Maui Taylor Bugbog Sarado Sa Kama Ancensored pinay sex scandals

Maui Taylor Bugbog Sarado Sa Kama Ancensored pinay sex scandals
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A note on the table in the lounge at work invited all interested to come out to a downtown bar for drinks after work that Friday evening. Since my wife was out of town for the week, I decided I would go and meet up with whom ever came out.

I arrived at the bar around 6:30, Lori and Vicky were already there.

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Here sit down between us Lori said, what are you having to drink. Okay I said and answered with crown straight up. Finding them both attractive I was happy to have a seat between them, unfortunately they were both married ladies. Knowing their husbands only slightly I asked if Tom and Keith were coming along.

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No neither one wanted to come out with a work group, they were both just going to stay home and veg out alone. By 7:00 our table was full of people, probably 10 to 12. We all kept drinking through the evening and the band started to play about 8:30 or 9:00. Lori asked me to dance and I did, seems that if you keep dancing you don't drink as much.

We sat down and then Vicki asked if I would dance with her, sure I replied as she had a great body but not much for tits just a bit small but her ass was great. Lori had larger tits, but also a larger ass.

I don't want to say that I hadn't thought about either of them in a sexual way, because I had. Through the evening I danced with almost all of the girls that were at our table even the ones that their husbands were there. As the night went on the table emptied out and at closing time all that remained were Lori Vicki and myself. We're closing now the waitress told us. Okay we said and as we were getting up to leave Lori whispered to me to follow her when we left,okay I said wondering what she had in mind.

When we left the bar she drove to the west down the main street from the bar but then she turned onto a side street and about a block turned into an empty parking lot. She pulled into a dark corner of the lot and parked and shut off her lights, so I pulled up beside her van and also parked pulled out my keys and got out and walked over to her van and got into the passenger seat.

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She looked at me and she said I don't know if I'm ready for this. I said well we don't have to do anything if you are not sure. She said okay come on and she moved to the back seat of the van and I followed her back. Lori then grabbed me and started kissing me very deeply shoving her tongue into my mouth and swishing around with my tongue. I knew that Lori and had only been married about six months so I was just a little confused about what she had in mind.

As she continued to kiss me my hand had started to slide under her blouse and up to her right tit. I grabbed her nipple and rolled it between my finger and thumb pinching it a little ever so slightly. Lori arched her back and thrust her breasts closer to me, as though offering them to me for my taking.

So I stopped kissing her and unbuttoned her blouse and then kissed her down her neck and reaching her tits started to suck on her left nipple while still rolling her right nipple between my fingers. Lori was moaning with pleasure and had her hands on each side of my head, she gave my head a push towards her belly. I kept kissing her on the way down to her belly. She released my head and reached down to her pants and unbuttoned and unzipped her pants.

My groin was burning with a lust I had not felt for a very long time. So I looped my fingers over the waistband of her pants and then pulling them down and off, as I pulled she raised her hips to allow them to come off easier. As I took them off and put them aside I could smell her estrogen pheromones emanating from her pussy. I was going wild with passion and could not control my thoughts, i only wanted to bury my face into her pussy and lap up all of her juices that were running out of her pussy.

When I finally got my face postponed at her entrance my reached out and worked on her clitoris making her writhe and squirm. I licked her clitoris with a mad fury tasting her sweet nectar like a honey bee gathering nectar.

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I kept licking her button and slid my middle finger into her sopping wet hole reached into her and brushed her G-spot. Feeling her G-spot grow and get rougher to the touch, it felt like the size of a larger prune. I could tell that Lori was right on the edge of the precipice and would not be anything to put her over the edge into a full blown climax.

So I reached down and unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and slid them down enough to unsheath my man sword. Which was so hard by now and had precum dripping from the tip. I could not wait any longer I grabbed my rock hard cock and positioned it at her entrance and slid it up and down her wet hole making her arch her pelvis up to me as an offering and making her moan even more.

I asked her, what about now do you think you're ready for this now. Oh yes fuck me please. With her words I think I impailed her pussy fully with one swift thrust bottoming out on her cervix. Lori gasped as I hit her deep with my cock. I then started to rapidly drill her sex hole harder than I ever had any other pussy in my life. Every thrust into her she met with a counter thrust upwards. We continued to fuck hard for the next few minutes I'm not sure how many times Lori came but at least three or four.

Then she came so hard that her pussy tightened down onto my cock and I couldn't hold off any longer it gripped me she had a third hand.

My balls tingled and I went through that funny feeling that sent me into a spasm. My legs locked and my buttcheeks hardened and I drove into her and held myself inside her unprotected pussy feeling gush after gush of my seed into her. I could feel our juices running out of her down my nut sack and onto the fabric of her cloth seats. Wanting to stay inside her I just laid there as Lori collapsed onto me spent with the severity of her fantastic orgasm, it was almost as if she was paralyzed from the event.

Finally gathering her senses, she came to the conclusion of her actions and with a guilty tone said she needed to get home to Keith because we left the bar almost two hours ago. And he would be suspicious that she was up to something.

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I can't hide my actions from Keith he will know I was cheating on him. And if he asks I'm afraid I will spill everything. Oh god how could I have fucked you, she said. I would do it again but right now the guilt is horrible. I love the feeling you gave me, the hot come inside of me was amazing.

But when you were going down onto my pussy I couldn't stop, I had to have you inside my body.

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I had the same guilty feeling but with my wife out of town she would never suspect. Not like in the past when I had fucked another woman and I went home smelling like pussy. I'm sure she suspected something but never said anything.

I know my fingers smelled of female pheromones because I kept smelling them through the night remembering the extra marital action of the night.


As Lori said she was going, I told her if she had to tell Keith just don't tell him it was me. But if he asks I won't lie to him she remarked. As Lori drove away I worried that she would tell all.


And maybe she did but Keith never let on that she had said anything. We never fucked again after that night but did go to the bars with friends from time to time. I will still remember that night for some time.