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Rosa Elvira collage de fotos desnuda
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"oh yes jack," Carol Hynes was riding my dick as I layed back on my cot with every thrust i could feel her wet cunt rap down on my hard shaft.


she rode me reverse cowgirl style taking complete control of what was going on "mm yeah baby fuck me, you are so much better than my husband" my hands caressed her hips and moved up her sides to explore her breasts they were so nice and firm and when my hands met her breasts a new pair of hands met mine and took control of them to touch new flesh that was not Carols. " do you like them jack" The new voice rang out and it was undeniable who it was "squeeze your little sisters tits Jack mmm yes" megan's head peeked out from in front of Carol she was completely nude was looking deep in eyes she got up from in front of carol and walked over to my face and leaned down to me and we shared a long and passionate kiss when the kiss broke she leaned her forehead into mine and whispered " I want you to fuck me big brother" I shot awake in a cold sweat the dreams kept getting more and more intense this was the fourth one i had that night, thank god it was morning.

i turned over and looked at the clock it flashed noone. Jesus these dreams were destroying my sleep schedule.

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i stood up and heard a loud thump coming from the upper deck and i could hear loud cheering coming from the deck i got dressed as fast as i could and ran up to the deck.

when i burst out of the door half the crew stood in a semi circle watching two of the crew mates fighting, and they just weren't fighting they were beating the shit out of each other.

Bonnie was leaning on stack of crates watching the two fight. i walked over to join her leaning back on the crates with her "so what this all about" I questioned "Well, i honestly have no idea, but it happens everytime i shoot one of these Waster's down" "waster?" "someone that is a waste of my time." she explained "Dad says its because they have get frustrations out some how so if its not fucking or jerking it, why not bust each others dials." "Oy!" a voice shouted i turned to see a giant of man walking towards me with a mashed up face a missing tooth and bloody nose "Ms Bonnie, what you doing talking this cunt when you when you won't even give me the time day" "Shamus, you tosser, you've been pining after me snatch since day one, you can't just saunter up to a lady and think shes one of them floozie you bump uglies with from the pub.

besides if you fuck like to tie knots i'm not interested." the crew members laughed and Sheamus got as red as a tomato i let a small chuckle "oh you think its funny you fucking cunt, come at me and ill ring your fucking bell" he boasted " listen man i don't want any trouble" i reasoned "well to fucken bad mate troubles found you!" and with one swift motion shamus gave me one of the hardest hits to the jaw i have ever taken.

i leaned down to try and gather my bearings i opened my eyes and wiped the blood of my lip. lathered up the blood and spit in my mouth and spat it it out and grinned. as the stars left my eyes i could see Shaymus standing there fist guarding his face. so i took my stance as well i gave him left jab and then a right and then a one, two, three, but he countered and got me in the stomach knocking the wind right out of me.

the crowd cheered obviously rooting for their companion, but i wasn't about lose. i lunged at him and wrapped my arms around his waist and we tumbled to the ground i was able to get on top of him and get him on the offensive and repeatedly punched his face.

he was able to get me off of him and we stood back in out fighting positions. I taunted him with the come here motion and he scowled and lunged at me but as he stepped forward i was able to counter with an uppercut and knock him out cold.

he fell to the deck with a loud thud and the crowd went nuts some booed some cheered but i rose my fists in victory none the less. I turned around and there stood Bonnie slowly clapping her hands i stood there and winked at her, suddenly she got a surprised look on her face "What your self mate!" she shouted i turned just in time to see a new fist come at me and i was able to dodge and counter. then three more guys entered the fray it ended up being 4 against 1 but i was able to hold my own.

as i was fighting i saw Megan and Carol come from up from the lower deck in between bouts i saw the horrified look on Megan's face "Jackson Gregory Harvey what in gods green earth do you think you are doing!" she scolded "What does it look like?!" i shouted between punches with a scrawny guy "i'm having fun!" and that was the cold truth I hadn't had this much fun in a long time, getting to just cut loose and fight "Jack stop it!" megan shouted again "Why are you fighting them!" "why not!" i smiled as flipped a guy over my shoulders.

i continued my scrap as megan ran over to Captain who was watching with a big grin on his face "Captain please make them stop!" she begged "Oh whats matter Lass ?" he laughed "i can't have my brother beaten to a bloody pulp and half to be on the mend for half the week!" she shouted.

The Captain's Face went from joyes to fatherly in a second " All right Jacky thats enough i have enough crew members left to run this ship." he ordered, i lowered my my fists and stood at attention just like i was trained to do.

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his men stopped cheering and went back to their work the 4 men i had been fighting were gathering themselves up. the scrawny one from early came over to me and extended his hand for shake. "Nice left hook mate" he complimented as i shook his hand I stumbled over to bonnie as she tossed me a rag " you are are quite the scrapper Jack Harvey" she complimented "4 Types of Martial arts training will do that for ya" " Very impressive" she complimented as she walked up to me her arms extended out for a hug and i gladly embraced her "I want you to meet me in my room later tonight" she whispered in my ear "I wanna talk to you about a few things." she broke our embraced and walked over to helm cabin climbed the stairs and went inside.

I wonder what it is she wanted to talk to me about. I went about my day and did some mundane tasks to keep busy i repacked the tents to make more in in the nap sacks to cut down on extra luggage. I cleaned my gun again. then i cleaned up the cuts on my knuckles and face and stitched a nasty gash on my eyebrow. then there was a knock at my door, i had lost track of time it was almost Eleven. my door opened there stood Megan. "whats up ?" i asked " i want you to know how disappointed i am in you, fighting like that, like a common thug, you are better than that Jack" she lectured "the last time i checked you weren't the older sister" i replied and rolled my eyes i got up and changed my marines shirt into a nice flannel button up, i wanted to look presentable for whatever bonnie wanted to talk to me about "Where are you going?" she asked " To Bonnies quarters she wanted to talk to me about something" i worked my way around megan into the hallway as if she were trying to block me from going.

"Jack" she called out i turned around to look at her "uh, I, er" she stuttered then let out a sigh "what time do you want me up tomorrow morning" "Captain Peters said we should hit shore around 11 so be up round 9 please" " Yes sir" she saluted with a half smile.

turned around sauntered down the hall to her own room wiggling her ass as she walked. did she do that on purpose?

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i would speculate on it later. i made my way the hall and came up a wall that had one door to it and on the door it said captains quarters i rose my hand to the door and knocked, the door opened and there stood Bonnie in a baby Blue kimono with pink flowers and a pink sash that tied it together.

it wasn't a traditional kimono it only went down to about her knees "well Mr. Harvey you finally showed up, i was just about ready to go to bed come in sit down make yourself at home" i walk in the room, was significantly larger than the rest enough to fit a twin sized bed in it small table, stove and dresser and there was a tiny closet that had pull curreten on it that what i suspected to be a shower. I took a seat at the table and as she walked to her minnie fridge next to her bed bet over to reach inside her kimono road up rear and revealed a her blue lace underwear " would you like a beer?" she offered.

"Yes please, nice digs you got here but isn't this your dads room?" i pondered as i opened my beer, she sat down across from me on the bed and crossed her legs "ever since i joined the crew, dad sleeps in a hammock in the storage deck." "Really why?" "in his words, i've spent my life sleeping in comfort i won't have my daughter sleeping in any other sort" she said in her best impression of her father.

"so how did you end up on this boat anyway" i asked "Well, I was a Volunteer in the Irish Mobile forces, I was in Iraq when the united forces closed in on the last ISIS stronghold.

once everything was said and done, i returned to my home in Harland and Wolff and dad offered me a Job." she explained " you were in the military?" i asked "Yes, but it wasnt anything big, I served in Iraq for a Year met a lot of people killed some ISIS members and that was it, you served for a long time didn't you" "Yeah school was never really my thing so when i graduated i joined the marines then at 21 i was deployed and served 3 consecutive tours and was discharged when i was 25, civilian life didn't suit me well so i joined the reserves." for the next hour we drank some more beer and shared military stories i would eventually find myself sitting next to her on the bed "So then Marshal has got the sheep in a headlock i'm still trying to reheat the brand and it keeps pissing and shitting all over him and he shouts "Bonnie i don't mean to be in rush but this sheep is going to tap out before you even a chance to tap in" we shared hardy laugh i brought myself close to her and our cheeks touched and my hand landed on hers.

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i began to lean on her and our faces turn and met each other with a warm kiss. i broke away quickly not sure what her reaction might be "sorry i shouldnt of done that" "Jack" she cooed " dont be fucken pussy" she wrapped her hand around the back of my neck and drug me in for a passion at kiss.

as we kissed the heat seemed to multiply in the room. not breaking our kiss she began to unbutton my shirt, once it was unbuttoned she got up from the bed and got down on her knees, undid my belt and she pulled down pants. my cock was fully erect now. the out line of it could be seen through my underwear Bonnie was grabbing the tip of it through my pants and lightly squeezing it.

while her face was needing my balls through my underwear she then grabbed the elastic around my hips and slowly pulling them all the way off. she put her hands on my chest and licked my balls all the way up my shaft and popped the tip of my cock in her mouth she began to suck the tip.she then took her hands away from my chest and began to jerk me while sucking the tip of my dick.

it fell absolutely amazing ten times better than any girl i had ever been with. she then opened her mouth wide took my cock all the way down her throat she held it there as long as she could and gagged then came up released my cock.

Slobber was dribbling down her face and all over my cock, she took her hand began to jerk me again before slowly taking my member into her mouth again. she opened her mouth wide to give me the opportunity to grab her hair fuck her mouth. every thrust down her mouth she let out gag and choking noise. i pulled her hair back and leaned up to kiss her again, she stuck her tongue in my mouth and I accepted it even though it tasted of my cock i broke our kiss and flipped places with her laying her down on the bed i pulled her blue panties aside revealing her cunt that was already soaking wet.

I then leaned in and stuck my out my toung and did one like lick all the way up her pussie "oh my god!" she shouted "I haven't had that done to me in a long time" "well hold on because you are in for a treat" i wrapped my arms around her thighs and went to town. my whole mouth buried in her pussy lips sucking on her clit.I moved down to her hole and stuck my tongue inside, her pussy was leaking so much juice and she tasted amazing.

"mhmm yeah jack just like that, you like the way i taste, keep licking my pussy baby" i was happy to oblige. as i kept licking she was writhing and moaning, she kept trying to escape my grasp, as i licked her, she grabbed my hair and tried to bring my face out from between her thighs but my strength was too much for her and she failed "oh you mother fucker" cried out "OH YES, Im cuming stick a finger in my arse!" i had never done any ass play befor but i was too caught up the passion to care i took my right hand away from her thigh and stuck my middle finger up her ass and began to slowly fuck it with my finger.


she then cried out and her whole body began to shake and i could taste her sweet cum flowing into my mouth. i brought my self up from her pussy and leaned over top of her, she had her face cover with her hands but i grabbed them pinned her arms back on the bed and leaned in to kiss her.

i broke the kiss again stood up she stat up and undid her kimono and took it completely off she quickly took off her panties and got down on her knees again and began to suck my cock again. this time she went down and jerked my dick with one of my ball is her mouth "mmm jack do like that" i looked down and nodded my head she continued to jerk my dick and talk dirty to me she asked me something "do mind if i try somthing?" I wasn't sure what she wanted to do but I went with it and nodded again.

she then took her free hand and spit one of her fingers in and brought it up to my asshole and pushed it far up inside and began to massage my prostate "holy shit!" i shouted, her mouth dropped open and she paused everything she was doing "what is that not ok!?" she said very worriedly "No.No it feel great keep going" as she continued i felt myself getting ready to cum so I pulled away from her.

there was no was i was gonna cum before i could fuck this girl she then stood and came to me we stood completely nude in the middle of room passionately kissing, she hopped up and wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my back. I took my free hand that wasn't supporting her and slid my cock inside her. it wasn't as tight as my CO's but it still felt amazing standing there in the middle of the room with her bouncing on my dick.

I kissed her while she bounced on it. without breaking stride I walked over to the wall and slammed her against it. I pinned her there with my hand gripping her neck with one hand and supporting her other "Oh yes Jack that feels amazing!, fuck me good, make me your dirty slut, you like that pussy don't you" my face was buried into her neck sucking on it as she talked dirty in my ear "Keep going baby, i love the way your dick feels inside me, ah fuck me" i then spun her around threw her down on the bedshe collected herself and scooted closer to the edge for missionary i brought my dick down and entered her as she let out a long moan of pleasure.

"yes jack yes" she cooed the heat now so intense in the room we were both sweating bullets, our sweaty bodies mangled and intertwined with each other as i kept thrusting into her.

"i'm gonna cum again!" she moaned "Oh yes!!" her cunt gripped down on my cock creating more resistance. i was in pure ecstasy, heaven was a good word to describe it. i slowly pulled out of her, and her pussy was pulsating she took her fingers and stuck them inside her self pumped them really fast, as she fucked herself i jerked off to make sure i stayed hard for whatever was next. as she fucked herself she let out a loud shout of pleasure and squirted all over bed "OH YES!!" she took a moment to catch her breath and sat up with her legs spread over the side of the bed "did i forget to mention im a squirter?" she laughed as she wiped some of her juice of her pussy and lapped it off her hands.

we stood there looking at each other " well how do you wanna fuck me next" she said rubbing her clit with her middle finger "I'm your slut tonight Jack you can use me how ever you like" i smiled "you just can't cum in me baby" she wagged her finger at me. i put a playful frown on my face. she laughed "here ill make it up to you" she took big wad spit out her mouth and lathered my cock with it she turned on the bed and showed her ass to me "Fuck my ares Jack" my eyes went wide i had never done anal before like i said so this was a new experience for me.

I came up to her and started poking at her ass "SLOWLY!" she shouted. i slowed down poked and knead into her ass finally her hole opened sucked my cock inside her and she let out small moan. I began to slowly thrust in and out "mmm yeah baby you can go faster if want" i began thrust faster and faster, with each thrust Bonnie let out cry, a mixture of pain and pleasure.

i began to breath heavy i could feel the cum welling up my shaft "are you gonna baby?" she asked "where do you wanna come, you wanna come face?" i nodded " yeah you wanna cum on my pretty little face dont you" i pulled my dick out of her ass.

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Bonnie turned around and took my dick into her mouth and began to suck "oh yes Bonnie im gonna cum" she stopped sucking and began to jerk my dick resting it on her chin "yeah cum for me baby, give it to me, give me that cum i want it all over my face" she begged "do you want it?" i asked " beg for it" i commanded " Please oh please give me that cum jack i need iti want!" with those words i began to spray hot cum all over her face "oh yes baby yes!" she moaned as ropes of cum splashed her in the face.when i was finished, i stumbled backwards into the chair i had first sat it.

bonnie sat up and crossed her legs again wiping my cum of her face with her middle finger licking it off. "wow" i said in astonishment "that was amazing!" "yes it was" she agreed, we both got dressed and talked about what we liked about what just happened.

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we then stood there just talking "Well I better get back to my room" i looked at the clock on the wall and it said 1AM i walked to to the door "Jack!" bonnie called out "You don't have to go back, you can stay here tonight" she stood looking absolutely adorable with her kimono all messed up and her hair all matted from the night's escapades.

I smiled shook my head "sounds ok to me" she laid down in bed and covered up an I joined her, she laid her head on my chest and we snugged up to each other "you know Jack my shower has enough room for two in it" she said as she dozed off to sleep. that night i had another intense sex dream about Megan only Carol was replaced with Bonnie. this time I never woke up. i think my body wanted me to be nice and hard for the Bonnies morning send off.