Nude men I was feeling really super naughty so I made an appointment

Nude men I was feeling really super naughty so I made an appointment
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Dad was angry, by the time I got down stairs he and granddad were already in a heated argument about paul. It came out that granddad had figured out a while back that even though I was going to be someone that was willing to please, I was always going to do it on my terms and I was the one who would take control of the situation, which I reflected on and realised he was spot on, I was now 13 years old loved sex but under my own rules except granddad I was still his to control which made me smile.

I was snapped out of my little fantasy world when as dad was shouting at granddad that he was not going to allow this, granddad someone whom I had never even heard speak loudly erupted in a roar of foul language and stood his full 6ft 2" frame over my father and reminded him that he was incharge of the group and dad was to obey his decision or else.

Father backed away and quietly said that he was incharge of this family and granddad was to leave right now and never come back. Grandad just smiled and asked him if he really had the balls to go against the group, I ran over to granddad and jumped into his arms telling him not to go dad didn't mean it.

Grandad turned to mum who was sat shaking at the table about to burst into tears, are you going to stay or come with me. Mum stood on shakey legs and looked slowly at both of them, she then turned to my dad and begged him not to make her choose. I looked at dad and saw the colour drain from his face as he realised the hold granddad still had over mum.

If you walk out that door you will never return, you are nothing to me you can be someone else's fuck toy little whore. Mum ran from the room bursting into tears. I turned to dad who was now red with rage, dad i… Before I could finish my sentence dad told me to get away from my granddad and go to him. I held back my tears and in a calm but strong voice I said no I belong to granddad, im granddads little fuck toy whore and you are nothing to me not anymore.

I climbed down from granddad and went to find mum, as I left I knew something bad was going to happen between dad and granddad.


As I comforted mum on her bed I heard the table and chairs in the kitchen go flying, just as it did paul came into the room asking if I was ok. I just looked at him and told him to go and defend my granddad. There was a few minutes silence which felt defening then granddad walked into the bedroom and taking both our hands told us that he will order the tickets to spain but only if we were both agreed, I shot into his arms telling him I would follow him to the moon if he wanted.

I then turned to mum who was quiet, she slowly sat up looked at my granddad and then me and said that granddad had always been her number one and if we were going to the moon then so was she, she then gave a weak smile and layed back down. Paul entered the room and told granddad that dad was gone.

The next few hours was a blur we packed a couple of travel cloths into small bags, then went to the airport.

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At the airport granddad told me that paul would pack up the house of all our personal items and send them over. But also he asked if I would like paul to come over to join us. I hadn't given any thought until then but asked granddad innocently if he was willing to share me.

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He laughed and reminded me he was willing to share me with everyone but he knew that he was my number one and that would never change but he wanted me to have someone who could be there 24hrs a day to look after me and obey my commands as he wished to teach me how to dominate my own group one day.

I looked at him and pretending to be all shy and innocent said so you want me to grow up and have lots of little playthings of my very own. He smiled and nodded. I turned to paul who had waited quietly and considered what I had to say. Looking straight at paul I told him to get on his knees, which he did. If you would like to join me you may but know this, if you do you will be 100% loyal to me and obey my every command do you understand.

I held out my hand which he took into his and gently kissed it saying I am yours to command mistress. Feeling slightly flustered I told him to go and I would see him soon. He stood and left. Wide eyed I turned to granddad and bounced into his open arms, wow that felt amazing like I had real power.

He smiled and gave me a kiss which I tried to turn into more but he pulled back and said that there are times and places for discretion and times to show effection when in public, all of which he was going to teach me so I could start recruiting my own group. We boarded the plane and I sat next to the window, granddad next to me and mum next to the corridor, within an hour the few people that were on the plane were asleep.

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I tried to sleep but couldn't, then I had to adjust my cloths as they were irritating me as I was getting tired, but when I adjusted my panties I brushed against my pussy, big mistake, immediately I started playing with myself through my panties, they were wet already, I looked around and could not see anyone awake even checking on mum and granddad.

I pushed the material to the side and rubbed along the edges almost exploding just from that, I looked around again and saw no movement so I shifted in my seat and took my pants off replacing my fingers rubbing gently along the lips as I was concentrating on not letting out a gasp or moan I heard one from infront of me, I looked up to see a face disappear behind the chair infront of me, I pulled down my short skirt but couldn't find my pants which had fallen on the floor.

Trouble was I had started something that I was going to have to finish so I looked around again then shut my eyes as if asleep but allowing enough of a slit that I could keep an eye on the seat infront.


I put my finger back to my wet slit and was away in heaven when I saw movement again and slowly a small face came around the side looking first at my face then at my wet pussy then back to my face. Believing I was asleep the face came around a little more and I could see the face of a young girl no more than about 8 yrs old looking up and down at me playing with myself.

I moved my hand slowly and once again pulled my skirt up and spread my legs to give her a good view, I suppressed a smile as I saw her eyes widen and mouth open, as I was playing she kept looking up and down but when I used my fingers to open up my lips she never took her eyes from my lips, so I was able to open my eyes and look around then as I concentrated on this girls face I pushed 2 fingers in to me and rubbed my thumb over my clit, biting on to my other hand I was soon leaking juices and suppressing groans of my orgasm by biting harder on my hand.

As I came down I looked at the girl who was now looking at me, I smiled and she smiled back, leaning forward I placed my wet hand to her face smearing the juice across her cheek and rubbing the thumb across her lips then as her lips parted I pushed my juice covered thumb into her mouth and surprisingly she closed her lips and sucked on it.


We were both startled out of our game when her mum asked her to sit down properly. Thinking quickly I leant forward and said that I thought she needed the toilet, her mum let out a grown but before she could stir I told her to go back to sleep and I would take her. She would not have said thankyou if she knew what was on my mind. As I stepped over granddad he opened his eyes and smiled and told me to use the toilets at the rear but to make sure I didn't make too much noise.

As I went to move away he pushed a finger into me and I did not move until he pulled out and told me to go. I helped the girl over the chair and kept her in my arms, I checked on her mum who was already asleep and as I walked to the rear of the plane I checked where the cabin crew were, all up the front good then on the passengers near the toilets asleep and most with headphones.

I checked the toilets and went into the rearmost disabled one, as soon as we were in I placed my little angel on the washbench infront of me and locked the door, turning I looked at her and giving her a kiss on the lips asked her name. Lucy then said that she did need the toilet and so I helped her down and pulled her knickers down and off then pulled her summer dress up and over her head and sat her down.

I then removed my cloths and stood with my legs opened wide either side of her asking if she had liked what she had seen earlier.

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As she let out some wee I asked if she would like to touch me down there, she looked a bit worried but I told her I would like her too. I took her hand and guided it with little effort to my pussy, I leant to one side and lifted my leg onto the washbasin giving her a clearview of everything, I guided her fingers around telling her what felt good and she looked fascinated especially as I let her push her tiny fingers into my well lubricated hole first 2 then 3 went in, I couldn't believe how amazing this felt until she got in with the fourth, my back arched and I went up on tip toe as I felt her palm pushing open my hole.

As my lips relaxed I lowered my cunt down onto those fingers holding her arm steady, realising my legs were weakening I rotated my body and leant with my body on the basin and my pussy in her face, her palm still inside me I rocked back and forward then felt her move her hand about and as she pushed forward I widened my legs realising she was putting her whole hand into me.

Thank god her hands were so tiny as my lips sucked in her hand I realised it was not much bigger than the width of granddads wonderful cock, she held her hand there so I started rocking again but slowly she started fucking me with her hand and I looked at my little angel and as I court her gaze I came. When I came down I told her how amazing that was and her reply shocked me as she said her sister always said so to.

It transpired her 16 year old sister also liked her to use her fist as well as other things too. I asked if she wanted me to touch her but she was happy.

We chatted and cleaned up and i told her to let her sister know about what we did but only after we had departed the airport, I also gave her my address to give to her, which readily agreed as when we were waiting for the plane her sister had told her that she liked me. We went back to our seats after checking no one was looking at us and as I was helping her back in her sister opened her eyes and said with a smile ain't my little sister great.

I looked at her and smiled and asked her when I was going to find out what she was like aswell, she was shocked but I looked at lucy then back to her and gave her a kiss full on the lips and told her I wanted to be very good friends.

I broke of the kiss and she just nodded, as I went I let my fingernails trail from her far shoulder down across her loose vest top over the top of her good sized breast down between the mounds and up over the other past the very hard nipple and back up over her other shoulder leaving a red mark all the way across.

I got back to my seat and someone had put a blanket on it, I opened it up and placed it over both me and granddad. As soon as I did his finger was along my slit I looked over with tired eyes and he told me to sleep and within minutes I was. I woke to the sound of the captain telling the crew to places, the blanket was gone and my belt done up. Grandad was chatting away to the mum of my new friends about his holiday resort and I could hear both girls pleading with the mum to let them go. I was quickly awake just as granddad said it was agreed then.

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I asked what and he told me it was a secret. After the plane landed and we were getting off lucy and her sister Jessie were by my side.

I put my arm around jessies waist as she was a good few inches taller and held lucys hand as we walked along. At the first toilets Jessie pulled me in and straight to the end cubicle where she told me she had frigged 3 times during the flight just because of that kiss.

Do you mean like this, I pulled her head down and kissed her again and cupped my finger under her skirt and on to pussy.

I broke off the kiss and walked to the basin and splashed my self with water and as I redid my make up I looked at them both and told them if they wanted to be my friends they would have to know I was in charge and what I said they did and if they wanted to start rigt now they had to remove there underwear. A brief second later I said fine and went to leave when Jessie asked me to stop, I looked over my shoulder as she was pulling down her knickers but I told them they could show me outside.

They soon caught us up as we had carried on walking and when they did Jessie opened her bag to show their underwear but I just replied how do I know you haven't put some more on. As we reached an up escalator I told Jessie to go infront of me and as we were half way up I lifted up the back of her skirt and pushed my finger along her lips until we were at the top.

I put my arm back round her and called her a good naughty girl which made her blush but she put her arm over my shoulder asking about my granddads place. Grandad had persuaded the mum who had only booked a hotel for the first few days to stay with us after they had stayed in the city shopping for those few days, the clincher they could stay for free and the girls could share my room.

I stopped in my tracks wide eyed she just smiled and we kissed very passionately only breaking off when a group of young lads started whistling and calling out. I lifted jessies skirt to expose her naked rear which shut them up and we ran off to join the others and I could give granddad a big hug

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