Meine asiatische behaarte Muschi clit massage4)

Meine asiatische behaarte Muschi clit massage4)
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Thankyou for the positive responses.remember if you don't like young sex don't read. I knocked on granddads door and went in, he sat me down and we talked at length about the previous night and how I felt about all that I had done.

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I let him know that when I was with the group I was happy but in the room was a bit weird and was unsure if I wanted that to happen again. We also talked about the future and what would be expected of me if I wished to carry on within the group. He told me that I would also have to choose someone to be my first sex partner, which was a simple answer, you of course granddad.


As we talked about how I would like him to take my virginity I moved over to his lap and cuddled into his chest, not everything he was saying made sense but I didn't care it was him and I felt safe, before I left he gave me a necklace and told me that when I wore it I belonged to the group, it would indicate to others in the group that I was a willing member to have fun with, and that I would be able to identify other members by similar jewellery and told me what different things meant within the group, mine was white for a new member and willing plaything which I giggled at.

I put on the necklace when there was a knock at the door, mum and dad came in and asked granddad how things were and he said it was time for me to know things.

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Grandad patted his lap and I went over and sat down whilst dad sat opposite with mum kneeling beside him just like she did at home. I sat gob smacked as they then both put on there necklaces similar to mine and granddads and told me how mum had been a member of the group since she was 7, allowing the group to use her as they saw fit, but that dad had been mums choice to take her virginity when she was 13 and he 25 and that since that day she had then devoted her life only to dad and would only go with others if he allowed her.


They said that they were telling me this so that I would be able to come to them and discuss anything with them when we went home. It suddenly hit me I was going home in two days. I turned to granddad and asked about you know what, he smiled at me and said that they had a special surprise for me if I still wanted for him to take my virginity before I left.

I looked at him and smiled and then my dad asked if they could be there when I was made a woman, I turned and smiled and nodded. Grandad picked me up and carried me into his bedroom and there around the bed were about 20 men some women and some boys and girls of different ages all wearing there necklaces. Grandad did a quick speech about welcoming me to the group which was just a blur to me.


Eventually we went to the bed and granddad layed us down and we started to kiss a slow passionate kiss that I will never forget, as we carried on I felt my legs being opened and a mouth licking around my pussy, I looked down and saw my mums eyes looking back at me and she was damn good, granddad then shifted himself up and I immediately took his cockhead into my mouth until it stood hard and proud, he then rolled onto his back and pulled me onto him.

I felt my mums hands pull back on my arse to line up my pussy with his cock and slowly the tip pushed its way in for a couple of inches then hit a barrier. She moved up my body and told me to push down when I was ready.

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After a couple more up and down movements I widened my legs and felt the skin rip, as I started to cry granddad reached up and gave me another passionate kiss which when he was done the sensations between my legs were like electric and we started to quicken the pace. As the orgasm hit me I was bouncing up and down on the full length until my back arched and granddad drove it all in and spilled his seed into me, I sank onto his body feeling exhausted but amazing at the same time, as his cock shrank and finally plopped out I again felt a mouth on my pussy licking up the escaping juices but as I looked around I saw my mum bent over with dad fucking her from behind and someone else in her mouth.

The sucking on my pussy stopped for a few seconds then I felt people move around and another mouth lick at the juices, this then stopped and some more movement but this time I felt something being pushed in then realised that someone was pushing there cock into me.

I turned to look and saw that my dad had moved from my mum and was now getting half his cock into me. I was just about to say something when he pushed forward and his whole cock buried its self into me, within only a few strokes my body was shaking and cumming for the second time, but he didn't stop he kept pushing in and out even when granddad moved out from under me.

I was just about to lower my body when one of the girls who was about 15 slid face first under me and opening my legs around her head started to work on my clit as dads pace was getting fast, then a second load was pumped into me as dad collapsed then withdrew, the girl under me kept sucking as the juice escaped and as I was about to move a third cock pushed into my sore hole and another was pushed into my mouth, the taste was strange then I remembered the fingers I had sucked on at the poker night and realised that this was my daddies cock that had just emptied into me.

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I looked up and realised I was right I took it in cleaning it as best I could but the cock in my pussy pumped another load into me to be replaced by another. Dads cock was stiff again and he lifted the legs of the girl under me and pushed straight into her pushing and pounding hard for about a minute or so then pulled out and put it back into my mouth and carried this on for several more minutes until he came in and on her pussy and told me to clean her up.

When I was doing this I felt my arse was sore aswell as the rest of me and found that one of the young lads had pushed his cock into my arsehole thankfully he was only small but when he finished a man entered me and the pain was hard but my whole area there was getting numb. The next bit of time was a blur I was past from cock to cock or given a pussy to lick or clean, until I must of past out.

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I awoke in granddads bed still covered in spunk with people laying around still asleep, on shakey legs I made my way out and headed back to my room to shower, after I went to bed and sleapt till evening. Still sore I went to find granddad, when I found him I ran up and jumped into his arms telling him I loved him, he said how much he loved me and that everyone from the group had been talking about me all day. We found mum and dad talking to some others who all came up to me and gave me a kiss on the lips welcoming me to the group.

We had a family day the next day and I started to cry when I had to put my dress on so granddad could take us to the airport. Chapter 4 if you liked this one. Finding an older man to fuck.