex wasn't really something we ever talked about. 3) I was in shock, I was looking at an Angel. She was beautiful inside and out.

Her breast were full her body was perfect, and I was lost for words. "Hun, you don't have" But before I could finish she kissed me. Pushing on me until my back was on the bed and she was on top of me. "I want this" she said. I wrapped my hands around her and I started to kiss her more.

I let me hands trace her bare back and I felt her body jolt as I ran my finger down her spine. I rolled so that way I was on top. I stood up and took off my clothes. When I took off my underwear I saw her look at my penis. I looked at her back and she looked at me and smiled, telling me I was okay. I looked at her again. Her legs were spread open and I could see that she was a virgin still, she still had that film inside of her.

I moved up then I stopped. "What's wrong?" She asked. "I want this to be perfect for you." I said, looking at her body. Before she could reply I started to caress her breasts.

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I started to grope her breasts more, squeezing them gently, she started to moan softly and breathe a bit deeper. I started to kiss her neck slowly moving down to one of her breasts and I started to kiss and suck on it. One load gasp came out of her. I started to pinch the other nipple and I felt her jump a little as I did. "Jack that feels so good." She said in between her moans. I started to move her nipple around with my tongue and I heard her making small sudden gasps as I did.

I let my hand trace from her nipple down her stomach, to her vagina. I felt moisture and I looked at her. She nodded her head and I rubbed the slit with my fingers. I didn't notice that she shaved so there was no hair there at all.

I slid my finger inside and started to feel around, it was really hot and it was really getting wet inside her.

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I felt her buck her hips a little bit as I touched, what I now know is her G-spot. I started to rub it in small circles as her hips slowly rose into the air. I stopped toying with her nipple and started to focus on her vagina. I slid in another finger and started to tap her G-spot rapidly. "Oh, Jack! Don't stop! Don't stop!" She started to almost yell. I felt her vagina start to squeeze my fingers. I started to tap a little bit faster now, her vagina not making it any easier.

She started to breathe faster and harder, her cries for more became load moans. I felt her vagina become extremely wet and her it still was squeezing my fingers for a good minute before her breathing slowed and her vagina stopped crushing my fingers.

I slid my hand out and I looked at her, she was still in a daze from the orgasm she just experienced. She looked at me and I moved in and kissed her. She pulled me closer to her as we made out. "That felt amazing." She said between our gasps for air. I didn't reply, I kissed her again, in my mind I was debating between fingering her again, or eating her out. I know I wasn't experienced but so far I'm doing good.

I pulled away from her and opened her legs again, I decided to eat her out. She looked at me as I went down with wide eyes. To be honest it smelled really funny. I was really nervous and decided to go for her G-spot again. I started to lick the out side of her vagina and she when I hit the top of her slit, I found out I accidently found her clit. I started to gently pinch it and she would have jumped if she wasn't laying down.

I didn't put a lot of pressure because I was afraid it would hurt her, I started to twist it just a little between my fingers, then I licked it, and it started to feel a bit harder as well. More fluids started to come out of her and I started to lick them off (It tasted surprisingly good).

She started to moan and she started to arch her back when I slid my tongue inside of her. My tongue found her G-spot and started to massage it again as my fingers were rubbing her clit.

She moaned loudly and she was grabbing onto the bed, as her vagina started to squeeze my tongue after a couple minutes of toying with her clit and licking her G-spot.

Her body arched, and she moaned and gasped as she hit another orgasm. When she came down from her climax I took my tongue out and whipped my face on the sheets until I was dry. I looked at her, she was in another daze from her climax, I she was still panting lightly, and her breasts jumped a little as she breathed.

I moved a piece of her hair off of her face and kissed her again. She kissed me back with her eyes closed and her eyes were tearing up. I jumped back mad at myself, I thought I hurt her on accident. "Jess? You okay? Did I hurt you?" I asked frantic. "No." she half laughed. "It's just even now you still put me first.

You've made this really special Jack." She said holding her arms out as if she wanted me to hug her. I walked to her and embraced her and held her.

She wrapped her legs around me and I could feel her wet vagina rubbing against my penis. "I love you Jack, I need you." she said in a very lustful tone as she kissed me. "I love you to." I said, I moved my hips back and she grabbed my penis with her hand. I froze on the spot as her soft hand held it. She guided it to her vagina and I slid it in slowly.

We both bucked and shook as I slid it in. She felt amazing. It was so moist and so warm inside of her. "You feel so good." She said as the entire thing was inside of her. I started to hump her slowly, I could feel the head of my penis rubbing against her G-spot. I made slow deep thrusts inside her, then I started to move faster without thinking.

I started to gasp for air and she started to moan more. I felt myself beginning to climax. I started to pull out but she tightened her legs so I couldn't get out.

"Babe I don't want you to get pregnant!" I said. "Its okay, I'm on the pill and got a diaphragm." She said. I quickly restarted. "I'm coming." I panted. The pleasure was amazing. "Come inside of me Jack." She panted I kissed her as I got closer to climax, panting faster and faster.

Then I started to climax I could barely move. She used her legs to make me keep humping her. When I was done I was slid my penis out of her. She kissed me again and smiled. I looked at her again and kissed her. "I'm going to need another shower." She smiled at me. "I think I am to." I laughed a little. We kissed as we caressed each other.

Not going into the shower for another 20 minutes. By that time I was already extremely hard again she couldn't really walk straight so I was holding her up on the walk in. When we took our shower I spent of the time massaging her front, cleaning her breasts and her vagina, making her climax again when I fingered her. When the shower was done she really had a hard time walking she lay down first and looked at me and smiled some more. "What?" I asked (I was pretty clueless) "I love you." she said.

"I love you to. I replied lying down next to her. she wrapped her arms around me then climbed on top of me. She slide my penis inside her then put her hands on my chest and looked at me. She looked so sexy that I got even harder inside her.

she started to ride me, moving her hands so I could feel her breasts as she humped me. I grabbed them and squeezed and toyed with them until I came again inside of her, she had one more climax before I had my last one for that night. She lie on top of my chest and I held her close, using one arm to grab some covers and cover her up.

She quickly fell asleep in my arms and I feel asleep soon after. After she and I continued to date for a few years. I proposed and we got married, had three kids, but we both whenever the kids are at the grandparents house we always have a little us time and play with each other.

After three kids she still looks amazing, and well to me she'll always look amazing.