Kendall Karson has way too much fun getting her pussy all wet

Kendall Karson has way too much fun getting her pussy all wet
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I do a lot of traveling in my business. On one particular route that I take there is an exit on the freeway marked "Orphanage Road". This has given me many hours of enjoyable day dreaming. This is purely fiction. (Unless you don't mind a lot of detail to build up to my little story look elsewhere. This is my story and I'm sticking to it.) I have also posted under Author name - Much in demand on page 18 of authors list. My wife and I have tried for many years to conceive a child.

We have both done everything within our power to have a child, in vitro fertilization, surrogate mother, but all to no avail. Doctor's could find nothing wrong with either of us. My swimmers we strong, her eggs were perfect. Maybe we should have accepted our fate.

We had looked into adopting a child many years back but did not qualify for one reason or another. When our circumstances improved we decided to try again using a different agency. The process took several months but we were finally approved. We both decided (me more than her) that we wanted a son. I had a younger brother growing up (7 years my junior) that I took under my wing. I went with him to all of his sporting events.

I had played in all sports during my time and thoroughly enjoyed reliving all of his experiences. I couldn't wait to have a son of my own to raise and again have the chance to spend those times with him. This sounds kind of crude but adopting is near to picking out a puppy. Yes there are many interviews and questionnaires that must be completed. Yes there are social workers, family and children services visits to our home and of course visits with the child.

It is quite exhausting spending time and money to even qualify for an adoption. When it comes down to it you want the one that is most pleasing in all respects. Thomas was our choice hands down.

We had met and spent hours upon hours with Thomas. He is a healthy 7 year old, brown haired, blue eyed little boy. He had all the attributes that we were looking for in a son. And we seemed to have the traits he was looking for in a parent. His parents were killed shortly after his birth and of course there were no other relatives that could handle taking on another child.

We felt we were the best choice for him and him for us. We were informed that Thomas had a sister that was also placed at the orphanage but were not allowed to meet or visit with her. We later found out Thomas had been coached to not mention his sister.

On the day that we arrived to take our son home we were elated. My wife was finally at peace with herself and could not wait to begin her role as a Mom. I was equally excited to have a son and get on with being the kind of father that I knew I could be. After saying our goodbyes and gathering Thomas' belonging's we were ready to leave when I heard a faint voice say, "What about me"?

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I apparently was the only one that heard this little voice. I turned and there peeking around the corner was a little brown haired girl. She looked to be about 9 or 10 years old and was absolutely beautiful.

She was definitely on the thin and pale side but none the less a very pretty little girl. I asked her, "What did you say"? She repeated again, "What about me, he's my brother and I can't bare to be without him". By this time the agency Director had turned and heard the last statement. She immediately stepped in and said, "Amber, we have already discussed this. You shouldn't be here, this is your Brother's chance to find a new Mommy and Daddy, not yours'.

She immediately burst into tears and disappeared to where ever she had come from. The Director began to apologize and started moving toward the entrance. Thomas began crying and ran after his sister.

We all scrambled after Thomas but were not able to catch up to him until he was already in his sister's embrace. They stood together crying and hugging. My wife burst into tears and had to sit down before she fainted. The Director tried to separate them but was met with kicking and screaming. With all the chaos I became extremely angry and very loudly let my feelings be known. "Jesus H. Christ, what is this all about?

How in the hell is this happening? Somebody had better start talking and I mean NOW"! The Director began apologizing and sputtering that this was not supposed to happen. All of these details had been discussed with both children and they had a complete understanding of what was going to happen.

It took us a few minutes to locate the children. She tried once again to explain to both children that Thomas had a new home and they were trying hard to find Amber a home.

They were both inconsolable and things went down hill fast after this. They were inseparable. My wife was gasping for air and passed out. I was flush with rage and ready to choke someone for this atrocity. The staff Doctor and nurse were summoned to care for my wife and additional staff had arrived to deal with the children. They were both carted away to a different part of the facility. My wife and I left with me screaming, "Someone better fix this shit and I mean now"!

We drove home with my wife sobbing and me beating the steering wheel. Once home we calmed down enough to talk about what had happened. I told her I would be on the phone first thing the next day and we would get this worked out somehow. We desperately wanted a child, we had gone to the expense of converting our home to accommodate our new son. We have a modest three bedroom ranch style home and had made our son's room the ideal place for him.

We converted the third bedroom into a child's fantasy playroom complete with all the latest technology available; Wii, X-Box, toys of all genre and sports items galore. It took weeks of meetings, getting lawyers involved as well as all of the aforementioned agencies to work out our adoption arrangement. We had paid near $30,000 so far and were now in danger of losing all we had spent on everything.

Thomas now would not change his mind. Either Amber is a part of the deal or no deal. The Adoption agency had relented in making it a dual adoption with no extra fee's of any kind. We were dead set on only adopting our son. Everything came down to us accepting both children or none.

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My wife immediately began trying to convince me that we could handle both a son and a daughter. I was determined that we only wanted and needed our son.

It took another couple of weeks before I finally consented for a trial period with both Thomas and Amber. Once these details were completed we hired a friend of ours who is a general contractor to convert our basement into a bedroom for our new daughter. We arrived early on Saturday morning to take our "children" home.

My wife was elated, she was now an instant Mommy and I was now the reluctant father. I admit that I did put up a good front and appeared ready and willing to make a go of it. We still had the option of voiding the arrangement should it not work out. We began our journey home, a trip of about 3 hours, and we talked and laughed about our future. I had to explain what our home was like and that I had converted our basement into a bedroom with full bath for Amber.

About an hour into the trip my wife and little Thomas had fallen asleep. My wife was in the front seat with me, Thomas was behind me in the rear seat and Amber was sitting behind my wife reading one of the books my wife had brought along for the trip. I know that Amber sensed something in my attitude toward her. She kept looking at me and giving me an innocent little smile. I smiled back but both she and I knew my heart wasn't in it. Amber asked me how much longer before we arrived home, I turned to answer her and noticed she had her feet up on the seat and the book propped up in her lap.

I started to reprimand her and tell her to please get her feet off the seat when I noticed she had her legs spread very far apart and I could see all the way up to her little white panties. I jerked my head back to the road and drove on for a few minutes. I peeked again and she still had her feet up on the seat and I still had the same view as before. But this time I could see her little slit where her panties had been pressed into her little pussy.

This time I adjusted my mirror so that I had a permanent view of this gorgeous little girl. I could see movement in my mirror and caught a glimpse of her scratching her little slit.

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She seemed to keep her hand there longer than what I thought was just an innocent little itch she needed to scratch. Ducking my head down so that I could see her face she was smiling slightly and her eyes met mine for just an instance.

She then put her feet down and continued reading, I adjusted my mirror at our next stop and tried to put the incident out of my mind. On the last leg of our trip we were all talking and my wife and I were pointing out all of the different parks, theaters, schools and other places of interest. As we were pulling into the drive way of our home I once again was in the position to glance over my shoulder to avoid hitting the curb and again little Amber had her feet up on the seat, legs spread wide and this time her panties were pulled up tight into her pussy.

I could see her puffy little mound protruding all around her panties. Once again I caught just a glimpse of her smile. What the hell was going on here, is she doing this on purpose?


I felt my dick spring to life immediately. We spent the rest of the day showing the kids our home and letting them get accustomed to everything we had prepared for them.

Thomas was elated with his room and the adjoining playroom. Amber was a little less excited about her room. It was nice but the stairs leading to the basement were at the back of the kitchen and definitely felt like another part of the house, isolated. At bedtime the kids came into the living room to say goodnight. Thomas had on his pj's and Amber had on a T-shirt that barely covered her bottom.

My wife was sitting on the sofa, Thomas hugged my wife around the neck and she gave him a kiss on the cheek and told him she would be in later to tuck him in.

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He then came to me and gave me a quick hug and then held out his little fist for a fist bump. I had taught him earlier that guys do this as our show of affection. Amber was next, she hugged my wife around the neck but bent over farther than what I thought was necessary. Her T-shirt road up all the way to the top of her panties.

She held the hug for what seemed like a full minute allowing me full access to her perfect little bottom. This was the second time I felt my crotch come to life seeing her like this. I had no idea that I could feel aroused by seeing a young girl in this manner. I rather liked it and was definitely confused as to my feelings.

I continued to watch them hug and realized they were whispering to each other but could not make out what they were saying. She then walked over to me and put her arms tightly around my neck and then whispered in my ear, "Will you please come and tuck me in tonight"? She had worked her way in between my legs and had her body pressed completely against mine.

She held the hug so long that my dick actually began to get hard. Just before she broke away she pushed into me hard enough that I am sure her knee felt my swelling. I took her by both arms and pushed her away.

She had that same little smile on her face that let me know she did this on purpose. After the kids had gone to their separate rooms I asked my wife what Amber and she were whispering about? She said that Amber had made the comment that she was very lucky to have such a handsome husband and such a beautiful home. She thanked her for convincing me to take both of them instead of just Thomas.

My wife and I spent several minutes getting ourselves ready for bed. I asked my wife if she would tuck in Amber then I would do the same for Thomas. I felt that was the appropriate thing to do, but she said she had already promised Thomas she would read him a quick bedtime story and tuck him in for the night.

I stood at the door leading to the basement with my hand on the door knob. The thoughts running through my head were not very fatherly.

I always slept in just my pajama bottoms and a T-shirt. I could feel the first stage of a hard on and was trying to clear my head of such thoughts before I went downstairs. Amber was sitting up in bed covered by a sheet. She had her knees propped up and had a book propped against her knees. She said, "I thought for a minute there that you weren't coming to tuck me in".

I walked over to the bed a looked down at her, she was so beautiful. Her brown hair fell to just below her shoulders and looked soft and silky. She has the most perfect skin, slightly pale but pink in all the right spots. Her lips are full and her bottom lip was showing just a hint of a pout. She held out her arms and said, "Hugs".

As I bent over to give her a quick hug she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me on the cheek. As I began to pull away she quickly grabbed my head with both hands and kissed me directly on the lips. I pulled away and looked directly into her eyes. She was smiling that same smile she had given me in the car. My reaction shocked even me. I grabbed her right arm and jerked her from the bed. I sat quickly on the bed and pulled her across my lap. I grabbed her T-shirt and pulled it up past her panties and delivered a hard blow across both cheeks.

She yelped with pain as I delivered the second blow just below her cheeks. I struck so hard and with anger that I could clearly see my hand print on her skin.

She fought to stand up and tried to cover her bottom with her left hand. She stared blubbering, "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean anything". She was crying by this point and was really trying to stand up.

I pressed her back hard against my lay and delivered another blow to her bottom. I said, "You want to tease me, I think I know what your up to little girl and it ain't gonna' work with me". "You want to act all nasty and show me what you've got I can help you with that". I immediately pulled her panties down to her knees exposing that beautiful little bottom. I could see my hand print where I had delivered the first blow.

I struck again just a little higher than the first and she again let out a loud yelp. I could feel my dick harden as she lay there squirming against me.

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I gave her several more smacks, one on each leg just below her ass cheeks. I remember how our coach used to hit us with a paddle for not being quick enough to get dressed.

It hurt like hell and I'm sure she was feeling this just the same. She managed to get her right hand on my chest and push herself away from me. She landed on the floor at my feet.

She was on her back looking up at me and I was glaring down at her.

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She had a look of absolute horror on her face. I looked from her face to her pussy and saw the most perfect little cleft between her legs. Her slit looked to be a full six inches. Her legs were spread slightly and I could see the soft folds of her pussy lips. She made no attempt to cover herself, instead she raised up on her knees and buried her head in my lap. She was crying loudly now and kept repeating, "I'm so sorry Daddy, I'm so sorry".

"Please don't hate me, I don't know how to act. I thought this would make you happy". "Please Daddy, don't hate me". Her head was laying right on my hard on. With each word I could feel her jaw rubbing me. I was at full attention now and turned on by what was happening.

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I began to pet her head and run my hands down her hair. She felt so soft and lovely. She continued to cry and with each sob she rubbed against my fully erect dick. She turned her head so that her mouth was now resting right on my engorged member. I placed both hands on either side of her head and brought her head up so that I could look into her eyes. She could see the want in my face. I held her there for a few moments when she reached up and rubbed my dick through my pajama bottoms.

I flinched hard and she removed her hand. But once again she placed her hand on my member. I froze, she began reaching into my opening and I felt the first contact of her hand on my fully hardened dick. I stared into her eyes while she proceeded to wrap her fingers around me. She pulled my dick out and began running her hand up and down my member.

I was flowing pre-cum like never before. Her hand became slick with my juice, she just continued to stroke me up and down. When I closed my eyes I felt her little lips close around me.


I again flinched hard again. What was I doing, I was allowing this young girl to suck my dick. When I opened my eyes she locked her eyes on mine and continued to suckle.

She only had the head in her mouth and used her tongue to go round and round. I was lost now and grabbed her head and began moving slightly in and out of her mouth.

I knew now this was not her first time. She knew what she was doing. She used her hand to pump me into her mouth. She clenched around the base allowing about 5 inches to enter her mouth. She took me fully into her mouth and out again and again.

Each time she would pull off she would use her hand to pump my dick. I could feel my balls start to tighten, I knew that she was about to get what she and I both wanted.

I said, "You nasty little girl, suck Daddy's big dick. Suck me dry Baby. I hope your hungry Baby 'cause Daddy's gonna feed you! Oh God, suck Baby, suck! I'm gonna' cum Baby". I exploded in her mouth, spurt after spurt filled her little mouth to overflowing. I opened my eyes and saw my juice running out of the corners of her mouth. She held me there, sucking slowly and lightly until I was soft.

She held my stare until I plopped out of her mouth. She could feel my cum sliding down her chin and took her fingers and worked the overflow into her mouth. She began licking her fingers while I watched in amazement. I scooped her into my arms and held her tightly against my chest. She rested her head on my shoulder and mewed softly into my ear.

"Thank you Daddy, I want to be your best little girl.

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Please love me Daddy". I tucked her into her bed and kissed her lightly on her forehead. She smiled up at me, closed her little eyes and rolled over on her side. I listened to her gentle breathing for a few minutes. I slowly went back up the stairs. Thoughts were racing through me, what had I done?

What has this young girl been through. How could I have let myself do this with her? When can we possibly do this again? Would she do this again? What if I get caught? What if she tells someone? What else has she done? My wife is going to find out. As I quietly walked toward our bedroom I passed Thomas' room. His door was closed but I stopped to check on him. I very carefully opened his door, from his nightlight I could barely make out him lying there.

I could barely see movement under his covers. He was playing with himself! I watched in amazement as his hand moved faster and faster. My mind was racing, can a seven year old actually ejaculate? Not possible.

I was twelve before I started jacking off, and I think now that was early. But then again, there is Amber. More if you like. [/b]