Anal Sex For The Perfect Babe

Anal Sex For The Perfect Babe
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I woke up the next morning feeling a body next to me. I opened my eyes to only smile seeing my mother there half on me. I placed my left hand on her right knee raising it up to my stomach. She let out a soft moan while I slid my hand up her thigh. I moved it in front to search for that certain spot. I found her clit to only slowly rub it a bit. She slowly opened her eyes before seeing me. With a smile on her face mom moved her leg up in the air giving me access.

" My baby horny for one of his older women?" She asks as I nod seeing her smile before she sweetly continues " How you want me baby? On my back, stomach, or on all fours?" " Actually on your side. I want us to slowly make out while I am inside you." I say seeing her eyes light up She reached down to take the plug out before turning over raising her left leg up in the air. I scooted up behind her reaching down to guide my hardness into her love canal.

She let out a moan as I held her close to my chest. Mom turned her head to look up in my eyes. I leaned down placing my lips on her's. We kissed as I slowly made love to her. It felt so right holding her like this. I felt her mouth open as I opened mine seeking out her tongue. We kissed deeply as she placed her left leg back on mine. I thrusted up deep into her making her break the kiss.

" Oh Baby.yess.go deep in me." She says moaning as I start kissing on her neck I started sucking on her neck making her moan as I cupped her right breast. I wanted her to know I loved her so much and thank her for loving me. " Oh Heathhhhh.make love to me." She moaned telling me as I brought my hips against hers plunging up deeper into her I smiled as I kept making her feel my love for her. I felt a finger hit my dick as I worked her little, tight, warm, wet pussy.

I stopped fucking to look down. I guess she noticed as I saw her rubbing her clit. " Sorry's just.I close. Could you.wait for a.few more.minutes.oh god." She says moaning as I nod I hold her close fondling her right nipple helping to bring her close. I started increasing my pace making her moan.

It was so erotic seeing a beautiful woman play with herself like she was while having the man she loved inside her.

I pulled on her nipple a bit making her moan. " Oh Heathhh cum.cum with darling." She says as I smile giving her two more thrust before holding my manhood at her cervix I stayed like that holding her tight. I erupted deep into her like there was no tomorrow. She let out a long moan cumming on my dick.

It was at that moment that her leg slipped off mine to the bed. We laid there not moving to let our orgasms subside as I just kissed the back of her neck. I heard her purr to my kisses. " Mmmm baby you keep that up I am just going to keep you in here with me." She says turning around to face me before she lovingly continued " I am so in love with you Heath.

I know it's wrong but I can't help it." " I know beautiful, and I love you too." I say smiling to her " So what does my baby want to do today?" She asks with a curious smirk " Well we need to go see the girls today and see how they will feel about all this." I say seeing her eyes show some sadness " I know baby I am just scared they will say no.

I don't want to go back to once in awhile." She says getting a kiss on the forehead " I know mom.err um Maggie. I don't think I can go back to that either." I say seeing a smile " Awww it's ok baby it's going to take some getting use to. So how about we get a shower then get some breakfast." She says getting a nod " Where are others anyway?" I ask getting a giggle " Making sure none of the family come in except Ellie, Verna, and Kiko." She tells me as I nod before she continues " Um baby how would you feel if I join you tonight with my three best friends?" " I think I would very much like that as I want you always with me." I say as she shoves me on my back to only lay on me " I will always be with you my love." She says as our lips come back together After the kiss we get up making our way to the bathroom.

Mom bends over to turn the water on making it at the right temperature. I step up behind her placing my hands on her sexy firm ass. I feel myself growing as I place it at her opening. She turns to look back at me with a grin before raising up backing up against me. " Baby I will never deny you my body or love, but we need a shower and I am hungry. You wore me out last night." She says as I chuckle " Ok mama bear I'll be good for now." I say with a grin " Awww I like that baby, but I didn't say we couldn't fool around." She says reaching around grabbing my dick to lead me into the shower We start washing one another just to kiss every so often.

She concentrates on my manhood as I focus on her womanhood. I smile as she cuddles up to me squeezing her legs together having a small orgasm. " Dammit baby you made me cum." She says with a giggle We finish taking our shower before getting out to dry off. She has me follow her back in the bedroom to get dressed.

I watch her pick out some shorts and a t shirt. I ask her about a bra and panties in which she says that she wanted me to have easy access to her love spots. I asked her how was that going to happen. She said there are bathrooms. I gave her a smirk as I knew she was going to be fun to be with. She was as bad as Hannah, Tiffany, and Diamond. Once she was dressed and brushed her hair. Mom came over to me straddling my legs.

" Baby I think you need to get dressed as I don't want anyone to get jealous." She says while I smile She gets off me to check if the coast is clear. I chuckle pointing at the bathroom as it connects to the main bedroom. She shakes her head coming over to take a hold of my dick. " Ok mom what is it with leading me with my dick?" I ask getting a giggle " Because I can't help it, and besides your dad loved me holding his cock." She tells me as I chuckle I think for a moment thinking maybe that was why dad never wore shorts.

We get in the bedroom to see the bed. I shake my head as mom lets go of me. She goes to the closet to look at my clothes. She picks out a pair of jeans and a shirt. Coming over to the chair that I took a seat in I see her grin. " Wear these for me baby. I love looking at your muscles." She says as I stand taking the shirt I put the shirt on as mom surprises me. As I get the shirt on I look down to see her kiss the head of my manhood.

" That is just thanking it for loving me also." She says as I playfully take my jeans in which makes her giggle Once my jeans are on mom takes my hand to lead me out of the room. We make our way down to the living room to find the kids with some baby dolls with blue eyes. I look at mom who giggles. " Those were Jack's prank to us moms." She tells me as I step over picking up the doll on the couch " What the hell?

Are these suppose to symbolize me or something?" I ask getting a nod before calling out for my brother " JACK!!!!" " Yeah bro what's up?" He asks running into the living room seeing my eyes " What is the meaning of these?" I ask showing him the baby dolls " Hey I just thought it be a good joke.

I mean Maggie, Ellie, Verna, and Kiko kept saying they wanted their bright eyed baby boy so I bought like 50 of them." He tells me as I shake my head " I want them gone." I say to hear gasps Karen, Lindsey, and Serena get off the floor to only snag the doll out of my hand and the few off the couch. " NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! They are ours daddy." They say in unison " But they." I try to say seeing Karen shake her head " No daddy they are ours." She tells me as I sigh " Fine just put some clothes on them ok." I say seeing them nod I watch them run up the stairs to only come back a few minutes later with the baby clothes.

" Not those, them are for your new brothers and sisters. I meant the clothes that came with the dolls." I say seeing sad eyes as Jack whispers " Bro they didn't come with any." He tells me only to see my head shake back and forth " It's ok girls we will go shopping later to get them some clothes." I hear Selena say as I look to see the family smiling I just chuckle seeing my girls and Serena smile big holding the baby dolls like a real baby.

" Well how about we go see your little brothers and sisters?" I say seeing them nod getting the family to laugh " I think if it's anything baby they will love to hold them." Selena says as mom comes up behind me " I know the feeling." Mom says in a whisper as the other moms come over to us I get a few hugs from my moms who are now my loves also.

I get led to the kitchen for breakfast before we all go see how my wives are holding up. They would have to stay in the hospital for a few days, because each one had it rough besides Tiffany who had to have a C section for Anthony was being stubborn to come out the natural way.

Once breakfast was over with we all loaded up in the cars and SUV. Like last night I drove with the moms with me.

This time Faye was in the front with me holding my free hand. We talked about what to say to my wives and loves that were waiting for us. I didn't know what my wives would say, but I hope they don't say no. Once in the parking lot I found a spot near a oak tree and parked. There would be some shade in case one of us needed to come out for so air.

Getting out of the SUV I noticed Tessa wore a skirt and like mom she had nothing on underneath. She caught me looking to only giggle before saying she wanted to give her man easy access in case we had a chance to be alone. I just shook my head chuckling to only take her hand and mom's to lead them inside. We made our way up to the room that the girls were moved into not waiting for the others as we had something important to talk about. Once inside we noticed them breast feeding the newborns.

I went to each of my ladies seeing smiles on their faces. I gave each one a kiss in which they returned passionately. I gave Renee, Jessie, and Allison some loving kisses. The moms went to each of the wives to look upon the babies that each of my wives held.

I made my way to the foot of Diamond's bed and thought that moment would be the best time as ever. " My beautiful wives and loves I need to tell you something." I stated getting each one's attention " What is it darling?" Jasmine asks with concern in her eyes " Well last night on the way home some things were said.

The moms brought up some things that each felt she had to say. Now I know what you told me about bringing in others to our bed, but they are sincere and well." I exclaim seeing each one looking at the four mothers " What are you trying to say baby?" Diamond asks looking up at me " Diamond honey what Heath is trying to say is that each of us love him as you seven do. I know we are just to be with him every so often and be there for when you need us, but we have grown to love him to that next level.

We each are in love with him and want to well sleep in the same bed everyday and night with him and you seven." Mom says getting their attention for sure " Oh I see. So last night did you commit yourselves to only him and us?" Diamond asks getting nods from the moms Each of my women looked at each of the moms before looking at one another.

I didn't know what they were thinking or if they could tell what the other was thinking. " Well darlings what do you think and be honest as this is a serious matter." Diamond states in a stern tone " Well we have gotten close with them and love them also in a different way then most should. I am not going to deny that I love being with each of them." Renee says getting agreeing nods " And they do show they love all of us with all that they are or they wouldn't of let us be with Heath as we all are.

They could of said no as it was wrong for seven woman to be with one man." Hannah states getting nods herself " And it was us that accepted them being with Heath in the start. It's not like we never talked it out in the beginning during Disney." Tiffany says making a point " True so are we in a agreement to them joining us and Heath on a permanent basis?" Diamond asks getting nods from the others except Jasmine who is being quiet before Diamond continued " A show of thumbs with up being yes and down for no." I watched as each of my loves and wives had their thumbs up one at a time.

I looked at Jasmine noticing her look at us all before she spoke. " The one thing that I am concerned about is would we get equal love and time. I mean 11 women with one man. How do each have their personal time with our love?" She states getting the others to start and think " Jasmine darling we all would have our time with him. He will have no favorites as he loves us all.

That's why he wanted us to ask you before things got deeper. He cares about all of our feelings. I understand where you are coming from. I would think the same way, but know this we are not taking him away from any of you. We want to be with you all as much as Heath. You all make us feel young and that is the way I want to be when I die. I want to know I lived my life with those I loved as they loved me. Jasmine you are like my daughter and I love you so much.

That night I slept with you all those years ago made me feel young again. I fell for you, but kept my feelings to myself as I knew you loved Heath.

So please baby let me be with you again and all those that have your heart." Faye says holding Jasmine's left hand to her breast with tears in her eyes " Oh momma I love you too.

I guess I am just overwhelmed by having the babies and now knowing that four woman that are mothers to me want to have that fountain that is Heath heart also. I love you all as much as I do my wives, loves, and especially Heath." Jasmine says with tears of her own " So what will it be honey yes or no as we won't hurt any of you I promise baby girl. My beautiful Jasmine." Faye says with a pleading voice " I say yes as Heath's heart is a overflowing fountain that runs like a raging river." She says before Faye leans over to place her lips on Jasmine's They kiss for a moment until the twins start crying.

" Oh sorry little one grandma didn't mean to bother you." Faye says raising up holding Jasmine's hand " No your alright they been like this all morning. I think they're wanting their daddy." Jasmine says as I chuckle " I guess daddy needs to hold them." I say moving over to pick the twins up " So how did last night go if we may ask?" Hannah asks getting giggles from the moms " Well honey we had OUR baby play sex roulette.

I had Faye get on top of me as Tessa had Jackie get on top of her. Heath made love to us that way. The one he came in sealed our relationship which was me." Mom explains getting smiles " Mmm maybe we should do that once our vagina heal, but a daughter on top of a mom." Jasmine says with a smile " True but it would leave three of us not doubled up." Allison says with a small smile " That's true so those three could make a sandwich on three of us." Tiffany says as they all laughed " Ok that I would have to see a pussy sandwich." I say getting laughs to my comment " Baby you would love it and you know that." Diamond says with a smirk " I never said I wouldn't like it just would like to see that." I say as Renee and Allison come over to me " You know darling we haven't had any for a few days.

How about taking Allison and I in the bathroom and do us." Renee says being her horny self " I would but I would rather have a bed so you two would be comfy." I say getting grins " Always thinking of us before yourself." Allison states as I nod " Ok enough of the sex talk as I am already horny as it is." Diamond says getting laughs " Awww honey would you like momma Tessa to get between your legs while our baby fucks me?" Tessa says getting a smile " I would momma but my stitches might hurt.

These two ripped me good." Diamond says getting wide eyes " My poor baby can I see if the doctor stitched you right?" Tessa asks getting a nod Tessa and the moms went to the foot of Diamond's bed. Tessa lifted the sheet as they all looked at her bare crotch.

" Oh damn baby you did get ripped. Are you in pain honey?" Jackie asks getting a nod " Yes it hurts to pee. I have been trying to hold it as it hurts that much.

Jasmine and Hannah the same way. We didn't know having twins right after the other was going to hurt that much. Hell we didn't know we were having twins. We wanted to be surprised as we were." Diamond says before each mom chose a daughter to comfort " Well next time we will be here for you all." Mom says comforting Hannah " You know we're next out of us to have babies right." Renee says with a smile " Yes baby we do as is Michelle." Mom says getting nods as they all look at me " What?" I ask seeing smiles from my ladies " Baby if you knocked her up as good as us she going to scream." Tiffany says getting giggles " Yeah well she wanted to experience the whole child development as Adam said.

And I am sure he will be there for her as I was." I say while looking at my daughters before continuing " Isn't that right Tina and Maggie May." " Awww that is so cute." Faye says before my daughters opened their blue bright eyes looking up at me They both showed a small smile before talking gibberish.

" Wow they already trying to talk to me." I say getting everyones attention " What are they says darling?" Jasmine asks as I shrug " I have no earthly idea beautiful. They speaking gibberish as Lil Greg and Dakota did." I answer getting a few nods " Well if these seven are anything like their big brothers they will certainly be talking before they are one years of age." Diamond states getting a few nods " Damn that young?" Tessa asks looking at me " Yep Dakota and Lil Greg were close to 7 months.

I guess listening to everyone else got them to try." I say seeing Tina smile " Well what do you expect with my sexy son being smart. When he was little he walked out the front door without me knowing. Shellie and Travis came to me before I knew he was gone at a year old." Mom says looking at me smiling " Well guess we better child safe the new house then. Oh talking about that baby I think we will need a big bedroom with two or three beds stuck together." Diamond says with a sexy smile " Will get on that tomorrow as I just want to spend today with my ladies and the kids.

Is that right Tina and Maggie May? It sure is daddy loves you both and your brothers and sisters." I say talking to the two bundles of joy in my arms " Awwww." All my loves say at once with smiles It's at that moment my oldest kids come in running to see the babies. Lindsey looks at Jasmine intently.

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" Where's Tina and Maggie May at?" She asks as Jasmine points over at me before I see Lindsey come over to continue " Daddy can I hold them please?" I look over at Jasmine who just smiles nodding her head. I get up from the chair to have Lindsey get up to sit. She does looking up at me smiling. I tell her how to have her arms before I hand her little sisters to her.

She smiles once they are in her arms. " They are so cute daddy." She says getting a chuckle from me " Yes they are honey, but until they get older you have to be gentle ok." I say getting a nod " I know daddy I will be the best big sister I can be just like Karen is." Lindsey tells me as Karen gets in the chair next to Lindsey I watch as she is given Verna and Jackie from Renee and Allison.

They step to me placing their arms around my waist. " I can't wait to have our child my love." Renee says so lovingly " Me either as he or she was conceived with love." Allison says as another set of arms snake around my waist " Me either as they will be loved by everyone." Jessie says as I place my hands over hers " I can't wait either as this is going to be a adventure." I say getting giggles We watched the girls talk to their sisters which was cute. I gave each of my ladies a kiss that held me before getting drink orders.

The boys were to busy spending time with their little brother's. Lil Heath was enjoying telling his new cousins how he would teach them this and that, and how he would protect them from anyone that hurt them. Him saying those words reminded me of when I was three on how bubby said almost the exact same thing. I guess mom overheard as she came over placing her arms around me. " You thinking of when you and Travis were little?' She asks while I nodded " Yeah can't help it. He was always my protector until." I say trailing off as I felt her head on my chest " I know baby until your life got turned upside down.

I am so sorry darling for hurting you." She says as I place my arms around her " It wasn't your fault. Tyrone twisted Travis and Michelle. He even twisted his own kids. We should be lucky Kaye saw the truth." I say getting a nod " True baby so you want help getting drinks for all of us?" She asks looking up at me with a smile " Sure we just need to get everyones order." I say as she lets go to only look for a pen and paper in her purse She gets everyones order even the kids.

Tessa volunteers to help with a seductive smile on her face. I shake my head with a chuckle as my ladies all giggle. " What's wrong baby afraid now that we accepted things. You know we are going to get it whenever the opportunity rises." Diamond says catching my expression " No I am not afraid it's just the how and when that surprises me that's all." I say as mom and Tessa come over to me " Well baby the how and when makes it more spontaneous don't you agree ladies?" Tessa asks getting nods " Sissy do you know what they are talking about?" Dakota asks while holding Anthony in his lap " Nope I don't Kota, but I wish daddy and the grammies would hurry I want my Cherry Limeade." Karen answers making us all laugh Mom, Tessa, and I left the room seeing the family all waiting.

" What are you all waiting out here for they are in there." I say getting giggles and chuckles " We know son just seeing who goes in first." Papa Mike says with a smile " Why don't you all go in there is plenty of room." Mom says getting smiles as my sisters, godmoms, and aunts rush to the door to see the babies I just chuckle as mom and Tessa follow me making our way to the SUV.

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Once to our ride Tessa takes the keys from me to only give the to mom. " Maggie baby you drive Heath and I will sit in the back." Tessa says pulling me behind her " You horny bitch." Mom says laughing as Tessa opens the back driver door " Yep and right now I want our man to give me a ride of my life. I love riding a dick while the vehicle moves." She says having me get in first Mom gets in the drivers seat while Tessa gets in shutting the door.


She then turns with a smile to only undo my jeans. " I love you baby and want you like this right now." Tessa says pushing my pants down I watch as she straddles me hiking up her skirt. I then feel her hand on my manhood stroking it as to get me hard. " Maggie this won't bother you while driving will it baby?" Tessa asks making sure with mom " No darling you know I love watching and hear you cum and moan.

She don't scream ok I don't want a ticket." Mom says as Tessa lowers down on my shaft " Mmmm.I love this in me." Tessa says while slowly riding me I just shake my head smiling looking between us. Her pussy lips are massaging my shaft as while Tessa goes up and down.

I place my hands up her shirt to only move them in front to her breast. Tessa is moaning as mom pulls out of the parking lot. Tessa starts getting more into it taking all my manhood up into her. " You ok Tessa darling?" Mom asks while giggling " Oh yess.I feel so full.mmmm I love this cock." Tessa answers as I fondle her nipples as she adds on " with what's yours baby.that feels so good." Mom laughs as she drives down the street.

I can't believe this is happening especially in broad daylight. " Question what we going to do when we get to Sonic and the girl brings out the drinks?" I ask feeling Tessa grind hard against me " Don't worry my love just hold her down against you and slowly slide up and down in her." Mom answers as I chuckle " Oh fuck.I'm cumminggg.babyyyyy." Tessa says as I feel her pussy walls clamp down I pull her back against me as her feet get placed on my knees.

She is spread wide as I look over her shoulder seeing my mom look back in the rear view mirror. " Mmmm that looks so delicious you two. Both my loves fucking behind me. Plow her pussy baby cum deep up in her for me my darling." Mom says getting a smile as I move my hands to Tessa's thighs I lift her up a little before pounding her fast and hard. " Oh take me.fuck me.fuck meeeeeee." Tessa cries out as I give her everything I have I reposition us laying on our sides.

I hold her close to me as I pound into her. Tessa is moaning deeply as she turns her head to look in my eyes. I see tears falling as her left hand comes to my right cheek. " I love me." She says having another climax as her eyes shut with head tilting backward " I won't darlin." I say with a moan as with one more thrust I cum with her She moves her right hand back to my ass to keep me in.

I feel her pussy milk my shaft for every last drop. I feel the SUV stop and mom talking to the person inside. I start whispering to Tessa. " You sure this is what you want? I don't want your family mad at me darlin." I ask telling her my thoughts She slowly turns to look up at me. " Yes baby it is. You are the third person to complete me. Your mom being the second. I would never trade anything for either of you. If it was just us we would be in a exotic place doing nothing but love each other.

Heath my love I want you always. I don't care what family say as I am happy as to how this all happened. I love you baby and please don't be scared I will never let anyone hurt you my deepest love." Tessa says before we kiss deeply as she starts working me back to hardness with her vaginal walls I hear someone approach to slowly look up after our kiss.

I see two young women handing Mom drinks in holders. I spot one looking in the back seat. I guess she can see Tessa's pussy hair.

I chuckle inside as her face gets flushed. I lower down whispering to Tessa telling her she made a young woman wet. She asks how and I tell her pussy hair is showing. She quietly giggles while lifting up her right leg as my dick is now visible. We hear the young woman stutter her words telling mom how much for all the drinks. Mom pays the girl before I hear them leave. " Holy crap I think you two had that poor girl blushing.

She had a hard time talking." Mom says as Tessa and I laugh " Well I couldn't help it if my pussy was showing. It has a nice beautiful cock inside it growing as I speak." Tessa says grinding against me " Tessa honey I think you need to let our baby rest for a while." Mom says looking back at us " Do I really?

I have cummed twice and want another one." Tessa says sounding like a teenager " Awww you didn't get enough last night baby?" Mom asks with a giggle " No not really, but getting plenty right now." Tessa says with a smile " Just save some of his love for me ok darling." Mom says getting a nod " Heath my darling slowly make love to me on the way back." Tessa says looking up at me I smile looking down in her eyes as my mom just giggles saying she had a horny wife.

The way back was interesting as Tessa and I made love while mom drove. I never did have sex in a car, but I never thought I would have 11 women to love me as they did.

I thought maybe everything was getting out of hand, but then again I craved that closeness that love that each one brought to my heart and soul. Tessa moaned a lot as I did feeling her love walls clamp down. She had a wild heart that wanted that love to never end.

She was kinky just like Hannah, Tiffany, and Jessie. As I erupted into her again. I knew I would never change a thing regardless what the future would bring my way. Truth be told I loved all my wives and loves. And since the moms were now my lovers they fit in that category. I just knew my life has changed into one a man only dreamt about when he was a teenager.

Mom alerted us we were about to pull in the parking lot. I withdrew from Tessa making her grunt to only sit up. She quickly sat up only to lean over to clean my dick. I loved her blow jobs as he mouth was so loving. Once mom parked she turned looking into my eyes. She watched also as her wife was cleaning my manhood good. Before we got out mom got in the back to take me also in her mouth to get a taste for herself. She took her mouth off my dick to only give me a big smile.

Tessa helped get my jeans back up to only kiss me in the process. Once I was covered Tessa looked at mom.

" Maggie you have a tampon I can use?" Tessa asks as mom giggles I watch my mother reach in her purse to only pull out a tampon. Tessa takes it pulling the wrapper off. She leans back showing me her pussy. She smiles as with two fingers she spreads her nether lips inserting the tampon into her. I see a string stick out making me chuckle.


" What are you chuckling about sexy?" Tessa asks as I point at her sex " Because it looks like a mouse tail poking out." I say as mom laughs " I know baby but it's so I don't leak out.

I forgot what it felt having a tampon in me since I don't have periods anymore." Tessa says as I shake my head " Your lucky as they suck." Mom says rolling her eyes " Talking about that when is yours mom?" I ask seeing her blush " In a few days so you better get all my pussy you can or take my ass while I am on the rag." She says with a grin I chuckle because mom loved having anal.

After Tessa lowered her skirt we all got out grabbing the drinks. We made our way into the hospital going up to the 4th floor via elevator. Once to the room I go in to see everyone scattered spending time with one of the babies. I smile knowing my kids would be loved.

We pass the drinks out in which my wives smile thanking us deeply with a kiss each. I see Travis's expression as Jasmine and mom kiss on the lips. I see him look at me to only get a shrug. I don't say anything as this was not the place to bring the truth out. The day goes by with the family enjoying the newborns saying how they loved them and were going to spoil them.

Serena came up to me in tears. I squatted down looking in her eyes. " What's wrong Serena honey?" I ask as she hugs me with tears " I didn't get to hold one of the babies daddy Heath." She says sadly against my chest " Aww honey which one of them did you want to hold honey?" I ask as she slowly looked at all of them " Can I hold one of the girls daddy Heath?" She asks as I pick her up " Sure lets go see which one is awake." I say stepping over to my godmoms and godfathers " They are so adorable son." Papa Mike says getting a smile " Yeah I know, is it ok if Serena borrows one to hold she hasn't had a chance yet?" I ask getting a nod " Of course.

Which one you want to hold sweetie?" Momma Ellie asks concerned and loving " How about her? As she been changed?" Serena says getting a giggle " Yes honey she has and she is Tina." Momma Ellie says with a smile " Hello Tina I am Serena.

I hope we can be sisters." Serena says in a very cute way " How about you and I go sit and Momma Ellie can let you hold Tina honey?" I ask getting a nod and smile I make my way to one of the free chairs to only take a seat while still holding Serena. Ellie follows and waits for us to get settled. It's at that moment Karen and Lindsey come over. " She's our little sister not yours." Karen says with hands on her hips making Serena cry " Karen Summer Thompson you play nice.

Serena is just as much a sister to you just as Lindsey is." I say not letting my oldest be mean " But daddy." Karen says looking sad " No buts you love Serena as your sister right?" I ask getting a nod to only continue " Well she is trying to be a sister to Tina now be nice and let her.

I think you owe Serena a apology." Karen comes up to us looking at Serena who is cuddled up to me. " Serena I'm sorry for making you cry. We will be big sisters together ok." Karen says as Serena sits up wiping her tears away " Ok can I hold the baby now?" Serena asks getting a nod Momma Ellie gives Tina to Serena making sure she has her good. Serena giggles while holding the little baby.

" Watch out Serena if that is Tina she gets gassy." Lindsey says making Serena go wide eyed " Oh my she not going to poop on me is she?" My little niece asks getting giggles " No I watched mommy Alli change her a bit ago." Karen says while stepping up to see Tina before adding " Hey Tina this is Serena she like me and Lindsey. She will be a big sister too." I smile as my daughters and niece play with Tina as three big sisters to a little baby.

I look over to see my wives and loves look on with smiles of their own. Gina is holding one of the boys with Ron and Tracey standing by her. They each smile at the baby boy. I look around seeing my family enjoying this moment in all our lives. I sit here holding Serena while she holds one of my daughters. " Tina I love you baby girl. I will be the best sister I can be just like Karen and Lindsey." Serena says with a kiss to Tina's forehead making my baby daughter coo All I could say was my life was filled with love and care from a family that would stand by me through the bad and the good.

The day went by smoothly as the the godfathers went to talk to the administrators about something. It was about 5 o'clock in the evening that they came back but with takeout. The kids got happy meals which was their favorite. I asked what did they do in which they replied got dinner. I shook my head knowing they had to ask for permission.

I let it go knowing they wanted to have dinner as a family. Serena sat in my lap eating cuddling up to me. I didn't know what to think how she has been clinging to me. I guess she feels safe with me then most, but I am just glad she has a family that loves her.

Around 9 o'clock that night after giving my wives and loves a kiss for the night and my beautiful babies on on their fore heads. I drove home with mom on my right. We talked holding hands. She told me how nervous she was waking up this morning, but now was feeling very happy.

I told her I was glad as I wanted her always happy. Mom squeezed my hand thanking me for my loving words. The other three moms stayed with the wives and loves so they could talk and help out as my wives didn't trust anyone. The family still felt Tyrone had friends still out there waiting for their turn for revenge once they knew the coast was clear. My godfathers had a big talk with the hospital board of directors stating our family would take care of our own during the births of the ladies in our family.

Once mom and I were home we made our way in seeing the kids and the rest of the family all watching t.v. or chatting about this or that. Mom said she was going to bed as it was a long day. She gave me a hug then a kiss on the cheek whispering she will be in my room shortly.

I just nodded before seeing her walk away. It was hard not looking at her sexy ass in which I did out of the corner of my left eye. I went to sit in my chair seeing my godmoms all looking at me with wanton eyes.I just chuckled inside before my daughters came to me crawling into my lap.

They both sat on either leg looking up at me. " What is it girls?" I ask getting serious looks " Daddy where are our little sisters and brothers going to sleep?" Karen asks with her eyes locked on mine " Well honey in their cribs until that get older why?" I answer only to ask " Oh." She says turning to her brothers who nod before looking back at me continuing " Well daddy don't think bad about this, but we were wondering if us girls could have our own room." " Oh are you and your brothers fighting?" I ask seeing shook heads " Oh no daddy we love each other.

It's just when we play dress up we have to do it in the bathroom. There isn't enough space for Lindsey,Serena and me to play house because the boys want to play army men or Star Wars." Karen explains as I see my sisters and godmoms giggle.

"Ok so you don't have enough room to all play what you want to. That is understandable and when your little brothers and sisters get bigger than there will be less room." I ask already knowing the answer "That's right daddy and the boys throw our dresses off the bed when they play on it, or get mad when we accidently kick their toys."Lindsey says with a contorted face "Ok but you know that you'll have to share for a little bit.So you all agree on this having separate rooms?

Girls in one and boys in the other?" I ask getting nods from my kids and Lil Heath " Yes daddy we do." Karen says as I think for a moment " Ok the cribs are in the room mommy Allison had.

We will put the girls cribs in with you and Lindsey and the boys can have that room and the cribs with your brothers, but this goes for you all. If the babies start crying you come get one of us adults. Do we have a deal?" I say getting smiles from them " Yes daddy we will do that. We want to help with the cute babies." Karen says smiling with a missing tooth in front My daughters hugged me before the boys did as well after coming over to me.

It was a bit later that they went to bed their last night together. I just chuckled as my family laughed. " Son comes with the territory of being a father, and just shows they are growing up being considerate and loving just like their father." Papa Mike tells me with a grin " Yes I know, but it's adorable how they ask something like that." I say getting nods before I speak up continuing " Well I am going to bed." My family tells me goodnight as I make my way up to the bedroom.

Once in I see the bed made with the cover pulled down. The light is dim with a pair of silk boxers on the bed. I smile knowing my mom was showing some romance for the night. I strip down thinking of a shower, but shake my head as I put the boxers on feeling myself get hard. I get on the bed and relax thinking of what this night will bring. It's about 10 minutes later that there comes a knock on the door. I tell them to come in.

The door opens slowly until I see Ellie walk in followed by Verna and Kiko. Kiko shuts the door to only follow the other two over onto the bed. Ellie comes up my right as Verna my left. Kiko takes center only to straddle my legs just below my hips. She places her hands on my thighs to only massage them. " So Heath darling are you happy to see us?" Momma Ellie asks with a bit of worry in her eyes " Of course why do you ask?" I ask seeing them smile " Well baby we were afraid you.well wouldn't want us as lovers anymore." She says again with worry " Momma Ellie I love you Verna and Kiko.

You all three have been there for me. It's just one thing." I say seeing them all three look at me scared " What's.what's that baby?" Verna asks as I whistle I look over at the bathroom doorway to see my beautiful mother in just her panties.

They follow my eyes before looking wide eyed. " Maggie what.what's going on hun?" Ellie asks as my mom crawls onto the bed " Will Ellie a few things are going on. First is Faye, Jackie, Tessa, and I are with Heath now for good with the girls. We confessed last night on the way home. We had a deep love making session last night with Heath.

Today the girls all accepted us to be their lovers as girlfriends at the same time." Mom says sitting on her feet " Wait you mean you four are like with him.with him along with his wives and loves?" Kiko asks getting a nod " Yep we are and it's the best decision we made.

We are all in love with him and the girls." Mom says getting noticeable looks " Wow I guess we have been so worried about losing Heath that we haven't been watching our surroundings." Verna says feeling hurt " Yeah guess we should go be with our husbands." Ellie says showing tears in her eyes " I will miss you Heath baby." Kiko says before scooting back " What are you saying girls?" Mom asks being stunned like I was " Well with his wives, Renee, and Allison and now you four he doesn't need us.

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We will just go back to the way things were." Ellie says sobbing shaking her head " Ellie hun he loves us all. Now answer me what is going on with you three. We use to tell each other secrets baby love." Mom says getting them to look at her " Magpie have you ever felt you wanted more then what you have?" Verna asks getting a nod " Well Maggie we want another man." Kiko says getting confused looks " Um you guys aren't thinking of leaving your husbands are you?" Mom asks very worried " No Maggie as we love them it's just we want another man that will be ours together." Ellie says making no sense at all " Honey your confusing the hell out of me." Mom says getting sighs " We're in love with Heath." They each say at the same time " Oh my is that why you been quiet the past day and a half?" Mom asks getting nods " April Fools day showed us that Heath is the man we feel is like a second husband to us." Verna says as mom looks at me smiling " Ladies that is how Faye, Jackie, Tessa, and I feel in our hearts.

Look you haven't lost him as the girls will understand." Mom says looking at each of them before continuing " So why don't you three be with Heath and I tonight.

Make love to us and don't hide what you feel any longer." They each showed tears before they all hugged mom. " Thank you Magpie so much for making us see our stupidity." Ellie says with tears It's at that moment mom looks at Kiko with a smile.

" Kiko baby what are you waiting for get him ready for us sexy." Mom says as I see Kiko smile before getting on her stomach between my legs Ellie lays on my right after taking her robe off. I look at her DD breast just to smile. " Baby they have missed you. Will you suck them for me." Ellie says getting a nod as she hovers her breast over my face I feel Kiko pull my cock out through the slit of the boxers. She starts licking up and down my shaft as I feel kisses on my chest and abs.

They all are making love to me as I suck on Ellie's right nipple getting a moan. That night was filled with love as I made love to each of them Like the night before mom had them get two next to each other. It was Ellie on top of mom with Kiko on top of Verna. I loved the way I could see their eyes while loving them. Mom kept motioning with her eyes at Ellie who was so enjoying the way we were making love as mom fondled Ellie's nipples.

I was close as I gave mom a few thrust making her squirt on my cock before I replaced my cock back in Ellie. I raised Ellie's legs up and spread them while pounding her pussy. It was at that moment I came deep into her. " OH HEATHHHH.OH SHITTTT.WE LOVE YOUUUU!" Ellie yelled moaning as I erupted deep into her Verna and Kiko positioned themselves to only spoon to each other. Verna was behind Kiko who had her left leg up in the air as Verna did as the rubbed each other off to climax.

We all caught our breathes before I was motioned to lay between Ellie and Kiko. We all talked about what we felt. I just came out telling them to talk with my wives and loves, and not to hide how they felt.

They all three nod to my suggestion. Before they leave each give mom and I a kiss. I watch them leave looking at their sexy asses. Once they are out the door mom straddles me looking down at me.

" What are you thinking darling?" She asks as I place my hands on her thighs " Well I never thought I would have this affect on all of you. I mean how can one man please so many?" I say asking seeing a sincere look in her eyes " Well honey the best way is your heart.

Heath it's not all about sex baby. I love you for so many reasons. Your my son I gave birth to. I know it's wrong for me to love you like this, but I can't help it. Your smart, caring, passionate, and loving.

When we first made love it was so warming and still is. If I could have kids I would love to have yours, but I can't. I can only give you my love and heart. Heath you have a quality that makes us women want you it's called understanding. I should of left with you baby as I was in hell. I missed you everyday wishing you were home. Every time Tyrone took me a bit of me left my heart, but when I had that dream your father gave me hope.

I looked for you that night and when I did I made plans to come out here. That was the best thing I did as I got my baby back. Look life is filled with uncertainties, but I know that I certainly want this. Baby I know you probably don't want to hear this, but if I die I want it with me in your arms.

I want to know that I died with the best thing that entered my life holding me in his arms." Mom tells me as we both cry " Mom please don't talk like that. I don't ever want to lose you again." I say as mom lays down on me " Baby want ever happens I will always be with you. I will never leave you as your my son, best friend, companion, and lover. I am so in love with you that it hurts.

I know we can't be husband and wife, but I will take you how ever I can have you. You are my man now also. I know how Ellie, Verna, and Kiko feel as I feel the same. In my heart you are my husband. I only love two men like that your father and you. I just hope Greg isn't mad at me." Mom says while i hold her " Mom I doubt dad is mad. I think he sees this as a woman loving a man she loves. I know he wants us happy, and if this is the way then let it be." I say seeing her smile " I agree baby so what do you want to do my loving darling?" She asks as I move my hands to her ass cheeks " No Maggie what do you want to do is the question?" I ask seeing her eyes sparkle " Be with you as if this was our honeymoon.

Make love to you with all my heart. And imagine you giving me a baby." She tells me with a warm smile " I love you Mom." I say seeing her smile " I love you baby.

Your getting hard honey." She says with a grin " For you beautiful." I say grinning back It was at that moment she reached between us lining me up before going back impaling herself on my shaft with a grunt. We made love for the rest of the night with no one bothering us. For two hours we talked and made love.

She spoke her heart as I did mine until she laid down on my left side after pulling the cover up to our hips. She laid half on me with her hand on my chest and her leg against my crotch. I slept that night holding my beautiful mother in my left arm. I was in love with her and guess I have been from that first moment in Disney.

It's weird at what life will throw at a person, but as I slept that night all I could say I wouldn't change a damn thing in mine. The next morning I woke to feeling movement. I opened my eyes to see my mother sitting up with the cover over her breast staring towards the foot of the bed. I followed her gaze to see my oldest brother standing there just looking at us both.

" Travis we can explain." My mother says as I see Travis shaking his head " No need mom I sort of figured out a few things the past few months." He says getting our attention " have?" I ask getting a nod and a grin " Yep, I may not be as intelligent as you are Champ, but I'm not completely blind. I have seen how you look at mom and the way she looks at you. Plus the way the moms act all loving and touching at times when no one is watching." Travis states getting slow nods before continuing " So when did this all start?" He takes a seat at the foot of the bed sipping on his coffee while mom looks at me getting a nod.

She lets out a sigh before looking up at her first born son. " Since Disney hun I asked the girls if they would let me sleep with your brother. I told them I wanted him to give me a lasting memory of how it feels to be with a gentle and kind man instead of one with me getting raped by a unloving monster." Mom states with sadness in her last comment " Wait.Tyrone raped you mom?' He asks wide eyed and concerned getting a nod from her " Yes hun every night he would make me get on all fours like a dog.

He would force his dick in my ass. He would violate me trying in his own way to break me." Our mom explains as tears come to her eyes I sit up to comfort her before seeing my brother look down with wide eyes. " I.I never knew. I guess I was so strung up making you hate Heath and Heath hate you that I never saw that bastard hurt you. Damn I was so stupid." He says looking up at us before a small smile comes to his face just to add. " So are you happy mom?" " Yes honey I am happy now.

Your brother is the most caring, compassionate, and loving person to me." Mom answers as Travis looks at me " And you Champ are you happy the way things have um turned out?" He asks only to get a nod before he continued " Well in my book that is all that counts. Just don't flaunt and show the touchy feely stuff in front of the others until that you know if they accept you guys or not. Just know if you get knocked up I am not claiming the baby as my sibling or nephew or niece." Once those words leave his mouth.

My mother moves quickly to him giving a slap across his face. " Listen here young man if Heath could get me pregnant you would accept the baby. I love you Travis with all I am as your mother, but that hurt honey as I can't have babies." She says coming back to my side covering herself back up again " I'm sorry mom I shouldn't of said that.wait what do you mean you can't?" He says looking at mom concerned " Well Tyrone damaged my ability to have a baby.

He hurt me so bad that it's not repairable. I am just lucky my um vagina healed liked it did." Mom exclaims blushing while I saw hate in Travis's eyes " That bastard if he was alive I would kick his ass. Champ you better not ever hurt our mother you hear me. So help me god if you do I will hurt you." He tells me with deep concern for our mother " Bubby I would never hurt mom and you know that.

I am not the one that kept her away from me all those years." I say noticing what I said before I added " I am so sorry Bubby I said that." " No Champ I deserved it, and I know you wouldn't hurt mom. I guess this new information just got to me." He says getting nods " How do you think I felt when she told me and the girls.

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I wanted to rip his head of. Came close until Jaime stepped in the little fucker." I say getting a laugh from the two of them " So you ok with your brother and I Travis? I don't want us to lose you son." Mom asks with worry in her voice He looks at us both before showing a smile. " Yeah as I know neither of you will hurt the other.

All those years apart you seemed distant anyway. Then when you found where Champ was it was like a whole new you. Mom I love you and I know if Kaye and I were to get on our own you would be in safe hands. The funny thing is I think dad tried to tell me one time in a dream." My Bubby states peaking my curiosity " Oh and what did he say?' I ask being intrigued " He told me never judge my mother or you.

He said mom needed to be happy with the right man that her heart chose. I guess he was right." He answers getting us to smile before he continued on " So what about the other moms?" " Well honey they have also been with Heath.

Matter of fact Faye, Jackie, Tessa, and I are well with Heath and your sisters. We are in love with him and them. I just hope you won't leave because of this." Mom answers as he shakes his head " No mom I am not leaving. Someone has to watch this families back as it has so many secrets that strangers would look down on. I just want nothing hidden as we are family as Champ says." Travis exclaims getting nods " Your godmoms fuck him too." Mom says blurting out getting a chuckle " I should of known although I had my suspicion last night after Heath went to bed.

Those three gave the godfathers a kiss only to go up the stairs giggling like schoolgirls when their bedrooms are on the bottom floor." He says getting me to shake my head " Guess I need to tell them to be more discreet." Mom says giggling as Bubby and I chuckle " Yeah as I would hate to see Chris and Champ duke it out." My brother says as I agree " True so is breakfast ready?" Mom asks as bubby stands up quick " Oh shit I knew I came up to tell you something.

Yeah it's ready so go take a shower for you both smell like sex." He says making us all laugh " Come give me a hug honey." Mom says as he comes around to give her a hug before she adds " I love you Travis." " I love you and my Champ too mom." He says breaking the hug as to not spill his coffee He starts for the door before he stops. He turns his head with his free hand on the doorknob. " Oh mom if you could have Champ's kid I am sure it would be a little girl and she would be as beautiful as you with his eyes." He says with a smile before opening the door leaving shutting it behind him " Awww that was so sweet of him." Mom says cuddling up in my arms " Yes it was mom so you feeling ok?" I state asking her concerned " Yes baby more then ever.

Just so happy to be in your arms my love." She states answering me " Good so what does my beautiful Maggie want to do?" I ask feeling her move out of my arms " Well baby I think we need to get a shower as your cum leaked out and is dry on my inner thighs and in my pussy hair. And I want you to masturbate me in the shower like you did yesterday.

I love when you play with my kitty." She says on all fours facing me with her breast dangling " Are you ever satisfied beautiful?' I ask with a chuckle as she giggles " Yes baby I am, but we didn't get to make love so I need my baby to play with my pussy while I play with his beautiful dick." She says before leaning in to kiss my lips After the kiss we get up holding hands walking to the bathroom.

She lets go of my hand to turn on the water. While bent over I step up behind her and start to slowly rub her swollen lips. I get a moan. She raises up stepping back against me. I feel her hands wrap around my neck as I reach in front placing my hands between her legs that she spreads a bit apart. " Yes baby play with what's yours. Mmm that feels so good." She tells me as I pinch her erect clit The bathroom starts to steam up as she breaks my massage stepping in the shower.

I step in after seeing her place her hands on the wall with her ass to me. Mom turns to look at me with a smile sway her sexy firm ass at me. " Just fuck me baby I need you in me and cum deep." She says as I slowly stroke my manhood placing the head at her entrance I just found out mom like shower sex.

So I slid in with one thrust getting her to moan. It's a erotic moment between us both as I fuck her getting her to that point of arousal that makes her cum in 5 minutes. I didn't last as I came with her. After I pulled out mom turned around stroking me getting on her knees in the shower to clean my shaft with her mouth. After she was satisfied she turned the shower on to start washing me as I washed her.

" Baby I want this to be our routine for now on. I want to always shower with you." She tells me as I wash her hair " What about the others darlin?" I ask seeing her smile " Well this shower is big enough for four so they can join. Just need to make the shower at the new home a big one just like the bed room." She says making a good point After our shower, dried, and dressed mom and I made our way down to the kitchen.

The family were already sat in their places. The godmoms gave us both a smile as mom and I sat in our spots. Only mom sat on my right. We all talked about the day. Michelle said she had a doctors appointment that she had to go to, and she would be by the hospital after. Adam said he was going with her so they could see how the baby was doing.

I smiled telling them ok and no problem. The kids kept asking when were we leaving as they wanted to see their mommies and the babies. I just chuckled saying soon as we needed to eat. Mom had her left hand on my knee as trying to keep some physical contact to me. I just smiled after taking bites of my food. Kaye kept looking at mom and I with a grin as I guess Travis told her about seeing mom and I in bed together.

I shrugged the thought away as I knew something else was on my mind meaning the godmoms. What they said last night got me to thinking were they serious, or were they just saying words to get in my boxers. I guess I would find out later if they talk to my wives and loves. After breakfast and making our way to the hospital. I gave all my ladies a kiss. My wives and loves laughed as the moms attacked me kissing me as if I have been gone for ever.

After all the kissing was over I stood between Jasmine and Hannah's beds. Each was breast feeding at that moment. I just chuckled knowing they were both struggling not to moan. " So how are my daughters and loves today?" Mom asks getting smiles " Good momma we had a long talk last night and are very happy. We want this also with you and the moms. It's like coming closer between mother and daughter, but with all the love making in between." Jasmine says with a smile " It's not all about the sex baby.

It's the connection between us all. I love our man with all my heart, but there are times I just want to talk and hold him." Mom states getting nods " We know momma as we want that also.

We even came up with a few ideas." Tiffany says getting mom's and my interest up " Oh and what are these ideas?" I ask getting grins " Well baby once we are out of here and healed we want to go on a two week vacation.

Just you and all of us that are your women. Jackie told us of a exotic resort that is by the beach. We can go topless there." Jasmine explains getting a few giggles " Really? We can go nude on the beach with our man?" Mom asks getting a few shook heads " Actually topless as Heath and each other only see our hairy cunts." Jackie says getting nods " True I don't think I could handle another guy staring at what is our baby's.

So what else did you think up." Mom states asking getting a few looks " Well we want to go on dates all of us. Like go out to eat, go see a movie, then go to a hotel and have our own orgy with Heath in the middle sharing him until the sun rises." Diamond says making me blush " So basically the romance and the love?" Mom asks getting smiles and nods before continuing " I can understand that as I want the same." " Sweet this is going to be so cool." Faye says going to mom giving her a kiss before adding " I missed you baby." " I missed you to sweetie.

I made our man cum so good last night." Mom says getting laughter " Mmmm is it still inside you darling?" Tessa asks getting a smile " The fresh one is from the shower." Mom says giggling as everyone looks at me " What did I do now?" I asks seeing smiles " Nothing bad baby just when we get home and healed your going t have to take us in the shower." Diamond says grinning at me " I can do that darlin." I say seeing her smile with eyes sparkling " Come here baby and hold me." Diamond says as I move over to her She has me sit on the bed before she places her back against me.

I wrap my arms around her hearing her sigh. " Now I am in heaven." She says getting awes We all talk about our new life together as the moms pick a daughter and hold them.

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Faye is with Jasmine, Jackie is with Tiffany, Tessa is holding Hannah as they breast feed. Renee, Jessie, and Allison hold one another sitting in a chair with Jessie and Allison in Renee's lap. It's a calming and loving moment that we enjoy. It's about 10 minutes later around 10:20 in the morning that the godmoms come in. I see their faces show nervousness. " Girls can we talk?" Momma Verna asks getting concerned looks " Of course momma what's wrong?" Tiffany asks with deep concern in her tone " Well baby girl we need to tell you all something that we can't hide any more." Verna says looking at her daughter then to the others " Oh did we do something wrong?" Diamond asks as feeling something bad happened " No hun but Heath has." Kiko says getting wide eyes from my ladies " What did he do?" Hannah asks looking at me oddly " Loving us." Momma Ellie says catching all my ladies off guard again " What do you mean?

We thought you loved him and his love? What are you trying to pull now?" Diamond asks sounding mad " Nothing Diamond honest, crap our words are not coming out right." Verna says being defensive all the sudden " Well just spit it out as Diamond looks like she wants to whoop some ass." Jasmine says looking over at Diamond and I All three godmoms look at each other then at the moms that are holding their daughters and lovers.

" We.we are in love with Heath just as you all are." Momma Ellie states getting dropped jaws " Wait.give me a second. You three are in love with Heath? What about your husbands?" Hannah says asking those she calls mom " We feel the same for them, but with Heath we feel young again.

We know this is all fucked up, but our hearts ache to be with him and you all. Were sorry for bringing this up, but we can't hide it any longer." Momma Ellie exclaims as Diamond cuddles more into me " Momma Ellie I guess we can understand as we went through this with the mothers here, but what is it you are wanting as were not giving up our man." Diamond says making her point " Oh no, no we know that Diamond baby.

We just well want to ask if we can be a part of what you all have.


We want Heath to be like our second husband as we won't have to deal with headaches or the occasional early morning meeting. We just feel in our hearts Heath is a second husband." Momma Verna says getting some looks that I can't read " What does the godfathers think of this or have you told them yet?' Tiffany asks being concerned for her father, Nate, and Mike " Well they understand and accept that we want Heath also. They know we love them just as we love Heath." Momma Kiko says as Diamond turns to look up at me " Baby sorry to ask this but can you let us talk.

Maybe you need to have a talk with the godfathers as well." My shining Diamond tells me asking as I nod I give her a kiss before getting up helping her to lay back. I make my way out not saying anything. I make my way over to the family seeing my daughters coloring as my sons and lil Heath playing with soldier figures. My brothers and sisters all talk with Uncle William and Ron along with Aunts Debra, Gina, and Tracey. I step over to my godfathers telling them we had to talk. They suggest somewhere private in which we go making our way out of the hospital.

Once in a more private spot papa Mike looks at me with a grin. " So they finally came out and asked your women did they?" He asks getting a nod " So why are we standing out here then?" Papa Nate asks also with a grin " Wait you all three ok with what they want?" I ask getting laughs from all three of them " Of course son why wouldn't we be. Look you try pleasing a woman that is unstatiable when you have to get up for early morning conference calls until wee hours in the morning." Mike tells me rolling his eyes " Or when you so worn out from technicians goofing up some computer you have to straighten out." Nate says shaking his head " Or the all favorite one getting a early wake up call about someone did what after a night of pleasure.

Hell son we have to say we have headaches just to get sleep. Why do you think we didn't mind them having a threesome with each other." Papa Ricky tells me getting nods " So what your saying is you like getting the peace when they are in bed with me?" I ask again getting nods with smiles " Yep we are son as your the only one we trust.

Look we know things have been weird and all, but you make them feel young and wanted. Not saying they weren't wanted before it's just with you they can explore their being young again." Papa Mike says to me explaining " Yep as you can fuck and fuck and fuck all night long kinda like an energizer of sex.

A fuckigizer bunny if you will." Papa Ricky says getting chuckles " Wait I am not the energizer bunny of sex papa Ricky." I say seeing him smile " I know my boy, but you are a love bug to them. Heath we respect you and all have taken you in as our son.

That is why we don't mind you being with our wives as their second husband. The only reason we don't share between us is that we don't like hearing our wives moan on the others dick. We tried that once it wasn't pretty." Papa Ricky tells me as the others shook their heads " Wow so them calling me a 2nd husband isn't going to make you all mad?" I ask getting nos from each of them " Nope as long as you don't hurt them son as they really love you.

April Fool's day made them realize that I guess. We had a long talk with them as their feelings came out. Heath we just ask that you love them in return and make them equal as you treat the others as equals." Papa Mike says getting a nod from me We made our way back in joking about this and that.

Once I was back in the room Momma Ellie, Verna, and Kiko come to me making me lean over to kiss me each. My ladies laugh as I break the kisses. " So I take it you all talked?' I ask getting nods " Yes my love we have." Jasmine tells me while I notice them all nod " And?" I ask getting giggles " And if the godfathers are ok with it they can join your harem." Diamond says giving me a smirk " Harem what the?" I ask while hearing them all laugh " Well baby you have to admit 14 women is considered a harem.

Just we love you in every way." Mom tells me holding Allison " Well can't be any worse then papa Ricky calling me the fuckigizer bunny." I say getting moans " Your our fuckigizer bunny baby." Tiffany says with a big smile " So what happens now?" I ask feeling a hand on my crotch " Tonight we make this new loving relationship sealed darling." Kiko says rubbing me through my jeans " Ok um aren't you all suppose to get out today?" I ask getting shook heads " No baby one more night in here.

We're sorry baby but you will have your new wives to love." Diamond tells me as I look around " Wait new wives how?" I ask as Renee comes to walk past the godmoms She jumps up into my arms with my hands on her ass feeling her legs lock around me. " Well baby it's like this. The moms and godmoms took you as a husband in their hearts and souls.

Like the rest of us did once you sunk that beautiful cock in us. So no more moms or godmoms. They will always be mothers, but now they are your wives also. So tonight when you take them think of them as such. We all love you my darling love. So tonight sperm them all as I want them marked deeply." Renee tells me getting wide eyes " Um Renee you changing on me?' I ask getting a giggle " No baby just horny and I need you in me, but I am horny an the thought of you marking your territory sounds so kinky." She tells me answering looking down before looking back up with a smile adding " Your hard baby.

Does the thought arouse you cumming in our older women?" " Um yeah and your ass in my hands." I say getting a smirk " Well guess my ass needs attention." Renee says showing a smile " Um not here darlin." I say getting laughs " Aww why not baby there is a bathroom." Diamond tells me as I shake my head chuckling I gave Renee a deep passionate kiss with everyone watching.

Renee let out a moan as our tongue kissed one another. It was at that time the door opened as we heard some childish giggling. " Ewww daddy and mommy Renee." I heard Karen say as we broke our kiss Not far from us was the kids all giggling to the scene. I put Renee down as she went after our kids. It was funny see the kids scatter trying to get away from my wild biker chick well one of them. After the kids got caught by a few of the ladies. The day went by with family coming in and visiting.

Adam and Michelle showed up saying the babies were fine. We all looked at them before I went to pick up my Shellie telling her congrats as she was giving me nephews or nieces or both.

Like the day before the godfathers bring in food so we all eat as family. Serena again sit's in my lap smiling to Jack joking around to get smacked in the head by Sierra and Mandy.

That night after I took a much needed shower from all the arousal I was given without the family seeing. I went to bed around 9:30 as I was emotionally drained. About 10 minutes later the new loves of my life all walked in. I noticed their sleeping attire. Mom, Faye, Jackie, and Tessa wore baby doll outfits as Ellie, Verna, and Kiko wore see through french teddies.

Each one looked beautiful with their hair down. Mom and Ellie came to me first giving me kisses before letting the others get a chance also. Tessa was last as she straddled my lap. She smiled down looking in my eyes. " Heath our love tonight we in our hearts become your wives. Tonight we vow ourselves in every way to you.

You will be the only man to love us in every way except for Ellie, Verna, and Kiko's situation, but you get the point. Heath we your milf loves." Tessa says getting giggles before continuing " Give you all that we are. We tonight will pleasure you as our husband." After her words were said Tessa leaned down laying on me to give me a deep passionate kiss. I wrapped my arms around her pulling her close to me.

That night they all did pleasure me as I did them. Each one by the time we went to bed around 2 in the morning had my sperm deep in their wombs. Mom and Ellie were on either side of me in my arms. Tessa laid on top of me while Verna and Kiko were spooned up behind mom while Faye and Jackie were behind Ellie. I slept wonderful with a dream that speaked volumes. The rest of April went with hardly any events going on. Easter was fun as the women in my family made easter eggs for the kids.

Us guys hid them on the beach each of us with 20 eggs. Adam, Jack, Travis, Chris, Justin, Nicky, and I spent the morning hidding the eggs for the kids. Once hidden we let the kids go as they each had their own baskets. Serena had me hunt with her in which I couldn't deny her. I felt like a father to her as I did Lindsey. It was a fun day regardless as I spent it with my family and wives. Once my four beautiful wives Jasmine, Diamond, Hannah, and Tiffany were healed enough we started Friday nights as date night.

It was interesting taking three cars just to go on a date with fourteen women. Papa Mike suggested a limo as it would be more romantic.

I was surprised my godfathers were helping me in every way, but again they wanted their wives happy as I did mine. The date nights after that were more interesting, but I was glad it was a women limo driver because if a guy stopped to ask for some of my ladies I think he would not walk right as I would of broken his legs. The hotel staff started to get use to us seeing one man and fourteen women walk in together.

I had one man ask if I was running a escort service. I told him no as all fourteen were with me. A couple asked how do we make the time to be with each other. Diamond answered saying we all just make the time by sleeping in the same room. They said to never stop what we were doing as we all glowed. It was the 1st day of may that Nick and the other family members showed up. They wanted to be here for when Sierra and Mandy had their babies.

Savannah, Megan, and Nick brought Karen a biker outfit. Leather jeans, and jacket with a helmet. The whole outfit was pink in color with the helmet saying June bug. Nick always called her his little June bug not long after taking her in as a granddaughter. Karen was excited asking if he would give her a ride on his bike. He chuckled telling her no pink on my trike.

She was hurt until he picked her up saying she would have to ask her grammie Vannah as she usually takes the seat behind him. Karen asked Savannah who just nodded making my daughter yell ' Yay' before asking to be put down as she ran to get dressed.

That day Nick, Justin, Renee, Jessie, Caleb, Jax, E.P. and Simon gave the kids all a ride as the kids had helmets already. It was just Karen was given a matching outfit. They only rode around a few blocks letting the kids have some fun.

As the next days went by Karen hug around Nick as did Lindsey and the boys. Serena would come over to play, but noticed Karen and Lindsey were hanging on Nick. Serena came to me asking if I could hold her in which I nodded. I knew she was sad, but as always I got her to cheer up by tickling her to only hear ' Stop daddy Heath'.

I loved her as my own daughter as Ron and all the other men in the family did mine. It was on this day a Thursday that we all got a surprised around 2 o'clock in the afternoon Sierra and Mandy's water broke.

We rushed around to get everyone calm before Jack helped Sierra out to the SUV as Nicky helped Mandy out. It was like a convoy cars and bikes making their way to the hospital. Jack was between his ladies while I drove with Tessa in the passenger seat. She was trying to help Jack keep the girls focused to keep their breathing in check.

Once in the parking lot I pulled up to the doors. I honked the horn before going in to get help. As everyone else was finding a place to park. Sierra and Mandy was taken inside in wheel chairs. Jack followed as he had to fill out the paperwork. My wives and loves came to me they were proud of me getting their sisters and daughters here which the moms and godmoms spoke saying. It was a very waiting time as Jack, Savannah, Megan, Renee, Jessie, and Tessa were in the room.

Shelby, Lisa, Sasha, and Lucy would go in to visit from time to time just to make sure how much longer it would take. Ron, Gina, Tracey, William, and Debra showed up as Serena ran to them saying ' Babies are coming again'.

That got us all laughing as a month ago we were here waiting for my seven to be born. I tried to comfort Jack when he came out to get a break. When I start to talk to him Nick pulls Jack to the side to talk as they start to bond a little more.

I just shrug while sitting back down holding my coffee in my hands. Travis and Kaye stayed home with the month old babies as he insisted and Kaye agreed. I was so glad they took the kids in as their own also. It was a long evening at at 9 o'clock that night Sierra and Mandy gave birth to two little girls.

Dakotanne Copeland by Mandy while Sierra had Thomina Copeland. I chuckle hearing Jack yell ' I'm a daddy, I'm a daddy'. I wait until about a hour before going to see my nieces. I smile seeing they look like their mothers and a little like their father. Tessa came giving me a hug thanking me for taking in her baby girls into my family. I told her welcome as she looked around before having me lean over giving me a kiss.

It wasn't a long one before we broke the kiss. We went back to looking at the babies and the tired mothers of the two. That night Tessa stayed the night as did Renee and Jessie which I understood. It was a long day as I drove my wives and loves home so our other family members could spend time with Sierra, Mandyand the grandkids.

That night as I held mom on my right and Diamond on my left in bed I thought of Tessa hoping she was thinking of us at that moment. The next few days went by as it's Sunday in which Sierra and Mandy was able to come home. They had the babies sleep in their room so they could watch them. Karen and the kids would help as they did with their sisters and brothers. It was around three o'clock in the afternoon that I was on the couch with Jasmine on my left and Tessa on my right.

Both had their hands on my thighs with my arms up in the back of the couch. Nick was sitting in my chair as everyone talked on the coming mother's day.

Savannah and Megan are on the floor holding their granddaughters Dakotanne and Thomina while the kids are holding one of their siblings each. I kept seeing Nick look over at Tessa and I out of the corner of my right eye. I don't know what he was thinking about, but I felt uneasy for some reason.

It's at that moment he gets up looking at me. " Heath can we have a chat out back." Nick asks to only get a nod " Sure bro." I say getting up to follow Justin quickly comes over to step in front of Nick. " Bro can I talk to you for a moment?" He asks to get a shook head " No I want to talk with Heath.

We will be back in soon don't worry baby brother." Nick says patting Justin's left shoulder Justin moves to the side as Nick opens the back sliding door.

I step out before he shuts it. He starts walking having me follow him until we get to the end of the back yard by the gate. " So how you been brother?" He asks is a almost sarcastic tone " Good, good taking care of family making sure the babies are taken care of. What about you?" I answer feeling that uneasiness again " Oh I been good, but something was brought to my attention not long ago.

And the way you say about taking care of family makes me wonder." He says making me confused " Nick I don't know what your talking about your confusing me." I say as he looks at me intently " Oh I don't think you are Heath.

I see how my mother was sitting by you. Her hand on your thigh just as she would my father. So Heath is there something that I don't know you need to tell me?" Nick asks with his right hand clinching into a fist I look at him sternly not know what to say until he shakes his head and that is when it happens.

He sucker punches me hard making me stumble backward a few steps. I feel the next hit to my stomach. My mind is racing as the man I considered a brother is hitting me. Next thing I know I am on my back hitting the ground hard. I shake my head trying to get my bearings until I feel pressure on my stomach.

I look up to see Nick looking pissed into my eyes. " YOU MOTHFUCKER! HOW DARE YOU SLEEP WITH MY MOM! AND BESIDES THAT SLEEPING WITH WOMEN YOU CALL MOTHERS! I SHOULD TAKE MY GUN OUT AND SHOOT YOUR FUCKING ASS!" He yells telling me with anger He starts punching my face as I try to bring my arms up to protect myself. He doesn't let up until I get a idea in my head.

I shift my weight getting him off me. Once he is off I quickly get up grabbing his head. I put my right bicep under his throat as I pull on my right hand with my left. I try to put him to sleep while he is on his knees.

I look toward the house seeing all the family look in horror. My brothers, godfathers, and brother-in-laws come out as Nick goes limp. I let him go as he is knocked out. I back up to catch my breath as Adam and Jack come to check on me. Savannah, Megan, my wives and Tessa come out to see what is going on.

Caleb goes over to get some of the swimming pool water to wake Nick up by splashing it on his brother's face. Nick wakes up as the kids come rushing out.

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Karen being like her dad gets between Nick and I as he is helped up. " Nick what was all that about?" Savannah asks getting a huff from him " You know what it's about?" He says before I step past Karen to get shoved back by him as he continues " Don't touch me you disgust me." My eyes go wide as Karen steps up to him.

" Grampie Nick what's wrong?" She says tugging on his jeans He shrugs her hand off before answering back. " I'm not your grandpa. Savannah and Megan are not your grandmothers. Your family are so sick in their heads. I feel sorry for those bastard babies being born into a sick family and the poor bastards and whores that will be born in the future.

Come on Savannah and Megan we're leaving." Nick says causing Karen to cry as does my other kids I am standing there in aww as he hurt my kids. I feel my anger build as he walks quickly. Adam, Chris, Travis, and Jack go to my kids as I move past them. Nick gets in the house as I am followed by Tessa, Savannah, Megan, Caleb, Simon, Justin, and Nicky. Once I get through the back door I see the jacket he gave me.

I pick it up off my chair as those I think as family come in past me. He turns at the foyer seeing them not moving as they all hear a ripping noise. They turn just to see me throw the piece of shit jacket at him. " HOW DARE YOU HURT MY KIDS THAT LOVE YOU! AND AS FOR THIS PIECE OF SHIT YOU CAN HAVE IT BACK AS IT DISGUSTS ME NOW GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE AND LIFE YOU PIECE OF SHIT THAT THINKS HE IS BETTER THEN ME!" I say before turning and hitting the back sliding door shattering the glass making every one look in shock " HEATH!" I hear Diamond say as she runs to me " Stay back there is glass every where.

I am alright Diamond just a piece of shit hurt our kids. I am going upstairs to wash my hand. By the time I get back he better be gone." I say stepping through glass only to make my way up the stairs Once up in the main bathroom I run warm water in the sink. I place my right hand up the water to wash the blood off.

I can't believe Nick would do all this. I know he loves his mother, but what she does is none of his business. As I stand there I hear footsteps come in the bedroom. I look towards the bathroom door to see my mother standing there. She comes over with the first aid kit in hand. Once to me she tells me to sit on the toilet seat. I do as asked before she opens the kit to do first aid.

I don't say anything as I let her be a mother at that moment. She starts humming a tune she use to when I was little. It starts soothing me until she is done. Mom steps to sit in my lap placing her arms around me. I wrap my arms around her feeling her head on my left shoulder. " I remember when you climbed that tree when you were ten. You slipped and went down with your stomach getting scrapped bad. I spent everyday doctoring your boo boo." She tells me with a sigh " Yeah I remember that it hurt to sleep on my belly, but what does that have to do with anything that happened earlier?" I ask getting a giggles " I am getting at Tessa will always be Nick's mother, but she is happy with you as I am.

I will always be your mother baby, but I wouldn't stop what we are doing now. If he can't accept us then he can stay away. Tessa threw the Mother's bracelet Nick got her last year at him. She told him what she does is her business not his." My mother tells me as I nod We talk a bit more before she hears Jasmine asking for help as the babies have all went and pooped at the same time in their diapers.

I laugh as my month old babies are even telling me it's a shitty day. I make my way to the bedroom to change into a pair of shorts and muscle shirt. I think of what I can to calm myself down. I smile deciding to go down to the beach. I give my wives and loves a kiss stopping in the girls room then going across the hall the the boys room to kiss the others. Tessa gives me a deeper kiss saying she loved me no matter who denied us.

I just nod leaving to get some time alone. I didn't see Nick, Justin, or Nicky, but I did see Savannah and Megan holding my nieces. They asked if I was ok in which I nodded telling them just spend time with the little ones. I walked to the back sliding door well what's left of it. All the glass is gone of the floor in and outside. I stepped out seeing Batman, Wiggles, and Sprinkles all laying out in the sun.

" Where were you three earlier?" I ask chuckling as Batty looks at me confused before licking his dick in which I think I just got my answer I made my way down to the beach feeling the wind flow through my long hair.

I haven't cut it in a year almost. My wives and ladies love running their fingers through it. Once down in my normal spot I sit with my legs out and hands back in the sand looking out at the waves.

I think of Nick going way out of bounds starting a fight with me, making my kids cry, and then says he feels bad about my kids being born.

I shake my head thinking he needs to just forget about coming back. It's about 10 minutes later that I have my eyes closed when I hear a voice. " Hey man are those women in the house yours?" The man's voice says asking as I open my eyes to see 6 men standing in front of me " Well 14 of them are what's it to you?" I ask not moving seeing them grin " We are just wondering man as we are having a party. We want to hire them for a few days." The man on the far right says making out my ladies are whores All six are tall standing 6'2 to 6'4 around their mid 30's about 225 to 245 lbs.

I get up to stand eye to eye to them.

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" Well I hate to tell you but my ladies are not whores, and can't be paid for." I say as a few of them start moving to surround me " We aren't asking man were telling you. We don't care if their your wives we want a party. We can easily take you out and bust in and fuck them without anyone knowing." The main guy says with a smirk I clinch my fist shaking my head.

" Well again I hate to spoil your fun, but my wives are not for sale or touching a hair on you six limp dicks." I say looking up sternly with my eyes glaring at those in front of me " Well guess we do this the hard way." The 6'4 huge guy says before I feel a hit to the the middle of my back before going forward to feel a fist against my face ================================================================== Travis's POV: I am sitting in my brother's chair with Kaye on the left arm as we listen to Nick talking things out to Tessa.

He left with Justin, Nicky, Caleb, Jax, E.P. and Simon for a ride to cool off. When he got back that was when all hell broke loose with Tessa slapping Nick before Savannah and Megan along with Shelby, Sasha, Lisa, and Lucy calmed her down. Since then they have been talking things out since it has been almost a hour since Nick and Heath fought.

As we all sat and listened I heard someone running upstairs yelling as Karen makes her way to the stairs crying. I turned to see her eyes show fear as she came running down. " SOMEONE SAVE DADDY,SAVE MY DADDY PLEASE!" She yells as I get up going to her getting to one knee " What do you mean baby girl?' I ask seeing fear in her eyes " Their killing daddy the bad men on the beach." She says as I turn to see Nick and the guys making their way past me and the women " Karen I want you and your siblings to go back up and watch the babies." I say after turning back to her " But daddy needs help." She says through tears as I shake my head " We will help him just go up and protect your siblings." I say as Kaye comes over " Go baby I will stay." Kaye says as I nod making my way out the back I run as fast as I can out to the back.

Once I get to the back I see the back gate off it's hinges. I look down to see six men one of them is holding my Champ's head as if he is going to break it. I shake my head running down to the beach.

I see Nick and the others with weapons drawn on the six assholes. I get close as Chris grabs my left arm. " LET ME GO THAT'S MY BROTHER!" I yell as he slaps me " And ours Travis calm the fuck down. Nick and them are getting it under control." He tells me as I see Adam and Jack nodding I look to see my sister in laws, mothers, and sisters all standing there worried.

I shrug Chris's hand while going closer making my way to stand between Nick and Caleb. " Hand them over or you can say goodbye to this fucker." The big fucker says with a hint of authority " Not going to happen man.

You let my baby brother go or my brothers and son take out your five buddies then I will take you out." Nick says surprising me calling Heath baby brother " You wouldn't as I will snap this stupid idiot's neck." He says as I clinch my fist " Try me, guys you got a good aim?" Nick asks getting nods " Yep I could make that shorter one sing a high key right now." Nicky says as the man gulps " Now look we just want those whores behind you.

We will bring them back in a few days." The main fucker says before I see a red dot on his crotch I turn to look and see William on the hill by Gina's with a high powered rifle.

I bump Nick in the ribs motioning to the hill. He turns to look real quick before showing a grin. He turns to the guy who looks confused. " Why are you grinning?" He asks as I see Heath barely breathing " Because if you don't let my baby brother go my friend on the hill is going to shoot your nuts off and he never misses," Nick says as the guy looks down He has 6 guns on him and a rifle.

He looks at his buddies who nod looking worried. He looks at the women behind us then up at the hill before letting Heath go. Heath just falls into the sand jerking as I run and spear the fucker. I start pounding his face four to five times before I am pulled off him. I look to see Adam and Jack have grabbed me. I then see the other grab is of the fuckers. I see William and the sheriff come down. " Let me go." I say getting let go I turn to see papa Mike move heath on his back.

" SOMEONE CALL FOR A AMBULANCE! HE IS GASPING FOR AIR!" He yells as I see Sasha, Lucy, and Shelby coming over " Get back Mike let us try and keep him alive." Shelby says as he does before she continues " Ok girls tell me what we have." " His ribs feel broke he might have a punctured lung." Lucy says making those around worried " His nose is broke and a busted lip.

His stomach is badly bruised might have internal bleeding." Sasha says as my sister in laws, mothers, and sisters come over " HEATH BABY DON'T DIE ON ME.ON US!" Tessa yells with tears in her eyes I turn to see the sheriff and William handcuffing the six men with deputies running down. I go over to the main guy passing Nick and them. I get in his face before I speak. " IF MY BROTHER DIES I WILL MAKE YOU PAY! I WILL FIND YOUR MOTHER AND MAKE HER WISH YOU WERE NEVER BORN!" I say seeing fear in his eyes " Sheriff he can't do anything to us can he?' The man on the right asks " Well son the man you beat up is like a son to me so I wouldn't worry about him, but more about me if Heath should die." The Sheriff says making all six look in fear Nick told me to go comfort our mothers.

I gave him a look to see his eyes showed hurt and sadness. I just nodded turning to see paramedics running quick with medical cases. They reached Heath having everyone move. I went over to Mom and Tessa who were holding one another.

I got between them as they held onto my arms crying. The paramedics were surprised to see Sasha and Lucy were RN's as Shelby was a vetanarian but she told them she had started to become a doctor, but decided she wanted to help animals more.

They all helped to get Heath ready for transport. " he going to be ok?" Mom asked with tears falling " It's to early to know we have to get him to the hospital." The tall paramedic says while working on my Champ " Oh god please help our baby live.

He can't die not yet.not ever." Tessa says as I look over to see Nick turn his head to the ocean. I looked intently to see a single tear slide down his right cheek. " To Be Continued.All the mothers have filled Heath's heart with love, will he survive as six men fear for their lives